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A Title Index to Astrology Books
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ABC Basic Chart Reading
- Lynne Palmer, AFA, 21.95
The A.C.D. / L.D. Method of Progressions Simplified - Sandra D. McDow & Jo Anna Graziano, AFA, 6.00
Advanced Astrology for Life: Balance your life with planetary power - Constance Stellas, Provenance Press, 10.95
Advanced Math for Astrological Students - J. Allen Jones, AFA, 13.00
AFA Chart Pad #12: 2 in 1 (biwheel), 25 sheets - Sophia Mason, AFA, 8.00
AFA Chart Pad #8, 50 sheets - AFA, 8.00
AFA Tables of Houses, Koch System , AFA/Astro Numeric, 19.00
AFA Tables of Houses, Placidus System, AFA/Astro Numeric, 18.00
Alan Leo's Dictionary of Astrology - Alan Leo, edited by Vivian Robson. Astrology Classics, 22.95
Alan Oken's Complete Astrology - Alan Oken, Ibis Press (Red Wheel/Weiser), 29.95
Alchemy of Fusion: Planetary Pairings in Signs, volume 1: Pluto - Sioux Rose, AFA, 16.00
Alive & Well With Neptune, Transits of Heart & Soul - Bil Tierney, Llewellyn, 14.95
All Around the Zodiac: Exploring Astrology's 12 Signs - Bil Tierney, Llewellyn, 19.95
All Over the Earth Astrologically - Ivy Goldstein-Jacobson, 22.25
Altered & Unfinished Lives - Eleonora Kimmel, AFA, 21.95
All the Sun Goes Round, tales from the Zodiac - Reina James, Wessex Astrologer, 14.95
America Is Born: Introducing the Regulus USA National Horoscope - Regulus Astrology LLC, aka "Dr. H", 39.95
American Atlas Expanded (5th Edition) - Thomas Shanks, ACS, 39.95
New American Ephemeris for the 20th Century 1900-2000 at Midnight - Rique Pottenger, Starcrafts Publishing, 29.95
New American Ephemeris For The 20th Century at NOON, Michelsen Memorial Edition - Rique Pottenger, Starcrafts, 29.95
American Ephemeris For The 21st Century at midnight. Neil Michelsen, ACS, 19.95
American Ephemeris For The 21st Century at NOON, Revised & expanded 3rd edition - Neil Michelsen & Rique Pottenger, ACS, 19.95
The American Heliocentric Ephemeris 2001-2050 - Neil Michelsen, Starcrafts, 34.95
American Sidereal Ephemeris, 2001-2025 - Neil Michelsen, Starcrafts, 32.95
The American Ephemeris Trans-Century Edition, 1950-2050 NOON or MIDNIGHT, - Neil Michelsen & Rique Pottenger, ACS Publishing, 29.95
Anima Astrologiae, aka Astrologer's Guide - William Lilly (and Henry Coley, Bonatus & Jerome Cardan), AFA
Ancient Hindu Astrology for the Modern Western Astrologer - Braha, Hermetician, 21.95
Ancient Masonry - C.C. Zain, Church of Light, 16.95
Ancient Whispers from Chaldea - Arthyr W. Chadbourne, Intelligenesis Publications, 19.95
Angles & Prediction - Martha Lang-Wescott, Treehouse Mountain, 49.95
Anima Mundi: The astrology of the individual & the collective - Charles Harvey, CPA Press, 35.00
The Annual Diagram: Forecasting Using the 45 Degree Graphic Ephemeris - Reinhold Ebertin, AFA,18.95
Apollo's Chariot: The meaning of the astrological sun - Liz Greene, CPA Press, 40.00
Applied Cosmobiology: A 4th & Revised edition of The 90 Degree Dial in Practice - Reinhold Ebertin, AFA, 19.95
Approximate Positions of Asteroids (Ceres, Pallas, Juno, Vesta), 1851-2050 - Emma Belle Donath, AFA, 9.00
Arabian Parts Decoded - Lind Weber, AFA, 21.95
Arabic Parts in Astrology, A Lost Key to Prediction - Robert Zoller, Inner Traditions, 18.95
Architects of Time - Martha Lang-Wescott, Treehouse Mountain, 26.00
The Art of Chart Interpretation: A step-by-step method of analyzing, synthesizing & understanding the birth chart - Tracy Marks, Ibis/RedWheel/Weiser, 15.95
Art of Forecasting - Sophia Mason, AFA, 14.00
Art of Forecasting Using Solar Returns - Anthony Louis, Wessex, 40.00
Articles: Uranian Astrology Concepts - Udo Rudolph, Penelope Publications, 7.50
Art of Predictive Astrology: Forecasting your life events - Carol Rushman, Llewellyn, 21.95
The Art of Stealing Fire: Uranus in the horoscope - Liz Greene, CPA Press, 39.95
The Ascendant - Jodie Forrest, Seven Paws Press, 15.95
ASK: The Astro Star Cards - Arlene Asin, Sheryl Simon & Lauren Kricheff, Astro Depot, 40.00
Aspect Pattern Astrology: New holistic horoscope interpretation method - Bruno and Louise Huber, HopeWell, 35.00
Aspect Patterns in Colour - Joyce Hopewell, Hopewell, 24.00
Aspect Patterns: What they reveal & how they are triggered - Stephanie Jean Clement, Llewellyn, 17.95
Aspects, A new approach to understanding the planetary relationships in your chart - Robin Antepara, Llewellyn, 16.95
Aspects & Personality - Karen Hamaker-Zondag, Weiser, 19.95
Aspects Between Signs - Sophia Mason, Aquarian/Cancerian Publishing, 8.00
Aspect Finder - Circle Books, AFA, 9.00
Aspects in Astrology: A guide to understanding planetary relationships in the horoscope - Sue Tompkins, Destiny Books, 16.95
Aspects Magnified: All major & minor aspects synthesized using the process of magnification - Mohan Koparkar, Mohan Enterprises, 6.95
Aspects to Horoscope Angles - Vivia Jayne, Astrological Bureau, 8.95
Astral Tramp, A Biography of Sepharial - Kim Farnell, Ascella, 19.95
Asteroid Goddesses - Demetra George & Douglas Bloch, Ibis Press, 22.95
Asteroid Mysteries & Messages - Diane & Rudy Flack, A is A Publishing, 14.00
Asteroids in the Birth Chart - Emma Belle Donath, AFA, 16.00
Asteroids in Midpoints - Emma Belle Donath, AFA, 16.00
Asteroids in Synastry - Emma Belle Donath, AFA, 12.95

AstroAmerica's Daily Ephemeris 2000-2020 Midnight - David R. Roell, Astrology Classics, 29.95
AstroAmerica's Daily Ephemeris 2000-2010 Midnight - David R. Roell, Astrology Classics, 19.95
AstroAmerica's Daily Ephemeris 2010-2020 Midnight - David R. Roell, Astrology Classics, 19.95
Astro-Data IV (artists & musicians, etc.) - Lois Rodden, AFA, 42.00
Astro-Diagnosis, a guide to healing - Max & Augusta Foss Heindel, Rosicrucian Fellows, 24.00
Astrodice, Astrology in the Palm of Your Hand - Wessex Astrologer, 13.50
Astrodyne Manual - Elbert Benjamine, Church of Light, 22.95
The Astro-Geology of Earthquakes and Volcanoes - Lind Weber, AFA, 34.95
Astro Graphology, The hidden link between your horoscope & your handwriting - Darrelyn Gunzburg, Wessex, 27.00
Astro-Guide to Nutrition & Vitamins - Lynne Palmer, AFA, 15.00
Astrolabe World Ephemeris, 2001-2050, midnight , Astrolabe, Whitford, 29.95
Astro-Mythology, Celestial Union of Astrology & Mythology - Valerie Vaughan, One Reed, 11.00
Astrolocality Astrology, What it is & How to use it - Martin Davis, Wessex Astrologer, 25.00
Astrolocality Magic: Advanced AstroMap features of Kepler - David Cochrane, Cosmic Patterns Software, 8.95
The Astro Tutor: Master astrology step-by-step with an expert - Nancy Frederick, AFA, 24.95

Astrolog I: Life and Meaning - Bruno and Louise Huber, et al, HopeWell, 25.00
Astrolog II: Family, Relationships, and Health - Bruno and Louise Huber, et al, HopeWell, 25.00
The Astrologer, the Counsellor & the Priest - Juliet Sharman-Burke & Liz Greene, CPA Press, 40.00
Astrologer's Condensed Manual - T. Patrick Davis, self published, 7.00
Astrologer's Forecasting Workbook - Lloyd Cope, AFA, 33.00
Astrologer's Guide (Anima Astrologiae) - William Lilly (and Henry Coley, Bonatus & Jerome Cardan), AFA, 18.95
Astrologer's Handbook - Sakoian & Acker, Harper, 16.00
Astrologers, Kings, Politicians & Others, part II, 40 lives rectified & analyzed - Alexander Marr & Isaac Starkman, 10.00
Astrologia Gallica, Books 13, 14, 15 & 19 - Jean Baptiste Morin (Morinus), translated by James Herschel Holden, AFA, 24.95
Astrologia Gallica, Book 16: The Rays And Aspects of the Planets - Jean Baptiste Morin (Morinus), translated by James Herschel Holden, AFA, 21.95
Astrologia Gallica, Book 17: The Astrological Houses - Jean Baptiste Morin (Morinus), translated by James Herschel Holden, AFA, $21.95
Astrologia Gallica Book 18: The Strength of the Planets - Jean-Baptiste Morin (Morinus), trans. Pepita Sanchis Llacer & Anthony Louis LaBruzza, AFA, 17.95
Astrologia Gallica, book 21 - Jean Baptiste Morin (Morinus), translated by Richard Baldwin, AFA, 19.95
Astrologia Gallica, book 22 - Jean Baptiste Morin (Morinus), translated by James Herschel Holden, AFA, 22.95
Astrologia Gallica, Book 23: Revolutions - Jean-Baptiste Morinus (trans: Holden) - AFA, 20.00
Astrologia Gallica, Book 24: Progressions & Transits - Jean-Baptiste Morinus (trans: Holden) - AFA, 16.95
Astrologia Gallica Book 25: Constitutions of the Caelum - Jean-Baptiste Morin (trans: Holden), AFA, 24.95
Astrologia Gallica Book 26: Astrological Interrogations & Elections - Jean-Baptiste Morin (trans: Holden), AFA, 17.95

