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Asteroids & Chiron, page 1

Asteroids, page 2

Asteroids are a curious agglomeration of rocks located - for the most part - between the orbits of Mars & Jupiter. Ceres is the largest & first to be discovered (1801). Many thousands have been discovered since & though orbits have been plotted, many of the smallest have not been seen since their original discovery.

Chiron is a planetoid that orbits erratically between Saturn & Uranus and is thought to form a bridge between these two giants. Since every newly discovered planet is said to "rule" one or more signs of the zodiac, I've included what various authors think Chiron rules. Go to the bottom of page 2 for Chiron in prehistoric times.

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The Wonderful World of Martha

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ASTEROID GODDESSES The mythology, psychology & astrology of the re-emerging feminine - Demetra George & Douglas Bloch, $22.95
Contents: Dedication; Acknowledgements; Preface
1. Asteroids - Agents of Transformation: Asteroids & cultural transformation; Asteroids & planetary transformation; Asteroids as agents of personal transformation; The three stages of personal transformation

2. Asteroids - Harbingers of a new mythology: The meaning of myth; The distortion of myth; The function of myth in the therapeutic process

3. The Mandala of the Asteroid Goddesses: The sun; The moon; Venus: Venus as the expression of reproduction, Venus & the lessons of love, The asteroids, The completion of the mandala; Ceres; Pallas Athene; Vesta; Juno; Asteroid centers

4. Ceres: The Great Mother: The mythology of Ceres; The story of Ceres & Persephone: The abduction of Persephone, Ceres in Eleusis, The return of Persephone, The pre-Hellenic origins of Ceres mythology; The astrology of Ceres; Ceres as ruler of Cancer: Ceres: the universal mother, Ceres love as the basis for loving others, Ceres psychological complexes, Passivity complexes, Food complexes, Relationship complexes, Parent-child complexes; Ceres as ruler of Taurus-Scorpio polarity: The lessons of attachment & separation, Death & dying, Ceres as the principle of sharing, Ceres & renewal; Ceres as ruler of Virgo: Growth & productivity, Ceres & efficient functioning, Ceres & work; The occult teachings of Ceres: Death passage, Blood mysteries; Summary; Ceres psychological themes; Further reading on Ceres

5. Ceres in the Horoscope: Ceres astrological rulerships; Ceres in the signs; Ceres in the houses; Ceres aspects to the planets

6. Pallas Athene: The Warrior Queen: The mythology of Pallas Athene: Myths of the birth of Athene, The serpent wisdom of Pallas Athene, Pallas the Warrior Goddess, The separation of Pallas Athene from her matriarchal heritage, The slaying of Medusa, Athene's contest with Poseidon, The trial of Orestes; The astrology of Pallas Athene: The wisdom aspect of Pallas, Pallas as the significator of creative intelligence, Pallas as significator of the arts, Pallas as significator of the healing arts, Pallas as significator of the political arts, Pallas: a woman in a man's world, Pallas & androgyny, Pallas & sexual identity imbalances, Pallas & father complexes, Pallas & the fear of success, Winning & losing, Creativity vs: love, Soul work; The occult teachings of Pallas Athene; Pallas Athene's psychological themes; Further reading on Pallas Athene

7. Pallas Athene in the Horoscope: Pallas Athene's astrological rulerships; Pallas Athene in the signs; Pallas Athene in the Houses; Pallas aspects to the planets

8. Vesta: The Eternal Flame: The mythology of Vesta: The story of Vesta, The Vestal Virgins, The pre-Hellenic origins of Vesta, The true meaning of Vesta; The astrology of Vesta; Vesta as ruler of Scorpio: Vesta as sexuality, Sex as sin, Sex as fear, Sexual repression, Vesta & projection, Vesta & sexual discrimination; Vesta as ruler of Virgo: Vesta & virginity, Vesta & centeredness, Vesta & focus, Vesta & commitment, Vesta & work, Vesta, alienation & sacrifice; Summary; The occult teachings of Vesta; Vesta psychological themes; Further reading on Vesta

9. Vesta in the Horoscope: Vesta astrological rulerships; Vesta in the signs; Vesta in the houses; Vesta in aspect to the planets

