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Contents: Acknowledgement; Preface

Fixed Harmonic Charts: 1. The annual harmonic chart: Premise; Experience arc; Practical functions; The annual harmonic chart; The mathematics of of the Annual Harmonic Chart (AHC); Harmonic multiplier; The chart wheel; The evidence; Summary.

Harmonics in Motion: 2. Harmonic Progressions: The premise & the mathematics; Annual motion; Overview method of progression; Exact calculations; The evidence; Conjunction cycles.

New Concepts: 3. Extended Studies: Independent angles; Independent house cusps.

Integrating Harmonic Motion: 4. Life Cycles & the Aries Point: Influence of the zodiac on the Aries point; Aries-4 cycle; Timing Aries-4 contacts; The Aries-4 cycle for 90 years; Aries-5 cycle; Other Aries cycles; Aries cycle numerology; An overview of Aries cycles.

Outside Influences: 5. Influence of Transits on Harmonic Positions: Lucky female transits; Lincoln's transits; Elizabeth's transits; Transiting aspects to Aries cycle positions; Summary.

Appendix: Gerald Ford: Vice-presidential inauguration; Gerald Ford: Loses presidential election; Douglas MacArthur: Removed from command; Abraham Lincoln: The firing on Fort Sumter; Emperor Hirohito: Hiroshima bombing; Lucky female: Wins Illinois lottery; Edith: Birth of second child, first son; Ann: Explosion injures son's eyes; Elizabeth: Sudden death of younger brother; Birth data & notes


Comment: This is not Addey's idea of an annual harmonic chart (which was to take the harmonic of the year in question, eg, if you're 35 years old, you use the 35th harmonic). The Hannans's idea is to divide 360 by the person's age, then multiply natal planet positions by that factor. So someone who is 30 has a annual factor of 12 (360/30 = 12). Then multiply planetary positions by 12, etc., to get 12th harmonic positions. (Reduce natal planetary positions to 360 notation before you start.) For results over 360, subtract multiples of 360 until the remainder is below 360, then convert back to zodiacal notation & erect your annual harmonic chart. The individuals given in the appendix are the case studies used throughout the book. An interesting technique.

AFA, 91 pages.

HARMONIC CHART TABLES, 2nd edition - James S. Williamsen, $9.95
Using the harmonic chart tables: Step by step explanation of how to construct any one of the 2nd through the 180th harmonic charts. An examle chart is provided.

Table 1. Degrees in harmonic charts. Conversion of initial (radical) degrees to degrees in the harmonic chart.

Table 2. Minutes in the harmonic chart. Conversion of initial (radical) minutes to minutes or degrees and minutes in the harmonic chart.

Table 3. Tenths of minutes in harmonic chart. Conversion of initial (radical) tenths of minutes to tenths of minutes, minutes or degrees in the harmonic chart.

Comment: Use these tables to construct harmonic charts up to the 180th harmonic. Much work was done on harmonics back in the mid-1970's, and I would not be surprised if much of it has already been lost. On page 1 is an intriguing note that the 5th, 25th & 125th harmonics relate to health. Below that is a note on the 7th harmonic & creativity, which makes me wonder if the 7th, 49th & 343rd harmonics might all have to do with creativity.

Cambridge Circle Limited, 35 pages, oversize paper.

IN DEFENCE OF ASTROLOGY: Learn to answer the critics of astrology - Robert Parry, $18.95



Part 1: What is astrology?
1. The experience of astrology
2. Tools of the trade
3. From magic to mystery
4. Going to an astrologer

Part 2: Self-defence
5. Dealing with the bully - or what to do before the doctor calls
6. Basic blocks
7. Introducing the form
8. Combat

Part 3: Where is astrology going?
9. The arm of the law, the hounds of the press
10. Cautionary tales
11. Lies, damn lies, and statistics
12. Final pep talk

Notes & references
Glossary of terms
Useful addresses & URLs
Suggested reading list

Comment: This is how to answer when people call & say, "There's no future in astrology." ( A friend of mine has been phoning with that message for years.) Parry divides anti-astrology types by element: The bravo fire types, the sneaky earth types, the insulting air types, the bitter waters.

