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Welcome to the Wonderful World of Martha Lang Wescott

Martha Lang-Wescott is one of the finest living astrologers. She is mistakenly termed an "asteroid" astrologer. She is nothing of the sort. She is bright and intense and uses whatever comes to hand. She found asteroids enhanced her chart reading, so she found lots of them, but she also uses Transneptunians, derivative angles, the 90 degree dial, progressed solar returns and lots and lots more.

So as Martha says, Little Things Mean A Lot.
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Contents: Introduction; On the Revised Edition; Chart interpretation
1. Brains are quite practical learning machines: Motivation, keywords, getting started, asteroid-planet affinities, asteroid-subject reference index, practice data, natal chart & sample delineations, solving the aspect problem: aspect configurations, 15 degree event wheel, midpoint structures, aspect pattern analysis & the 360 degree aspect & midpoint wheel
2. Time laughs if we think it moves: Asteroids in predictive systems & interpretive techniques including: Eclipses, directions, return charts, event dialogues, diurnal charts, composite & relationship charts, declination & 90 degree dials with midpoint structures. Each system is illustrated by chart example with delineations & includes coverage of angles (natal & return chart), interceptions, retrogrades, parallels, contraparallels, precession, relocation, derivative angles, eastpoint & vertex
3. Monday mornings, Friday afternoons: Delineations of the included asteroids in aspect to angles, planets, luminaries, transneptunian points & other asteroids
Appendix: Keywords for the transneptunian points, estimate ephemeris for the transneptunians: 1910-2005, suggested reading & sources, Index.

Comment: After some initial doubts, we confess to be highly impressed by Lang-Wescott's work. This is an intense, highly intelligent book that covers both asteroids & Uranian/Transneptunian planets in natal charts, diurnal charts, solar returns, composites & lots more with hundreds of practical tips & suggestions. If you're tired of simplistic books, give this one a try. Martha sees asteroids (some 39, including the big 4) as quite independent & varied. They have distinct, colorful personalities & interact in surprising ways, both with each other & with planets, angles & transneptunians. By far the best asteroid writing available - years ahead of everyone else. Her ephemerides are separate (2 volumes, $19.95 each) & don't include the big four, which are widely available on computer programs anyway. 244 pages including index.

Treehouse Mountain, 244 pages, paper.

THE ORDERS OF LIGHT: Planets, Transneptunians, Asteroids- Martha Lang-Wescott, $25.00
Contents: Foreword
Reflections of the Real: An interim model, orders in the natal chart, orders in natal 90 degree dial techniques, orders in return charts, progression of solar return angles, predictive techniques with 90 degree dials
Shadows & Drums: Angle & aspect delineation: Planet & transneptunian points
Echoes & Flutes: Constructs & aspects of the asteroids: Aesculapia/Hygiea, Amor, Apollo, Arachne, Astraea, Atlantis, Atropos, Bacchus, Ceres, Chiron, Circe, Cupido-A, Demeter, Diana, Eros, Hebe, Hera/Juno, Hildago, Hopi, Hybris, Hygiea, Icarus, Isis, Kassandra, Klotho, Lachesis, Lilith, Minerva/Pallas, Nemesis, Niobe, Odysseus, Orpheus, Panacea, Pandora, Persephone/Prosperina, Psyche, Sappho, Sisyphus, Siva/Siwa, Sphinx, Terpsichore, Toro, Urania & Vesta
Ephemeris: 1925-2000 Longitudinal ephemeris for Aesculapia, Atropos, Hybris, Klotho, Lachesis, Odysseus, Panacea, Siwa & Sphinx, given every 10 days.

Comment: An astrological construct of behavior & events, eg, Orders. Delineation techniques for complex aspect patterns & planetary interaction in conventional & Uranian natal & predictive systems. Psychological & event interpretations of planetary interrelationships, angles, Transneptunians & 48 asteroids. A continuation of Mechanics of the Future Asteroids (a prerequisite for this book) and like it, a book that repays close study.

Treehouse Mountain, 313 pages, paper.