Astrological Alchemy: How to turn your base transits into golden opportunities - Joan Negus, Starcrafts, 14.95
Astrological Aspects - C.E.O. Carter, AFA, 17.00
Astrological Aspects, Your Inner Dialogues - Jeanne Avery, AFA, 29.95
Astrological Aspects, A process oriented approach - Dane Rudhyar, Aurora Press, 18.95
Astrological Body Types: Face/form/expression - Judith Hill, Borderlands Press, 17.95
Astrological Compendium: Containing his explanation & narration of the whole art of astrology, - Rhetorius the Egyptian, translated by James Herschel Holden, AFA, 24.95
Astrological Degrees of Life - Howard Hason, Full Moon Books, 8.95
Astrological Essays - Ivy Goldstein-Jacobson, 22.25
Astrological Guide to Your Child - Leticia Parmer, Citadel/Carol Publishing, 10.95
The Astrological Houses, a psychological view of ourselves and our world - Bruno and Louise Huber, HopeWell, 15.00
Astrological Insights into Personality - Betty Lundsted, Ibis Press, 19.95
Astrological Insights into the Spiritual Life - Dane Rudhyar, Aurora Press, 16.95
Astrological Keys to Self-Actualization & Self-Realization - Clara A. Weiss, Weiser, 12.95
Astrological Judgement & Practice of Physick, deducted from the position of the Heavens at the decumbiture of the sick person - Richard Saunders, Astrology Classics, 29.95
Astrological Judgement of Diseases from the Decumbiture of the Sick - Nicholas Culpeper, Astrology Classics, 17.95
Astrological Manager: A new approach to business, success & destiny - John Alexander, Southwater, 18.95
The Astrological Moon - Darby Costello, CPA Press, 35.00
Astrological Pioneers of America - James Herschel Holden & Robert A. Hughes, AFA, 20.95
Astrological Practice of Physick - Joseph Blagrave, Astrology Classics, 23.95
Astrological Psychosynthesis, a pathway to growth - Bruno Huber, Hopewell, 25.00
Astrological Roots: The Hellenistic Legacy - Joseph Crane, Wessex, 42.00
Astrological Signatures - C.C. Zain, Church of Light, 16.95
Astrological Triptych - Dane Rudhyar, Aurora Press, 14.00
Astrologically Speaking - Ingrid Lind, L.N. Fowler, 16.50

Astrology, A Comprehensive Guide to Classical Interpretation - Kevin Burke, Llewellyn, 19.95
Astrology, a Cosmic Science - Isabel Hickey, CRCS, 22.95
Astrology: A Language of Life, vol 1: Progressions - Robert P. Blaschke, Earthwalk School of Astrology, 19.95
Astrology: A Language of Life vol. 2: Sabian Aspect Orbs Robert P. Blaschke, Earthwalk School of Astrology, 25.95 
Astrology: A Language of Life vol. 3: A Handbook for the Self-Employed Astrologer - Robert Blaschke, Earthwalk School of Astrology, 21.95
Astrology: A Language of Life vol. 4: Relationship Analysis - Robert Blaschke, Earthwalk School of Astrology, 21.95
Astrology A Language of Life vol. 5: Holographic Transits - Robert Blaschke, Earthwalk School of Astrology, 21.95
Astrology & Aptitude: How to become what you are meant to be - Kim Falconer, AFA, 18.95
Astrology & Astronomy: 426 Royalty-free Designs, CD-Rom & book Astrology & Consciousness - Rio Olesky, New Falcon, 16.95
Astrology & Difficult Relationships: Why are you in my life? - Beverly Flynn, TLH Publishing, 14.95
Astrology & Kabbalah, a rewrite of the Anatomy of Fate - Z'ev ben Shimon Halevi, Urania Trust, 24.00
Astrology & Meditation, The Fearless Contemplation of Change - Greg Bogart, Wessex Astrologer, 20.00
Astrology & Money: What's Your Wealth Quotient? - Beverly Flynn, TLH Publishing, 12.95
Astrology & Pain: The Keys to Freedom - Beverly Flynn, TLH Publishing, 14.95
Astrology & Past Lives - Mary Devlin, Whitford, 19.95
Astrology & Relationships - Mary Devlin, Whitford, 16.95
Astrology & Relationships: Techniques for harmonious personal connections - David Pond, Llewellyn, 17.95
Astrology & Sex - Vivian Robson, Astrology Classics, 19.95
Astrology & Spiritual Awakening - Greg Bogart, Dawn Mountain, 19.9
Astrology & the Academy, papers from the 1st conference of the Sophia Centre - Campion, Curry & York, editors, Cinnabar Books, 32.00
Astrology & the Authentic Self: Integrating traditional & modern astrology to uncover the essence of the birth chart - Demetra George, Ibis, 24.95
Astrology & the Causes of War - Jamie Macphail, Wessex Astrologer, 55.00
Astrology and Vocational Aptitude - H. Baron von Klockler, AFA, 18.95
Astrology & Weight Control: The Jupiter/Pluto Connection - Beverly Flynn, ACS, 10.95
Astrology, A Place in Chaos - Bernadette Brady, Wessex, 28.00
Astrology Beyond Ego - Tim Lyons, AFA, 24.95
The Astrology Bible: The definitive guide to the Zodiac - Judy Hall, Sterling Publishing, 14.95
Astrology: Classic Guide To Understanding Your Horoscope - Ronald Davison, CRCS, 10.95
Astrology for Career Success: How to analyze career choices and timing - Gayle Geffner, ACS, 15.95
Astrology for Dummies, A reference for the rest of us - Rae Orion, Wiley Publishing, 19.95
Astrology for Enlightenment - Michelle Karen, Atria Books, 19.95
Astrology for Initiates, Astrological Secrets of the Western Mystery Tradition - Papus (translated by J. Lee Lehman), Weiser, 15.95
Astrology For Lovers - Liz Greene, Weiser, 18.95
Astrology for Self-Empowerment: Techniques for reclaiming your sacred power - Dovid Strusiner, Llewellyn, 12.95
Astrology for the Absolute Beginner - Mark Mann, Breakthrough Enterprises, 21.95
Astrology For the Soul - Jan Spiller, Bantam, 20.00
Astrology for the 21st Century - David Cochrane, Cosmic Patterns, 17.95
Astrology for Today - Joanna Watters, Carroll & Brown, 22.00
Astrology for Writers: Spark your creativity using the zodiac - Corrine Kenner, Llewellyn, 17.99
Astrology for Yourself: A workbook for personal transformation - Douglas Bloch & Demetra George, Ibis Press, 19.95
Astrology, History & Apocalypse - Nicholas Campion, CPA Press, 45.00
Astrology, How & Why It Works - M.E. Jones, Aurora, 16.95
Astrology in Modern Language - Richard Vaughan, CRCS,13.95
Astrology in the Year Zero - Gary Phillipson, Flare Publications, 29.00
Astrology, Karma and Transformation - Stephen Arroyo, CRCS, 19.95
Astrology: Key to Holistic Health - Marcia Starck, Seek-It, 12.95
Astrology, Nutrition & Health - Robert Jansky, Para Research, 14.95
Astrology of Accidents - C.E.O. Carter, Astrology Classics, 14.95
Astrology of Childbirth - Doris Chase Doane, AFA, 19.00
Astrology of Death - Richard Houck, Groundswell Press, 27.95
Astrology of Dreams - Beth Koch, AFA, 17.95
Astrology of Family Dynamics - Erin Sullivan, Weiser, 28.95
Astrology of Identity - Reed Hayes, AFA, 20.95
Astrology of Intimacy, Sexuality & Relationship, Insights to Wholeness - Noel Tyl, Llewellyn, 17.95
Astrology of Midlife & Aging - Erin Sullivan, Jeremy P. Tarcher/Penguin, 15.95
Astrology of Personality - Dane Rudhyar, Aurora Press, 24.95
The Astrology of Self-Discovery - Tracy Marks, Ibis/Nicholas Hays, 18.95
Astrology of Sustainability - J. Lee Lehman, Schiffer, 29.99
Astrology of the Brain, an intro - Martha Lang-Wescott, Treehouse Mountain, 39.95
Astrology of the Golden Dawn - J.W. Brodie-Innes, Holmes Publishing, 8.95
Astrology of the Moon: An illuminating journey through the signs & houses - Amy Herring, Llewellyn, 21.95
Astrology of Time Twins - Roberts & Greengrass, Pentland Press, 13.95
Astrology of Transformation - Dane Rudhyar, Quest, 14
The Astrology of 2012 & Beyond - Cal Garrison, Weiser, 16.95
Astrology, Psychology & the Four Elements - Stephen Arroyo, CRCS, 17.95
Astrology, Signs, Nodes & Delineations - Carolyn Sellers, AFA, 14.95
Astrology Sourcebook, Your complete guide to understanding the symbolic language of the stars - Shirley Soffer, Lowell House, 16
Astrology, The Next Step/Complete Horoscope Interpretation - Maritha Pottenger, ACS, 25.95
Astrology: Thirty Years Research - Doris Chase Doan, AFA, 24.95
Astrology: Transformation & Empowerment - Adrian Ross Duncan, Weiser, 29.95
Astrology's Wide Influence - Doris Chase Doane, AFA, 18.95

Astrometeorology, Planetary Power in Weather Forecasting - Kris Brandt Riske, AFA, 22.00
Astronomica - Manilius (trans: G.P. Gould), Harvard University, Loeb Classical Library, hardbound, 28.00
Auxiliary Tables for the calculation of the stellar positions - Reinhold Ebertin, Ebertin-Verlag Aalen, 4.50


