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Horary & Electional Astrology, page 2

Horary & Electional Astrology, page 1

I've mixed up the titles in these two related categories over two pages to get you to browse a bit (cheap of me, I know). Here are introductory notes on Electional Astrology, intro notes on Horary Astrology are on page 1:

Electional Astrology is the inverse of Horary Astrology. Horary astrology seeks to discover the value of a given instant in time. Electional astrology tries to find a good time to do something. The finest book on electionals is of course Robson's. He gives dozens of traditional formulas on all subjects except financial, which he says are closely guarded. Of the other books, March & McEvers give a quick sketch, Doane mostly experiments (did she ever hear of Robson's fine book?). This brief sketch will have to do until I get blurbs written.

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HORARY ASTROLOGY: An Introduction to the Astrology of Time - Derek Appleby, $23.95
Contents: Part 1: The methods of horary astrology: 1. Charting the question; 2. Preliminary considerations; 3. Significators; 4. Perfection; 5. Fixed stars & important degrees; Denial of perfection; 7. Third party questions; 8. Multiple questions; 9. Time & distance.

Part 2: Collected judgements: 10. Marriage & relationships; 11. Births & babies; 12. Property; 13. Education; 14. Career & status; 15. Loss & theft; 16. Sickness & death; 17. Miscellaneous; 18. Conclusion. Bibliography; Index.


It should be recorded that the horary revival in the UK was in very significant measure directly inspired by Derek Appleby, who originally taught himself astrology, and along with it horary. Derek Appleby turned on a small group of us at the Astrological Lodge in the early 1970s. We knew of horary through several of the modern authorities, yet the subject seemed to slumber. I now know that I couldn’t properly ‘see’ horary. Like others, I was amazed when Derek Appleby demonstrated the capacity to bring horoscopes alive and make the symbols dance with radicality... (from The Moment of Astrology, by Geoffrey Cornelius)

Derek Appleby (1937-1995) was the leading UK exponent of horary astrology of his era. He was also a much respected teacher and lecturer, briefly President of the Astrological Lodge of London, and a founding member of the Company of Astrologers. As Geoffrey Cornelius suggests, it is to Derek Appleby we owe not only the revival of horary techniques, but the larger traditional revival as well.

This is not the traditional horary book in format. Appleby has by far the clearest exposition of how long it will take, how far away, and in what direction, that I have seen in any book. The chapters on third party questions, and multiple questions, are unique so far as I know. Appleby picks up on Ivy Goldstein-Jacobson's technique for planets in mutual reception. Both he & Ivy transfer the degrees of these planets to each others's signs & read the new aspects formed thereby. Influenced as well by Lilly, this is not your usual horary book. It is full of surprises, all based on Appleby's own experience. Many, many charts, as well as unique diagrams.

Click here for a pdf extract.

Astrology Classics, 246 pages.

SIMPLIFIED HORARY ASTROLOGY - Ivy Goldstein-Jacobson, $42.35
Contents: Introduction; The houses & the natural wheel;

The planets, their symbol, speed, dignity, peregrine, intercepted, rulership of places, creatures, plants, liquids, metals, gems, articles, equipment, days & hours; as signification of querent & quesited, as co-significators, as co-rulers; mute, dissatisfied, insecure, beseiged; in nodal, malefic or critical degrees; retrograde; mutual reception

The many Parts: Fortune, Mis-fortune, Sickness, Marriage, Surgery or cutting, Death, Danger or peril, Legalizing & Weddings

To set up the horary chart
Calculation of the planet-places
Aspects, applying & separating

The Moon: speed, calculating position, standing in the signs, nodes, where aspects begin & end, moon's separating aspect, reading her first & final aspect, void of course, void but parallel Fortune, moon's preceding conjunction, important event in the past, moon's changes enroute anywhere, as significator, moon as co-ruler, places ruled by the moon & Cancer; creatures, plants, equiment, hours ruled; moon common & cadent, moon in 5th or 9th, anatomy & pathology of moon & Cancer, moon in an election chart

First house: Where would I be better off? What is going to happen to me? Am I to live long? To die soon? When am I going to make a change? Will I be able to stay where I am? What else does it say about me? Does it tell my future? Where is the missing person? Is he at home? Is he well? Is he dead? Can I get in touch with him? Will the absent one return? What is the absent one doing? Is this vehicle safe?

