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Kabbalistic Astrology

The Kabbalah is Jewish metaphysics. By comparison to Vedic & Chinese metaphysics, astrology does not play a large role in Jewish mysticism, but it is there. Rabbis themselves have long been of two minds on the subject. For this reason efforts (well meaning) to find Biblical support for astrology must always produce ambiguous results. These books explore the connection between astrology & Jewish thought. The final book in the list is the question a group of French rabbis put to the leading leading rabbi of the day, and his response (he condemned astrology, but what else is new?).

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ASTROLOGY & KABBALAH, a rewrite of The Anatomy of Fate - Z'ev ben Shimon Halevi, $24.00
Introduction; 1. Knowledge; 2. Esoterics; 3. Kabbalah; 4. Microcosm; 5. Influences; 6. Entity; 7. Fate; 8. Psychology; 9. Birth chart; 10. Incarnation; 11. Lower face; 12. Unconscious; 13. Circumstance; 14. Resonance; 15. Triads; 16. Transits; 17. Progressions; 18. Disease; 19. Choice; 20. Crisis; 21. Schools; 22. Problems; 23. Free will; 24. Development; 25. Transformation; 26. Nemesis; 27. Providence; 28. Destiny; 29. History; 30. Completion. Glossary of terms.

Comment: This book is about astrology's place in the wider context of existence, as set out by the ancient esoteric tradition of the Kabbalah. The topics examined are the origin of humanity, influence of the cosmos on mankind, both at the individual & collective level. The birth chart is looked at from a psychological & spiritual perspective, as is personal fate & transpersonal destiny. The character & karma of nations, Providence & free will are also considered, so too is an astrological school, from an esoteric viewpoint. The result of 30 years reflection on astrology & Kabbalah. - Notes adapted from the back cover.

Urania Trust, 176 pages, paper.

Preface to the second edition

Part 1: Introduction: 1. In search of validity; 2. Bible, Midrash, Talmud

Part 2: Astrology of Ancient Israel: 3. General principles; 4. The twelve sons of Jacob; 5. The other indicators; 6. The testimony of the constellations; 7. The testimony of the planets

Part 3: Astrology in the Bible: 8. "...To rule both day & night"; 9. "The evidence of two witnesses shall establish the matter"; 10. Joseph, the Piscean dreamer; 11. Samson & Delilah: the first star-crossed lovers; 12. "Know how to answer"; 13. Some fascinating conjectures

Part 4: Astrology in the Midrash: 14. Introduction; 15. Patriarch & lawgiver; 16. Man's life through the zodiac

Part 5: Astrology in the Talmud: 17. Introduction; 18. Two great lights & the arrows of God; 19. The real issue: divine election vs: mandate for astrology!; 20. Hours, days, months; 21. The importance of the ascendant; 22. Siman Tov U'Mazzal Tov!

Appendices: 1. Hebrew transliteration; 2. Rulership in the Bible; 3. Bible verse analysis; 4. Uses of "heaven" and "earth"; 5. Uses of words & concepts in Part 3; 6. The alphabet of Rabbi Akiba; 7. Astrology & Kabbalah. Index.

Comment: From the back cover:

The ancient Hebrews developed the richest & most sophisticated system of astrology known in the western world, but this practice has been almost completely forgotten. Now Joel Dobin, an ordained rabbi & practicing astrologer, brings to light the wealth of astrological information in the Kabbalah, Bible, Talmud & Midrash, revealing a profound tradition as valuable today as it was millennia ago. Key to this astrological system is the Kabbalah - the Jewish mystery tradition - in which the sacred Tree of Life links the influences of the twelve zodiacal constellations & seven planets to specific letters of the Hebrew alphabet, creating a unique method for constructing horoscopes. Analyses ofthe zodiac according to the rulerships of the sons of Jacob, th importance of solar & lunar directions & masculine & feminine influences, and the paradigm-shifting nature of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction are all explored for their impact on global & personal destiny. With more than 30 tables & charts, all the information you need for doing astrological readings is at your fingertips.

The original & innovative guide to the Kabbalah & Hebrew astrology is again back in print.

Inner Traditions, 278 pages, paper.

Rabbi Moshe Ben Maimon, aka Maimonides, was born in Cordoba, Spain, in 1135. He eventually settled in Cairo, where he became the leading authority on religious matters, establishing the foundations of Jewish theology. He was famous far & wide. In 1194 he wrote a response to two letters sent to him by a group of rabbis in southern France. They wanted to know the validity of astrology as it related to the Jewish faith. Their letters contained many detailed questions. Maimonides ignored the first letter, replying only when prodded by the second. Maimonides's response ignored the details, going directly to a religious & philosophical discussion where he condemns astrology outright. These documents are an example of how astrology & religion differed in ancient times, and reminds us that the argument of fate vs: free will has never been resolved in the west. Arhat, 21 pages, small stapled paper.

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