B Title Index to Astrology Books
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Babylonian Star-Lore: An illustrated guide to the star-lore & constellations of ancient Babylon - Gavin White, Solaria, 29.95
Barriers and Boundaries: The horoscope & the defences of the personality - Liz Greene, CPA Press, 35.00
Basics of Astrology vol. 3: Tables & Reference - Ove H. Sehested, AFA, 15.00
A Beginner's Guide to Practical Astrology - Vivian Robson, Astrology Classics, 19.95
A Beginner's Self-Discovery Workbook in Astrology - Kathleen Scott, A New Day... A New Way, 19.95
Beginning of Wisdom - Avraham Ibn-Ezra, Arhat Publications, 25.00
Beneath a Vedic Sky, A Beginner's Guide to the Astrology of Ancient India - William Levacy, Hay House, 19.95 (includes CD-Rom)
The Best of Al H. Morrison, compiled & edited by Karen Christino, Stella Mira Books, 21.95
Best of Charles Jayne - Charles Jayne, AFA, 22.95
Betz Ephemeris, 1940-2040 Sidereal-Midnight (Vedic) - Martha & Keith, The Production Werks, 35.00
Betz Placidus Table of Houses for Northern Latitudes - Martha & Keith Betz, Wessex Astrologer, 11.00
Beyond the Solstice by Declination - Leigh Westin, Gheminee, 29.00
Be Your Own Astrologer: Step by step to creating & interpreting your birth chart - Paul Wade, Sterling, 14.95
Biographical Dictionary of Western Astrologers - James Herschel Holden, AFA, 79.95
Black Moon Lilith - M. Kelley Hunter, AFA, 24.95
Blending Astrology, Numerology & Tarot - Doris Chase Doan, AFA, 21.00
Blending Astrology, Numerology & Tarot - Doris Chase Doan, AFA, 22.95
Blueprint for Murder - Jan Warren Allen, AFA, 20.00
Bon Voyage - Marc Penfield, AFA, 16.00
Bonatti on Basic Astrology, treatises 1, 2 & 3 - Guido Bonatus, translated by Benjamin Dykes, Cazimi Press, 29.95
Bonatti on Mundane Astrology, treatises 4, 8.1 & 10 - Guido Bonatus, translated by Benjamin Dykes, Cazimi Press, 29.95
Bonatti on Nativities, treatise 9 - Guido Bonatus, translated by Benjamin Dykes, Cazimi Press, 29.95
Bonatti's 146 Considerations, treatise 5 - Guido Bonatus, translated by Benjamin Dykes, Cazimi Press, 12.95
Bonatti on Horary, treatise 6 - Guido Bonatus, translated by Benjamin Dykes, Cazimi Press, 29.95
Bonatti on Elections, treatise 7 - Guido Bonatus, translated by Benjamin Dykes, Cazimi Press, 24.95
Bonatti on Lots, treatise 8.2 - Guido Bonatus, translated by Benjamin Dykes, Cazimi Press, 12.95
Book of Aristotle (titled, Persian Nativities vol. 1) - Masha'allah, translated by Benjamin Dykes, Cazimi Press, 45.95
The Book of Instruction in the Elements of the Art of Astrology - Al Biruni, Astrology Classics, 12.95
The Book of Jupiter - Marilyn Waram, ACS, 15.95
The Book of Lilith - Barbara Black Koltuv, Nicholas-Hayes, 12.95
Book of Nativities & Revolutions, Avraham Ben Meir Ibn-Ezra, translated by Meira Epstein - Arhat, 24.95
The Book of Pluto: Finding Wisdom in Darkness with Astrology - Steven Forrest, Seven Paws, 18.95
Book of Reasons, Avraham Ibn-Ezra, translated by Meira Epstein - self-published, 25.00
Book of Rulerships - J. Lee Lehman, Whitford, 18.95
The Book of the Nine Judges - translated and edited by Benjamin Dykes, Cazimi Press, 60.00
Book of World Horoscopes - Nicholas Campion, Wessex Astrologer, 69.95
Born to Be Together - Terry Lamb, Hay House, 13.95
Brady's Book of Fixed Stars - Bernadette Brady, Weiser, 34.95
Breakthrough Astrology: Transform yourself & your world - Joyce Levine, Weiser Books, 21.95
British Entertainers, the astrological profiles (3rd edition) - Frank C. Clifford, Flare, 25.00
British Royalty (horoscopes) - Rudy & Diane Flack, A is A Publishing, spiral, 10.00
Buddhist Astrology: Chart interpretation from a Buddhist perspective - Jhampa Shaneman & Jan V. Angel, Llewellyn, 19.95
Business Astrology 101: Weaving the web between business & myth - Georgia Anna Stathis, Star Cycles Publishing, 39.95
By Your Lights - Vivia Jayne, AFA, 16.50


C Title Index to Astrology Books
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Cabalah of Astrology, The Language of Numbers - William Eisen, DeVorss, 23.95
The Cabal of the Twelve Houses Astrological
- Jean-Baptiste Morinus, Astrology Classics, 9.95
Cardano's Cosmos: The worlds & works of a Renaissance Astrologer Anthony Grafton, Harvard University Press, 17.50
Carmen Astrologicum - Dorotheus of Sidon, translated by David Pingree, Astrology Classics, 21.95
The Changing Sky: A practical guide to predictive astrology - Steven Forrest, Seven Paws, 18.95
Chart Interpretation Handbook - Stephen Arroyo, CRCS, 14.95
Child Astrology, A Guide to Nuturing Your Child's Natural Gifts - M.J. Abadie, Destiny Books, 14.95
The Chinese Astrology Bible - Derek Walters, Sterling, 14.95
Chinese Horoscopes Guide to Relationships, Love & Marriage, Friendship & Business - Theodora Lau, Doubleday, 13.95
Chinese Power Animals - Pamela Leigh Powers, Weiser, 16.95
Chiron & the Healing Journey - Melanie Reinhart, Starwalker Press, 37.00
Chiron Ephemeris (1680-2051) with Keys to Interpretation - Helen Adams Garrett & Rudy Flack, A is A Publishing, 18.00
Chiron, Healing Body & Soul - Martin Lass, Llewellyn, 23.95
Chiron, Rainbow Bridge Between Inner & Outer Planets - Barbara Hand Clow, Llewellyn, 17.95
Chiron in Signs, Houses and Aspects - Maritha Pottenger, ACS, 6.95
Chiron - New planet in the horoscope - Richard Nolle, AFA, 18.00
Choice Centered Astrology - Gail Fairfield, Weiser, 16.95
Choices and Inceptions, Traditional Electional Astrology - translated and edited by Benjamin Dykes, Cazimi Press, 35.00
Christian Astrology, books 1 & 2 - William Lilly, Astrology Classics, 39.95
Christian Astrology, book 3 - William Lilly, Astrology Classics, 32.95
Circuitry of the Self: Astrology & the developmental model Bruce Scofield, One Reed, 12.95
Classical Astrology for Modern Living - J. Lee Lehman, Whitford, 19.95
Classical Medical Astrology: Healing with the elementsZ - Oscar Hofman, Wessex, 20.00
Classical Scientific Astrolgy - George Noonan, AFA, 18.95
Classical Solar Returns - J. Lee Lehman, Schiffer, 34.99
Coalescent Horoscopes - Dhruva & Dukelow, ACS, 4.95
Combination of Stellar Influences - Reinhold Ebertin, AFA, 24.95
Comparisons & Friends - Clara M. Darr, Clara M. Darr, 10.00
Compendium of Astrology - Rose Lineman & Jan Popelka, Whitford, 24.95
Complete Book of Chart Rectification - Carol Tebbs, Llewellyn, 34.95
The Complete Book of Spiritual Astrology - Per Henrik Gullfoss, Llewellyn, 24.95
The Complete Node Book: Understanding your life's purpose - Kevin Burk, Llewellyn, 20.95
Composite Charts, The Astrology of Relationships , John Townley, Llewellyn, 29.95
Confidential Recollections Revealed - Gustav-Lambert Brahy, translated by James Herschel Holden, AFA, 19.95
Consultation Chart, A Guide to What It Is & How to Use It - Wanda Sellar - Wessex Astrologer, 22.00
The Contact Cosmogram - Reinhold Ebertin, AFA, 22.95
The Contemporary Astrologer's Handbook, an in-depth guide to interpreting your horoscope - Sue Tompkins, Flare Books, 37.00
Contest Charts - Doris Chase Doane, AFA, 12.95
Cornerstones of Astrology: Morin de Villefranche - Friedrich "Sinbad" Schwickert & Adolf Weiss, Sangreal Foundation, 10.95
Correspondence Course in Astrology - Ivy M. Goldstein-Jacobson, 13.25
Cosmic Astrology - June Wakefield, AFA, 13.95
The Cosmic Egg Timer, An introduction to the Huber method - Joyce Hopewell and Richard Llewellyn, Hopewell, 15.00
Cosmic Influences on Human Behavior - Michael Gauquelin, Aurora Press, 22.95
Cosmic Karma: Understanding your contract with the universe - Marguerite Manning, Llewellyn, 15.95
Cosmic Loom: The New Science of Astrology - Dennis Elwell, Wessex Astrologer, 40.00
Cosmic Love: Secrets of the astrology of intimacy revealed - Jan Spiller, Bantam, 18.00
Cosmic Marriage - Reinhold Ebertin, AFA, 17.95
Cosmic Trends: Astrology connects the dots - Philip Brown, Llewellyn, 14.95
Cosmobiology For the 21st Century, Kimmel, Eleonora, AFA, 22.00
Cosmopsychology, the Engine of Destiny - Marc Robertson, AFA, 15.00
Cosmos and Psyche - Richard Tarnas, Plume/Penguin, 18.00
A Course in 90 degree Dial Techniques, on CD-Roms - Martha Lang-Wescott, Treehouse Mountain, 49.95
Creative Astrologer, Effective Single Session Counseling - Noel Tyl, Llewellyn, 17.95
Creative Step Parenting - Gayle Geffner, AFA, 23.95
The Cryptic Cycle: Astrology & the Lunar Saros - Murray Beauchamp, Madding Crowd, 32.00
Cycles of Becoming: The planetary pattern of growth - Alexander Ruperti, Earthwalk School of Astrology, 25.95
Cycles of Light: Exploring the mysteries of solar returns - Lynn Bell, CPA Press, 45.00
Cycles of Opportunity - Carole Beckham, Source Publications, 19.95
Cycles of Time: Charting the mood swings of America - Jacqueline C. Whyte, Manifest Press, 12.95
Cyclic Astrology, as interpreted by the Point-of-Self System - Irene Howell, Clara M. Darr, 10.00