ARCHITECTS OF TIME- Martha Lang-Wescott, $26.00
Contents: Foreword; Time
Solar Revolutions: Techniques based on the sun: Date to 360 degree aspects, Table: Dates to aspect patterns, Date to 90 degree dial points, Interpreting dial harmonic patterns, Date harmonics, Date & behavior harmonics in synastry, Dial harmonics: Davison relationship chart, Dial dates: Solar return angles & moons, Table: Date to degree dial harmonics, Timing with solar return angles & moons, Timing: Solar arc & solar returns, Timing: Calculation of solar return directions, Timing: Dial axis cycle dates per 1.25 DPR, Timing with "returns" of the solar return moon, The Winter Solstice chart, Delineation of personal point midpoints, Sun/sun midpoints & the 45 degree dial.
Lunar Returns: Timing & delineation, Gary Gilmore: Events of January 16-17, 1977, Lunar return angles & 90 degree dials, Lunar return angles & dial formulas, Midpoint sums, formulas & differences, Midpoints, sums & formulas in practice, Delineation of formulas.
Carpe Diem: Sieze the day! Daily angles, Degrees with sidereal time & 42 latitude ASC's, Daily angle methods & delineation, Dial axis date series.
The Clock IS Ticking (...and it's happening on YOUR watch) Time dials, 45 degree time dials, The moon dial, Daily angle timing & delineation
Asteroid & Transneptunian Glyph & Concept Key
Asteroid Ephemeris, 1935-2006: Midnight GMT, 10 day positions, for Asclepius, Askalaphus, Child, Daedalus, Eros, Eurydike, Hekate, Hephaistos, House, Industria, Ophelia, Phaethon, Photographia, Requiem, Tantalus, Tisiphone.
Appendix: Forms; Index; Glyph key.

Comment: Complex, advanced, "techniques for timing & awareness. An instructional survey of astrological predictive methods to understand & determine the TIME of the events for this year, this month, this day, this hour, this minute IN DETAIL." - so says the author & she's right. Uses Transneptunians, some 50 asteroids, the 90/45 degree dials, progressed solar returns date patterns, date/dial harmonics, solar arcs, daily angles & much, much more. Builds on & expands techniques from her earlier two books (above).

Treehouse Mountain, 290 pages, paper.

ANGLES AND PREDICTION- Martha Lang Wescott, $49.95


First things

Factors included in this book:
Admetus, Aesculapia, Amor, Apollo, Apollon, Arachne, Aries Point, Astraea, Atlantis, Atropos, Bacchus, Ceres, Child, Chiron, Circe, Cupido, Cupido-A, Daedalus, Demeter, Diana, Eos, Eros, Eurydike, Hades, Hebe, Hekate, Hephaistos, Hera, Hildago,

Hopi, House, Hybris, Hygiea, Industria, Icarus, Isis, Juno, Jupiter, Kassandra, Klotho, Kronos, Lachesis, Lilith, Mars, Memoria, Mercury, Minerva, Mnemosyne, Moon, Nemesis, Neptune, Niobe, Node, Nostalgia, Odysseus, Ophelia, Ornamentia, Orpheus,

Pallas, Panacea, Pandora, Persephone, Phaethom, Photographia, Pluto, Poseidon, Prosperina, Psyche, Pythia, Requiem, Sappho, Saturn, Sisyphus, Siva, Siwa, Sphinx, Sun, Tantalus, Terpsichore, Tisiphone, Toro, Urania, Uranus, Venus, Vesta, Vulcanus, Zeus

(87 factors in all!)


Comment: There are a few people who write better than I do. Martha is one of them. Here are her opening words:

The delineations of Angles and Predictions are written to address the angular manifestations of factors on a solar return. They arise in part from an important tenant: energies will manifest in every way they can even within a brief period of time. A combination of energies then won't exhibit only once or in just one way; each has a range of meanings, and this complexity compounds with the addition of the scripts of another factor. Some combinations are singularly important, others but components of a larger tale. This awareness necessitates these notes. It's much too much to keep in mind, and too useful and fascinating to ignore.

