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The Ascendant & Other Angles

The ascendant is the part of the sky rising in the east at any given moment. It is the most powerful part of the sky. Opposite, setting in the west, is the descendant. Overhead, the highest part of the sky the sun reaches is the Midheaven, directly below that, the lowest part, in the earth itself, is the IC, short for Imum Coeli. In addition there are derivative angles, the Vertex, Antivertex, Eastpoint (EQ) and others.

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Aspects to the horoscope angles in radical charts
The three local planes: Midheaven, Ascendant & Vertex
Delineation of lights & planets to angles
Aspects of planets & lights to the midheaven & their meanings
Aspects of planets & lights to the ascendant & their meanings


Comment: A brief overview of aspects to the mid-heaven & ascendant. Also emphasised is the use of angles in rectification of birth time. Some 15 sample charts, including Henry Kissinger & astrologer L. Edward Johndro, all rectified by Vivia and/or Charles Jayne. Newly reset & reprinted by the AFA.

AFA, 47 pages, small paper.

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DERIVATIVE ANGLES - Martha Lang-Wescott, $14.00

Foreword: Basis for multiple angles
The traditional ascendant
Example chart - Adolph Hitler
The eastpoint as ascendant
The antivertex as ascendant
Eastpoint - theory and practice overview
House placement of the adjutant ascendants
Intercepted adjutant angles
Your new ascendants (preliminary practice
The derivative midheavens
The EMC as a derivative midheaven
The MVX as a derivative midheaven
Assessment of the cumulative effect
Derivative midheavens - theory and practice overview
Dial techniques with adjutant and derivative angles
90 degree dial example chart - Jeffrey Dahmer
Composite charts, transits, eclipses and progressions
Step by step natal delineation of adjutant and derivative angles
Asteroid and Transneptunian key words
Determination and calculation of adjutant and derivative angles.

Comment: From the foreword:

The intersection of the ecliptic with the Prime Vertical is the point we term the antivertex and, with the Eastpoint, these are both recognized - and highly neglected - points of delineation. I think this neglect occurs partially because of the connotations in terminology and the interpretative slot they've been assigned. It will make all the difference in the world to recognize that these points are ALSO ASCENDANTS, and deserve the same attention that you give to the traditional Ascendant in a chart. They give you the same kind of information; they show you the complex human being that you are; they reveal your echo, your shadow and YOU!

A lot packed into a few pages.

Treehouse Mountain, 24 pages, oversize, comb-bound.

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VERTEX: THE THIRD ANGLE - Donna Henson, $18.00


1. To Whet Your Appetite

2. What is the Vertex? What is the vertex astronomically? Calculating the Vertex; How does the progressed vertex move? What is the vertex astrologically? What we need to bring forth by sign; What we need to bring forth by planet or angle; What we need to bring forth by house; Two examples

3. The Signs of the Vertex: Vertex in Aries; Vertex in Taurus; Vertex in Gemini; Vertex in Cancer; Vertex in Leo; Vertex in Virgo; Vertex in Libra; Vertex in Scorpio; Vertex in Sagittarius; Vertex in Capricorn; Vertex in Aquarius; Vertex in Pisces

4. Aspects of the Vertex: Conjunctions; Sextiles; Squares; Trines; Quincunxes; Oppositions

5. Rectification with the Vertex Clues about the birthtime; Determining the ascendant sign; Factors that vary the appearance; Planets close to the ascendant or MC; Narrowing the ascendant further; Matching the ascendant, midheaven & vertex progressions to events; An example

6. The Vertex in Event Charts: Attack on the United States; Federal building bombing; Founding of the Third Reich; Bombing of Pearl Harbor; Assassination of President Kennedy; Crash of the Concorde; Crash of Flight 800; The Chernobyl accident; Sinking of the Titanic; Death of JFK Jr.; Princess Diana's fatal accident

7. Conjunctions to the Vertex, antivertex, equatorial ascendant & the equatorial descendant; In the natal chart; In synastry; Malefics conjunct one's own vertex

8. The Vertex & the Solar Return

9. Other uses of the Vertex: Transits of outer planets to the vertex; Eclipses to the vertex; The vertex in financial astrology


Comment: Here, at last, is the book on the Vertex we have all been waiting for, and so far as I can tell, it is the definitive one. The book was based on research carried out by the author while part of the short-lived NCGR chapter in Fort Worth, TX, with inspiration from Doris Greaves & the late Zip Dobyns.

AFA, 148 pages.

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POWER OF THE MIDHEAVEN: The Astrology of Self-Realization - Stephanie Jean Clement, $14.95


Introduction: What is the midheaven
1. The midheaven of twins' charts
2. Ego-consciousness & the midheaven
3. Aries midheaven
4. Taurus midheaven
5. Gemini midheaven
6. Cancer midheaven
7. Leo midheaven
8. Virgo midheaven
9. Libra midheaven
10. Scorpio midheaven
11. Sagittarius midheaven
12. Capricorn midheaven
13. Aquarius midheaven
14. Pisces midheaven
15. Natal aspects & transits to the midheaven



This is a book about the ascendant that was somehow mislabeled as being about the midheaven. As a book about the ascendant, it's okay. What's the difference between these two angles? The ascendant is how people perceive you, how you project yourself into the world. The midheaven is how you behave when you're in the spotlight. For example, the Aquarius ascendant is what this book describes as an Aquarius midheaven. An Aquarius midheaven, when he's the center of attention, looks around and says, "who, me?" and promptly excuses himself or drags up a dozen of his buddies.