10. Juno: The Divine Consort: The mythology of Juno: The story of Zeus & Hera, The trials of Hera & Zeus, Hera as the idealized wife, Hera & her children, Hera's solitude, The pre-Hellenic origins of Juno; The astrology of Juno: Juno as significator of relationship, The pathology of relationships, Infidelity, Sacrifice in relationships, Fears in relationship, Power in relationship; Juno as the capacity for meaningful relationships: Juno commitment, Juno enhancement, Juno as an indicator of women's cycles & functions; The occult teachings of Juno: Sex as bliss, Sex as magic, Sex as rejuvenation; Marriage as alchemical union; Juno's psychological themes; Further reading on Juno

11. Juno in the Horoscope: Juno astrological rulerships; Juno in the signs; Juno in the houses; Juno aspects to the planets

12. The Minor Asteroids: An Overview: The asteroids as octave transformers; The lovers: Psyche & Eros; The warriors: Lilith & Toro; The empaths: Sappho & Amor; The liberators: Pandora & Icarus; The protectors: Diana & Hildago; The knowledge holders: Urania & Chiron; Summary; Further reading on the minor asteroids

13. An Astronomical Portrait of the Asteroids: The discovery of the asteroids; The physical properties of the asteroids: Size & shape, Composition & brightness, Orbital patterns of the asteroid groups; The origin of the asteroids: Collisions with the earth
14. Epilogue

Appendix: Ephemerides of 16 asteroids 1931 - 2050 (includes all the asteroids mentioned above); Bibliography.

Comment: The classic text on the four major asteroids, back in print. First published in 1986, this book marks how far astrology has come in less than 20 years. Inspired by Lee Lehman's Ultimate Asteroid Book, both authors (Lehman & George) have since gone on to traditional (aka Medieval/Greek) astrology. This traditional astrology is strikingly different from - and much more sophisticated than the simple psychologically-based astrology of Asteroid Goddesses and Ultimate Asteroid Book. From a distance of many years, we can see the flaws in this book (Ceres, even on a good day, cannot possibly rule Cancer, Taurus/Scorpio & Virgo). Martha Lang-Wescott's Mechanics of Future Asteroids is clearly a saner book. Yet for all its flaws, Asteroid Goddesses retains its youthful enthusiasm & vigor.

Ibis Press, 344 pages.

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ASTEROIDS IN THE BIRTH CHART - Emma Belle Donath, $16.00

Preface to the first edition
Preface to the second edition

Ceres in signs & houses
Pallas Athena in signs & houses
Juno in signs & houses
Vesta in signs & houses

A. Astronomical data
B. Asteroid positions 1900-1995 (once every 5 years)
C. Yesterday into tomorrow
D. Asteroid positions 2001-2050 (monthly)

Comment: One of the two original asteroid researchers from the 1970's (the other was the late Eleanor Bach). In addition to delineations by house & sign & several chart examples, Donath also gives introductory observations for each of the four asteroids in this book. In the exoteric section, she gives rulerships (animal, insect, bird, plant), emblem, principle, expression, manifestation, personification. In the esoteric section, she gives the chakra, color, direction, element, energy, number, ray & symbol for each. This is good, simple, straightforward stuff, based on Emma Belle's years of observation.

AFA, 95 pages.

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APPROXIMATE POSITIONS OF ASTEROIDS (Ceres, Pallas, Juno, Vesta), 1851-2050 - Emma Belle Donath, $9.00
Contents: Monthly positions for Ceres, Pallas, Juno, Vesta, from 1851 to 2050. As asteroids move 10-15 degrees in a month, these positions would do for most uses.

Also includes a keywords chart for the asteroids and a profile for each giving the associated animal, bird, insect, plant, emblem, principle, expression, manifestation, and personification.

51 pages. AFA, paper.

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ASTEROIDS IN MIDPOINTS - Emma Belle Donath, $16.00

Foreword by John Robert Hawkins: Why should the asteroids rule the sign of Virgo?

Astrological Systems & Rulerships:
Ptolemaic aspects and rulerships
Uranian astrology concepts
Cosmobiology concepts
Theories of esoteric astrology

Planetary energies

Delineations of aspects, Midpoints, Planetary pictures of asteroids: Ceres, Pallas Athena, Juno, and Vesta.

