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Uranian & Cosmobiology, page 2

Cosmobiology, page 1

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MIDPOINTS: Identify & integrate midpoints into horoscope synthesis - Don McBroom, $19.95


List of figures
Foreword, by Noel Tyl

1. Midpoint identification & organization:
Midpoint definition & terminology
Identification of midpoint pictures
The 90 degree midpoint sort
The 90 degree midpoint tree

2. Midpoint interpretation & analysis:
Utilization of keywords in midpoint analysis
The importance of polarities
Interpreting midpoints
Examples of polarities in midpoint analysis

3. Significant midpoints:
Beginning with the focal midpoint
The Sun/Moon midpoint
The ascendant/midheaven midpoint
Midpoint pictures & unaspected planets
A bit more on orbs
The closest midpoint picture
The Aries point
Charts with no focal point in the Aries point region
Special AP midpoint pictures
The closest Aries point midpoint picture

4. Integration & synthesis:
Midpoint analysis example
Midpoint analysis with an unknown birth time

5. Advanced midpoint techniques
Transits, progressions & solar arcs to midpoints
Special aspect structures & their midpoint pictures

1. 90 degree midpoint sort & 90 degree midpoint tree comparisons
2. Focal point & midpoint keywords
3. Natal midpoints analysis interpretation guidelines
4. Symbolic manifestations of unaspected planets
5. Midpoint worksheeet
6. Midpoint worksheet for unknown birth times


Comment: Midpoints, to those who use them, have a particular language & a particular style. I suppose you will find the various terms defined in books by Ebertin & Kimmel, but if so, it sure isn't obvious. Over the years I've worked out most of the details, but not all of them.

McBroom's book is a revelation. In the first chapter, clear definitions of midpoint pictures, the 90 degree sort, orbs and midpoint trees, with their advantages & disadvantages. Chapter 2 offers a structure for the interpretation of midpoints. Yes, Ebertin & Witte (and Munkasey, sadly out of print) wrote books where everything is already defined, but you won't really know midpoints until you can define them, yourself, on your own terms. Using the midpoint picture of

Planet 1 (focal point) = Planet2/Planet3 (midpoint)
McBroom gives this formula:
What can be accomplished = How it can be accomplished

You then plug in keywords as appropriate. Appendix 2 gives keywords for each planet, both as focal point, and as part of a midpoint. This lets you taylor the interpretation to the chart. I confess that when I read my midpoints in Ebertin, that about half of them are clear misses. One reason for this is that I have a lot of squares & oppositions in my chart, which make for whacked-out midpoints. (Midpoint & focal point all in aspect to each other.) Knowing how to generate your own interpretations gets around the problem of T-squares.

He has extensive notes on the Sun/Moon midpoint, as well as the Ascendant/Midheaven midpoint and midpoints at the Aries point, which are powerful in all charts regardless if a planet (focal point) sits on them or not. You should note transits & progressions to all of them.

A chapter on interpretation (Mel Gibson's chart) also tells how to use midpoints to find unknown birth times (rectification). The final chapter, on advanced midpoint techniques, shows how they can be used with transits, progressions & solar arcs, as well as what to do when midpoint structures happen to also be aspect patterns, such as T-squares, two sextiles forming a trine, a grand trine, semi-sextiles forming a sextile, semi-squares forming a square, etc.

An excellent introduction to midpoints, one that is long overdue.

Llewellyn, 211 pages.

COSMOBIOLOGY FOR THE 21ST CENTURY - Eleonora Kimmel, $22.00


1. Introduction & house systems
2. The 90 degree circle
3. Midpoints
4. The cosmic structure pattern
5. The 45 degree ephemeris
6. Solar arc directions
7. Life diagrams
8. The 45 degree linear diagram
9. Declinations
10. Interpretations
11. Relationships
12. Fame, Charisma & Success
13. Cosmobiology & your health
14. Casenotes from a cosmobiologist
15. Cosmobiology & rectification

List of charts & diagrams.

Comment: Her new book, published in 2000. A complete, comprehensive, up-to-date textbook of Cosmobiology, which is an intense & useful set of astrological tools & techniques. With many example charts, diagrams that show how the standard wheel becomes a 90 degree dial, the 45 graphic ephemeris, midpoint trees & more. Of particular interest, the table of anatomical degrees in chapter 13. This is based on the famous Anatomical Clock of Fritz Brandau (one of Ebertin's students), as translated by Mary Vohryzek, with parenthetical additions from Carter's Encyclopaedia of Psychological Astrology.