Previous texts (notably Architects of Time) contained many exammples of return chart delineations, so here will be but brief description of methods. It begins with the assumption that both the Tropical and Sidereal (or precessed) returns are calculated to the current locale. After an assessment of the solar return Moons, and what is to be expected based on their phase, sign and aspects to both radix and return points, the charts are then stripped to include only those factors, radix and return, which occur within ten degrees, either side, of the return chart angles; see examples to follow. (Page i)

Martha includes a card with the book listing all 87 factors, in three colums, with the relevant page numbers from the book. At the bottom of the card, and again on pg. ii, she writes:
Aspects are listed alphabetically, regardless of whether it's a planet, asteroid or transneptunian. For example, it's Aesculapia\Uranus, and that interpretation is not repeated in the Uranus section.
Which means the sections get shorter as they progress through the alphabet, as one would expect. (Repetition would make the book five times as big.)

So, to repeat Martha's rules, this is a book of delineations of hard aspects in solar returns, or between return & natal, when one or both planets are within 10 degrees of an angle (return or natal). How well does she do? Let's take two examples. The first, as prosaic as you can get: Moon/Sun:

Moon\Sun This is a time when what you need and how you react may feel uncharacteristic; it's not quite like having that "evil twin," but it is often a case of contradicting factions! One part of you is This, but there are those urges and drives that are clearly That. One of your jobs this year is to assume Middle Man duties and find ways to keep both sides of yourself happy - and in ways that don't let one part undermine or drive the other one crazy! Let's take an example. Suppose you see yourself as a very intense, take-no-prisoners person. Now imagine that a year comes along when you find yourself enjoying security. Part of you is more mellow; it doesn't want to rock the boat. How can you balance the seesaw (or do you invite others to take a role in the struggle?). Use the contradictions to see and understand yourself more clearly now that you realize the costs of digging into that Intensity (or however you identify yourself.) (pg. 426)
For the second, Chiron/Eros. (I could have given you Kassandra/Niobe, but chances are you've never heard of either one of them.) From pgs 157-8:
Chiron\Eros Sex and "unconventional" or "just this time" are - forgive the pun - in bed together. This may, at one point, mean there are references to unconventional sex or to unusual sexual turn-ons or practices. At another point in time, people can feel "different" because of their sexual orientation or libido...and, let a few weeks pass, and someone will "make exceptions" in connection with sex. There may be a time or two when you see that, for someone, the perception of "being extra - out of the - ordinary" is their way to keep excitement in their life; in a sense, it keeps them alive! And this may turn out to be literal a time or two - a person may need special treatment or have to get around the rules because of a heart condition. What's "different" about them can be found in their cardiac system! Too, a sexual relationship, a cardiac event, or reproductive problems can be the basis for a major change in life.
Depending on your version, Solar Fire includes most if not all of these factors, though you will have to hunt the program to find where the calculated positions are displayed. Typically there are a dozen for every solar return, enough to keep anyone busy. A friend reminds me that with a little imagination Martha's delineations can also be used in natal charts.

I have been in awe of this book ever since it arrived in December 2007. It is a lifetime's work. The amount of sheer toil between the covers is staggering. There are no comparable books, it is impossible even to imagine one. Everyone who is serious about astrology should have a copy. If this speaks to you, I would get one sooner rather than later. The book is privately printed and in limited distribution. If past experience is a guide, it will appear for a few years in a few places, and thereafter disappear without a trace, to pass on into the world of myth and legend.

Treehouse Mountain, 551 pages.

THE ASTROLOGY OF THE BRAIN- Martha Lang-Wescott, $39.95

There is no table of contents in this book. I have pieced one together:

Introductory materials:
Note from the author
The brain and brain tumors
Control groups I, II, and III
Fetal development of the brain
Brains, brain tumors & your brain
Neurons, neuroglia and tumors
The Meninges
General localization of functions
The Limbic system
Example chart: A pineal gland tumor
The pituitary gland
The ventricles
Does the information about the brain gained through the brain tumor research have application beyond brain tumors?
The cerebrum
Brain tumor data