Second house: Shall I become rich, and how? Shall I become poor, and how? Shall I be able to borrow? Shall I cash the check for him? Shall I guarantee the note? Shall I invest (not speculate)? Shall I make this purchase? Shall I exchange the goods? Shall I be paid for the goods?

Third house: Who called in my absence? Where is the letter I sent? Who wrote the anonymous letter? Who has been gossiping? Is the report or rumor true? What sort of trip am I going to have? Shall I make the trip? Should I not make the trip?

Fourth house: Should I pay the balance on this lot? Is the price high or low? To buy or sell? The buyer & seller. Will the oil come in? Shall I profit? Things lost or mislaid. Where? Where is the missing article? Will the article be found? When? Where is my purse? Where is the lost diamond ring? Where is the yardage I bought? Shall I inherit from my family? When?

Fifth house: Shall I speculate in this gold mine? Shall I speculate? Shall I win or lose? Which team will win? Concerning a messenger. Questions about children: Concerning illegitimacy. Is this birth legitimate? Conception & pregnancy. Pregnant or not. Present duration of pregnancy. Time of delivery. Boy or girl: twins. Survival of the child. Why don't I have a baby? What is my child best fitted for? Will the missing child return? About love-affairs

Sixth house: Shall I employ this person? Will my maid return to my employ? Concerning tenants & lodgers. Should I have a lodger or tenant? Will my tenant or lodger remain? About small animals, fowls & pets. The time to buy, or not. Is the dog trustworthy & faithful? Should I have a pet? About missing animals. Questions about sickness. The Part of Sickness. The Angle of Distress. Gender & temperature of the planets. Anatomy & pathology of the signs. Pathology of the planets. What is the matter with me? Should I have an operation? Is father's illness serious? Is it cancer? Is the illness real or imagined? Progress & duration of the illness. Is the disease curable? Will the patient recover? When? Will the patient die?

Seventh house: Questions about marriage. The Part of Marriage. Will my brother marry this woman? Shall I ever get married? Am I going to marry this one? When? Shall I marry more than once? Why don't we get married? Will there be a divorce? Will my wife (or husband) return? Concerning lawsuits: who wins? The judge in the case. Shall I plead bankruptcy? Partnerships & business deals. Will this business deal go through? The buyer & the seller. Loss by theft. Will the stolen goods be found? Describe the thief. Is he the one I suspect? Which way did he go? Does the thief still have the goods? Will the thief be caught? The thief is under arrest. Is there more than one thief? Will there be a war? Will the beseiged surrender? Whel will World War II end? For safe return from war. Do I have any public enemy?

Eighth house: To recover a debt. Will I be repaid for my doctor bill? Will son-in-law pay me the note? Shall I be paid for the goods? Shall I be reimbursed for my loss? About wills & legacies. Is there a will? Will the legacy be received? Regarding surgery. The Part of Surgery or Cutting. Chart for the time of surgery. Should I have the operation? Death in the chart. The Part of Death. Recognizing death in any chart. Will there be death soon? Will the patient recover? Am I in danger? The Part of Peril.

Ninth house: Shall I take the bus to Arizona? Am I going to attend the wedding? Election chart for a trip. Rituals, legalizing, certifying. The Part of Legalizing. The Part of Weddings. Is my schooling adequate? Should I go to college? For success in publishing. Insurance: Am I the beneficiary?

Tenth house: Trades & professions. Shall I get this job? Should I leave this job? For return to office or power. Conviction & execution by law. Will friend Jack be convicted? Will these spies be executed? Success of a petition.

Eleventh house: Is my friend true or false? Shall I become a member? Shall I proceed with the adoption? Will I get my wish? How will his will turn out? Wages: to get a raise or refund.

Twelfth house: An undisclosed question (mystery). Have I a secret enemy? Arrest & imprisonment. Freedom from prison & time of release. Danger of death in prison. Am I in danger? The Part of Peril.