A. Personal points calculations
B. 90 degree and 360 degree dials
C. Ayanamsa tables, 1700-200
D. Asteroid keywords and symbols


Comment: From the back cover:

This book by Emma Belle Donath completes a five volume report on the astrological validity of asteroids Ceres, Pallas Athena, Juno & Vesta. Included are 3600 new midpoints between the asteroids, traditional planets & transneptunians planets, complete with interpretation. Professionals & advanced students will find this the single most comprehensive reference book on midpoints & asteroids in print.

AFA, 138 pages.

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ASTEROIDS IN SYNASTRY - Emma Belle Donath, $12.95


1. Asteroids & relationships
2. Automatic actions & responses
3. Communications
4. Companions
5. Comparison
6. Completion
7. Composite
8. Contact cosmogram

Comment: From the back cover:

Though individual asteroids or planetoids orbiting between Mars & Jupiter may be small, they are bound to exert influences in the horoscope. In light of this conclusion, they must also exert the same type of cross chart influence in the area of relationships. With this premise, Emma Belle Donath proceeded to write Asteroids in Synastry.

Using her vast store of mythological as well as astrological lore, she tells the myths of the four major asteroids, as well as giving keyword lists and rulerships for each. In the body of the book she gives delineation of the asteroids using the most accepted forms of synastry.... In addition, she gives some of the major aspect configurations between charts, and takes a brief look at composite charts & contact cosmograms. Several example charts are used to to illustrate asteroid use in this manner. This is the definitive text for using asteroids in synastry.

AFA, 85 pages.

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MIDPOINT KEYS TO CHIRON - Chris Brooks, $15.00


1. Chiron - for signs and seasons
2. Midpoints - their time has come
3. By transit and direction
4. Transiting midpoint keys
5. Chiron catalysts
6. A bridge to rectification
7. Transitions and turning points
8. Synastry; 9. A time for Chiron

Keywords associated with Chiron
Quick Chiron midpoint reference

From the back of the book:

This volume is a compilation of many years research and an attempt to share with others the information gleaned about two of the most important and exciting topics to appear in the field this century - cosmobiology and the newly discovered planetary body, Chiron. Cosmobiology is a term used by researchers like the German, Reinhold Ebertin, to describe this new science which seeks to understand how the laws of the heavens affect those on earth. Like physics and chemistry which try to unlock the laws and secrets of the material universe, cosmobiology seeks to understand scientifically the relationship between man and the cosmos.

AFA, 96 pages.

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A VIEW FROM CHIRON, Essence & Application - Zane Stein, $27.95

Presenting the Chiron Glyph
An Appreciation, by Debbi Kempton-Smith
Note to the 3rd Edition, by Al H. Morrison
Letter from Dr. Brian C. Marsden
Introduction to the First Edition
Introduction to the 1995 edition: Perihelion and Perigree

Chiron square Chiron chart
House Positions
Chiron in Houses
Aspect Guidelines
Saturn and Uranus
Chiron’s Discovery Chart

PART TWO: Essence and Application: A VIEW FROM CHIRON
Section One: The Essence
Chapter I: Keywords
Chapter II: What is Reality?
Chapter III: Chiros
Chapter IV: The Chiron Return
Chapter V: Myth
Chapter VI: Healing Heritage
Chapter VII: Healing the Wound: Where do we go from here ?

Section Two: The Application
Chapter I: First Things First
Chapter II: Procedure
Chapter III: Aspects
Chapter IV: Moving Along
Chapter V: Relationships
Chapter VI: Odds & Ends
Chapter VII: Chiron in the Third
Chapter VIII: Another Side to Chiron: Computers, Careers
Chapter IX: Fish in the Net

Afterword: The Key to the World
New Type of Rulership
Chiron Ephemeris, 1900-2050, GMT, midnight

About the Author



The best of all Chiron books from the original Chiron researcher. This is the book the others copied from. Find out what they missed - discover Chiron in your chart.

From the back of the book:

This is a marvelous book — fun, sparkling, seriously useful, absolutely necessary, and wholly original. But Essence and Application: A View From Chiron turns out to be more than that. Its author, Zane Stein, has produced an historic, breakthrough book of heroic scholarship. It has changed the game, blown the field wide open, and forever altered the ways we look at the wondrous art/science/language we call astrology. . — Debbi Kempton-Smith, author of Secrets From A Stargazer’s Notebook.