The Brain Tumor Research Project: Data & Notes:
Anderson: diagnosis: Ogliodendroglioma, AA II
Angelson: diagnosis: Anaplastic astrocytoma II
Asenjio: diagnosis: Acoustic neuroma
Chalmers: diagnosis: Anaplastic astrocytoma III
Clark: diagnosis: Glioblastoma multiforme IV
Cox: diagnosis: Medullablastoma
Crocker: diagnosis: Anaplastic astrocytoma III
Gray: diagnosis: Meningioma
Guenzel: diagnosis: Anaplastic astrocytoma III
Hall: diagnosis: Glioblastoma multiforme IV
Hollens: diagnosis: Astrocytoma II
Jacobs: diagnosis: Astroblastoma
Kalcheim: diagnosis: Anaplastic astrocytoma III
Kempf: diagnosis: Juvenile pilocytic astrocytoma
McCarty: diagnosis: Medulloblastoma
Miloscia: diagnosis: Pontine glioma
Neuman: diagnosis: Anaplastic astrocytoma III
Potter: diagnosis: Glioblastoma multiforme IV
Powers: diagnosis: AA III - Glioblastoma multiforme
Ross: diagnosis: Mixed juvenile pilocytic astrocytoma
Sherrill: diagnosis: Glioblastoma multiforme IV
Shigaki: diagnosis: GBM IV
Shirley: diagnosis: Anaplastic astrocytoma II
Shumway: diagnosis: Juvenile pilocytic astrocytoma I
Tarsy: diagnosis: Anaplastic astrocytoma III
Thompson: diagnosis: GBM IV
Vandeerhayden: diagnosis: 4th ventricle, medulla, meningeal
Widner: diagnosis: Oligoastrocytoma II/III
Wood: diagnosis: Anaplastic ependymoma

Brain tumor project: degree of radix Psyche, in zodiacal order
Factors in radix Psyche axis: Brain tumors
Eclipse contact in the year of diagnosis: Brain tumors
Relation of astrological factors to brain area & function
Brain tumor project: lobe or area
Hemisphere & location
Tools of the Trade: September 2002 issue: Take two aspirin & call me in the morning


This is Martha's most intense book, perhaps the most intense astrology book ever written. In this book, Martha seeks to understand the medical nature of brain tumors, and the current methods of treatment. To this, she adds not only astrological diagnosis, as in what specific aspects of planets, transneptunians and asteroids produce what specific results, but goes beyond this into what a tumor feels like, from the inside looking out. What external factors may give rise to specific tumors, and more.

Each case study gets about eight pages, starting with a triple-dial (all charts are given as 90 degree dials, and all birth data is supplied). In the triple wheel, the natal, transits to the day of surgery (usually a resection), plus a chart of the solar arc from the natal to the date of resection.

This is followed by two pages of notes: Radix notes; Solar arc; Transit; Treatment comments. Since this is a book about the asteroid Psyche, planetary trees for Psyche, in the radix, as well as in the directed chart, are given. Natal positions for some 56 asteroids and transneptunians are given.

This is followed by astrological diagnosism in the form of formulas. Martha takes the medical diagnosis and reduces it to specific astrological configurations. For example with Anderson,

  1. CANCER: Saturn + Neptune - Hades = 3 Libra 37'
  2. Saturn + Hades - Neptune = 25 Virgo 31'
  3. Neptune + Hades - Saturn = 5 Capricorn 44'
"Cancer" in this case being the disease, not the astrological sign. Other subheads in this section include Diseased brains, Tumor growths, Health & the psyche, Chemotherapy, Protection re: favorable outcome, Environmental danger, Contact with neuro-specialists. You will recognize these formulas as based on the same concept as Arabic Parts, or Lots. Formulas 65 through 69, for example, are for the neuro-specialists. Here they are:
Martha works out each of these formulas for every natal chart. Following this, the midpoints of Psyche with Ceres & Demeter, the MC with Ceres & Demeter, and the Ascendant with Ceres & Demeter.

Following this, more formulas: For Radiation?; Cause of the problem; Solution to avoid deterioration; Inner realignment; The role of faith; Outcomes. Finally another set of midpoints, this time involving Hades, Aries, Psyche and Pluto.

In sum, Martha first gives you the basic chart (aka dial), then her specific notes on the patient, and finally five pages of raw data for you to pour over, to draw your own conclusions.

