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Ordering with the Shopping Cart

How to Use The Shopping Cart:
Each item we offer for sale now has a shopping cart attached to it. If you are unable to use the shopping cart, it may be that you have your "cookies" turned off. We ourselves never see these cookies, they seem to be merely a necessary convenience between your computer & our server.

For those of you not familiar with shopping carts, here are two dummy carts you can play with. Put things in the cart & go view the result:

Shopping Cart Number One:

Blurb about the book, the publishers name, paper.

Shopping Cart Number Two:

Dummy Book No. 1 - Great Author No. 1, Publisher's name, 00.00
Dummy Book No. 2 - Great Author No. 2, Publisher's Name, 00.00
Dummy Book No. 3 - Great Author No. 3, Publisher's Name, 0.00

If you've not already done so, go to View Cart/Checkout. Scroll down the list of things in the cart. Here's how to complete the sale:

If the books are to be sent to an address in Maryland, check the box for Maryland Sales Tax. If you don't check it, we'll add it anyway. (Sorry about that.)

Click on the box for:
Choose Your Geographic Location & Shipping Method:
For addresses in the US, our preferred method is Priority Mail. This is delivered by your local postman. For shipments to addresses in the US, we always charge the exact shipping amount shown (unless it shows $0, which is a errant bug somewhere in the program).

Then go to:
Choose Your Payment Option:
and click on it.

There are three options:
Secure On-Line Credit Card Transaction
Credit Card Transaction via Telephone or Fax
Check or Money Order

Only the first option, Secure On-Line Credit Card Transaction, will request a credit card number. The other two options will merely print a sales bill with our name, address & phone numbers on it. You would then contact us by phone or mail.

When all of this looks fine, click Purchase for $XX.XX, which you can do even though this is a dummy order. You will be transported to the next page.

On the next page, enter the name & address information as requested. Please be sure your email address is correct! When you're ready, click Enter.

If you chose:
Secure On-Line Credit Card Transaction
You will be taken to a screen where you may enter your credit card information. Enter the requested information & click Authorize Payment. Your credit card will not be charged at this time. We process manually (eg, keying numbers into a keypad), based on stock availability. Only items in stock & ready to ship are charged. Backordered items are charged at the time they are sent. Shipping charges never exceed what is stated in the cart.

We were asked what becomes of the credit card information shown on the screen. The actual information is transported by the most secure means possible directly to our email account (hence the security symbol on the bottom of your screen). What you see on the screen is deleted as soon as you click Authorize Payment. It's state of the art security. If you choose:

Credit Card Transaction via Telephone or Fax
Check or Money Order

A sales order form will be generated that you can use to complete your order at your leisure.

And that's all the harder a shopping cart is!

TO ORDER BY PHONE: In the U.S., order toll-free: Call 1-800-475-2272 Outside the U.S., dial 1-410-638-7761.

TO ORDER BY MAIL: By mail, we accept checks & money orders. If you're outside the U.S. (including Canada), we accept checks for U.S. dollars drawn on or payable through a U.S. bank. In practical terms, this means the name & address of a US bank must be printed on the check itself.

Privacy Statement. This has been in the news lately, so we thought we'd make our policy clear: The information you give us (eg, name, address, phone/fax numbers, email address, credit card info, books & products ordered, etc.) will be kept strictly confidential. We won't sell it, give it away or let others snoop at it. And at your request, we will happily delete any or all of the data we have on you.

If you're curious, there are cookies to be had in the shopping cart. They keep track of your total as your order accumulates. They are deleted instantly when you finalize your order & if you don't, they're deleted automacially after a day or two. You can prove it yourself: Put something in the cart, scroll down to the bottom, hit "Continue Shopping", then go away & come back to the next day. Hit "View Cart/Checkout", see if your order is still there.

If you have other privacy issues (anything I've overlooked), please contact me. Thanks!

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