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C.C. Zain/Elbert Benjamine,
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Having heard much about C.C. Zain over the years, we were surprised when we actually looked at his work. It's rather uneven, in our judgment. His best work is mundane & political & includes his wonderful book on weather predicting, which, together with his invention of Astrodynes, are among the best astrology books of the century. Some of the other stuff, frankly, is not up to the same standards. On the other hand, if you're a Zainophile (zenophile?), you'll want it all.

See also his Brotherhood of Light Tarot Deck.

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MUNDANE ASTROLOGY: Interpreting Astrological Phenomena for Cities, Nations & Groups - C.C. Zain, $26.95
Contents: Table of contents; List of charts; About this book; Forward; Serial lesson key; The doctrine of mundane astrology; The cycles of Pluto & Neptune; The cycles of Uranus; The cycles of Saturn; The cycles of Jupiter; The cycles of Mars; Major conjunctions; The cycles of the sun; The cycles of the moon; Precise predicting: Eclipses.

Comment: Zain likes mundane astrology & gives it some of his best writing. Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, the Sun & progressed moon are each given a chapter on their mundane cycle. A planet's cycle starts the moment it changes from South to North declination, set for the location where its influence to be ascertained (Washington DC, for example). For each of the planets mentioned, Zain gives a long list of exact dates to specific events symbolized by the cycle planet & its progressed aspects. Part of Zain's method, from page 42:

Special Affinity of the Planet Receiving the Aspect:
Observation has shown that each of the planets has such a close affinity with certain things that, no matter what house of the cycle chart it occupies, when it receives a progressed aspect from the planet for which the cycle chart was erected, there is a pronounced effect apparent where these things are concerned. Next to the house occupied by a planet, as indicating the event which may most confidently be expected, there should be considered this special affinity. As a matter of actual practice, in our mundane astrology class where the events for each day of the week ahead are forecast, and the more important events for years ahead are predicted, with later newspaper headline verification; predictions are made first as to the events affected, as shown by the house position, and then other predictions are made merely from the natural affinity of the planet aspected. These classes, which have been in existence for a great many years fully warrant at least two predictions from each progressed aspect; one based on house position, and the other, usually of less consequence, based upon the special affinity of the aspected planet.
The final chapter, on precise predicting & eclipses, gives fascinating notes on the appearance of new stars in the sky over the last 500 years & what their impact on human affairs was. I have never seen this kind of material elsewhere & I want to see more like it. Easily the best of the mundane astrology books, an essential reference.

Church of Light, oversize paper, 179 pages.

WEATHER PREDICTING The Hermetic System of Astrological Weather Analysis - C.C. Zain, $33.00
Contents: Table of contents; List of charts; About this book; Forward; Serial lesson key; Astrological weather predicting; Reading astrological weather charts; Astrological temperature charts; Astrological air movement charts; Astrological moisture charts; Unusual weather; Tornadoes & hurricanes.

Comment: How do old farmers predict the weather? With astrology! If the Weather Channel never gets it right in your part of the woods, get this book & learn why astrology will always beat satellites. Weather forecasting was one of a working astrologer's primary jobs not so many centuries ago. This is one of C.C. Zain's best.

The various charts for astrological weather forecasting are as follows: The Temperature Chart is set for when the Sun enters each of the cardinal signs, eg, Aries, Cancer, Libra & Capricorn, timed for your locale. This is also the master weather chart for the season. The Air Movement Chart is erected whenever the planet Mercury changes signs, both direct & retrograde. Moisture Charts are drawn for the phases of the Moon: New, first quarter, full & last quarter. Aspects of the planets in these charts to the exact degree of the various ascendants denote weather in general. As they transit the ascendants, they denote changes in the weather. When the various planets gang up in one place at the same time, the weather gets nasty.

The planets: The Sun is dry, but will produce lightning. The Moon tends to chill & be wet. Mercury is cold, dry & windy. Venus is moderates. She makes colder weather warmer, hot weather cooler, storms milder. Mars is hot, but when afflicted, can be very cold. Jupiter is warm & breezy. Saturn is stormy & causes weather extremes: the hottest, the coldest, the wettest, the driest, etc. Uranus is cold, favoring sudden temperature changes, also squalls & wind gusts. Neptune produces freak weather, fog, dust, smoke, etc. Pluto is cool, breezy & wet. Afflicted, it can be nasty. Additionally, there are weather-related delineations for houses, signs & aspects, but this should give you the idea. If you live in an area of severe weather, you need astro-meteorology.

Church of Light, oversize paper, newly reset, 129 pages.

THE ASTRODYNE MANUAL - Elbert Benjamine, $22.95
Astrodynes, harmodynes & discordynes are measures of astrological power, harmony & discord. Their numerical strength determines the interpretation of the horoscope & the effect of transits, progressions & directions. Complete guide to their calculation & use. Newly reset, large format, a great improvement over older editions. 65 pages. Church of Light, oversize paper.