Martha's comments are poignant. Under Crocker, she observes,

The case represents a growing phemonena. Subject lives in a neighborhood where MANY people have been diagnosed with cancer over the last few years. Although a variety of cancers are represented among his neighbors, brain cancers predominate. The suspicion is, of course, some environmental agent causing the disease. One of the ways that might be seen is in the fact that the radix Ascendant falls in the Psyche axis. If we include the axis point, Astreae, the idea that the environment doesn't recover could be inferred. Notice that Admetus-t = Psyche-r and Psyche-d = Admetos-r. Admetos is agriculture and landscaping. The subject had moved into "a plan" where a builder had created an instant community. Tract houses were built, sod was laid . . . and a huge quantity of pesticides and chemicals were used to invite "instant" grass and plantings.
Here is part of her analysis for Guenzel:
Naming the lobe is considerably more difficult. With both Ascendant and Midheaven in the Psyche axis, the Frontal lobe takes prominence. But the presence of Kassandra could pull attention to the temporal (and the tumor borders that lobe). I was struck by the way that a problem in the Broca area can result in aphasia's whereby an individual "understands but can't respond in a natural or spontaneous manner." Looking then to Phaethon, Admetus and Hildago (in dial opposition to Psyche), I could see that the "hurry" or racing of Phaethon was held in check by Admetus--rather like slamming on the brakes (in terms of verbal response) because of the presence of Hildago. Kassandra in Aries closely squares the Capricorn Ascendant, this is a marvelous description of the inability to respond in a natural or spontaneous manner. As with the Admetos statement, you can imagine the frustration of the Kassandra in Aries challenging the Capricorn Ascendant.
Here is part of Tarsy:
Subject confirms the hugely heightened sensitivity to impact of every kind. I said, "You can probably feel the xrays," and talked further about a neurological sensitivity to all forms of radiation (including those from television, antennae, etc.) and she replied, "YES!" She was thrilled to have all that validated. We talked about feeling "abused" (Toro) by that sensitivity (and see the treatment issues). In fact, of course, all of the things one might delineate on a psychological or event basis were soundly affirmed.
To the handful of people who can profit from it, this is a hugely important book. I hope that as Martha finds the time, she will put it into a proper book format, that it may reach those who need it.

On the back of the book, it says:

Your chart is the image of your brain. What you experience as tension in behavior & attitudes is tension at the cellular ans structural level. What you feel & experience is reflected in and reflective of how your brain is configures. Your chart is true, right down to the neurons.

Treehouse Mountain, oversize paper, comb-bound, unpaginated, about 274 pages.

Read the book? Want to tell the world? How many stars (1-5) would you give this book?
Tell us!

- Martha Lang-Wescott, $14.00
Contents: Foreword: Basis for multiple angles; The traditional ascendant; Example chart - Adolph Hitler; The eastpoint as ascendant; The antivertex as ascendant; Eastpoint - theory and practice overview; House placement of the adjutant ascendants; Intercepted adjutant angles; Your new ascendants (preliminary practice;

The derivative midheavens; The EMC as a derivative midheaven; The MVX as a derivative midheaven; Assessment of the cumulative effect; Derivative midheavens - theory and practice overview;

Dial techniques with adjutant and derivative angles; 90 degree dial example chart - Jeffrey Dahmer; Composite charts, transits, eclipses and progressions;

Step by step natal delineation of adjutant and derivative angles; Asteroid and Transneptunian key words; Determination and calculation of adjutant and derivative angles.

Comment: From the foreword: The intersection of the ecliptic with the Prime Vertical is the point we term the antivertex and, with the Eastpoint, these are both recognized - and highly neglected - points of delineation. I think this neglect occurs partially because of the connotations in terminology and the interpretative slot they've been assigned. It will make all the difference in the world to recognize that these points are ALSO ASCENDANTS, and deserve the same attention that you give to the traditional Ascendant in a chart. They give you the same kind of information; they show you the complex human being that you are; they reveal your echo, your shadow and YOU! A lot packed into a few pages.

Treehouse Mountain, 24 pages, oversize, comb-bound.