D Title Index to Astrology Books
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Dark Moon Lilith in Astrology - Ivy Goldstein-Jacobson, 25.95
The Dark of the Soul: Psychopathology in the Horoscope - Liz Greene, CPA Press, 45.00
The Dawn of Astrology: A cultural history of western astrology: Vol. 1: The ancient & classical worlds - Nicholas Campion, Continuum, 29.95
Dear Mae R., A Treasury of Astrological Letters - Mae R. Wilson-Ludlam, AFA, 22.00
Decanates - Bernice Prill Grebner, AFA, 15.95
Decanates & Dwads - Stephanie Jean Ennis, AFA, 12.00
Decanates & Duads: The Zodiac Within Each Sign - Sakoian & Acker, AFA, 22.95
Declination in Astrology: The steps to the Sun - Paul Newman, Wessex, 28.00
Declinations - Joseph Silveira deMello, AFA, 35.00
Decumbitures & Diurnals - Joseph Silveira deMello, AFA, 16.95
Deductive Interpretation of the Natal Horoscope - John McCormick, AFA, 9.50
Deductive Interpretation of the Progressed Horoscope with an introduction to Circadian Cycles - McCormick & Rushman, AFA, 11.00
The Degrees - W. David Crowl, AFA, 18.95
Degrees of the Zodiac - Donna Walter Henson, AFA, 14.00
Degrees of the Zodiac Symbolized - Charubel & Sepharial, Astrology Classics, 14.95
Delineating the Horoscope - C.C. Zain, Church of Light, 15.95
Delineation with Astrodynes - Ken Stone, AFA, 13.00
Delineation of Progressions - Sophia Mason, AFA, 24.95
Derivative Angles - Martha Lang-Wescott, Treehouse Mountain, 14.00
Development of the Personality - Liz Greene, Howard Sasportas, Weiser, 26.95
Dial Detective: Investigation with the 90 degree dial - Maria Kay Simms, Cosmic Muse Publications, 19.95
Dials! Dials! Dials! (set of dials), Martha Lang-Wescott, Treehouse Mountain, 23.95
Dial-Techniques and Medical Case Studies - Martha Lang-Wescott, Treehouse Mountain, 32.95
Dictionary of Astrology - James Wilson, Astrology Classics, 29.95
Dictionary of Medical Astrology - Diane Cramer, AFA, 14.00
Digested Astrologer - Jinni Meyer & Joanne Wickenburg, Search, 6.50
Direction & Destiny in the Birth Chart - Howard Sasportas, CPA Press, 40.00
Directions, Co-Determinants of Fate - Reinhold Ebertin, AFA, 26.95
Discovering Your Soul Mission: How to use karmic astrology to create the life you want - Linda Brady & Evan St. Lifer, Three Rivers Press, 13.00
Divination & Character Reading - C.C. Zain, Church of Light, 12.95
The Door Unlocked: An astrological insight into initiation - Delores Ashcroft-Nowicki & Stephanie V. Norris, Wessex Astrologer, 17.95
Duels At Dawn, The second book of essays - David R. Roell, Astrology Classics, 24.95
Dynamic Astrology: Using planetary cycles to make personal & career choices - John Townley, Destiny Books, 12.95
Dynamics of the Unconscious - Greene & Sasportas, Weiser, 29.95


E Title Index to Astrology Books
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Earth & Air
- Darby Costello, CPA Press, 46.00
East Point &the Anti-Vertex - Maritha Pottenger, ACS, 4.95
Easy Astrology Guide - Maritha Pottenger, ACS, 14.95
Eclipse Interpretation Manual - Rose Lineman, AFA, 17.00
Eclipses and You: How to align with life's hidden tides - Judith Hill, Stellium Press, 15.95
Eclipses: Astrological Guideposts - Rose Lineman, AFA, 16.95
Eighth House - Marc Robertson, AFA, 14.00
Electional Astrology - Vivian Robson, Astrology Classics, 19.95
Electional Astrology: The Art of Timing - Joann Hampar, Llewellyn, 14.95
Elements & Evolution: The spiritual landscape of astrology - Eric Meyers, Astrology Sight Publishing, 19.95
The Elements of Astrology - Luke Broughton, Astrology Classics, 49.95
Encyclopaedia of Psychological Astrology - C.E.O. Carter, Astrology Classics, 18.95
Encyclopedia of Astrology - Nicholas de Vore, Astrology Classics, 29.95
Encyclopaedia of Medical Astrology - H.L. Cornell, Weiser, Astrology Classics, hardcover, 69.95 49.95
Ephemerides 1950-2000 - Rosicrucian Fellowship, 27.00
Ephemeris of Lilith & Lulu, 1900-2025 - J. Allen Jones, AFA, 8.00
Ephemeris of the Moon, 1800-2000 Inclusive - Hugh MacCraig, Macoy Publishing, 10.00
Equal Houses - Beth Koch, AFA, 15.00
Esoteric Astrology - Alice Bailey, Lucis Trust, 30.00
Essays on Astrology - Robert Hand, Whitford, 19.95
Essays on Evolutionary Astrology: The evolutionary journey of the soul - Jeffrey Wolf Green, Wessex Astrologer, 34.00
Essays on the Foundations of Astrology - C.E.O. Carter, Astrology Classics, 19.95
Essential Dignities - J. Lee Lehman, Whitford Press, 14.95
Essentials of Medical Astrology - Harry F. Darling, MD, AFA, 18.95
Eureka Effect, the Celestial Pattern in Scientific Discovery - Nick Kollerstrom & Mike O'Neill, Urania Trust, 18.00
Evaluating Astro*Carto*Graphy Maps, Your step by step guide - Elliot Jay Tanzer, published by the author, 49.95
Everything Has a Phase - Bernice Prill Grebner, AFA, 18.00
Evolutionary Astrology: Pluto & your karmic mission - Deva Green, Llewellyn, 34.95
Explain Me Why Astrologically - Ivy Goldstein-Jacobson, 13.25
Exploring Jupiter - Stephen Arroyo, CRCS, 17.95
Eyes of the Sun, Astrology in Light of Psychology - Peter Malsin, New Falcon Publications, 16.95


F Title Index to Astrology Books
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The Family Inheritance: Parental Patterns in the Horoscope - Juliet Sharman-Burke, CPA Press, 35.00
The Fated Sky: Astrology in History - Benson Bobrick, Simon & Schuster, 15.00
Feng Shui Astrology for Lovers - Gerry Thompson, Godsfield, 14.95
Financial Astrology - LCdr David Williams, AFA, 50.00
Finding Our Way Through The Dark - Demetra George, AFA, 24.95
Finding Success in the Horoscope, The Slevin System of horoscope analysis - Jackie Slevin, Ibis Press, 18.95
Finding the Person in the Horoscope - Zip Dobyns, AFA, 12.95
First Survive, Then Thrive, The Journey from Crisis to Transformation - John F. Eddington & Beth Rosato, AFA, 17.95
Five Books of M. Manilius, translated by Thomas Creech, AFA, 11.00
Five Medieval Astrologers - James Herschel Holden, AFA, 21.95
Fixed Stars & Judicial Astrology - G.C. Noonan, AFA, 22.95
Fixed Stars & Constellations in Astrology - Vivian Robson, Astrology Classics, 19.95
Fixed Stars - Ebertin-Hoffman, AFA, 14.00
Flirting with the Zodiac - Kim Farnell, Wessex Astrologer, 27.00
Focus on Neptune - Virginia Elenbaas, AFA, 12.00
Focus on Pluto - Virginia Elenbaas, AFA, 10.00
Forecasting with New, Full & Quarter Moons - Sophia Mason, AFA, 14.00
Forensic Astrology: Solving Crimes with Astrology - Dave Campbell, AFA, 16.95
Forseeing the Future: Evangeline Adams & Astrology in America - Karen Christino, One Reed Publications, 14.95
The Forty Chapters of al-Kindi, translated by Benjamin Dykes, Cazimi Press, 29.95
Foundation of the Astrological Chart - Ivy Goldstein-Jacobson, 16.95
From Here to There, An Astrologer's Guide to Astromapping - edited by Martin Davis, Wessex Astrologer, 40.00
From One House to Another - Sophia Mason, AFA, 11.95
From Outer Space to Planet Earth - Ivy Goldstein-Jacobson, 19.00
Fundamentals of Cosmobiology - Eleonora Kimmel, AFA, 18.00
Future Signs: How to make astrological predictions - Maria Kay Simms, ACS, 14.95


G Title Index to Astrology Books
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The Galactic Dimension of Astrology: The Sun is also a Star
- Dane Rudhyar, Aurora Press, 17.95
Gate of Rebirth: Astrology, regeneration & 8th house mysteries - Haydn Paul, Weiser, 29.95
Geodetic Equivalents - Sepharial, AFA, 5.00
Gods of Change: Pain, crisis & the transits of Uranus, Neptune & Pluto - Howard Sasportas, Wessex Astrologer, 38.00
The Great Ages & other astrological cycles - Paul Wright, Parlando Press, 21.95


H Title Index to Astrology Books
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Hades Moon, Pluto in Aspect to the Moon
- Judy Hall, Weiser, 19.95
Handbook of Chinese Horoscopes - Theodora Lau, Harper & Row, 18.95
A Handbook of Medical Astrology, 2nd edition - Jane Ridder-Patrick, CrabApple Press, 31.95
Handbook of Techniques for the Hamburg School - Brummund & Rudolph, Penelope Publications, 21.95
Harmonic Anthology - John Addey, AFA, 21.95
Harmonic Chart Tables - James Williamsen, Cambridge Circle, 8.50
Harmonics in Astrology - John Addey, Urania Trust, 29.95
Have We Met Before? - Emma Belle Donath, AFA, 17.95
Healing Pluto Problems - Donna Cunningham, Weiser, 19.95
Healing with the Horoscope - Maritha Pottenger, ACS, 14.95
Health in the Horoscope - Helen Adams Garrett, AFA, 12.95
Here & There In Astrology - Ivy Goldstein-Jacobson, 22.95
A History of Horoscopic Astrology, from the Babylonian Period to the Modern Age, 2nd edition - James Herschel Holden, AFA, 29.95
Homosexuality in the Horoscope - Karl Guenter Heimsoth, AFA, 14.00
Horary Astrology - C.C. Zain, Church of Light, 19.95
Horary Astrology and the Judgment of Events - Barbara Watters, AFA, 22.95
Horary Astrology, Plain & Simple - Anthony Louis, Llewellyn, 19.95
Horary Astrology - Marc Edmund Jones, Aurora Press, 24.95
Horary Astrology Rediscovered - Olivia Barclay, Whitford, 24.95
Horary Astrology Re-Examined: The possibility or impossibility of the matter propounded - Barbara Dunn, Wessex, 44.00
Horary Astrology: The Art of Astrological Divination - Derek Appleby, Astrology Classics, 23.95
Horary Astrology: The key to scientific predictioin, being the Prognostic Astronomer - W.J. Simmonite, as edited by John Story & Ernest Grant, AFA, 22.95
Horary At Its Best - Alphee Lavoie, AIR, 16.99
Horary Textbook - John Frawley, Apprentice Books, 40.00
The Horoscope in Manifestation: Psychology & Prediction - Liz Greene, CPA Press, 41.00
Horoscope Symbols - Robert Hand, Whitford, 24.95
Horoscopes of Africa - Marc Penfield, AFA, 23.95
Horoscopes of Asia, Australia & the Pacific - Marc Penfield, AFA, 22.95
Horoscopes of Europe - Marc Penfield, AFA, 29.95
Horoscopes of Latin America - Marc Penfield, AFA, 27.95
Horoscopes of the USA & Canada, second edition - Marc Penfield, AFA, 39.95
Horoscopes of US States & Cities - Carolyn Dodson, AFA, 22.00
The House Connection: How to read the houses in an astrological chart - Karen Hamaker Zondag, RedWheel/Weiser, 18.95
Houses of the Horoscope - Bill Herbst, Serendipity Press, 24.95
Houses of the Horoscope - Alan Oken, Ibis, 15.95
The Houses of the Zodiac - Alex Wise, AFA, 12.00
The Houses: Temples of the Sky - Deborah Houlding, Wessex Astrologer, 25.00
Houses, Which & When - Emma Belle Donath, AFA, 15.00
How Body Language Defines Character - Doris Chase Doane, AFA, 15.00
How to Be a Great Astrologer - James Braha, Hermetician Press, 24.95
How to Give An Astrological Health Reading - Diane Cramer, AFA, 14.95
How to Handle Your Human Relations - Lois Sargent, AFA, 12.95
How to Practice Mayan Astrology: The Tzolkin calendar & your life path - Bruce Scofield & Barry C. Orr, Great Bear & Co., 20.00
How to Predict Your Future - James Braha, Hermetician Press, 24.95
How to Read Cosmodynes - Doris Chase Doane, AFA, 12.95
How to Read Your Astrological Chart - Donna Cunningham, Weiser, 18.95
Hymns to the Ancient Gods - Michael Harding, Arkana, 19.95


