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ASTROLOGY IN THE YEAR ZERO - Gary Phillipson, $29.00

Synopsis: Where is astrology today, where is it going, what do the finest minds have to say about it, pro & con? Find out in this fascinating, informative book.

Contributors: Bernadette Brady, Nicholas Campion, Geoffrey Cornelius, Pamela Crane, Martin Davis, Geoffrey Dean, Adrian Duncan, Dennis Elwell, Suitbert Ertel, John Frawley, Adam Fronteras, David Hamblin, Robert Hand, Mike Harding, Pat Harris, Robin Heath, Maggie Hyde, Ivan W. Kelly, Warren Kenton (aka Z'ev ben Shimon Halevi), Lee Lehman, Arthur Mather, Maurice McCann, Christine Skinner, Rudolf Smit, Komilla Sutton, Graeme Tobyn, Noel Tyl, Shelly von Strunckel, Robert Zoller.

Contents, comment.

Flare, 268 pages.

ESSAYS ON ASTROLOGY - Robert Hand, $19.95
  1. The moon, the four phases of the feminine;
  2. The wave theory of astrology;
  3. Mercury, the modulator;
  4. Handling the malifics;
  5. Geocentric latitude: some second thoughts;
  6. On creating a science of astrology;
  7. A new approach to transits;
  8. Crisis of human growth;
  9. Astrology's second dimension: declination and latitude;
  10. Symbols and the father complex;
  11. Dodekatemoria: an ancient technique reexamined;
  12. The ascendant, midheaven and vertex in extreme latitudes;
  13. The age and constellation of Pisces.

    Comment: These 13 essays cover the period from 1972 (Hand's first published astrological essay) to 1982, when this volume was first published. As he writes in the Introduction, at the time he was steeped in Robert Graves (author of I Claudius), Joseph Campbell & C.G. Jung. These are the writings of a bright young kid, eager to share his thoughts & experiences. To get an idea what Rob Hand got up to later, see our Arhat page.

    163 pages. Whitford Press, paper.

HOROSCOPE SYMBOLS - Robert Hand, $24.95
Contents: Preface;

Introduction: 1. The horoscope: a map of the psyche; 2. The symbol systems of astrology;

Points in the Chart: 3 The planets: inner, outer, paired, retrograde; 4. The planets: Core meanings; 5. Other points in the chart: node-, body-, and planetary picture- types;

Angular Relationships: 6. Aspects: Introduction; 7. Aspects: Core meanings; 8. Midpoints; 9. Brief Meanings of Planetary Pairs (including nodes & angles);

Zodiacal Position: 10. The Signs: Introduction (elements, crosses, polarities, dignities); 11. The Signs: Core meanings;

Mundane Position: 12. The horoscope angles as a symbolic framework, with divisions at the horizon and at the meridian; 13. The Houses: Introduction (Problem of house division; Why use houses?; How houses are used in this book; Levels of house delineation); 14. Houses: Core meanings; 15. Houses: Two alternative views;

The Core Meanings Sumarized;

Reading list; Index; Afterwords: Publisher's afterword, Astro-Graphics services, Para Research publications, Para Research computer horoscopes.

Comment: From the back cover: Every age must re-examine astrological tradition in the light of its own experience. In Horoscope Symbols, Robert Hand recreates astrology for our time. In this book, Hand takes the reader deep into the heart of each of the planets, angular relationships, zodiacal positions & mundane positions.

362 pages including reading list, index, and afterwards. Whitford Press, paper.

THE SPINDLE OF MEANING - Ronald Harvey, $22.50
A rationalization of astrology, showing how the various pieces can be built up in a logical fashion. Harvey starts with Ernst Cassirer's idea of great circles of meridian & horizon & shows how these develop, first into angles, then houses, then elements, followed by hemispheres, quadrants, signs, aspects & finally time. This is another of many attempts to deduce in stages what was originally a whole concept & as such will always be somewhat lacking. 204 pages including glossary, bibliography and index. Urania Trust, hardcover.

INTERPRETING ASTROLOGY: New Techniques & Perspectives - Richard Nolle, $15.00
Contents: New tricks for an old and cosmic craft; Can we talk?; The supermoon alignment; A new angle on the angles; Esoteric empiricism; Certain aspects of the centaur planet. 126 page including bibliography and index. AFA, paper.

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