HOW TO READ COSMODYNES - Doris Chase Doane, $12.95

What are Cosmodynes?
Computer report
Chart classifications
Planetary energy transmutation
Harmonizing house energies
Personal motivation
Significant Cosmodynes
Factor analysis


One of C.C. Zain's leading students gives her thoughts on his system. On the back of the book it says,
How to Read Cosmodynes fills an important need in the astrological field. Many know of this method of measuring the relative power of the planets, signs & houses, but few know how to use it in their daily astrological practice. Yet it can be the key to seemingly inexplicable factors in the individual horoscope.

Cosmodyne patterns indicate how delays, obstacles & confusion can be avoided. They point to where the energy-expenditure should be directed, how it should be channeled, and the associations which will enhance the demonstration of success. Once you experiment with the use of cosmodynes, you will never give them up. Probably you'll wonder how you managed to do without them for so long.

AFA, 84 pages.

1. Planets
2. Signs and houses
3. Aspects
4. Temperament, disposition and health
5. Vocational analysis
6. Compatibility
7. Progressions
8. Temperament
9. Vocational selection
10. Compatibility
11. Delineating the whole chart.

Comment: From the back of the book:

The use of astrodynes takes much of the guesswork out of chart interpretation by mathematically determining the relative power in a horoscope. Simply put, astrodynes allow a greater precision in birth chart interpretation.

Previously, the chart ruler was considered to be the ruler of the Ascendant. Now, the strongest planets, signs & houses can easily be determined, leading to more accurate assessment of vocation, temperament, and compatibility. The level of harmony or discord will indicate the fortune that can be attracted by each factor.

There is a difference between power, which is a potential for action, and harmony, which is the effect of the action. The amount of strength in the chart will show how insistent are the desires, or specific areas of life. Whether they express in harmony or with difficulty has little to do with the amount of power they have. Therefore, the first step in a better understanding of how to use astrodynes in a birth chart is to understand what power is in a chart, and what harmony is, and the difference between the two. The author explains these differences and focuses on the interpretation of astrodynes, including specifics about each planet, house & aspect.

91 pages. AFA, paper.

HORARY ASTROLOGY: How to Erect & Judge a Horoscope - C.C. Zain, $19.95
The first half of this book is a basic primer on how to set up & read a natal chart. We're not sure why this is here as horary charts are read by entirely different rules. The horary section starts off with a review of the Astral (eg, feeling, emotional) environment, which the author emphasizes in much of his writing. The two chapters on horary that follow are somewhat superficial (in our view) & have a mundane undertone. Then follows a useful chapter on electional astrology. A chapter on shortcuts in setting up a chart concludes the book. 170 pages. Church of Light, oversize paper.

Here, the first two chapters are taken up by a survey of the 36 decanates (10 degree sections of the zodiac). For each decanate a constellation & keyword are given, also notable persons with planets in the decanate. From these are derived an overall meaning to each decanate. The remaining chapters (the bulk of the book) on Temperament, Vitality, Vocation, Friends & Enemies, Marriage & Partnerships seem superficial to us. 268 pages including examination questions. Church of Light, paper.

In this book, secondary progressions are termed Major Progressions (the day for a year stuff). Zain also puts strong emphasis on Minor Progressions (one lunar month equals one year of life). In addition to the usual stuff on the astral body & thought cells, the author also relates progressions to Einstein's Theory of Relativity. It seems as if Zain is more interested in telling us how he thinks astrology works than what it may mean in real life. In a chapter on Major Progressions, he tells us what to do under unfavorable progressions of the moon & planets. In the next chapter on Minor Progressions, he tells us what to do when under favorable progressions. There follows a chapter on transits which is mostly disparaging of transits, solar returns & lunar returns. The book concludes with a chapter on Rectification. 268 pages including examination questions. Church of Light, paper.

STELLAR HEALING: Astrological Predisposition, Diagnosis & Treatment of Disease - C.C. Zain, $29.95
A most excellent book. In addition to the usual planetary/sign health rulerships (given in some detail), are notes about astrology & color healing, astrology & laying on of hands, astrology, healing & the thought process, astrology & sound, the technique of stellar healing, stellar healing in practice, as well as a long list of common ailments & their astrological signatures. 225 pages. Church of Light, oversize paper. ASTROLOGICAL SIGNATURES: Evolution of the Soul & the Nature of Astrological Energies - C.C. Zain, $16.95
Zain's ideas of cosmology, eg, what the big picture is & what it all means. Esoteric signs, mundane houses, food & sex hungers, a mysterious 9 point plan "which must be followed", facts & fancies about reincarnation (reincarnation doesn't exist!) & concludes with an Egyptian initiation ritual in great detail.

We've had correspondence on Zain's view of reincarnation as expressed in this book. So a few details on Zain's views: At creation, souls are divided into boy souls & girl souls. They go through a series of incarnations (once as an animal, once as a human, that's it) & afterwards find their opposite sexed "soul mate" & merge into the oneness. Since there's more than one physical life between creation & the ultimate goal (whatever it may be), Zain believes in reincarnation, but not the repetition of human lives. An embarrassing diagram has been deleted from the current edition. Despite that, there's lots more in this book. 206 pages including index. Church of Light, paper.

C.C. Zain, page 2

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