I Title Index to Astrology Books
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Identifying Planetary Triggers, Astrological techniques for prediction
- Celeste Teal, Llewellyn, 25.95
Imaginal Cosmos: Astrology, divination & the sacred - Angela Voss & Jean Hinson Lall, University of Kent, 37.95
Imponderable Forces - C.C. Zain, Church of Light, 10.95
Importance of Mercury in the Horoscope - Sakoian & Acker, CSA Printing & Binding, 7.00
The Inconjunct: Natal and Transiting Aspects - Frances Sakoian & Louis Acker, AFA, 16.95
In Defence of Astrology: Learn to answer the critics of astrology - Robert Parry, Quantum/Foulsham, 18.95
Initiations of Krishnamurti, An Astrological Biography - Phillip Lindsay, Apollo Publishing, 20.00
Inner Sky: How to make wiser choices for a more fulfilling life - Steven Forrest, Seven Paws, 18.95
In Search of a Fulfilling Career - Joanne Wickenburg, AFA, 24.00
Insights Into Evolutionary Astrology: A diverse collection of essays by prominent astrologers - Rose Marcus, editor, Llewellyn, 29.95
The Intermediate Self-Discovery Workbook in Astrology - Kathleen Scott, A New Day... A New Way, 19.95
Intercepted Planets Possibilities for a New Age - Alice Miller, AFA, 22.95
Interceptions, Cycles of Spiritual Unfoldment - Duke de Faria, Kosmic Press, 15.00
Interceptions Heralds of a New Age - Alice Miller, AFA, 15.95
International Atlas Revised (6th Edition) - Thomas Shanks, ACS, 39.95
Interpreting Astrology: New Techniques & Perspectives - Richard Nolle, AFA, 13.00
Interpreting Composite & Relationship Charts - Joan Negus, ACS, 3.00
Interpreting Empty Houses - Ana Ruiz, AFA, 19.95
Interpreting Geo-Helio Planets - T. Patrick Davis, Davis Research, 14.00
Interpreting Lilith - Delphine Gloria Jay, AFA, 23.95
Interpreting Solar & Lunar Returns, A Psychological Approach - Janey Stubbs & Babs Kirby, Capall Bann Publishers, 29.95
In the Beginning, Astrology - Ivy Goldstein-Jacobson, 27.50
Introduction to Astrology - Paul of Alexandria, translated by James Herschel Holden, AFA, 21.95
Introduction to Medical Astrology - Wanda Sellar, Wessex Astrologer, 30.00
The Introduction to the Science of the Judgments of the Stars - Sahl Ibn Bishr, AFA, 24.95
Introduction to the Tetrabiblos - Porphyry, and, Astrological Definitions - Seraphio of Alexandria, translated by James Herschel Holden, AFA, 18.95
Introduction to the Tetrabiblos - Porphyry of Tyre, translated by Andrea L. Gehrz, Moira Press, 16.95
An Introduction to Western Sidereal Astrology - Kenneth Bowser, AFA, 24.95
Introductions to Traditional Astrology: Abu Ma'shar & al-Qabisi, translated & arranged by Benjamin Dykes, Cazimi Press


JK Title Index to Astrology Books
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Jupiter Meets Uranus: From erotic bathing to star gazing
- Anne Whitaker, AFA, 23.95
Jupiter's Dance - Martin Goldsmith, Sothis Press, 24.95
Journey into Death - Robert Donath, Geminian Institute, 8.00
Journey Through the Birth Chart - Joanne Wickenburg, AFA, 23.00
Judgments of Nativities - Abu 'Ali Al-Khayyat, trans. by James Holden, AFA, 23.95
Jung & Astrology - Maggie Hyde, Aquarian, 19.95
Jungian Symbolism In Astrology - Alice O. Howell, AFA, 23.95

Kabbalistic Astrology, Sacred Tradition of the Hebrew Sages - Rabbi Joel C. Dobin, Inner Traditions, 18.95
Karma in the Horoscope - Helen Adams Garrett, AFA, 19.95
Karmic Astrology: Past lives, present loves
- Ruth Aharoni, Llewellyn, 14.94
Karmic Connections: The birthchart, karma & relationships - Judy Hall, Wessex Astrologer, 22.00
The Key Cycle - Wynn, AFA, 11.00
The Key to Speculation on the New York Stock Exchange - Jack Gillen, AFA,49.95
The Key to Your Own Nativity - Alan Leo, Astrology Classics, 24.95
The Key to Your Own Nativity - Alan Leo, Destiny Books, 24.95
Key Words for Astrology - Hajo Banzhaf & Anna Haebler, Weiser, 18.95
Keys To Inter Relations - Clara M. Darr, Clara M. Darr, 10.00


L Title Index to Astrology Books
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Labors of Hercules, An Astrological Interpretation - Alice A. Bailey, Lucis Trust, 15.00
Ladder of the Planets - Francis Sakoian and Louis Acker, CSA Printing and Bindery, 7.50
Laws of Occultism, Inner Plane Theory & the Fundamentals of Psychic Phenomena - C.C. Zain, Church of Light, 16.95
LifeClock, the Huber method of timing in the horoscope - Bruno and Louise Huber, HopeWell, 32.00
Light on Life, An Introduction to the Astrology of India - Hart deFouw and Robert Svoboda, Penguin India, 19.95
Lilith Ephemeris, 2000-2050 - Delphine Gloria Jay, AFA, 23.95
Lilith Insight, New Light On the Dark Moon - Mae R. Wilson-Ludlam, AFA, 19.00
The Living Birth Chart, Astrological Psychology: A practical workbook - Joyce Hopewell, Hopewell, 20.00
Living Lilith: Four dimensions of the Cosmic Feminine - M. Kelly Hunter, Wessex Astrologer, 28.00
Llewellyn's Complete Book of Astrology, the easy way to learn astrology - Kris Brandt Riske, Llewellyn, 18.95
Llewellyn's Complete Book of Predictive Astrology, the easy way to predict your future - Kris Brandt Riske, Llewellyn, 18.95
Lose this Book & Find It with Horary - Alphee Lavoie, AIR, 15.95
Love After Sex - Olivia, Llewellyn, 12.95
Love Formulas-2 - Nance McCullough, Namac Publishing, 13.95
Luminaries - Greene & Sasportas, Weiser, 24.95
Luna: The astrological moon - Paul F. Newman, Wessex, 25.00
Lunar Nodes - Mohan Koparkar, Mohan Enterprises, 6.95
Lunar Nodes: Discover your soul's karmic mission - Celeste Teal, Llewellyn, 27.95
Lunar Nodes, Keys to emotions & life experience - Diane Ronngren, ETC Publishing, 14.99
Lunar Nodes, New Concepts - Bernice Grebner, AFA, 14.95
The Lunar Nodes: Your key to excellent chart interpretation - Judith Hill, Stellium Press, 24.95
Lunar Returns - John Townley, Llewellyn, 19.95
Lunar Shadows III, The Predicive Power of Moon Phases & Eclipses - Dietrech J. Pessin, Igloo Press, 32.00
Lunation Cycle - Dane Rudhyar, Aurora Press, 17.95
Lunations & Predictions - Sophia Mason, AFA, 13.00