Zane Stein, who presciently linked Chiron to computers in his book, Essence and Application: A View from Chiron, likens Chiron to a seed that uses the power of something extremely small to bring about changes in the world around. — Philip Brown, The Astrology of Computers.

This is some of the best writing on aspects I have ever found. Not only for the usual conjunctions, sextiles, squares, trines and oppositions, but also for quincunxes, sesquiquadrates, semi-squares, even the comparatively unknown 165o and 1/11 (“undecim”). A masterful tour de force. — David R. Roell, (Yes, that's me.)

Zane Stein, the author himself, says,
I am a Chironic astrologer. You won’t find that word in the dictionary, but there are quite a few of us, and our number is increasing day by day. We are astrologers who believe that discovering the truth is more important than personal theories, and also that we should always keep our minds open to the ideas of others. By the time you finish reading this book you will know even more about what a Chironic astrologer is. Perhaps you, too, may like to become one. Who knows, perhaps you already are one.
January, 2012: After his first publisher, Al Morrison, passed away in the late 1990's, Zane asked if I could publish his book. At the time I had not published anything and so had to decline. So for more than a decade, Zane Stein supplied me directly, with hand-made copies of his book.

In 2011, Stein moved to western Australia, where he is now happily married. But as this meant he could no longer supply me with his book (you don't even want to think about the cost of international postage), I asked him if I could reprint, since I now publish a lot of books. To my delight, Zane agreed. This new edition is the result.

Zane supplied the raw text of his book, taken from his oversize, coil-bound edition. To this, I took two copies of the previous Morrison edition (from my library) and in them found bits and pieces that had not made it into Zane's edition. I restored them. I also replaced his ephemeris with a more modern, better formatted one. I revamped the index, I organized the bibliography, I pestered Debbi Kempton-Smith (a mutual friend) to write a sparkling Appreciation. And I did the cover, in case you should be wondering.

The result is now before you. It is the definitive edition of the greatest of all the Chiron books. And unlike all previous editions, you can not only get it from me, you can get it from Amazon, you can special order it from your local bookstore. Not only US stores, but also those the UK and even in Australia, Zane's new homeland. I wish him a long and happy life there.

As a sample, here is Chapter IV: Moving Along.

Centaurean Astrology/Astrology Classics, 235 pages.
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Foreword by Steven McFadden

1. Mythology - the emergence of the wounded healer
2. Guide of the magical quest
3. Chiron as a guide to the outer planets
4. Chiron ruling Virgo & the 6th house
5. Chiron through the first six houses
6. Chiron in the 7th through 12th houses
7. Chiron in the signs
8. The Chiron aspect structure
9. Chiron in aspect to Sun, Mercury, Venus, Moon, Mars & Jupiter
10. Chiron in aspect to Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto & the lunar nodes
11. Chiron miscellaneous
12. The Chirotic cycle and initiating the client
13. Chiron and the bomb
14 Search for the golden fleece

Chart examples

Comment: The result of study of 700 charts (55 included in the book) from the author's personal files. In her introduction, the author notes the discovery of Pluto was followed by the Plutonian darkness of the Nazis & WWII. As we got better in handling Pluto's energies, its most drastic impact lessened. The author then goes on to compare the discovery of Chiron with "the general cultural phenomena of ESP, visionary breakthrough, spontaneous channeling, and alternative healing therapies" (pg. xiii), all of which happened prior to Chiron's discovery in 1977. Methinks a proper analogy to the discovery of Pluto would be to link the discovery of Chiron to the Reagan years. At any rate, after Zain Stein's book (above) this is one of the classic Chiron books.

Llewellyn, 301 pages.

Read the book? Want to tell the world? How many stars (1-5) would you give this book?

CHIRON, Healing Body & Soul - Martin Lass, $23.95


List of charts
List of tables

Chapter One: The Chiron paradigm: The brink of a new paradigm, Early studies of Chiron, The gift in the wound, Chiron astrology, Myths & themes, Astronomical features of Chiron, The Chiron cycle, Chiron's musings in relation to body & mind, Chiron's musings in relatin to the cosmic plan, In conclusion.

Chapter Two: The mythology & symbolism of Chiron

Chapter Three: The discovery of Chiron: Chiron's planetary characteristics, Interpreting Chiron's planetary characteristics, Chiron's place in the solar system, The historical picture leading up to Chiron's birth, Chiron's birth.