Look out, too, for the other, less lucid variants: the disgruntled nine-to-five worker, for example. The discovery that you are earning a living, or even a little pocket money, doing something you clearly enjoy could be bitterly resented by anyone stuck in a rut. Watch out for the simmering gaze across a crowded room while he or she eavesdrops on your conversation. And although you can attempt to draw the more genteel types into a discussion, remember that in eyeball-to-eyeball conversation with Water people it is always advisable to be prepared for the worst, which can be vicious irony & cynicism. He, or more rarely she, is basically a person who does not wish to be seen to yield. They were once idealists before disappointments and misfortune turned them in on themselves - and nothing is more unreasonable than a frustrated idealist. When repressed feelings are on the line, the Water types can become hysterical in their criticism. A simple defensive block on your part could in rare circumstances spark off a vicious counter-attack that could be tearful or even downright brutal.

If standing, cross the arms. This is a 'shutting-out' gesture. Look sympathetically but distantly upon their ravings. Use a gentle warding-off manoeuvre, such as:

'I'm sorry to see that this subject upsets you so much.'

This is likely to either throw them entirely off balance or else initiate a swift counter-thrust to the effect of how utterly unconcerned they are. You can deflect this easily with a look or expression of disbelief.

Worried that they are giving away too much, exposing too many feelings, they will probably retreat. Make a pact with them not to drag emotion into the argument. You remain always the person of reason, therefore. (pg. 71)

If you're curious, a lot of astrologers, when pressed, are just this petty. In India, where astrologers have been known to go at it publicly, even the great names (such as K.N. Rao himself) have exhibited these faults. This is an example of an ad hominem argument, ie, the skeptic, being inherently defective himself, therefore has a defective argument. "If only he could see the light all around him. Sweet Jesus, Let this man see!" But enough fundamentalist cross-pollination. Let us look further into this book.

In the chapter, Basics Blocks, Parry introduces the twelve essential arguments. They are:

1. Popular astrology
2. Twins
3. Earth-centered
4. Nations & peoples
5. Zodiac
6. New planets
7. Conception
8. Fatalism
9. Forced births
10. Paganism
11. Influence
12. Relevance
For each of these, Parry gives both short/casual counters, as well, in the chapter entitled, Combat extended discourses. Both sets of refutations are given in the form of speeches, where evidence is presented anecdotally (where evidence is presented at all), ie, without references. Here is a section from Critique 12: Relevance. As you read, remember this is part of an argumentative response:
'In a practical sense, today's astrology is best used for helping individual people to control their own futures through self-understanding & perhaps some degree of fore-knowledge and anticipation. This is natal astrology at its best, and is currently the area in which astrological principles are the most extensively employed. Here it is possible to make such a highly positive contribution to personal well-being and understanding, that society as a whole can only benefit as a consequence. In this context, the importance of the birth chart cannot be underestimated because, it could be argued, our future is determined only to a minimum extent by what happens to us, the rest is determined by how we react to it. This is why astrlogers, even if they are not interested in forecasting, believe that character, itself, is destiny. A person's chart can tell us about how an individual thinks and perceives the world. Thoughts lead to actions, and actions become habits. Habits, in turn, shape the personality and how we are perceived by others, and this ultimately determines our range of opportunities - in other words, our future and, if you like, our luck as well.' (pg. 150)
This is pretty much how the arguments go. The final chapters, on Law, the Press & statistics, are better.

Quantum/Foulsham, 224 pages.

