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Astrological Data Sets,

Chart Collections

Astrologers are a nosy lot. We all have private collections of the charts of the famous & great, culled from various sources. Here are some of the better data sets in print, starting with the greatest data collector, Lois Rodden.

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ASTRO DATA IV - Lois Rodden, $42.00
A total of 750 charts of artists, musicians, designers, architects, authors, poets, dancers & singers. Four hundred charts, all graded A or AA, are given in wheel format in the main part of the book. Three hundred fifty more are given in the Additional Data Section, all graded C or DD. Charts include H.P. Lovecraft, Prince, Kris Kristofferson, Charles Kuralt, Antoni Gaudi, Bob Geldof, Patty Duke, Barbara Cartland, Chevy Chase, Woody Allen, Lily Pons, Renata Scotto, Twyla Tharp, Robert Anton Wilson, Dweezel & Moon Unit Zappa - all these from the main A & AA section. 270 pages. AFA, oversize paper.

BRITISH ENTERTAINERS: The astrological profiles, 3rd edition - Frank C. Clifford, $25.00


Data & abbreviations
Foreword, by Lois Rodden
New features
Essentials One
Essentials Two

Charts of British Entertainers, from AC/DC, to Jackie Weaver

Comment: An alphabetical list of British entertainers, last updated in 2003. Entries are not strictly alphabetical. Look for John Lennon & you are referred to the entry for The Beatles, where an extensive entry can be found. The entry for John Cleese is found under Monty Python, etc. The UK does not record birth times with the mindless precision found in the US. All but a few entries are to the nearest ten minutes. Entries are often chatty, which makes the book fun to browse. For an American, there are surprises. I was unaware the BeeGees were born on the Isle of Man. For notable entertainers, the author supplies interesting quotes.

Some 800 sets of birth data, over 350 in wheel format.

Flare, 319 pages.

Nicholas Campion

Synopsis: Accurate, timed, up to date horoscopes for all the nations of the world, with copious notes & footnotes. Published by Wessex Astrologer, approximately 705 pages, oversize format.

Price: $69.95

Details, including table of contents, comment.

(A very old photo.)
HOROSCOPES OF THE USA & CANADA - Marc Penfield, $39.95
Contents: Author's notes; Acknowledgements; Introduction; The relationship between these horoscopes & you; Charts: The American People (first permanent settlement in the hemisphere)

More charts: Declaration of Independence; Revolutionary war ends; Signing of the Constitution; The Bill of Rights; Lousiana Purchase; The Embargo Act; The War of 1812; Spain cedes Florida; The Monroe Doctrine; Erie Canal opens; Indian Removal Act; Nullification Proclamation; Fall of the Alamo; The panic of 1837; Mexican War; Gold discovered in California; Compromise of 1850; The Gadsden Purchase; Dred Scott Decision;

The Civil War; Slavery abolished; Purchase of Alaska; Transcontinental railroad; The panic of 1873; Custer's last stand; The Pendleton Act; The panic of 1893; Spanish-American War; Panama Canal Treaty; Income tax; World War I; Prohibition; Stock market crash (1929); The New Deal; Social Security Act; Wages & Hours Act

World War II; Atomic bomb test; The Marshall Plan; The Korean War; Civil Rights movement; Interstate highway system; Space program begins; Cuban missile crisis; President Kennedy assassinated; Vietnam war; Medicare act; The moon landing; Resignation of Nixon; Iranian hostage crisis; Stock market crash (1987); Savins & loan crisis; The Gulf War (1st); NAFTA; Financial collapse; Terrorist attacks (9-11); Invasion of Iraq; The US Constitution; The beginning of the federal government in the US

Following this are charts for all 50 states & principal cities in them, some 329 US city charts in all, including two in Puerto Rico & one in the US Virgins. In Canada, includes charts for all 13 provinces & territories, 22 city charts, as well as the Canadian national chart.

Comment: Some history: Although this is the "second edition", this book dates back to 1976, when it was titled, America: An Astrological Portrait of Its Cities and States. In 1984 it was republished by ACS as Horoscopes of the Western Hemisphere, and included charts from Baffin Bay to Tierra del Fuego. When the AFA first reprinted the book in 1996, everything south of Texas was dropped, eg, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central & South America. In the second edition to the 1996 edition, six more cities are added to California (Ventura, San Luis Obisbo among them), two more cities in Virginia, plus Puerto Rico and its two biggest cities, and the US Virgins & its capital. And it again has a proper binding.

In this book, in addition to charts of historical events, you will find natal charts for all 50 states, plus major cities in each, plus Canadian provinces & major cities (e-mail us if you want to know if your favorite city is in here). Most charts rectified by the author, lots of notes.

In the 1984 edition of this book, Penfield wrote, One of the basic problems facing any researcher concerns the accuracy of data. While most persons have their birthdate recorded, the cities and countries of the world present an entirely different dilemma. Fortunately, the Latin American countries presented no such problem, for these were more often than not founded by Catholic individuals who kept accurate records.... Latin American cities were founded with pomp and ceremony, often with both religious and military honors.... Latin American cities were often founded and chartered, or incorporated, on the same day, like Bogota and Lima.... (pg. 289). Penfield's 1984 Latin American section comprised 128 pages & some 144 charts, including 39 from Mexico, 15 from Central America, 32 from the Caribbean, 58 from South America. Of these, a total of five are given in this new second edition. All the rest are missing. It would be wonderful to see them all back in print. The AFA tells me they plan to issue them in a separate volume. Penfield is, to my knowledge, the only source for most.

AFA, 316 pages, oversize.

Charts of the date of entry of all 50 states into the Union, along with the date of incorporation of the principal cities in each. All but a few are set for noon. Notes are limited to the introduction, which includes her article, The Astrology of Locality in the U.S.A., which divides the country into 12 zodiac "zones", reminiscent of Ptolemy's division of the Old World. Includes bibliography of sources. 156 pages including bibliography. AFA, oversize paper.

BRITISH ROYALTY - Rudy & Diane Flack, $9.00


Royal lines of Scotland (490-1603), England (802-1603), and Great Britain (1603-present)
Alphabetical listing of the horoscopes for Scotland, England, and Great Britain
Using the horoscopes
The calendar was wrong! - the charts are right
Royalty of Scotland
Royalty of England
Royalty of Great Britain
The future (heirs, the succession and Princess Diana), the primogeniture, act of settlement and additional charts.

110 pages including bibliography. A is A Publishing, comb-bound paper.

STARS OVER ENGLAND - Marc Penfield, $18.95
Contents: The horoscope of England and its progressions - the natal horoscope and historical events; The British monarchs - William the Conqueror, The Plantagenets, The House of Lancaster, The House of York, The Tudors, The Stuarts, The Hanovers, House of Windsor. With bibliography. AFA, 199 pages.

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