Reading the horary chart: Caution in reading the chart. House rulership of persons & matters. The house of the question. The measure of time. The distance by mileage. The direction by house & sign. Bringing the matter to perfection. The aspects that bring perfection. Translation & collection of light. The moon void but aspecting Fortuna. What denies perfection. Hindrance, frustration, impediment, refranation, combust, under sunbeams, the Via Combust way. Progressing the horary planets.

The Election chart: How to set up the election chart. Malefics in the election chart. The moon in the election chart. For independent action. For any other kind of action. Election chart for a journey.

Comment: Explains fully & simply how to answer such queries as regard personal problems, family, marriage, health, business, travel, finances, children, inheritance, death, loss, etc., with 34 charts to illustrate the method; valuable to those who want an immediate, dependable answer to a serious question. It is designed to teach those who must study alone or at home, as well as those able to have tuition, so includes instruction in setting a chart. We only add: One of the great horary books of the century. Back in Print!

Self-published, 277 pages, hardcover.




Part 1:
1. What horary astrology is
2. How horary astrology developed
3. Strictures against judgment
4. Signs and rulers
5. The old planets
6. The new planets
7. The houses
8. Turning the radical chartbr> 9. Timing events in the horary chart
10. Placing events in the horary chart
11. The aspects
12. Further considerations that affect judgment

Part 2:
13. Real estate
14. Employment
15. Travel
16. Multiple questions
17. Business, finance, investments
18. Missing people
19. Health
20. Legal problems
21. Politics
22. War


A new printing of the classic book by Barbara Watters, which first appeared in 1973. Part 1, an introduction to horary itself, is well-written, though not comprehensive. You should know your basic planets-signs-houses to get the best from it. In Part 2 are many well-worked examples, the writing is excellent. Watters gets an amazing amount of detail out of the charts. Study her work, you will learn a great many practical things. She is especially good with mundane events and writes with great flair. The book is a joy to read.

The book is newly reset. The elves at the AFA do a nice job of resetting old books, but often do not quite get all the details right. In the charts, Watters uses both nodes, but the newly reset charts give only the north. Watters also uses the Part of Fortune, which the new charts do not have. This is more an annoyance than a real problem, as Fortuna is easily calculated.

I have often been asked for this book. I am pleased it is back.

AFA, 166 pages.

Read the book? Want to tell the world? How many stars (1-5) would you give this book?

ELECTIONAL ASTROLOGY - Vivian Robson, $19.95


1. Introduction
2. General Principles
3. The Moon in Electional Astrology
4. The Lunar Mansions & Aspects
5. Planetary Hours
6. Personal Elections
7. Domestic Elections
8. Commerce & Finance
9. Business & Occupation
10. Friendship & Favor
11. Medical Elections
12. Marriage & Children
13. Houses & Property
14. Journeys & Messages
15. Games & Sports
16. Wars, Fights & Lawsuits
17. Agriculture & Gardening
18. Animals
19. Prisoners & Criminals
20. Public Affairs


Comment: Ever wished you had picked a better time to start that new project? Let Electional Astrology help. In this book are the classic rules for choosing the best times to start all manner of things, from the trivial (bathing, cutting hair), to the important (marriage, starting a business) and pretty much everything in-between: travel, joining the army, planting & sowing & much more. Includes a complete discussion of lunar mansions & planetary hours, timing factors often overlooked. This remains the best modern book ever written on elections. It has long been a classic.

Much of this book was taken from a careful reading of William Ramesey's Astrology Restored of 1653. Which, despite 20 years of astrological revival, remains out of print: The original is in an antique typescript, the available photocopies and microfiche are badly stained and worn, the result is virtually unreadable. There is currently a retyped version in England but as of 2011 it has not been made available for publishing. I would publish in an instant if it ever came my way.

Click here for a pdf extract.

Astrology Classics, 228 pages, paper.

TIME FOR MAGIC: Planetary Hours for Meditations, Rituals & Spells - Maria Kay Simms, $12.95
Contents: 1. Astrology, Queen of timing; 2. Planets: Basic meanings (delineation of people born in each planet's hour, what each planet's hour rules, planetary timing); 3. Timing by the moon (phases, waxing & waning periods in detail); 4. Order & calculation of planetary hours (sunrise & sunset, manual calculation of hours, perpetual planetary hour tables, time correction tables for major US/international cities); 5. Quick timing with an astrological calendar (rules for voids, lunar phases, retrogrades, examples of electional timing; Planetary meditations (becoming each of the planets through meditation); Planetary rituals, for each planet.

