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BE YOUR OWN ASTROLOGER: Step by step to creating & interpreting your own chart - Paul Wade, $14.95



Creating your birth chart:
1. Calculate your chart
2. Draw your birth chart

Understanding your birth chart:
3. Interpretation essentials
4. First impressions
5. Interpreting your planets
6. Special features
7. Working with astrology



The book is printed on heavily coated paper & each section has its own unique page color. Ie, all the pages of that section are in pale yellow, or pale blue, or pale pink, etc. As would be expected in a book with four-color printing on every page, along with lots of graphics & illustrations, the result is quite handsome.

Don't get this book for its calculation instructions, which even I found murky. Daily motion - 24 x GMT birth time, from pg. 30. What is that, exactly?

The sections on planets in houses, planets in signs, ascendant/descendant pairs, are brief, and, I think, mainly because of the brevity, relatively good.

Moon in Leo: You have a real need to be noticed & appreciated. Without some kind of recognition you lose interest in what you are doing. You can work hard, but think play is more fun.
And that's moon in Leo, complete. Nicely done. There is a page on house to house aspects (a planet in one house aspecting a planet in another house), which I have never before seen. Critically, it comes before the pages of traditional planet to planet aspects, which will forever leave the impression that house-based aspects are more important than mere planetary aspects - which they are. But aside from examples, aspects are not fully worked out. We have only Sun-Mars aspects & Mercury-Saturn aspects. Which, again, are wonderfully brief & tersely expressed:
Mercury/Saturn Trine: You excel at details & planning. You never promise anything you can't deliver.
And that's it. Pity the author did not write a complete aspectarian. He is one of the more talented writers in this area. He gives us only keywords, which are insufficient.

In sum, a promising start. I would like to see more from this author.

Sterling, 144 pages, almost oversize in format.

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HOW TO READ YOUR ASTROLOGICAL CHART, Aspects of the Cosmic Puzzle - Donna Cunningham, $18.95

List of charts
List of tables

1. Looking a chart in the face
2. The Sun, Moon & Ascendant - working partners or family feud?
3. Plugging in the individual planets
4. What planet are you from?
5. A guided tour of the hard aspects
6. Soft aspects - when the living is easy
7. Piecing together the major configurations
8. Understanding transits - another way to use aspects
9. An overview of transits - seeing the whole picture
10. How aspect analysis illuminates chart comparison

About the author


Have you read book after book but still don't know how to read a chart? Stop learning by rote. Learn to reason astrologically! This is an "anti-cookbook", designed to free you from a simplistic cookbook approach to reading charts. Learn to strip a chart to its basics & start at the beginning with Donna's detailed and well-written analysis.

Weiser, 204 pages.

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SECRETS FROM A STARGAZER'S NOTEBOOK, Making Astrology Work for You - Debbi Kempton-Smith, $21.95
Kiss me; Introduction;

I. How to look at a chart: Horoscope houses: dark enchantments at the gazebos' 12 unit motel; Welcome to the zodiac zone; the rising sign: your world view & the world's view of you, too; Those shocking squiggles in your chart: how to read them; Rulers: they make the horoscope hang together; Aspects: what's the angle?; Retrogrades; Fire signs, air signs, jell-o & dirt signs - elements & qualities; How to read a chart in less than five minutes;

II. The Planets & Other Celestial Bodies: Moon- the things you can't live without; Get the moon to work for you everyday; Entering the twilight zone: avoiding trouble on the void of course moon; Born on a void of course moon; Eclipses; The sun - where are you going in life?; How do you speak? Mercury & the yak-yak tables; Don't sign, don't buy - Mercury retrograde; Venus - sleaxy sex & eternal love; Mars - how you drive people crazy; Jupiter - merciful fatso; Saturn - what's stopping you from getting there?; Chiron; The outer planets; Uranus - rude awakener; Neptune - ecstasy express; Pluto - below the boom-boom room;

III. Astrology in Daily Living From A to X: Astrological birth control; The chart of a.... building???; Critters; Enemies; Food; Gifts; Astrology & health; Horary: burning questions; Horoscopes of nations; How do you make the world a better place?; Maniacs; Marriage; Megabucks, tycoonery & moolah; Old age; Past lives; Rock'n'roll horoscopes; The astrology of sports; Synastry: the sinister art of getting along with human beings; Travel; X-ray relationship charts;

IV. How to use the tables in this book: What time zone do you live in?; How to win at nearly everything, achieve nirvana & screw your enemies with black magic astrology; Red lights, green lights; How to use the red lights, green lights tables; Red lights, green lights tables;

V. Intro to the Outro: Eyeballs & spaceballs; The exoplanets; Checking it out; Outro & exos.

Comment: Supposedly a book for beginners, but far better than that. Both off the wall & full of the most penetrating insights, written with devastating impact. Scads of sneaky tricks & techniques: How to read a chart in 5 minutes, lots on the void of course moon, the astrology of enemies, buildings, critters, gifts, maniacs, marriage & more. Almost all of it excellent & almost all of it unique to this book. The notes on Saturn, while brief, are the best I've read anywhere. A classic in the small Bantam edition that saw a quarter million copies in print, now in a new, bigger, easy to read format.

529 pages. Topquark press, paper.

COMPENDIUM OF ASTROLOGY - Rose Lineman & Jan Popelka, $24.95
Contents: Fundamentals of astrology; The signs of the Zodiac; Planets in our solar system; Planets and moon's nodes in the signs; The houses of the horoscope; The influence of the signs in the houses; Planets and moon's nodes in the houses; Planetary dispositors; The shaping of the horoscope; The lunation cycle and eclipses; The tools of astrology; Calculation of house cusps; Charting the planets and moon's nodes; Aspects defined; Methodology; each planetary aspect; Aspects of the moon's nodes and Part of Fortune; Astrological guidance in planning for the future; Astrological development - microcosm and macrocosm. Appendices: Planetary nodes and solstice points; Fixed stars; Arabian parts. 304 pages including glossary, bibliography and index. Whitford Press, oversize paper.

Nicholas Campion
THE NEW ASTROLOGY, The Art & Science of the Stars - Nicholas Campion & Steve Eddy, $35.00


The zodiac: Zodaics, Omens & influences, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces

The planets: The Sun, The Moon, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto

The heavens: In the beginning, In the end, Time, Mapping the heavens, The quantum universe, Celestial sites, Cosmic clocks, Working with the planets, The cosmic state, Cosmos & culture, Science & fiction, Reaching for the stars

The constellations
The discoverers
Bibliography & useful addresses


A coffee-table book, full of photos, illustrations, art, etc., many in color. The text, like the author, is scholarly. The focus of the book is a combination of mythology & astronomy. There is only a little astrology in the book, and none of it of immediate use. This book will appeal to academics.

Tralfalgar Square Publishing, 288 pages, hardcover.

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