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ASTRODICE - Astrology in the palm of your hand - Wessex Astrologer, $13.50
This is a set of three 12-sided dice, one green, one blue & one violet (looks pink on the screen), one with planets (including north & south nodes), one with the 12 signs & one with the 12 houses. Think of a question, roll the dice & read the answer. Will you get that raise? Jupiter in Taurus in the 2nd, itís a sure bet! What kind of day are you having? Uranus in Scorpio in the third: A strange, surprising one. Use these dice to sharpen your skills in all areas of astrology: Relationships (whatís he up to now?), Horary (whereís my watch?), Forecasting (what will happen when Venus conjuncts my Sun?), Electional (should I get a new job?) & more. Includes a 24 page booklet of instructions (English & Spanish) & a black drawstring bag. Lots of fun, a great gift for the novice. Wessex Astrologer.

THE ART OF CHART INTERPRETATION: A step-by-step method of analyzing, synthezing & understanding the birth chart - Tracy Marks, $15.95


Principles of interpretation
A preliminary note

Part 1: Techniques of chart synthesis & interpretation
Using the synthesis worksheet
Synthesis worksheets

1. The chart as a whole
2. Determining planetary strengths
3. Aspects & other chart variables
4. Preliminary synthesis
5. Additional considerations
6. How to synthesize

Part 2: Practice in chart synthesis
Introduction to chart synthesis
Charts A-E with synthesis worksheets

7. Author's answers
8. Example interpretation (chart E)

Part 3: The process of astrological counseling & interpretation
9. Astrology as a counseling tool
10. The astrological counseling process

Appendix 1: Planetary keywords
Appendix 2: Astrology client interview form
About the author


First published, as The art of Chart Synthesis in 1979, revised, retitled (The Art of Chart Interpretation) and published by CRCS in 1986, this 2009 Ibis Press is the third edition of this book. For this third edition, Marks writes, ... I have only made a few alterations to the first two sections of this book, and have added an appendix of planetary keywords (appendix 1). Additionally, she has expanded the third section, on Astrological Counseling.

This book presents a means of organizing your chart analysis. Here it is:

A. The chart as a whole:
Predominant element / weakest element
Predominant mode / weakest mode
Planetary pattern / aspect configurations
Sun/moon signs & relationship
Ascendant/Midheaven signs
Number of retrograde planets

B. Determining planetary strengths:
Sun/Moon sign/house
Sun ruler / ascendant ruler, sign & house
Planet in own sign / house
Planet rising / planet on midheaven / nadir / descending
Stationary planet
Sole dispositor
Most aspected / unaspected / other focal planets

C. Aspects & other chart variables:
Predominant type of aspect / absence of a type of aspect
Tight conjunctions & major aspects
Important minor aspects / parallels
Mutual receptions / lunar nodes

D. Preliminary synthesis:
Strongest planets / signs / houses / aspect

E. Additional considerations

F. Primary characteristics of this chart

(adapted from pages 14-17)

Marks uses this method to work through the charts of Muhammed Ali, Liza Minelli, Charles Mansion, Patty Hearst, and Liv Ullman. Here is Tracy's summation of Muhammed's chart:

Muhammed Ali is a Sun - Aquarius - Capricorn - Taurus - 6th house - Moon square Uranus type. He has ten fixed signs, no water signs, six retrograde planets, a T-square to Mars in Taurus in the 9th, a grand earth trine, Moon in Aquarius square Uranus, Sun in Capricorn in the 6th as part of a locomotive pattern, Saturn near the MC, Venus descending in mutual reception to Uranus. Everything you need to know about Mr. Ali, who was born on January 18, 1942, 6:30 pm CST, Louisville, KY. You then apply your interpretive skills to this analysis.

Ibis Press (RedWheel/Weiser), 188 pages.

Read the book? Want to tell the world? How many stars (1-5) would you give this book?

Contents: List of figures; Acknowledgements; 1. Introduction & history of astrology; 2. The planets; 3. The signs; 4. Essential dignities; 5. Interpreting planets in signs; 6. The angles, the houses & the Part of Fortune; 7. Basic interpretation; 8. The aspects; 9. A brief look at natal retrograde planets; 10. Eclipses, lunations & the moon's nodes; 11. Aspect patterns; 12. Synthesized chart interpretation.

Appendices: A. Natal chart interpretation worksheet; B. Astrology organizations, resources & web pages; C. Astrology software; Bibliography; Index; List of figures.

Comment: This is intended as a beginnerís first astrology book & itís a good one, but it also bears the fruits of the Ďback to basicsí movement of the 1990ís & more besides. So in addition to planets, signs, houses & aspects, are sect, dignities, rulerships, face, peregrine, dispositor trees, retrogrades, eclipses, lunations, aspect patterns (including harmonics), synthesized chart interpretation & much more. Excellently written, will be a classic.

Llewellyn, 351 pages.

THE ASTROLOGY SOURCEBOOK, Your complete guide to understanding the symbolic language of the stars - Shirley Soffer, $16.00
Contents: Introduction;

Part 1: Astrology's historical source: 1. Astrology's ancient beginnings; 2. From east to west - astrology's winding path through time and space;

Part 2: The horoscope, the signs of the zodiac & the elements of astrology: 3. The components of the horoscope - an astrological primer; 4. The path of the sun - through the wheel of life; 5. Chemistry class - the four elements of astrology;

Part 3: The planets: 6. Sun and moon - archetypes of light; 7. Mercury - the wings of thought; 8. Venus and Mars - love's tug of war; 9. Jupiter and Saturn - voices of the father; 10. Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto - avatars of change.

Resources, Bibliography, Index

Comment: From the back cover:

The stars offer a gift, the gift of self-discovery. The mythical past of astrology has pertinent psychological significance for the modern consciousness. In The Astrology Sourcebook, Shirley Soffer builds a bridge of understanding between ancient thinking & modern Jungian archetypes, leading to a deeper comprehension of our consious & unconsious selves.

Lowell House, 234 pages.

A JOURNEY THROUGH THE BIRTH CHART, revised & expanded - Joanne Wickenburg, $23.00
Contents: Introduction; The astronomy of astrology; The seasons & qualities & elements; The houses, Houses & qualities & elements, the planets in brief; The journey: the signs, Anatomical rulerships, a pause to reflect, Intercepted signs, first studies of chart synthesis; The planets, retrograde planets, putting it together, planetary emphasis; The aspects, planetary powers, decanates; The journey continues. .

Comment: From the back cover:

[This book] not only explains the basic principles of traditional astrology with unusual clarity, but it also gives the reader the guidance & procedures needed to put the pieces of a birth chart together for self-understanding - rather than relying on simplistic "cookbook" interpretations. It has a sound, down-to-earth quality that makes it easy & valuable for both beginners & advanced students. is ideal for those in search of the depth of the chart....Loaded with unique features, it includes the interplay of planets, signs, cusps and houses as they influence the entire chart, weaving together major life themes.

AFA, 165 pages.

Let's Learn Astrology: Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6

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