ASTROLOGY & WEIGHT CONTROL: The Jupiter/Pluto Connection - Beverly Flynn, $10.95



1. Understanding Jupiter, the Enlightener
2. Understanding Pluto, the Eliminator
3. The basic astrological rules for weight control
4. The role of the psyche in weight control
5. Jupiter & Pluto in your natal chart
6. Transits of Jupiter & Pluto tell us what they want
7. Progressions to Jupiter & Pluto: It's all about timing
8. The ascendant: Help or hindrance?
9. Overcoming problem aspects & problem planets
10. Putting it all together



In chapter 1, we read, JUPITER: THE EPITOME OF LARGE (emphasis in original). Pluto is then what gets rid of "large", one way or another. In chapter 3, Flynn gives us the basic rules:

1. Jupiter wants to enlighten us, but if we're not listening, it makes us fat instead.

2. If Pluto wants us to get rid of something but we hang on to it anyway, it makes us fat instead.

3. All change is positive!

We then look back on our lives, to those time in which we gained a lot of weight all at once, to determine if the reason was Jupiter trying to get our attention, or Pluto trying to get us to give up something. This is then seen through the framework of your ascendant. If you don't know your ascendant, you can use your sun sign instead (Dave's rule, though it is a common swap), or - better still - your moon sign (Dave's rule strikes again). Details are give by aspects of Jupiter & Pluto to the other planets in the chart.

Flynn covers the psychology of weight gain rather well, though not so much the purely physical reasons. Some of these are: Hard aspects from Jupiter to Moons in water or earth signs can lead to heaviness, for one reason or another. And, as the 6th house is food, Moon/Jupiter in 6 can lead to a life that delights in food (Leo: rich foods), and you know what that can lead to. Flynn has specific notes on Taurus, Cancer, Leo & Pisces ascendants. She also delineates Jupiter, Pluto, Sun, Moon, Venus & Neptune in hard aspect to the ascendant. Much of this can be applied to the Moon as well.

A good start to a large topic.

ACS, 119 pages.

Read the book? Want to tell the world? How many stars (1-5) would you give this book?

Contents: Acknowledgements; Table of Contents; Introduction, by Jeffrey Cox

1. Discovery; Acceptance; Experimenting; Joining the charts; Rectification; Including the sun, moon & lunar nodes; Testing the combined system.

2. Conclusions; Interpreting helio planets; Power structures; Orbs of influence

3. Interpretations; Sun to Mercury; Sun to Venus; The two Mercurys; Mercury to Mercury; Mercury to Venus; Progressed Mercury to Sun; Progressed Mercury to Mercury; Progressed Mercury to Venus; The two Venuses; Venus to Venus; Progressed Venus to sun; Progressed Venus to Mercury; Progressed Venus to Venus; The two Mars; Mars to Mars; Progressed Mars to Mars

4. Example charts; Chris Everet: Millionaire tennis star; Man with a happy childhood; Clark Gable: The king; Reverend Jim Jones: Cult leader; William Faukner: Honored author; Karen: Unrequited love; Jim: Growing up; Odette: War heroine; Wynn: An auto accident; Beatrice Cenci: An ancient story; Barbara: Marriage; Frank: Marriage; Major General John Charles Fremont: Marriage; Admiral Richard E. Byrd: Successful adventure; Ginger: National publicity; First Lady Betty Ford: Elevated status; Etan Patz: Missing boy; A friendship-breaking loan; Earthquake no. 1; Earthquake no. 2

5. Power structure in political violence; Lee Harvey Oswald: Assassin; Sirhan Sirhan: Assassin; James Earl Ray: Assassin; Arther Bremer: Assassin; Diana Oughton: Revolutionist; General Erwin Romel: Conspiracy to assassinate; General George S. Patton: Lover of war.

Comment: The author started where everyone else has started: With a heliocentric chart with no sun, no moon, no nodes, no houses, but with an Earth, opposite where the sun would be in a geocentric (earth-based) chart. And those charts were interesting. It was interesting comparing helio charts to the geocentic versions, see all the things that changed from one to the next, watching helio transits in the helio chart, geo transits in the geo chart.

Then one day it got to be too much to keep track of all the different points in both of the charts. The author simply plunked down the major helio points (Mercury, Venus, Mars) in her geocentric chart, and it was a wonderful shortcut. But there was a new problem. She kept seeing exact aspects from helio planets to geo planets, ie, apples that pretended to be oranges, and vice-versa. Worse, helio transits to geo planets, and vice-versa. That couldn't be right, could it?