- Martha Lang-Wescott, $23.00
A brief overview of some 64 asteroids. Martha gives the essence of each, though does not go into detail about signs, houses & aspects. In the back of the book are rules for making & defining Formulas, such as Sun + Neptune - Psyche = _________. Asteroids included are: Aesculapia, Asclepius, Askalaphus, Hygiea, Amor, Apollo, Arachne, Astraea, Atlantis, Atropos, Bacchus & Dionysius, Ceres & Demeter, Child, Circe Cupido-A, Daedalus, Diana (Selene), Eros, Eurydike, Hebe, Hekate, Hephaistos, Hera & Juno, Hidalgo, Hopi, House, Hybris, Icarus, Industria, Isis, Kassandra, Klotho, Lachesis, Lilith, Memoria, Mnemosyne, Nostalgia, Minerva & Pallas, Nemesis, Niobe, Odysseus, Ophelia, Ornamenta, Orpheus, Panacea, Pandora, Persephone & Proserpina, Phaethon, Psyche, Pythia, Requiem, Sappho, Sisyphus, Siva & Siwa, Sphinx, Tantalus, Terpsichore, Tisiphone, Toro, Urania, Vesta. The last page is a key to the many glyphs used. Treehouse Mountain, oversize paper, 60 pages, wirebound.




Techniques and case studies:

90 degree dial chart entry
The 90 degree axis
The working dial
The Aries axis
Personal point midpoints
Tree structure
Orders and sums
Self sums: A + A
Sensitive points or formulas
Solar arc directions
Oblique ascendant
Solar arc directions to the Aries axis
Solar arc factor or midpoint to any axis
Solar arc directions time line
Dial harmonic

Medical case studies:

Rare lung diseases

Alzheimer's disease:
Charlton Heston
Alzheimer's disease and epilepsy
Glen Campbell
Early onset Alzheimer's, mild cognitive impairment and ADD

Anaplastic astrocytoma III (brain tumor)
Invasive cancer
Glioblastoma multiforme IV (brain tumor)
Pancreatic cancer (Patrick Swayze)
Pancreatic cancer (Luciano Pavarotti)

Study charts
World Trade Center
September 11, 2001
Radix, directed and transit: September 11, 2001
Islamic Republic of Iran

Symbols, key words, and concepts
45 and 90 degree dials


The book opens without preamble. Martha is direct and intense, you must read and comprehend every word, there are none wasted. The closest we get to an introduction is this, from pg. 17:
From the conviction that chart factors have a cellular resonance, that, in a sense, all astrology is medical, in approaching a medical case, I first study the disease particulars. While not qualified to offer a specific diagnosis, by matching astrological factors to elements of a disease process, it is hoped that astrology might participate in early recognition of risk factors and prevention of certain diseases.
After introductory pages on how to use the dial, Martha launches directly into detailed case studies, each with planets, asteroids and transneptunians. Martha's range of asteroids expands with every book, this one, from 2013, has the most yet. This book is a continuation of Astrology of the Brain (above). The two books are natural compliments.

Treehouse Mountain, 57 pages, oversize with a sheet of three 90 degree dials on heavy plastic to cut out.

Read the book? Want to tell the world? How many stars (1-5) would you give this book?

DIALS! DIALS! DIALS! - Martha Lang-Wescott, $23.95
In this comprehensive set, there are 6 different types & sizes of 90 degree dials; 45 degree dials; Declination dial; 360 degree dial. Also includes chart forms for the dials: Declination form for midpoints; 360; 90 (standard); 90 (open); 45 degree; 60 degree; 90 degree synastry multi-rim form; 90 degree comparison. Since there's one sheet each, you are encouraged to photocopy. The dials are laminated on sheets of paper, you must carefully cut them out. This is not as bad as it seems, since the chart forms supplied are forgiving of minor mistakes. Also included is a foam core board. Get your scissors, find a nice push-pin & you're in business. Treehouse Mountain, mixed media.

CD Version: Four audio CDs, the booklet, A Course in Radix 90 degree Dial Techniques; a sample/practice chart of Sylvia Plath, a 5.25 inch/13.3 cm dial, a 4.25 inch/11 cm dial; and a 3.6 inch/90 mm dial.

A complete dial course for the beginner.

Treehouse Mountain, mixed media.

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