Appendices: Public data lists for planetary hour of birth (born in the hour of sun, moon, Mercury, etc.); Planetary & elemental correspondences. Bibliography, Index.

Comment: This started as a reworking of the classic (long out of print) Llewellyn George Perpetual Planetary Hour Book. Along the way a lot of ritual magic got added, for better or worse. Astrological hours differ slightly from the civilian hours that you see on a clock face. The astrological day starts at sunrise. The period from sunrise to sunset is divided into 12 equal periods of time (as is the following period from sunset to sunrise) & each of these is ruled, in turn, by the Sun, Moon & traditional 5 planets. The first hour of each day is ruled by the same planet that rules the entire day. Those who speak one of the Romance languages will know which planet rule which day, but for the English-speaking among us, the Sun rules Sunday, Moon/Monday, Mars/Tuesday, Mercury/Wednesday, Jupiter/Thursday, Venus/Friday, Saturn/Saturday. Planets rule hours based on their apparent speed as viewed from the Earth, from slowest to fastest: Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury, Moon, and then back to Saturn, etc.

What do we do with this? Some hours are better for some things than for others: Sun: Honors. Mercury: Communication, alertness. Venus: Favors, romance. Mars: Conflict, exertion. Jupiter: Abundance, everything. Saturn: Organization, or a nap. Know what planet rules the hour & you'll know what to do & when to do it. In electional astrology, planetary hours give us a way of getting around the fact that Jupiter and/or Mercury may be retrograde this week & next but that you need a raise now. What to do? Ask during a Jupiter hour! Perpetual Planetary Hour Tables show the exact hour at a glance, set for standard time at your local time meridian (eg, 0, 15, 30, 45, 60, 75/EST, 90/CST 105/MST, 120/PST degrees west of Greenwich). Time correction tables for US & international cities let you correct the Perpetual tables to the nearest minute, for great accuracy. Be sure & add an hour to your final result if you're in summer time. Complete instructions are included.

Llewellyn, 298 pages.

HORARY ASTROLOGY, PLAIN & SIMPLE - Anthony Louis, $19.95
Index of astrological charts; Index of figures; Index of tables; Forward by Carol Wiggers Q.H.P.; Preface; Acknowledgements;

1. How I got hooked on horary; 2. A method of horary analysis; 3. Some basic concepts of horary astrology; 4. The radical chart & considerations before judgment; 5. Aspects & orbs in horary; 6. Essential dignity, Almutens & other considerations; 7. More arcana, the method of Lilly & the houses of Mr. B.; 8. The houses in horary: general considerations; 9. Elemental triplicities & skipping houses; 10. Notes on the planets & signs in horary;

11. Critical degrees, fixed stars, Arabic parts & solstice points; 12. Finding lost items; 13. Two cases of missing cases & the church's stolen silver; 14. A potpourri of case examples; 15. Conclusions & recommendations.

Appendix A: Fixed stars & malefic degrees; Appendix B: Some Arabic parts; Appendix C: Data for the charts of William Lilly; Bibliography; Index.

Comment: The author is a modern student of William Lilly. His first book on horary (in the late 1980's, now out of print) was a classic. Here is part of a review of this one, as found on pg. iii, by Bruce Scofield:

The author's knowledge of the history of his subject is remarkable & commendable. There is much to be gained from familiarity with history in any field, but especially so in astrology, which suffers today in part because its roots are deeply buried in the past. Louis is a good historian. He has read the relevant sources. He understands them (something that many historians of science do not), is critical of them, and freely relates when the old techniques prove dubious in modern practice....

Louis relies on both ancient & modern horary authorities to sort through the contradictions in the literature & present a coherent methodology for analysis. The use of case studies is a vital part of any book on horary astrology, and the cases in this text are especially varied. His section on finding lost objects is particularly thorough.....

