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Astrology and Relationships,
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For all the fuss people go through to find a partner, and all the further fuss they put up with trying to find out what their partner is up to, you'd think they'd give astrology a try. Well, they do, but it seems to be just plain complicated. Here's a sample: His Mars says go - go - go, but her Saturn says Stop right there, Buster! (Huh. That didn't seem hard at all.) Astrological synastry is how you can compare yourself to someone else to find out why you feel the way you do, why the two of you do the things you do. So even though it seems complicated, give it a try, you may get the hang of it.

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ASTROLOGY & SEX - Vivian Robson, $19.95


1. Introduction
2. The sex of the astrological factors
3. The sex of the native
4. The sex outlook of the signs
5. The houses & marriage
6. The seventh house
7. The influence of planets in the seventh house
8. Sexual abnormalities
9. Homosexuality
10. Sadism;
11. Masochism & other abnormalities
12. Marriage
13. Irregular & illegal unions
14. Marriage or celebacy
15. Determining the date of marriage
16. The marriage partner
17. How to read details
18. How to compare horoscopes
19. The effect of aspects between horoscopes
20. Mundane comparison;
21. Directional comparison
22. The Hindu method of comparison
23. Choosing the wedding day
24. The consummation of marriage
25. Classified rules & aphorisms

Appendix: For the beginner


Comment: From 1941, this is the finest book ever written on astrology & relationships. Robson goes far beyond the usual "his planets vs: her planets". He studies the overall weight of the two charts, the fertility of the inner planets, the conditioin of the 7th house. He compares her-planets-to-his-planets, as well as the often overlooked his-houses-to-her-houses. Robson considers how strongly the the individual wants relationships - and how many, whether he/she will marry early or late - or not at all, the likelihood of children, the possibility of divorce. He gives rules for wedding dates, as well as the classic Hindu astrology rules. In an extraordinary appendix, he lists some 266 classified rules & aphorisms, culled from many ancient sources. Sometimes known as, Astrology Guide to Your Sex Life. Click here for a PDF extract.

Astrology Classics, 250 pages, paper.


1. Human relationships; 2. Love & marriage (attraction, endurability, balance in temperament & type, mental agreement, position of Saturn, how to compare horoscopes); 3. Parent child relationships, 4. Family relationships, 5. Friendships; Business or professional relationships; 7. Planetary keywords; 8. Comparison of aspects (Sun & Moon through to Pluto); Appendix: Explanation of signs & symbols.

Comment: A brief but excellent guide to astrology & relationships. In addition to love & marriage, this book also covers parent/child relationships, friendships & professional relationships, areas rarely covered in other relationship books.

108 pages. AFA, paper.

Astrology, A Language of Life vol. 4: RELATIONSHIP ANALYSIS - Robert P. Blaschke, $21.95
Contents: Acknowledgments; Introduction.

1. Astrological relationship theory: Tripartite love: Eros, Philos & Agape; The fixed cross & succedent houses; The hemispheres & quadrants of the horoscope; The continuum of consciousness: fear versus love; The age factor & seven year life cycles; Exaltations of Venus & Mars; The Arabic Part of Marriage.

2. Preparing for a relationship analysis consultation: Case study: Mia Farrow & Woody Allen; Relationship analysis worksheet; Evaluation of the nativities; Comparison by element; Balance & compensation; The house overlay technique.

3. Synastry & the composite chart: Synastry: Interchart aspects; Attraction-endurability-mental agreement-karmic lessons; The composite chart.

4. Davison charts, past lives, midpoints & configurations: The Davison time-space chart; Past life connections: The IC, south node & Vertex; Synastry, composite & Davison midpoints; Synastric aspect configurations.

5. Additional interpretive considerations: Mutual reception & sole dispositora in Davison charts; The sun/moon midpoint; The effect of Astrocartography on relationships; Using Draconic, heliocentric or sidereal zodiacs in synastry; Sabian aspect orbs in synastry & relationship charts; Unaspected planets in the composite or Davison charts; Second or third marriages & the derivative house system; The problems with computerized relationship analysis; Holographic links from synastry to progressions or transits.