AFA, 328 pages, paper.

FUNDAMENTALS OF COSMOBIOLOGY - Eleonora & Manfred Kimmel, $18.00

Is the house system really necessary?
The 90 degree circle; Midpoints
The cosmic structure pattern
The 45 degree ephemeris & midpoint ephemeris
Solar arc direction
Notes on interpretation
The contact cosmogram
The life diagrams by solar arc and by secondary progression
Secondary progressed of transiting moon
The linear diagram

106 pages plus bibliography. AFA, oversize paper.

JOURNEY INTO DEATH - Robert Donath, $8.00

The Uranian rectification of the birth time of Bishop James A. Pike
The technique of rectification
Rules for rectification
Calculation of rectified time of birth of Bishop Pike

Consecration as Bishop of California
Suicide of James, Jr.
Suicide of Maren Bergrud
Marriage to Diane Kennedy
The death of Bishop Pike

Comment: The author's admiration for Bishop James A. Pike (St. John the Divine, NYC) serves as a springboard for an advanced study of Uranian rectification methods.

AFA, 44 pages, oversize paper.


Book 1: Techniques of Uranian Astrology:
Admetos, Apollon, Cupido, Hades, Poseidon, Kronos, Vulcanus, Zeus

Book 2: The Annual Horoscope:
O.J. Simpson, Nicole Brown Simpson, Marlon Brando, Michael Jackson, Dutchess of York - Fergie

Book 3: Health, Astrology & the Planetary Picture:
Case files of the nurse
Case file no. 2
Dr. Baldur Ebertin
Astrology & reincarnation
Heart operation
Respiratory struggle for life
Liver & lung disorder
Goiter/hormone imbalance

Planetary pictures
Meridian, Ascendant, Aries, Sun, Moon, Node, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Pluto, Hades, Zeus, Kronos, Apollon, Admetos, Vulcanus, Poseidon

Book 4: Horary Astrology:
The horary chart
Will the baby be O.K. in day care center?
How will Elliot recover from the situation he has gotten into?
Will Unibomber blow up airplane in 7 days?
State threatens to take away pension!
Will business trip be worth while?

Comment: An interesting addition to the Uranian system. In the first book, for each of the Transneptunians, the author breaks down key tendencies into planetary pictures that feature the Transneptunian in question. For example, under Admetos, there are sections entitled, "Cold or without feeling" (with 9 planetary pictures to illustrate), "Finding crowded or cramped situations" (with 12 pictures), "Depth of thought or depth of space" (20 pictures), "Search for narrow conditions" (19 pictures), "Looking for origins" (6 pictures), "Farming soil, the ground (floor)" (13 pictures), "Small in stature or kind, also small in numbers" (31 pictures), "Matters come to a standstill" (6 pictures), "To be steadfast" (5 pictures), "Looking for weight" (4 pictures). A sample chart is then given. In the section on Admetos, the chart for Cardinal John J. Krol. The other sections of the book are a fascinating collection of example charts.

Penelope Publications, oversize, 148 pages, paper.


Is there a connection between polarity & the law of "Cause & Effect"?
Alfred Witte's 4 Transneptunians
Friedrich Sieggrun's 4 Transneptunians
Primary numbers & the 360 degree dial
What to select - sums or halfsums
Rectification & radix sun positions
The Hamburg School Crest interpretation
Principles of Uranian Astrology

Comment: Brief articles, for the most part. The first, Cause & Effect, concerns man as the "crowning glory of creation". The next two give midpoint delineations for the 4 Witte Transneptunians among themselves (Cupido, Hades, Zeus, Chronos), and then the 4 Sieggrun Transneptunians among themselves (Apollo, Admetos, Vulcanus, Posidon). Sums & halfsums: According to Rudolph, the sum represents the outer, the halfsum the inner. What are these? The sum is the two zodiacal positions added together: Venus at 5 Aries, plus Mars at 10 Aries makes a sum of 15 Aries, a sensitive point. The halfsum (eg, midpoint) is 7 degrees 30 minutes Aries. Rectification is brief & useful. The Hamburg Crest can be seen on the cover of Rules for Planetary Picutures & on many other Hamburg School publications. The Principles of Uranian Astrology is a two page statement of philosophical beliefs.

Penelope Publications, 32 pages.

Cosmobiology, page 1

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