From the back of the book:

Stephanie Clement's Power of the Midheaven is aptly titled... - Maria Kay Simms

Stephanie Clement's Power of the Midheaven sheds light on an important area of astrology that has never been covered with such detail! - Bernie Ashman

Power of the Midheaven describes the keys to realizing true personal fulfilment... Gloria Star

Stephanie Clement's book, Power of the Midheaven, now provides a much-needed & required emphasis on the importance of the Midheaven in delineating a chart. - Eleanora Kimmel

Llewellyn , 210 pages, oversize.

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RISING SIGN PROBLEM - John Willner, $19.00


1. Aries
2. Taurus
3. Gemini
4. Cancer
5. Leo
6. Virgo
7. Libra
8. Scorpio
9. Sagittarius
10. Capricorn
11. Aquarius
12. Pisces
13. Planets on the Ascendant
14.A mini-research report


Comment: An excellent, detailed, overview of the ascendant in the natal chart. Each of the twelve zodiacal sign chapters includes Physical Attributes, Mental Attributes, and Sample Charts (three nativities per rising sign). An emphasis is placed on the physical appearance of natives with each ascendant. Willner himself gives no pictures of what each ascendant is supposed to look like, but books that do can be found at Astrological Body Types. Examples chosen (Einstein, Lucille Ball, Julia Child, etc.) for the most part do not have agreed-upon birthtimes nor ascendant signs. Willner chose them precisely to demonstrate how an astrologer can determine the right ascendant & support his choice with hard evidence, including progressions. For his rectifications, Willner uses an obscure (and unpublished) algorithm called INCARN, which uses the positions of Sun, Moon & Uranus to calculate the correct ascendant. Willner says almost all charts, even those with precisely timed births, are incorrect, and while the statement is daring, his standards are rigorous & grounded in traditional astrological analysis. Of particular interest are his observation on underlying career motivation & intercepted houses. Intercepted houses determine career, Willner says. To support this he conducts a brief, but most interesting analysis of Placidus vs: Koch houses (Placidus wins). Since Willner believes that only one house system can be correct, it would be interesting to see the same analysis used on other house systems. All-in-all, a book of merit that repays close study.

AFA, 165 pages, oversize.

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YOU & YOUR ASCENDANT - Sophia Mason, $21.00


Natal chart
Aries ascendant
Taurus ascendant
Gemini ascendant
Cancer ascendant
Leo ascendant
Virgo ascendant
Libra ascendant
Scorpio ascendant
Sagittarius ascendant
Capricorn ascendant
Aquarius ascendant
Pisces ascendant.

Comment: From the back cover:

Inside you'll find not only and in-depth look at how each of the twelve signs functions on the ascendant, but how the ruler of each functions through its own house placement....Included are extensive sections on character traits, physical appearance, mentality, romantic inclinations, and health for each sign....You'll learn about planetary sign positions, decanates and dwads, the intercepted first house, the art of synthesis, constitution and elements, and stelliums.

AFA, 173 pages.

Read the book? Want to tell the world? How many stars (1-5) would you give this book?

THE ASCENDANT - Jodie Forrest, $15.95

1. What is the ascendant?
2. The ascendant & C.G. Jung's concept of the persona
3. Acting & the ascendant
4. The ascendant & "style"
5. The ascendant with the Sun & Moon
6. The ruler of the ascendant
7. Transits, progressions, arcs & the ascendant
8. "Adjusting" your ascendant
9. The ascendant and "national character"
10. The ascendant, speculations on physical appearance & rectification tips
11. The ascendant & evolutionary astrology
12. The ascendant "cookbook": Aries through Pisces, planets in the first, nodes in the first

From the back cover:

How do you face the world? Are you centered? Are you poised? How well do you handle blind dates and job interviews? Your astrological Ascendant, the sign rising in the east at your birth, is the face you wear in the world, your social self, your astrological "clothing". It's just as important in your birth chart as your Sun and Moon. How well do you really understand it?

Join astrologer & novelist Jodie Forrest as she examines the Ascendant through the lenses of the arts, psychology, relationships, evolutionary astrology and metaphysics. Beginners or professional astrologers will deepen their knowledge of the rising sign. With exercises for further study, topics include:

How the ascendant relates to first impressions, the persona, the body, the appearance, and developmental psychology.
How the ascendant can operate in relationships.
How the ascendant interacts with the Sun, the Moon & the rest of the chart.
The ascendant's ruler.
Natal & dynamic aspects of the ascendant.

With an ascendant "cookbook" for each rising sign.

Here is Jodie Forrest, on Jodie Forrest, from the inside back cover:
A full-time astrologer, writer & teacher since 1983, JODIE FORREST is the author of the Rhymer trilogy, a Nordic-Celtic historical fantasy beginning with The Rhymer & the Ravens. She is the co-author (with Steven Forrest) of Skymates: Love, Sex & Evolutionary Astrology; Skymates II: The Composite Chart, and of two computerized reports about the astrology of relationships. She edited both volumes of Measuring the Night: Evolutionary Astrology and the Keys to the Soul, by Steven Forrest & Jeffry Wolf Green, and Under One Sky by Rafael Nasser. Jodie travels widely to teach on astrological topics, and her articles have appeared in all the major astrological journals. She holds an M.A. in French language and literature and has taught both French and fiction writing. Jodie lives with her husband, astrologer Steven Forrest, an uppity cast of her fictional characters and painted bone creatures, several electric basses and two extravagantly spoiled cats. Visit her on the web at

Seven Paws Press, 237 pages.

Read the book? Want to tell the world? How many stars (1-5) would you give this book?

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