6. Analyzing relationships moving through time: Transits & progressions to the natal chart; Progressed composite charts; Progressed Davison time-space relationship charts; Transits to composite or Davison charts; Transits to progressed composite or Davison charts; Synastric progressions; The condition of the solar return Venus; Annual progression of the solar return horizon; The solar return sun - Venus eight year cycle.

7. Electing a wedding chart: Obtaining date & time parameters from your clients; Elimination of personal planets in fall or detriment; Elimination of retrograde personal planets; Finding sign-strength for the moon & Venus; Planetary aspects & the luminaries' relationship; Using decanates & dwadashamshas in electional work; The lunar degree & her applying aspects to a benefic; Selecting an ascendant & fortifying the ruler on an angle; Fine-tuning the ascendant using Sabian Symbols; Linking the wedding Part of Fortune with the nativities; The diurnal moon & her connection to the nativities.

8. Partners who activate our shadow: The shadow defined in astrological terms; Some examples of natal shadow content; The shadow in synastry & composite charts; Transit Saturn aspecting the secondary progressed moon; The astrology of anger & transformational relationships; The midpoint vector of natal or composite squares.

9. Mirror degree synastry: Solstice points (Antiscia); Equinox points (Contrascia); The astrological double-helix & DNA theory; Existing theory & applications of Antiscia & Contrascia; Revealing invisible synastry from behind the veil; Using Sabian Symbols with mirror degree synastry; Research statistics.

10. Social, cultural & historical perspectives: The transits of Uranus, Neptune & Pluto through Libra; Progressed Venus & Mars in the USA Sibly chart; Chiron & homosexuality.

11. Epilogue: The Sun-Venus synodic cycle; Soul groups & the astrology of families; Friendship; Widowhood, divorce and being single; Preparing one's heart for love.

Appendices: 1. Sun-Venus inferior & superior conjunctions, 1900-2020; 2. Lecture, class & workshop tapes by the author; 3. Astrology software programs; 4. Computer chart services; 5. Sacred heart of astrology correspondence course; 6. Contacting the author; Bibliography; Footnotes.

Comment: Like two of his three previous books (1 & 2), this is not a book that starts anywhere near the beginning, and though it ranges across vast distances, does not pretend to comprehensively cover the subject in question (omissions which can easily be found elsewhere anyway). As much of the material in the book is unique, this is not a problem. The bibliography in the back is one of the better I have seen. It is notably lacking two titles which I think would compliment the book rather well: Robson's Astrology & Sex (above) and Nance McCullough's Love Formulas-2.

The fruit of two years intense work, the primary focus of this book is on consultation, eg, what to do with clients who want an astrological relationship reading. The primary example used throughout the book is the relationship between Woody Allen & Mia Farrow. The secondary example is the author's own experience in serial marriages (he's been married six times so far, and he's only 51). The astrology is as solid as it gets, this is easily Blaschke's best book to date. Innovative, provocative, eye-opening, this will be a classic.

Earthwalk School of Astrology, 250 pages.

SKYMATES - Love, Sex & Evolutionary Astrology (new, expanded) - Jodie & Steven Forrest, $19.95

Preface to the new edition

Chapter 1: Magic or murderous mythology
Chapter 2: Instant astrology
Chapter 3: Instant Synastry
Chapter 4: Love & individuality
Chapter 5: Love & war
Chapter 6: The arc of intimacy
Chapter 7: Arc of intimacy - 4th house
Chapter 8: Arc of intimacy - 5th house
Chapter 9: Arc of intimacy - 6th house
Chapter 10: Arc of intimacy - 7th house
Chapter 11: Arc of intimacy - 8th house
Chapter 12: How birthcharts interact
Chapter 13: Interaspects
Chapter 14: Your planets, my sky
Chapter 15: Putting it all together
Chapter 16: The Fitzgeralds

Conclusion: Border wars


Comment: The various chapters include natal delineations of Ascendant, Sun, Moon, Venus & Mars through the signs; Sun, Moon, 8 planets & nodes through houses 4 - 8.

