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Astrology and Relationships,
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SYNASTRY: Understanding the Astrology of Relationships - Rod Suskin, $21.95


List of tables & examples
List of charts
Foreword by Noel Tyl
Introduction: What is synastry?

1. The Basics (pgs. 5-16):
Why the client seeks help; What astrology can offer; Which relationships can we analyze?; What is compatibility; The difference between synastry & natal reading; First impressions; Why we form first impressions; Why we create impressions in others; Why first impressions are often wrong; Appearance counts: The ascendant; Analyzing the ascendant for first impressions; Controlling other people's impressions of us; Finding the "real" person

2. Relationships & the individual (pgs. 17-28):
The promise of the natal chart; The chart as a whole; Hemispere emphasis; Strong or weak planets; Other emphasized chart features; The primary needs: Sun & Moon; Steps to analyze Sun & Moon; Interpreting compatible or incompatible needs; Now needs are made visible to others; Another look at the ascendant; Drawing some conclusions

3. First steps in comparisons (pgs. 29-39):
Initial comparisons; Start with elements alone; Comparing elements; Highly compatible elements; Elements that are compatible with effort; Not compatible or disinterested elements; Comparing Sun, Moon & ascendant; Conveying information to clients; Comparing individual characteristics; How much should you say?; The foundation in place

4. The foundations of relating (pgs. 41-60):
Communicating feelings; Analyzing communications using Mercury & the Moon; The value system; Self-worth; Love, sex & pleasure; Connecting self-worth & love; Children; Beyond pleasure; Marriage & one-to-one relationships; Planets in & ruling the 7th house; Liklihood & lastingness of marriage; Learning about ourselves

5. Basic chart comparison (pgs 61-88):
What does synastry involve?; The method of comparison; Making the necessary calculations; The effect on each other; Finding patterns of interaction; Measuring important interchart aspects; Focusing on the most important planets & aspects; Planets in relationships; Aspects in relationships; Planets in aspect in synastry (Sun through Pluto, including angles & their rulers); Checklist: key areas of comparison; Keeping it in balance; What you've learned so far

6. Life issues (pgs. 89-110):
Going deeper; Fear of rejection; The natal chart & life experience; Succedent houses show core issues; Secretiveness & denial; The twelfth house/planets in the twelfth; Triggers from the partner's chart; The challenge to grow; Effects of outer planets; Aspects between outer planets & personal planets; How each outer planet takes effect; Aspects between outer planets; Karma, Saturn & the seven year cycle; Using Uranus & Neptune to enhance your understanding; Other outer planet connections

7. Charts of the relationship (pgs. 111-124):
What defines a bond?; Combining charts; An alternative method; Advantages & disadvantages of these methods; Helping clients understand the composite chart; Working with the composite; Emphasizing aspect over sign; Combining multiple charts; Marriage charts; What to analyze in the marriage chart; Moving forward into the present ... and the future

8. Beginnings & endings (pgs. 125-160):
When does a relationship begin?; Progressions show lasting changes; Transits time the changes; Will it last?; Preparing & delineating directed charts; Directions of marriage charts; Making composites from progressed charts; When will changes happen?; What changes will happen?; Giving a joint predictive reading; Important directions in individual charts; Directions involving composite charts; Strategies for using transits to composites; When will it end?; O.J. Simpson & Nicole Brown Simpson, part 1 - natal synastry; O.J. Simpson & Nicole Brown Simpson, part 2 - Directions

9. The consultation (pgs. 161-178):
Ethical issues; The right to privacy; How much information to give?; Advice & the law; Preparing for the consultation; Selecting information; Collating information; Develop a strategy for timing the session; Let astrology be your guide; Spend a moment on yourself; Your role as astrological counselor; The relationship goes "live"; Giving constructive advice; Wrapping it up

A. Further reading
B. Relaationship analysis worksheet
C. Charts (pgs. 194-237, one chart per page)

Comment: Extremely detailed instructions, rather weak so far as cookbook delineations go. If you have a basic knowledge of what the planets & signs & houses mean, but don't know how to translate that to synastry readings, this book might be of help.

Rod Suskin has been a professional astrologer since 1989. He lives in South Africa.

Llewellyn, 247 pages.