M Title Index to Astrology Books
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The Magic Thread: Astrological Chart Interpretation Using Depth Psychology - Richard Idemon, Wessex Astrologer, 29.00
Major & Minor Approaching & Departing Aspects - Sakoian/Acker, AFA, 9.00
Managing Your Health & Wellness, A guide to holistic health - Diane Cramer, Llewellyn, 19.95
Man and the Zodiac - David Anrias, Astrology Classics, 21.95
The Manual of Astrology, the standard work - Sepharial, Astrology Classics, 23.95
Mapping the Psyche: An introduction to psychological astrology, vol. 1: The planets & the zodiac signs - Clare Martin, CPA Press, 35.00
Mapping the Psyche: An introduction to psychological astrology, vol. 2: The planetary aspects & the houses of the horoscope - Clare Martin, CPA Press, 41.00
Mapping Your Birthchart - Stephanie Clement, Llewellyn, 19.95
Mapping Your Family Relationships - Stephanie Clement, Llewellyn, 19.95
Mapping Your Future - Kris Brand Riske, Llewellyn, 19.95
Mapping Your Money - Kris Brandt Riske, Llewellyn, 19.95
Mapping Your Romantic Relationships - David Pond, Llewellyn, 19.95
Mapping Your Travels & Relocations: Finding the best place for you - Maritha Pottenger and Kris Brandt Riske, Llewellyn, 19.95
Marriage Made In Heaven, an astrological guide to relationships - Alexandra Mark, Whitford, 14.95
The Mars Book: A guide to your personal energy and motivation - Donna Van Toen, AFA, 24.95
The Mars Quartet: Four seminars on the astrology of the red planet - Lynn Bell, Darby Costello, Liz Greene, Melanie Reinhart, CPA Press, 48.00
Martial Art of Horary Astrology - J. Lee Lehman, Whitford, 29.95
Matheseos Libri VIII - Ancient Astrology Theory & Practice - Firmicus Maternus, translated by Jean Rhys Bram, Astrology Classics, 29.95
Matheseos - Julius Firmicus Maternus, translated by James Herschel Holden, AFA, 59.95
The Math of Astrology: A step by step guide - Peter Murphy & Beth Rosato, AFA, 29.95
Mayan Astrology: A complete guide - Aluna Joy Yaxk'in, Center of the Sun, 22.00
The Machine Stops: The Mayan Long Count Through a Western Lens - Tim Lyons, AFA, 24.95
McWhirter Theory of Stock Market Forecasting - Louise McWhirter, AFA, 39.95
Mechanics of the Future: Asteroids - Martha Lang-Westcott, Treehouse Mountain, 29.95
Medical Astrology - Heinrich Daath, Astrology Classics, 15.95
Medical Astrology - Eileen Nauman, Blue Turtle Publishing, 29.95
Medical Astrology: A guide to planetary pathology - Judith Hill, Stellium Press, 24.95
Medical Astrology: Healing for the 21st Century - Marcia Starck, Earth Medicine Press, 22.00
Melody of Life and Love (poetry) - Ivy Goldstein-Jacobson, 30.00
Mental Alchemy: How thoughts & feelings shape our lives - C.C. Zain, Church of Light, 22.95
Mercury Method of Chart Comparison - Lois Rodden, AFA, 21.00
Mercury Retrograde Book - Therese Francis, Crossquarter Breeze, 12.95
Mercury Retrograde: Your Survival Guide to Astrology's Most Precarious Time of the Year - Chrissie Blaze, O Books, 19.95
Message of the Stars - Max Heindel, Rosicrucian Fellowship, 30.00
Michelsen Book of Tables (Koch & Placidus) - Neil Michelsen, ACS, 19.95
Midpoint Keys to Chiron - Chris Brooks, AFA, 15.00
Midpoints: Identify & integrate midpoints into horoscope synthesis - Don McBroom, Llewellyn, 19.95
Minor Aspects - Sakoian & Acker, no publisher given, 7.00
Minor Aspects Between Planets - Emma Belle Donath, AFA, 18.95
Modern Horary Astrology - Doris Chase Doane, AFA, 27.95
The Modern Text-Book of Astrology - Margaret Hone, Astrology Classics, 34.95
Modern Transits - Lois Rodden, AFA, 23.95
Moment of Astrology, Origins in divination - Geoffrey Cornelius, Wessex Astrologer, 37.00
Money: How to find it with Astrology - Lois Rodden, AFA, 23.95
Moon in Your Life - Arlene Robertson, AFA, 19.95
Moon Mansions - Mohan Koparkar, Mohan Enterprises, 6.95
Moon Node Astrology, The inner compass of evolution - Bruno and Louise Huber, Hopewell, 30.00
The Moon's Nodes, A Churning Process of the Soul - Agneta K. Borstein, Crescentia Publications, 15.95
Moon's Nodes & their importance in natal astrology - George White, AFA, 11.95
Moon Phase Astrology: The lunar key to your destiny - Raven Kaldera, Destiny Books, 19.95
Moon Phases: A Symbolic Key - Martin Goldsmith, Whitford, 16.95
Moon Tides, Soul Passages - Maria Kay Simms, Starcraft Publishing, 22.95
Moon Time: The art of harmony with nature and lunar cycles - Johanna Paungger and Thomas Poppe, Rider, 20.00
More About Retrogrades - Helen Adams Garrett, AFA, 12.95
Morinus System of Horoscope Interpretation - Jean-Baptiste Morin, translated by Richard S. Baldwin, AFA, 11.00
Mundane Astrology (Course XIII) - C.C. Zain, Brotherhood of Light, 22.95
Mundane Astrology - Baigent, Campion, Harvey, Aquarian Press, 23.00
Mundane Astrology three books by H.S. Green, Raphael & C.E.O. Carter, Astrology Classics, 24.95
Mysteries of the Dark Moon - Demetra George, Harper SanFran, 18.95


N Title Index to Astrology Books
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Nativity of Lewis the 14th, King of France
- John Gadbury, Arhat Publications, 5.50
The Nativity of the late King Charles - John Gadbury, Wessex, 17.99
Neptune in Transit with Aspects - Clara M. Darr, Clara M. Darr, 10.00
Never Throw Rice At A Pisces - Stacy Wolf, Thomas Dunne Books / St. Martin's Griffin, 13.95
New Age Conversation - Doris Chase Doan & Earl H. Cramer, AFA, 14.00
The New American Ephemeris 2007-2020 - Rique Pottenger, Starcrafts, 19.95
The New American Ephemeris for the 20th Century 1900-2000 at Midnight - Rique Pottenger, Starcrafts Publishing, 29.95
The New American Ephemeris for the 21st Century 2000-2100 at Midnight: The Michelsen Memorial Edition - Rique Pottenger, Starcrafts Publishing, 29.95
The New American Midpoint Ephemeris, 2006-2020 - Rique Pottenger, Starcrafts, 21.95
New Astrology, Art & Science of the Stars - Campion & Eddy, Tralfalgar Square, 35.00
New Astrology: Synthesis of Western & Chinese Astrology - Suzanne White, St. Martins, 19.99
New Insights Into Astrology - Nona Gwynn Press, ACS, 26.95
New Mansions for New Men - Dane Rudhyar, Hunter House, 7.95
New Methods of Rectification: Lincoln - T. Patrick Davis, AFA, 14.50
New Moon Astrology: Using new moon power days to change & revitalize your life - Jan Spiller, Bantam, 19.00
New Study of Astrology - John Addey, Urania Trust, 22.95
Next Life, A Guide to Living Conditions on the Inner Plane - C.C. Zain, Church of Light, 16.95
Night Speaks - Steven Forrest, ACS, 12.95
90 Degree Dial, Penelope Publications, 12.00
The Node Book, including nodes for planets & asteroids - Zip Dobyns, TIA Publications, 11.00
Nodes in Transitwith Aspects - Clara M. Darr, AFA, 8.95
Noel Tyl's Guide to Astrological Consultation -Noel Tyl, Llewellyn, 24.95
Not a Sign in the Sky but a Living Person - Marc Robertson, AFA, 9.00
The Northern Moon Node - The Message From the Beyond - Astrology & Reincarnation - Bastiaan van Wingerden, Lilliath Publications, 29.95
Now That I've Cast It, What Do I Do With It? - Maxine Taylor, AFA, 13.95
Numerology, Astrology & Dreams - Dusty Bunker, Whitford, 19.95


O Title Index to Astrology Books
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Occultism Applied, How to Increase Your Happiness, Usefulness & Spirituality - C.C. Zain, 22.95
Occult Philosophy: An introduction, the major concepts, and a glossary - Marc Edmund Jones, Trafford/Trefoil, 34.50
The 144 Doors of the Zodiac the Dwad Technique - Thyrza Escobar, AFA, 15.95
Only Way to Learn About Relationships (Vol 5) - March & McEvers, ACS, 15.95
Only Way to Learn About Tomorrow (Vol. 4) - Marion March & Joan McEvers, ACS/Starcrafts, 15.95
Only Way to Learn Astrology, Vol 1 - Basic Principles - March & McEvers, ACS/Starcrafts, 15.95
Only Way To Learn Astrology, Vol 2 - Math & Interpretation Techniques - March & McEvers, ACS, 15.95
Only Way to Learn Astrology, Vol 3 - Horoscope Analysis, March & McEvers, ACS/Starcrafts, 15.95
Only Way to Learn Horary & Electional Astrology (Vol. 6) - March & McEvers, ACS, 14.95
On Reception - Masha'allah, Arhat Publications, 18.95
On the Heavenly Spheres, A treatise on Traditional Astrology - Helena Avelar & Luis Ribeiro, AFA, 39.95
On the Judgements of Nativities (titled, Persian Nativities vol. 1) - Abu'Ali [al-Khayyat], translated by Benjamin Dykes, Cazimi Press, 45.95
On the Judgments of Nativities - Johannes Schoener (trans: Robert Hand), ARHAT, 49.95
On Nativities (titled, Persian Nativities vol. 2) - Abu'Bakr, translated by Benjamin Dykes, Cazimi Press, 45.95
On Solar Revolutions (Persian Nativities III) - Abu Ma'shar, translated by Benjamin Dykes, 29.95
Orders of Light - Martha Lang-Westcott, Treehouse Mountain, 25.00
The Outer Planets & Their Cycles: The astrology of the collective - Liz Greene, CPA Press, 40.00