Seven Paws Press, 310 pages.

SKYMATES II: THE COMPOSITE CHART - Steven & Jodie Forrest, $25.95
Contents: Acknowledgments; Foreword; Introduction: What it's all about;

Part 1: The Composite Chart: 1. Nuts & bolts; 2. A few examples; 3. The eternal triangle.

Part 2: The Souls' History Together: 4. The lunar nodes.

Part 3: The Composite Cookbook: 5. The composite Sun; 6. The composite Moon; 7. The composite ascendant; 8. The composite Mercury; 9. The composite Venus; 10. The composite Mars; 11. The composite Jupiter; 12. The composite Saturn; 13. The composite Uranus; 14. The composite Neptune; 15. The composite Pluto; 16. The composite nodes.

Part 4: The Composite Chart in Action: 17. The Fitzgeralds [F. Scott & Zelda].

Conclusion; Appendix: Calculating or aquiring the composite chart.

Comment: For each of the chapters in the cookbook section, the composite planet through the signs & houses. There are no composite aspects, a strange omission. I confess I haven't been impressed by their previous books, but I was with this one. They have a strong grasp of a couple as a unit, rather than he vs: she. The delineations are generally good. You will see your relationship(s) in them. Rob Hand's Composite book is still my first choice, but this is a good second.

Seven Paws Press, 445 pages.

More people consult astrologers about relationships than any other single issue. Understand relationships from a variety of astrological perspectives: the individual, the parent/child, love, sex, romance, marriage & friendship, are all examined in depth. Using C.G. Jung's concept of anima & animus, find insight to the "inner partner" by comparing unconscious archetypes to gods & goddesses - our male/female ideals. Includes case histories & past-life info. 295 pages including bibliography. Whitford Press, paper.

PLANETS IN SYNASTRY: Astrologic Patterns of Relationships - E.W. Neville, $16.95
Relationships & planets, the astrological key to unlocking the mysteries of friendship, love & marriage. Learn the steps of chart comparison (synastry), & translate astrological insights into real life applications. Phases of relationships are set out & an analysis of each phase is described. Also includes composite charts, as well as chart interrelationships. 280 pages including charts and grids. Whitford Press, paper.

Mercury is how we communicate (the moon is usually what we're communicating), so our ability to communicate & our partner's ability to understand (and vice-versa) should not be overlooked. How important verbal communication is in relationships depends on the native. For air types - for Geminis & Aquarians - it can be crucial. Aspects include the standard Ptolemic as well as parallels, 30 degree, 45 degree, 150 degree. 214 pages including index. AFA, paper.

THE ONLY WAY TO LEARN ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS: Synastry Techniques (volume V in the series) - Marion March & Joan McEvers, $15.95
Starting with the natal chart, explore the relationship needs & the impact of early family conditioning on later relationships. Comparison techniques used include: "your" planets in the other person's chart, aspects between charts, configurations, lacks, nodes, homosexuality, chart patterns, etc. Beyond romantic partnerships, this book also discusses working partners, mother/sons, father/daughters, grandparent/grandchildren relationships. Several chapters devoted to composite charts. Readable, well-organized, easy to use, full of helpful examples. 213 pages including horoscope index, comparison/composite chart, and chart data for further study. ACS, paper.




1. Using astrology to plan your big day
2. Bridal signs
3. Getting started: Where astrology & weddings meet
4. The look of the bride, groom & bridal party
5. Prewedding parties
6. Designing an unforgettable ceremony
7. A reception that suits your sign
8. Your honeymoon
9. Happily ever afterword: Being Mrs. Right!


Comment: Subtitled, The Bride's Astrology Guide to Planning Your Wedding, Choosing Your Honeymoon & Loving Every Second of It, No Matter What Your Sign.