Suddenly, she made a breakthrough: Both systems interacted with each other, and, after running test after test, on everybody she knew, she found the interactions to be valid. This book, and the one below, are records of the fascinating astrology that developed. And if you're curious & think this weird, while heliocentric does not exist in Vedic astrology, it has any number of valid techniques that are no less abstract.

Davis Research, 132 pages, oversize paper, blue ink.

Contents: Important note & explanations; Author's note; Acknowledgements; Chart: Beginning of World War II; Foreward

1. This & that: Mixing the geo-helio systems; Those confusing computerized helio charts; Making a personal test of helio; Don't make it complicated; Regrograde planets; Martian influences by-passed

2. Conclusions: General; Aspects; Progressions & transits; Synastry; Basics

3. Interpretations: Interpreting geo-helio Mars combinations; How to read the interpretations

Sign & (House) Combinations: Aries-Aries (1-1); Aries-Taurus (1-2); Aries-Gemini (1-3); Taurus-Taurus (2-2); Taurus-Gemini (2-3); Taurus-Cancer (2-4); Gemini-Gemini (3-3); Gemini-Cancer (3-4); Gemini-Leo (3-5); Cancer-Cancer (4-4); Cancer-Leo (4-5); Cancer-Virgo (4-6); Leo-Leo (5-5); Leo-Virgo (5-6); Leo-Libra (5-7); Virgo-Virgo (6-6); Virgo-Libra (6-7); Virgo-Scorpio (6-8); Libra-Libra (7-7); Libra-Scorpio (7-8); Libra-Sagittarius (7-9); Scorpio-Scorpio (8-8); Scorpio-Sagittarius (8-9); Scorpio-Capricorn (8-10); Sagittarius-Sagittarius (9-9); Sagittarius-Capricorn (9-10); Sagittarius-Aquarius (9-11); Capricorn-Capricorn (10-10); Capricorn-Aquarius (10-11); Capricorn-Pisces (10-12); Aquarius-Aquarius (11-11); Aquarius-Pisces (11-12); Aquarius-Aries (11-1); Pisces-Pisces (12-12); Pisces-Aries (12-1); Pisces-Taurus (12-2); Mars mini-interpretation
4. Investigation: Tabulating the Martian influence; Chart: Inventor Comte de Chardonnet; Chart: Inventor Guglielmo Marconi; Chart: Murderer Richart; Chart: Hoodlum Tony

5. Examples: Martian courage, dash & dairing; Chart: Mountain climber Irene Beardsley; Chart: Mountain climber Vera Komarkova; Chart: Emancipator Margaret Sanger; Chart: Dancer Marge Champion; Chart: Devender Cheryl Crane

6. Mars in a woman's chart: Mars & the man in a woman's life; Chart: Edith Bolling Gait Wilson; Chart: Isabella; Chart: Happy Rockefeller; Chart: Duke of Windsor; Chart: Dutchess of Windsor; Chart: Tony's wife

7. Solar arc directions: Another look at heliocentric, by Edith Custer; Chart: 90 degree dial

Comment: Under retrogrades, Davis notes that retrograde Mercury & Venus turn up on the opposite side of the chart when calculated in helio. Discovery of the exact helio position often results in a "Eureka" moment for those with one or both of these planets retrograde.

Most of this book is an in-depth look at geo & helio Mars, which can either be in the same sign (house), adjacent signs (houses), or signs (houses) once removed. I have often observed that when signs & houses are conflated, the resulting delineations tend to favor houses over signs. I again found this so when I read my own Martian positions in this book. The sign shift did not make as much sense to me as the house shift.

The late Edith Custer was the editor/publisher of the long-running Mercury Hour. (Both these women are deceased.)

Davis Research, 136 pages, oversize paper, blue ink.