LOVE AFTER SEX - Olivia, $12.95




Moon sign delineations
Grant Lewi's 8 or 9 step method for finding your Moon sign
Chart for finding your Moon sign, 1931-2010
When I did the math, the result was less than 1 degree from exact. Impressive.


Olivia's first book, Erotic Astrology (now out of print) was a primer on how women could seduce their ideal sun (or ascendant) sign male. In this, her second book, she concentrates on how to you can keep your man. While other books concentrate on the acutal messy details of astrological compatibility, forecasts (as of 2009) indicate that we are rapdily approaching a time when it won't make much difference who the guy or gal is, it's simply going to be important to have a lot of sex. For its own sake. Think of it as a return of the free love of the 1960's, only without the pleasant gloss of distant memory.

Think I'm mistaken? (When am I ever mistaken??) Consider this: The End of The World arrived in Iceland in the fall of 2008, when their entire economy collapsed overnight, taking their government with it. Icelanders (or, as some jokingly refer to them, "Nicelanders") have been in the streets every day since. And elsewhere. Nine months later, they're having a baby boom. The best economic forecasts that I've seen is that what hit Iceland in 2008 is about to hit the rest of the planet. Will you be prepared?

Not only that, but The Mayan Calendar Is Ending! The exact date is December 21, 2012. Already weighty books forecasting the results are on the bookshelves. One thing they agree on is that the New World of Love, Peace & Bliss that will shortly be upon us will be so wonderful that we will just have to get to know our fellow man - or woman - a bit better than before. OR that the resulting stresses & dislocations will result in lots of sex just for therapy's sake. It's not that one book is cheerful & the next book is isn't, but that the authors themselves are a bit confused.

Personally, having been burned too many times with the New Age crowd, I'm siding with the economic forecasters. At any rate, whichever of the two religions you eventually subscribe to, the net result seems to be a lot more babies, coming soon. And you, dear reader, may well be among the lucky new parents! The time to prepare yourself is NOW. Whether it's hyperinflation that wipes out all money, or Space Aliens with new & bizarre rules, the continued existence of stores, not to say publishers, is not guaranteed. Before that awful day when books can no longer be had, perhaps Olivia will grace us with a third book, How the Twelve Signs Change Diapers. After all, Doctor Spock's baby book is getting a bit long in the tooth.

In this book, each of the twelve signs gets about 20 pages. Sections are broken down into Sex and [the sign], Money and [the sign], Power and [the sign], and, finally, decanates, which are ten-day subdivisions of the monthly signs. Each of the first three sections are further subdivided, as appropriate to the individual sign in question. Under Aries, the sections are as follows:

Sex & Aries: Flirting with danger, "God, you're fabulous", Bed & bored, Who's at the controls?, Three is a crowd, When Aries sees red, and, Soul mates.

Money & Aries: Money is freedom, Money is control, Play now, pay later, Me first, Role playing, and, Selfish isn't sexy.

Power & Aries: Hell hath no fury, Selfish is not sexy [reprise!], The infernal triangle, and, The power of potential.

While admittedly limited in scope, Olivia's books, like those of Linda Goodman before her, give exceptional insights.

Llewellyn, 251 pages

Read the book? Want to tell the world? How many stars (1-5) would you give this book?

1. How it all began and works; 2. Venus; 3. Houses; 4. Derivative houses; 5. Transits; 6. Synastry; 7. Retrogrades; 8. Progressions; 9. Void-of-course moon; 10. Lunations;

11. Eclipses; 12. Arabian parts; 13. Midpoints; 14. Vertex; 15. Solar return; 16. Diurnal chart; 17. Composite chart; 18. Relationship chart; 19. Horary chart; 20. Closing.

Comment: In the foreword, the author writes, "My unavailing quest over the years to come across a book dealing only with astrology as it influences the social/romantic life, companioning the drive to get the most out of my personal relationships, has inspired me to write this book. To know when you may meet a potential lover, when a relationship can go through changes or end, as well as if one is likely to get back together with another are the questions I am most frequently asked. I will show you how to derive the answers to these types of questions, providing you posess the astrological knowledge as well as the complete birth data of the individuals in question..."

AFA, 88 pages.