Chapter Four: Friends, associations & rulers: Saturn as master trainer, The Moon & Chiron, The Viro/Pisces polarity, The 6th / 12th house polarity, The anaretic degree, The transition from Virgo to Libra, Obsessive-compulsive disorders, The journey from Aries to Pisces, The lower & upper hemispheres, Chiron & Neptune, The Sagittarius connection, The Sagittarius / Gemini polarity, Complementary opposites in the zodiac, Chiron & the opposition aspect, The rulership question, Chiron & relationship.

Chapter Five: Life cycles: Cycles of spirituality & healing, Perihelion, perigee & aphelion, The Chiron cycle, Phanes of the Chiron cycle: Natal position, 1st sextile, 1st square, 1st trine, 1st quincunx, opposition, 2nd quincunx, 2nd trine, 2nd square, 2nd sextile, Chiron return.

Chapter Six: Interpreting Chiron in the natal chart: Opacity, translucense & transparency in planetary influences, Fate vs: destiny, Chiron's place & emphasis in the chart, Working with Chiron in the chart.

Chapter Seven: Chiron in the signs

Chapter Eight: Chiron in the houses

Chapter Nine: Chiron in aspect: A note about parallels, contraparallels & occultations, Chiron in aspect with north node, south node, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Midheaven, IC, Ascendant, Descendant

Chapter Ten: Chiron in planetary patterns: Chiron in T-squares, Grand trines, In a triangle of trine & two sextiles, Grand cross, Star of David, Yod, Triangle of a trine, square & a quincunx, Triangle of an opposition, trine & sextile, Chiron in a kite pattern.

Chapter Eleven: Chiron in transit: The psychology of retrograde & multiple-pass transits; Transits of Chiron: Conjunct, parallel, contraparallel, occult, Opposition, Square, Trine, Sextile, Quincunx; Transits to Chiron: North node, south node Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto; Chiron transits of houses

Chapter Twelve: Chiron & past lives: Chiron & past-life symbolism, How to work with past-life & dream symbolisms / images, Past-life and dream symbol / image examples, Chiron in the various signs & houses

Chapter Thirteen: Example chart delineation: Milly

Appendix - graphs


This is a most thorough & complete book on Chiron, where the gift is in the wound, which is the author's underlying point of view. To make this clear, here is part of his discussion on rulership:
Initially, Chiron's rulership sign was considered Sagittarius. The reasons for this, aforementioned, were the symbol itself - the centaur - and the myth of Chiron, where he was immortalized as a star in the constellation of Sagittarius. Although these connections are worthy of consideration, all my experience working with Chiron has shown me little connection between Chiron & Sagittarius in a practical sense. As an ideal - i.e., truth, wisdom, the big picture, galactic consciousness, and so forth - Sagittarius certainly represents the culmination of the healing journey. However, it does not address the steps & details along the way, which Chiron so perfectly epitomizes.

The details of the healing journey & the practical application of healing methods thereof rightly belong to the sign of Virgo. The association of Chiron with Virgo is easily demonstrated in the innumerable case histories I have done. Our previous discussion about Chiron & its relationship to Virgo represent the distillation of these case histories.

Yet, the healing theme of Chiron is not the whole picture; there is also the wounding. The wounding aspect of Chiron has more association with, and connection to, the sign of Pisces & the 12th house. It is here where we express our sense of hurt - our feelings of being wounded, victimized, wrongly done by, and abandoned by the universe. And as we have seen, the Virgo / Pisces polarity reflects themes of & issues of both wounding & healing.

However, the journey into the wound has more association with, and connection to, the sign of Scorpio & with Chiron's Kuiper brother, Pluto. This is the journey into underworld, into the darkness, before the light is revealed.

Then there is the Libra connection . . . (pg. 50)

Lass eventually determines that Chiron rules the process that occurs between signs, in the transition from one sign to the next. Which is to say, he reaffirms Clow's formulation of Chiron as a (rainbow) bridge, he goes on to describe it as a ferryman, which has obvious Pluto / Hades connotations. Lass then surrenders to the inevitable & says Chiron rules Virgo better than Mercury ever could.

For those who work with Chiron, this will be a very useful book.

Llewellyn, 255 pages.

Read the book? Want to tell the world? How many stars (1-5) would you give this book?

Asteroids, page 2

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