BLUEPRINT FOR MURDER - Jan Warren Allen, $20.00
Astrological analysis of four murderers: Jeffrey Dahmer, Dennis Nilsen, Ed Gein & John Gacy. Contents:
Planets at a glance
Sun signs
Aspects at a glance
The solar arc age method of prediction
Ed Gein
John Wayne Gacy
Jeffrey Dahmer
Dennis Nilsen

Comment: After introductory pages on basic astrology, the author launches in to lengthly, detailed analysis of each of her four subjects. Of them, Ed Gein was the inspiration for Hitchcock's movie, Psycho. John Wayne Gacy was a flamboyant Illinois man who murdered young boys for sport. Jeffrey Dahmer, the murderer/canibal of Ohio, who was himself murdered in prison, and Dennis Nilsen, who murdered some 15 boys in England.

For each, there is extensive biographical analysis, with many chart, illustrating a host of astrologicial techniques, chief among them progressions, eclipses & solar arcs. The writing is intended for eager amateurs, which, in this case, leads to exceptional clairity. The result is very strong stuff, not intended for the squeamish.

AFA, 92 pages, oversize paper.

THE ASTROLOGY OF TIME TWINS - Peter Roberts & Helen Greengrass, $13.95
Foreword by Charles Harvey
1. Finding a time twin
2. Astrological research
3. Mirror images
4. The time twins project
5. Time twins personalities
6. Time twins and astrology.

1. Computation of the natal horoscope
2. An example astrological horoscope interpretation
3. Time twins interview questionnaire
4. The Gauquelin research
5. Analysis of time twins data.

References; Index.

Comment: Time twins are two individuals born on the same day, more or less in the same vicinity, more or less at the same time. They therefore share exact planetary positions & aspects, but no biology whatever. It has been casually observed that such pairs have strikingly similar lives. This book is an attempt at a formal study.

In the book they give a hypothetical: Suppose there was a register of 1000 individual birth days, spread over 30 years. How many are likely to be time twins? Answer: Only about 84 individuals would share the same day of birth, though not necessarily the same year. Which means the chances of finding a time twin to be about 1 in 10. Finding one born within an hour is about 1 in 100. Further analysis suggested that time twins do not often share psychological traits, as determined by standardized tests.

Not willing to stop there, they interviewed 17 people born on the same day & year: November 14, 1948. Interviews were standardized, results were tabulated. There were some interesting similarities, and some notable differences. Overall, the results were weak.

And not surprisingly, either. We all know biological twins whose adult lives are strikingly different. In posing standardized questions, the researchers made a de facto presumption that all their subjects had not only identical planets, but identical houses as well. Shift the planets through the day, apply horary techniques, and very different results occur.

As it happens, I have met two people born on the same day, month and year, and in the same area of the world, as myself: Southern Kansas (female & myself) / northeastern Oklahoma (male). Up to our 15th birthdays, I knew the female fairly well. We were discovered in the 7th grade, when our teacher said that of any 30 people, two of them would have the same day of birth. There were about 30 kids in my class. Cindy & I were the pair.

Looking at my chart, I can easily establish her chart. Her father was the local undertaker. They lived upstairs, dead bodies were downstairs, we delivered their daily newspaper. I have a Moon/Pluto conjunction, opposite the sun & was born at mid-day. Roll back the clock a few hours, put the Moon/Pluto conjunction in the 8th, Sun in the 2nd, and you have her.

I left that town in 1967. As it happens, she got pregnant soon thereafter, left school for a time & came back (to the same school) with a new last name. Both our lives disrupted about the same time, with equally far-reaching consequences. Many, many years later I made a stopover & chatted with a local waitress. Seems that Cindy has made an outstanding life for herself in that small Kansas town. The mortuary now has her birth-name, and her married name, in its name. Same address.

The other time twin was a native American who has spent time in jail, and who, last I heard, worked construction. He turned up in Ventura, CA, during my four year stay there. He was discovered by a woman who was madly in love with me. Unfortunately, it was not reciprocal. She then found, and fell madly in love with my time twin & last I heard, they were living happily ever after. My point is that astrological research that does not use astrological methods will rarely produce results of note. Charles Carter knew this 80 years ago.

And it's not surpising this should be so. If you were to apply rules of biology to experiments in geology, of course the results would be "inconclusive".