FENG SHUI ASTROLOGY FOR LOVERS: How to improve love & relationships - Gerry Thompson, $14.95
Contents: How feng shui astrology works - the magic square, the five elements, and the nine astrological numbers; How to find your primary, inner, and outer numbers; Characteristics of the nine types, and applying them to your chart; Understanding your lover - recognizing the nine character types; Five element compatibility; Element combinations for love, sex, and romance; Nine-number compatibility; Family roles of the nine numbers; Getting the relationship to work - using the five elements, making the most of your combination, using the mediating elements, and making the most of supporting elements; Your relationship over time - the nine houses, and interpretation of your houses; Taking it further - DIY magic squares. 128 pages including index and references. Sterling, paper.


Special thanks
List of illustrations
Foreword, by Robert Hand
Introduction: A concept emerges

Part 1:
1. Some theoretical groundwork
2. Chart construction & interpretation
3. Composite varieties
4. Do's & don'ts: Dangling artifacts
5. The final analysis

Part 2:
6. Composite planets
7. Composite ascendants
8. Composite planets in signs
9. Composite planets in the houses

Part 3:
10. Conjunctions
11. Oppositions
12. Trines
13. Squares
14. Sextiles


A composite chart is another way of looking at relationships. A composite chart combines John's chart with Sally's chart to create a composite third chart of the relationship between them. John Townley discovered the technique back in 1973 & has been an enthusiastic promoter ever since. He wrote the introduction to Robert Hand's classic 1975 book, Planets In Composite & doubtless heavily influenced Hand in the process.

A quarter century later, has Townley improved on Hand's path finding book? Yes! Townley has included tips & techniques that have arisen over the years, including composite signs (eg, composite Aries, composite Taurus, etc.) & composite varieties, where he combines a President's chart with that of the USA to get his administration (a technique I stumbled on some dozen or so years back), which gives fascinating results. Townley extends this mundane technique to show composite country charts, such as the US with the former USSR. And composite solar returns & composite progressions - the new techniques mentioned or hinted at are endless. In the meat-and-potatoes main section, composite planets in houses, composite planets in aspect to each other, Townley's writing is warmer & more personable than Hand's somewhat abstract & chilly prose. All in all, an excellent book for this popular technique. The introduction is by Robert Hand, returning John's favor of many years ago.

Llewellyn, 456 pages.

ASTROLOGY & RELATIONSHIPS: Techniques for harmonious personal connections - David Pond, $17.95
Contents: Acknowledgements; Introduction; The Sun: The center, the heart; The Moon: Emotional fulfillment; Mercury: Mind & communication; Venus: Magnetism, sexuality & intimacy; Mars: Power, passion & anger; Jupiter: Growth through goals, dreams & giving; Saturn: Challenges, pressures & insecurities; Uranus: The urge for freedom & the expression of individuality; Neptune: Imagination, illusion & spirituality; Pluto: Death & rebirth, the dark self & the soul's purpose; Conclusion; Appendix (Ephemeris, 1900-2005); Suggested reading; Index.
Comment: For each chapter, Pond discusses natal planets, sign by sign, with an emphasis on how your Venus in Scorpio (for example) gets along with others. This is a weak concept (why not just write how her planets get on with his planets?) & is remarkably undeveloped. The descriptions are hackneyed, based mostly on theory & show no sign that Pond has ever read an actual chart. At the beginning of each chapter (eg, planet) is a section of exercises to develop greater understanding of the planetary archetype, ostensibly to enhance relationship ability. The condensed ephemeris in the back gives the dates & times that planets (including the moon) changed signs through the 105 year period. Llewellyn, 395 pages.

ASTROLOGY OF INTIMACY, SEXUALITY & RELATIONSHIP, Insights to Wholeness - Noel Tyl, $17.95
Contents: Appreciation; Horoscope charts; Chapter 1: Intimacy - Elusive grace, common fear; Chapter 2: Intimacy - Needs in relationships; Chapter 3: Fear & disillusionment - Expressions of Animus & Anima; Chapter 4: Intimacy therapy - Getting past the fears; Chapter 5: Sexuality - Dealing with self-confirmation; Chapter 6: Relationships - The patterns that show difficulty; Bibliography; Index.
Comment: For the most part, an analysis of relationship needs based on individual natal charts, along with a few celebrity pairings (Hitler & Braun among them). Llewellyn, 203 pages.

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