This looks like a pop astrology book, but there's a lot of good, solid astrology, as well as detailed look at weddings & how they work & how to avoid the many pitfalls that often bedevil the special day. Stacy seems to cover every single detail: Moon signs, both of the bride & groom, as well as the moon's sign on the wedding day; the registry, how the bride can best organize herself according to her sun (or moon or ascendant) sign, how many guests to invite, how to talk your groom into anything, the right wedding dress, the right attire for the groom, bachelorette parties, how to get along with your mother / motherinlaw, how to design your own ceremony, the right flowers, the right music, the right photos & videos, how to manage the reception, seating arrangements, the right food & drink, the first dance, the cake, advice for the groom when the bride has just plain had enough, the right place to honeymoon, the best things to do when you get there, and a final chapter on the joys of married life. All of it framed with the signs of the zodiac, with many examples & humorous stories of real brides & their real weddings.

Refreshingly, there is nothing cheap nor vulgar in this book. For brides of all ages, but especially, I think, for those on their second time around, who want to do it right, and have the time & the concentration to make it happen.

Thomas Dunne Books / St. Martin's Griffin, 238 pages.

YOUR WEDDING ASTROLOGER: How to plan a marriage made in heaven - Karen Christino, $9.95



Part 1: For the bride:
1. Aries
2. Taurus
3. Gemini
4. Cancer
5. Leo
6. Virgo
7. Libra
8. Scorpio
9. Sagittarius
10. Capricorn
11. Aquarius
12. Pisces

Part 2: The groom & others:
14 Taurus
15 Gemini
16 Cancer
17 Leo
18 Virgo
19 Libra
20 Scorpio
21 Sagittarius
22 Capricorn
23 Aquarius
24 Pisces

Part 3: Your wedding day:
Choosing your wedding date



In the bride's section, each sign has these sub-sections:

Wedding planning
Stress free - how to cope
Look great - the gown
A perfect affair - planning the ceremony
Honeymoons for the sign, along with cities & countries ruled by the sign
Love & sex, with a sub-section on great dates
Succeeding at long-term relationships
Sharing your thoughts with him: Brief compatibility guides to the other signs.

The groom's section is written from the bride's point of view. Its subsections:

Your (__sign__) husband
Your (________) in-laws. Who, of course, may not be the same sign as your husband.
Your (________) maid of honor

The writing is rather breathless. Here is how a Sagittarian bride should dress:

You'll want to dance 'til dawn, so be sure your dress lets you move. You may prefer a more casual gown or even a less-than-floor-length dress. Or consider two gowns - one more elaborate for the ceremony and a simplier, easier style for the reception.

Stretchy, sleek fabrics that won't get caught in the bathroom door are flattering & functional. You might fall in love with a multilayered style with a train but will feel hoplessly trapped in too much fabric before long. Lower shoes are a must, and ballet flats are well suited to your active style. Don't forget that Sagittarius rules the derriere - you may want to accentuate yours with a bustle style or a big bow at the small of your back. (pg. 104)

The rather brief Part 3, Choosing a Wedding Day, looks at Mercury retrograde (Bad!), Venus retrograde (don't worry about it!) and eclipses (don't worry!). This is all the advice Christino offers, so far as picking a wedding date is concerned. I'd be more impressed if Christino's examples of Happily Ever After (J-Lo's 3rd marriage, Lisa Marie Presley's 4th, both with Venus retrograde) were first-timers & of longer-standing than a couple of years. Christino's eclipse examples (both of Prince Charles's marriages) are hardly more reassuring. Dave's rule of thumb with electionals (and a wedding is an electional): If an astrological factor spooks you, avoid it! You have that right. Mercury, Venus and/or Mars retrograde, along with eclipses generally, spook me, so far as once-in-a-lifetime pre-arranged events are concerned. If you can't find - or afford - a competent astrologer to pick a day, know that blind luck will probably not be worse than any other day in your life, and might be better than an astrologer's poor guess.

Adams Media, 256 pages.

Read the book? Want to tell the world? How many stars (1-5) would you give this book?

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