Pentland Press, 120 pages, paper.

FORENSIC ASTROLOGY: Solving crimes with astrology - Dave Campbell, $16.95
Contents: Introduction; 1. Forensic astrology: the tools; 2. Event charts: the crime scene; 3. Profiling criminals with astrology; 4. Laci Peterson disappearance; 5. Danielle Van Dam; 6. Robert Blakely - Bonnie Blakely; 7. The Yosemite murders: Cary Stayner; 8. The abduction of Samantha Runnion; 9. The Polly Klass abduction; 10. Suicide in forensic astrology;

11. Murder or suicide?; 12. Did James Earl Ray shoot Martin Luther King Jr.?; 13. The JFK assassination; 14. The Columbine shootings; 15. 9/11 & the asteroids; 16. Horary charts in forensic astrology; Asteroids used; Asteroid ephemeris, 1950-2010 (every 10 days): Anubis, BAM, Lust, Heracles, Medea, Melpomene, Melancholia.

Comment: You will not find subtlety or finess in police/forensic work. This is true even when psychics or astrologers are brought it to help, as they are usually of the cruder sort. Pamela C, a Ventura psychic I once knew well, was, at the start of her career nearly ten years ago, typical in this regard. In the fall of 2004, she was featured in a Sc-Fi channel psychic show & I was pleasantly surprised how very good she had gotten. (She won the week's "contest".) But anyway.

The author of this book runs an astrology bookstore in Glendale, AZ. One of his associates is a body piercer. He has apparently worked on none of the cases profiled in this book, which makes one wonder if he has any practical experience with the subject (the usual prerequisite for authorship, by the way). As would be expected in a 165 page book, many of the case studies are brief. Here is the entire text from chapter 13, The JFK Assassination:

John F. Kennedy was shot in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963 by Lee Harvey Oswald. There has been some controversy over whether Oswald was the only shooter, involved with others or even if he was the actual shooter. This analysis will show that he was the person responsible for killing JFK.

Kennedy's chart he [sic] asteroid Lee conjunction Pluto, and asteroid Harvey opposition his asteroid BAM. Mars is square BAM from the eighth to the tenth house, an indication of a violent death. This is very telling.

Oswald has the asteroid BAM at 18 Taurus conjunction Kennedy's Mars at 18 Taurus, an explosive combination. He has asteroid Kennedy in his eighth house of death opposition Pluto.

On the day of the shooting in Owsald's chart, transiting asteroid Lee was conjunction his Pluto and opposition asteroid Kennedy in the eighth. Amazingly, on that day asteroid BAM and Kennedy were in a conjunction.

The transiting Moon in his eighth house triggered Mars to the exact degree. Transiting asteroid Fitzgerald was in a conjunction with his Neptune and his natal asteroid Harvey. Triggering his asteroid BAM was the progressed Sun through an opposition.

The transits for Kennedy are equally impressive and conclusive. Transiting asteroid Harvey is conjunction his Ascendant and opposition his natal asteroid Kennedy and asteroid Fitzgerald.

Transiting Lee is conjunction his Neptune and progressed Saturn in the tenth house, and transiting Saturn is conjunciton his asteroid Harvey in the fourth house of endings. Transiting Pluto is in the eleventh house of groups and is applying to a conjunction of the Moon.

The evidence is undeniable that Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK. (Pgs. 73-76. Additionally, triple wheels for Kennedy & Oswald are given.)

The astrological ties that Campbell shows between the two men, in pure synastric terms, are weak (contrast to Davison's analysis of the Manson murders in Synastry). It is certainly true that John Kennedy's death led directly to that of Lee Oswald, so we are more than justified in viewing Campbell's analysis backward, eg, that Kennedy killed Oswald. Campbell's lack of interest into Kennedy's assassination (a staggerlingly vast field) eliminates his conclusion from serious consideration. His treatment of James Earl Ray, 9-11 & others, are equally brief. Glendale is a suburb of Phoenix. The author should get out more.

AFA, 165 pages.

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