PQ Title Index to Astrology Books
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Pagan Astrology for the spirit and soul
- Alice Miller, AFA, 14.95
The Part of Fortune in Astrology - Judith Hill, Stellium Press, 12.00
The Passion of the Western Mind - Richard Tarnas, Ballantine, 18.95
Past Lives, Future Choices, The Astrology of Reincarnation - Maritha Pottenger, ACS, 16.95
Pathways to Success: Discover Your Career Potential with Astrology - Gayle Geffner, ACS Publications, 14.95
Patterns of Behavior - Martha Lang-Wescott, Treehouse Mountain, 23.00
Patterns of Destiny - Eleonora Kimmel, AFA, 21.00
Patterns of Professions - Emma Belle Donath, AFA, 14.00
Patterns of the Past: Birthchart, Karma & Reincarnation - Judy Hall, Wessex Astrologer, 20.00
Persephone is Transpluto: The Scientific, Mythological & Astrological Discovery of the Planet Beyond Pluto - Valerie Vaughan, One Reed, 12.95
Person Centered Astrology - Dane Rudhyar, Aurora Press, 19.95
Personal Lunation Charts - Helen Paul-Wolf, AFA, 12.00
Person to Person Astrology: Energy factors in love, sex & compatibility - Stephen Arroyo, Frog Ltd., 18.95
Phases of the Moon, A Guide to Evolving Human Nature - Busteed & Wergin, AFA, 18.95
Phoenix Workshop, Uranian Astrology Manual, Cosmobiology Conference - Penelope Bertucelli, Penelope Publications, 23.00
Planet Vulcan - L.H. Weston, AFA, 12.00
Planetarization of Consciousness - Dane Rudhyar, Aurora, 22.95
Planetary Heredity - Michel Gauquelin, ACS, 12.95
Planetary Economic Forecasting, 2nd edition - Bill Meridian, Cycles Research, 60.00
Planetary Powers, The Morin Method - Patti Tobin Brittain, AFA, 16.95
Planetary Stock Trading (3rd edition) - Bill Meridian, Cycles Research, 60.00
Planetary Strength, A commentary on Morinus - Bob Makransky, Wessex Astrologer, 17.99
Planetary Threads, Patterns of relating among family and friends - Lynn Bell, Ibis, 21.95
Planets & Planet Centered Astrology - Stephanie Jean Clement, AFA, 18.00
The Planets and their psychological meaning - Bruno and Louise Huber, Hopewell, 35.00
Planets in Aspect - Robert Pelletier, Whitford Press, 19.95
Planets In Composite - Robert Hand, Whitford Press, 19.95
Planets in Houses, Experiencing Your Environment - Robert Pelletier, Whitford, 24.95
Planets in Locality, Exploring Local Space Astrology - Steve Cozzi, AFA, 22.00
Planets In Love - John Townley, Whitford Press, 19.95
Planets in Play - Laurence Hillman, Jeremy P. Tarcher/Penguin, 18.95
Planets In Signs - Skye Alexander, Whitford Press, 18.95
Planets in Solar Returns - Mary Shea, Twin Stars Unlimited, 28.95
Planets In Synastry - E.W. Neville, Whitford Press, 16.95
Planets in Therapy: Predictive Technique and the Art of Counseling -Greg Bogart, Ibis Press, 24.95
Planets In Transit, expanded 2nd edition - Robert Hand, Whitford Press, 29.95
Planets In Youth - Robert Hand, Whitford Press, 24.95
Planets on the Move - Pottenger & Dobyns, ACS, 16.95
Planets Within - The Astrological Psychology of Marsilio Ficino - Thomas Moore, Lindisfarne, 24.95
Pluto Volume 1: The evolutionary journey of the soul - Jeffrey Wolf Green, Wessex Astrologer, 41.00
Pluto Volume 2: The soul's evolution through relationships - Jeffrey Wolf Green, Wessex Astrologer, 41.00
Pocket Sized Astroephemeris, 1900-2050 - H.M. "Gen" Ishikawa, AFA, 14.95
Potential Fulfilled: Accident Patterns - Priscilla M. Gilbert, AFA, 21.95
Power of the Midheaven, the astrology of self-realization - Stephanie Jean Clement, Llewellyn, 14.95
Practical Guide to Astrology - Pamela Rowe, Gemcraft Books, 16.95
Practical Guide to Traditional Astrology - Joseph Crane, Arhat Publications, 20.00
Practicing the Cosmic Science - Stephen Arroyo, CRCS, 15.95
Precise Progressed Charts - Mohan Koparkar, Mohan Enterprises, 6.95
Predicting Events With Astrology - Celeste Teal, Llewellyn, 26.95
Prediction Techniques Regarding Romance - Ana Ruiz, AFA, 11.95
Prediction Using Common & Prenatal Cycles - Alexander Marr, AFA, 13.00
Predictive Astrology - Juan Estadella, Digital Star, 18.95
Predictive Astrology, A Practical Guide - Christine Shaw, Llewellyn, 14.95
Predictive Astrology: Cycles of change, seasons of meaning - Michele Adler, Hidden Water Publishing, 21.95
Predictive Astrology, The Eagle & the Lark - Bernadette Brady, Weiser, 24.95
The Predictive Power of Eclipse Paths - Bill Meridian, Cycles Research, 54.95
Predictive Techniques in Annual Harmonics - Charles & Lois Hannan, AFA, 14.00
Preface to Prenatal Charts - Charles Jayne, AFA, 13.95
The Prenatal Epoch - E.H. Bailey, Astrology Classics, 23.95
Primary Directions: A Definitive Study - Sepharial, Astrology Classics, 17.95
Primary Directions: Astrology's Old Master Technique - Martin Gansten, Wessex Astrologer, 22.00
Primer of Sidereal Astrology - Fagan & Firebrace, AFA, 21.95
The Principles of Astrology - Charles E.O. Carter, Astrology Classics, 21.95
Profit by Electional Astrology - Doris Chase Doane, AFA, 19.95
The Progressed Horoscope: Alan Leo's book on forecasting: Progressions, Returns, Transits & Primary Directions - Alan Leo, Astrology Classics, 29.95
Progressed Horoscope Simplified - Leigh Hope Milburn, McCoy Publishing, 21.95
The Progressed Moon Around the Zodiac: Charting personal development with astrology - Gisele Terry, AFA, 22.95
Progressing the Horoscope - C.C. Zain, Church of Light, 14.95
Progressions & Directions - Charles A. Jayne, AFA, 14.95
Progressions & Directions - Charles A. Jayne, Astrological Bureau, 11.00
Progressions, Directions & Rectifications - Zip Dobyns, AFA, 14.95
Prometheus the Awakener - Richard Tarnas, Spring Publications, 20.00
The Psychology of Astro*Carto*Graphy - Jim Lewis, Words and Things, 24.95
Psychology of the Planets - Francoise Gauquelin, ACS, 12.95

Quindecile, Astrology & Psychology of Obsession - Riki Reeves, Llewellyn, 14.95
Quintiles and Tredeciles - Dusty Bunker, Whitford Press, 12.95
The Quotable Aries: Aries traits described by Ariens
- Mary Valby, Quotable Zodiac Publishing, 12.95
The Quotable Taurus: Taurus traits described by Taureans - Mary Valby, Quotable Zodiac Publishing, 12.95
The Quotable Libra: Libra traits described by Librans - Mary Valby, Quotable Zodiac Publishing, 12.95
The Quotable Scorpio: Scorpio traits described by Scorpios - Mary Valby, Quotable Zodiac Publishing, 12.95
The Quotable Sagittarius: Sagittarius traits described by Sagittarians - Mary Valby, Quotable Zodiac Publishing, 12.95
The Quotable Capricorn: Capricorn traits described by Capricorns - Mary Valby, Quotable Zodiac Publishing, 12.95
The Quotable Aquarius: Aquarius traits described by Aquarians - Mary Valby, Quotable Zodiac Publishing, 12.95
The Quotable Pisces: Pisces traits described by Pisceans - Mary Valby, Quotable Zodiac Publishing, 12.95


R Title Index to Astrology Books
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Radix System
- Vivian Robson, Darr Publications, 13.00
Rahu & Ketu (Moon's nodes) in Predictive Astrology - M.C. Jain, Sagar, 9.00
Rapid & Reliable Analysis - Reinhold Ebertin, Ebertin-Verlag, 14.00
Real Astrology - John Frawley, Apprentice Books, 35.00
The Real Astrology Applied - John Frawley, Apprentice Books, 35.00
A Rectification Manual: The American Presidency - Regulus Astrology LLC, aka "Dr. H", 59.95
Reflections & Meditations on the Signs of the Zodiac - Louise Huber, AFA, 14.00
Reinventing Astrology - Gary Noel, AFA, 21.00
Relating - Liz Greene, Weiser, 19.95
Relationships - Helen Adams Garrett, AFA, 13.95
Relationships & How to Survive Them - Liz Greene, CPA Press, 40.00
Relationships & Life Cycles - Stephen Arroyo, CRCS, 16.95
Regrograde Planets: Traversing the Inner Landscape - Erin Sullivan, Weiser, 24.95
Retrogrades - Mohan Koparkar, Mohan Enterprises, 7.95
Revolutionizing Astrology with Heliocentric - T. Patrick Davis, Davis Research, 14.00
Rising Sign Problem - John Willner, AFA, 19.00
Roadmap to Your Future, Quick Guide to Progressions & Transits - Ashman, AFA, 23.00
Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception - Max Heindel, Rosicrucian Fellowship, 27.00
Rosicrucian Ephemeris, 2010-2019 - Rosicrucian Fellowship, 29.95
Rulers of the Horoscope: Finding your way through the labyrinth - Alan Oken, Ibis Press (Red Wheel/Weiser), 19.95
Rulership Book - Rex E. Bills, AFA, 23.95
Rules for Planetary Pictures - Witte-Lefeldt, Witte-Verlag, 30.00


S Title Index to Astrology Books
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Sabian Symbols, A Screen of Prophecy - Diana E. Roche, Astrology Classics, 39.95
Sabian Symbols & Astrological Analysis - Blain Bovee, Llewellyn, 19.95
Sabian Symbols in Astrology - Marc Edmund Jones, Aurora, 28.95
Sacred Tarot - C.C. Zain, Church of Light, 19.95
Saturn: A new look at an old devil - Liz Greene, Weiser, 18.95
Saturn, Chiron and the Centaurs: To the edge & beyond - Melanie Reinhart, Starwalker Press, 34.99
Saturn Cycles: Mapping changes in your life - Wendell C. Perry, Llewellyn, 27.95
Saturn In Transit, Boundaries of Mind & Soul - Erin Sullivan, Weiser, 19.95
The Search of the Heart - Hermann of Carinthia, trans. by Benjamin Dykes, Cazimi Press, 24.95
Secret Architecture of Our Nation's Capital, The Masons & the building of Washington DC - David Ovason, Perennial, 15.95
Secrets From a Stargazer's Notebook - Debbi Kempton-Smith, Topquark, 21.95
Self-Evident Astrology (TM) Book 1: Decoding the Solar System - Jeffrey Sayer Close, AFA, 13.95
Sepharial on Money: The complete texts of Law of Values, Silver Key, and Arcana, or Stock & Share Key - Sepharial, Astrology Classics, 19.95
Sex & the Outer Planets - Barbara Watters, Watters, 19.95
Sexual Assaults: Pre-Identifying Those Vulnerable - T. Patrick Davis, Davis Research, 11.00
Sign Blending (overcoming your short comings) - Rudy & Diane Flack, A is A, 5.00
Signs of Mental Illness - Mitchell E. Gibson, M.D., Llewellyn, 14.95
Signs of Time: An introduction to Mesoamerican astrology - Bruce Scofield, One Reed Publications, 11.95
Simplified Astronomy for Astronomers - LCdr David Williams, AFA, 16.95
Simplified Horary Astrology - Ivy Goldstein Jacobson - 42.35
Six Astrological Treatises - Masha'allah, translated by James Herschel Holden, AFA, 24.95
Skeet Shooting for Astrologers - David R. Roell, Astrology Classics, 24.95
Sky & Psyche, The relationship between cosmos & payche - Nicholas Campion & Patrick Curry, editors, Floris Books, 35.00
Skymates: Love, Sex & Evolutionary Astrology (new, expanded) - Jodie & Steven Forrest, Seven Paws Press, 19.95
Skymates II: The Composite Chart - Steven & Jodie Forrest, Seven Paws Press, 25.95
Solar Arcs, Astrology's Most Successful Predictive System - Noel Tyl, Llewellyn, 29.95
Solar Arc Directions, How to read life's roadmap - Carole Devine, L.A.B. Professional Publishing, 14.95
Solar Returns: Formulas & Analyses - Nance McCullough, Namac Publishing, 13.95
Solar Returns in Your Face - Marc Penfield, AFA, 22.00
Solunar Returns - Anne N. Vick, edited by Nelda Louise Tanner, RightLeft Graphics, 18.95
Some Principles of Horoscopic Delineation - Charles E.O. Carter, Astrology Classics, 18.95
Soul-Centered Astrology - Alan Oken, Crossing Press, 22.95
Soul-Sick Nation: An Astrologer's View of America - Jessica Murray, MotherSky Press, 19.95
Spherical Astronomy for Astrologers - G.C. Noonan, AFA, 8.00
Spindle of Meaning - Ronald Harvey, Urania Trust, 22.50
The Spirit of Numbers, A new exploration of harmonic astrology - David Hamblin, Wessex, 35.00
Spiritual Astrology - Spiller & McCoy, Simon & Schuster, 19.95
Spiritual Astrology - C.C. Zain, Church of Light, 26.95
Sports Astrology - John Frawley, Apprentice Books, 35.00
Star & Planet Combinations - Bernadette Brady, Wessex Astrologer, 37.00
Star Names, Their Lore & Meaning - Richard Hinckley Allen, Dover, 16.95
The Star of the Magi: The mystery that heralded the coming of Christ - Courtney Roberts, New Page, 14.99
The Stars & Your Future - M.C. Jain, Sagar, 10.00
Stars Over England - Marc Penfield, AFA, 18.95
Stellar Healing, Astrological Predisposition, Diagnosis & Treatment of Disease - C.C. Zain, Church of Light, 29.95
A Student's Text-Book of Astrology, Vivian Robson Memorial Edition - Vivian Robson, Astrology Classics, 25.95
Sun - Earth - Man, A mesh of cosmic oscillations - Theodore Landscheidt, Urania Trust, 15.95
Sun & Moon Polarity in Your Horoscope - Robert Hughes, AFA, 15.00
Sun Sign Selling - Janet Bowman Johnson, AFA, 15.95
Symbolic Directions in Modern Astrology - C.E.O. Carter, Astrology Classics, 12.95
Symphony of the Planets - Sherman & Frank-Manske, American School of Astrology, 22.95
Synastry - Ronald Davison, Aurora, 24.95
Synastry: Understanding the astrology of relationships - Rod Suskin, Llewellyn, 21.95
Synthesis & Counseling in Astrology, The professional manual - Noel Tyl, Llewellyn, 39.95


T Title Index to Astrology Books
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Tables of Houses (Placidus System)
- AFA/Astro Numeric, 16.00
Tables of Houses (Placidus) - Rosicrucian Fellowship, 23.00
Tables of Planetary Phenomena, 3rd edition - Neil Michelsen, Starcrafts, 32.95
Taoist Astrology: A Handbook of the Authentic Chinese Tradition - Susan Levitt, Jean Tang, Destiny Books, 14.95
The Tapestry of Planetary Phases: Weaving the threads of purpose and meaning in your life - Christina Rose, Wessex, 46.00
Temperament: Astrology's forgotten key - Dorian Gieseler Greenbaum, Wessex Astrologer, 35.00
Tetrabiblos - Claudius Ptolemy (trans: J.M. Ashmand), Astrology Classics, 19.95
Tetrabiblos - Claudius Ptolemy (trans: F.E. Robbins), Harvard University/Loeb Classical Library, hardbound, 28.00
A Text-Book of Long Range Weather Forecasting - George J. McCormack, Astrology Clasics, 19.95
The Text-Book of Astrology - A.J. Pearce, AFA, 44.95
Three Books On Nativities (titled, Persian Nativities vol. 2) - 'Umar al-Tabari, translated by Benjamin Dykes, Cazimi Press, 45.95
360 Degree Dial - Penelope Publications, 12.00
360 Degrees of the Zodiac - Adriano Carelli, AFA, 20.00
Through the Looking Glass: A search for the self in the mirror of relationships - Richard Idemon, Wessex Astrologer, 31.00
Time and Money: The economy and the planets - Robert Gover, Hopewell Publications, 21.95
Time for Magick: Planetary hours for meditations, rituals & spells - Maria Kay Simms, Llewellyn, 12.95
Traditional Astrology for Today, an introduction - Benjamin Dykes, Cazimi Press, 16.00
Traditional Medical Astrology - J. Lee Lehman, Schiffer, 34.99
The Transiting Planets - Sakoian & Acker, AFA, 24.95
Transits - Clara M. Darr, AFA, 21.95
Transits of the Planets - Heber J. Smith, AFA, 12.95
Transit of Saturn - Marc Robertson, AFA, 14.00
Transits & Solar Returns: A new system of analysis for two ancient methods - Ciro Discepolo, Ricerca '90, 25.00
Transits - Reinhold Ebertin, AFA, 15.00
Transits Simplified - Sakoian & Acker, NESA, 15.95
Transpluto - David Dukelow & Dhruva, ACS, 4.95
The Triple Witching Hour, the third book of essays - David R. Roell, Astrology Classics, 24.95
True Crime Astrology: Famous murders and suicides - Edna Rowland, AFA, 23.95
Turning the Solomon Key: George Washington, the Bright Morning Star & the secrets of Masonic Astrology - Robert Lomas, Fairwinds Press, 18.95
Turn of a Lifetime Astrologically - Ivy Goldstein-Jacobson, self-published, 40.00
The Twelfth House, the hidden power in the horoscope - Karen Hamaker-Zondag, Weiser, 14.95
Twelve Houses: A Deeper Look - John Willner, AFA, 8.00
The Twelve Houses: Exploring the houses of the horoscope - Howard Sasportas, Flare Publications, 37.00
200 Year Ephemeris, 1800-2000 Hugh MacCraig, Macoy Publishing, 19.00


UV Title Index to Astrology Books
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Ultimate Asteroid Book - J. Lee Lehman, Whitford, 18.95
The Ultimate Astrologer - Nicholas Campion, Hay House, 15.95
Under One Sky: 12 Astrologers read the same chart - blind! - Rafael Nasser, Seven Paws Press, 24.95
Understanding Aspects: The Inconjunct - Alan Epstein, Trines Publishing, 12.95
Understanding Aspects: The Sextile - Alan Epstein, Trines Publishing, 12.95
Understanding Children Through Astrology - Samantha Davis, Top of the Mountain Publishing, 16.95
Understanding Interceptions - I.I. Chris McRae, AFA, 22.00
Understanding Karmic Complexes: Evolutionary astrology & regression therapy - Patricia L. Walsh, Wessex Astrologer, 39.00
Understanding Planetary Placements - Sophia Mason, AFA, 13.00
Understanding Retrogrades - Helen J. Adams (aka Helen Adams Garrett), AFA, 14.95
Understanding the Future: A Survivor's Guide to Riding the Cosmic Wave - Lyn Birkbeck, Watkins, 17.95
The United States of America, A Celestial View - Steffan G. Vanel, Spiritual Company Press, 14.95
Unlocking Interceptions - Helen Adams Garrett, AFA, 12.95
Unveiling Your Future: Progressions made easy - Pottenger & Dobyns, ACS, 16.95
Uranian Astrology Guide, plus ephemeris - Sherman & Frank-Manske, American School of Astrology, 17.95
The Uranian Transneptunian Ephemeris, 1900-2050 - Neil Michelsen, ACS, 24.95
Uranus in Transit with Aspects - Clara M. Darr, Clara M. Darr, 10.00
Using Astrology to Find Your Luck: What works? - Kathleen Powers, Newage Enterprises, $29.99
Using the Birthchart to Determine Sex, Mind & Habit - Marc Robertson, AFA, 9.00

Venus: Her cycles, symbols & myths - Anne Massey, Llewellyn, 17.95
Venus Star Rising: A new cosmology for the 21st century - Ariel Guttman, Sophia Venus Productions, 25.00
Versatility of Astrology, Its Place in Your Life - Doris Chase Doane, AFA, 24.00
Vertex: The Third Angle - Donna Henson, AFA, 18.00
Vettius Valens of Antioch Anthology Book 1, edited and translated by Andrea Gehrz, Moira Press, 29.00
View from Chiron: Essence & Application - Zane B. Stein, Centaurean Astrology, 27.95
Vocational Astrology - Judith Hill, AFA, 18.95
Vocational Selection & Counseling, volume 1 - Doris Chase Doane, AFA, 20.00
Vocational Selection & Counseling, volume 2 - Doris Chase Doane, AFA, 20.00
Vocations, The New Midheaven Extension Process, Noel Tyl, Llewellyn, 19.95


W Title Index to Astrology Books
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Way of Astrology
- Ivy Goldstein-Jacobson, 23.25
Weather Predicting - C.C. Zain, Church of Light, 33.00
The Weiser Guide to Practical Astrology Priscilla Costello, Weiser, 12.95
What Are Astrolocality Maps? - Maritha Pottenger, ACS, 4.95
What Are Winning Transits? - Joyce Wehrman, ACS, 6.95
What Evangeline Adams Knew, A book of astrological charts & techniques - Karen Christino, Stella Mira Books, 19.95
What's a Relocated Chart? - Maxine Taylor, AFA, 6.00
When Chimpanzees Dream Astrology: An introduction to the quadrants of the horoscope - Alexander Graf von Schlieffen, CPA Press, 37.00
When Stars Collide - Paul Westran, O Books, 29.95
When Worlds Collide: Another look at the lunar nodes - Kathy Allan, Pollux Press, 25.00
Where in the World? Astro*Carto*Graphy & Relocation Charts - Erin Sullivan, CPA Press, 45.00
Winning With Astrology - Evelyn M. Nagle, AFA, 7.95
Witch's Circle - M.K. Simms, Llewellyn, 19.95
Working With Astrology: The Psychology of Midpoints, Harmonics & Astro*Carto*Graphy - Michael Harding & Charles Harvey, Consider Publications, 38.00
Why History Repeats: Mass Movements, Generations, etc. - Theresa McDevitt, AFA, 19.95
A Wonderbook of True Astrological Case Files - Judith Hill and Andrea Gehrz, Moira Press / Stellium Press, 18.00
Works of Sahl & Masha'allah - Benjamin Dykes, translator, Cazimi Press, 45.00


XYZ Title Index to Astrology Books
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X Marks My Place
- Paul Councel, Clara M. Darr, 9.95

Yankee Doodle Discord, A walk with the planet Eris through USA history - Thomas Canfield, ACS, 15.95
Yesterday's Sky: Astrology & reincarnation - Steven Forrest, Seven Paws Press, 24.95
Yod Book - Karen Hamaker-Zondag, Weiser, 19.95
Yod: Its Esoteric Meaning - Joan Kellogg, AFA, 16.95
You & Your Ascendant - Sophia Mason, AFA, 21.00
You're Not A Person, Just a Birth Chart (cartoons) - Paul Newman, Wessex, 11.00
Your Dog & Astrology - Marian Futterman, Jay Publishing, 3.00
Your Fertile Hours - Emily Faugno, AFA, 20.00
Your Hidden Powers - Joanne Wickenburg, AFA, 24.95
Your Horoscope in Your Hands - Lorna Green, Wessex Astrologer, 18.00
Your Magical Child - Maria Kay Simms, ACS, 16.00
Your Prenatal Eclipse - Rose Lineman, AFA, 16.00
Your Solar Return - Cynthia Bohannon, Arthur Publications, 15.00
Your Sun's Return - Alfa Lindanger, Macoy Publishing, 5.00
Your Wedding Astrologer: How to plan a marriage made in heaven - Karen Christino, Adams Media, 9.95

The Zodiac and the Soul - C.E.O. Carter, Astrology Classics, 14.95
Zodiac By Degrees, 360 New Symbols - Martin Goldsmith, Weiser, 29.95
Zodiac Pack, 44 Astro/Tarot Cards - Judy Hall, Findhorn Press, 34.95
Zodiacal Symbology & Its Planetary Power - Isidore Kozminsky, AFA, 13.00

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