What's missing - and this is what makes the book so refreshing - is the astrological cheerleading, the warped interpretations of history and over-confidence in the "correctness" of certain traditions. In addition, he enlivens what might be a necessarily tedious read with odd & delightful observations, humor, witticisms & puns. In short, this book is well-written, superbly organized & very readable (quite a feat for a book about one of the most technical branches of traditional astrology).

259 pages. Llewellyn, paper.

LOSE THIS BOOK & FIND IT WITH HORARY - Alphee Lavoie, $15.95


Dedication & acknowledgments
Foreword, by Rob Hand

Part 1: The rules
1. Horary myths & misconceptions
2. Testing the ascendant
3. Second house ruler
4. Clocking the question
5. Turning the chart
6. Description & values of the article
7. The five significators
8. The houses
9. Location of lost articles by sign
10. The Moon
11. The Moon's last aspect
12. The Moon's nodes & recovery
13. Lost, mislaid or stolen
14. The aspects
15. Mutual reception
16. The Part of Fortune
17. The elements & the decanates
18. Favorable & unfavorable indicators
19. Planetary speeds
20. Retrogrades
21. Translation of light
22. The degrees
23. The end of the matter
24. Calculating direction, distance, timing
25. Physical descriptions & temperament

Part 2: Chart examples:
Chart 1: Lost luggage
Chart 2: Lost ring
Chart 3: Lost keys
Chart 4: Lost title
Chart 5: Missing car
Chart 6: Lost dog
Chart 7: Lost wallet
Chart 8: What happened to my purse?
Chart 9: Where is Thumbkin?


Comment: This is the second, 2008, edition of a book that was first published in 1995. The first part of this book is a general introduction to horary astrology, complete with all the many rules & fussy details, all clearly laid out.

The second part of the book, the sample charts, is limited to lost & missing items. This is in keeping with the title of the book itself (the title reminds me of Abbie Hoffman's celebrated Steal This Book!) & enables the author to focus on this single area. Missing articles are a mainstay of the horary practice. Lavoie has an innovative local space method for determining the precise direction of missing articles. (Do a chart. Point the anti-vertex due east. Find the planet that rules the house in question. It went thataway.)

A note to the author: Page numbers for the charts, as given on pg. ii, are wrong.

Astrological Institute of Research, 127 pages.

HORARY AT ITS BEST - Alphee Lavoie, $16.99
Contents: Dedication; Acknowledgments; Foreword by Noel Tyl.

Questions: What happened to the cat I was feeding? Should I sell my share of the business? Where is my lost earring? Should they sell the house & move to Florida? Should I open an office east of the river? Should I invest in this stock? Should we buy this house? Should I buy a house or rent a house? Will I marry this man?

What is this Christmas gift? If I offer the bookkeeper more money, will she stay? Should I hire this man? Can we adopt this baby? Should we buy this house? Should we buy my daughter a pet? Should I let my kids go with the ex for the weekends? Should I keep my career or go to school? Should I buy car #1, #2 or #3? I am worried about my daughter's new friend; Should I move my mother into a new convalescent home?

Should my daughter renew her lease? Should we buy a business? Where is the lost athlete? Should I buy this stock? Will my book be published? Which college should I go to? What do my partners want to talk to me about? Which of two men should I marry? Will this customer give me the work he promises? Where am I going with my life? Should I adopt these two children? Will my brother in law repay his debt?

Is this new friend good for my son? Should my sister & I buy this house? Should I take this job? Should I sell my friend's farm? Will my daughter marry the boy she is dating? Should I take the offer & change my job? Recommended reading.

Comment: These articles originally appeared in the author's Horary Column in Dell Horoscope. The book is dedicated to Ivy Goldstein-Jacobson, one presumes Lavoie bases his work on hers. Charts in the book are from the author's own software programs & regretfully are often not clear, though as full chart data is given, they can be easily reconstructed. NCGR level IV.

AIR (Astrological Institute of Research), 170 pages.

Contents: Foreword; 1. Essential elements; 2. Air travel charts; 3. Automobile purchase charts; 4. Building charts; 5. Business charts; 6. Corporation charts; 7. Dodgers stadium; 8. Education and language; 9. Everyday affairs charts; 10. Hollywood Bowl chart;

11. Job charts; 12. Marriage charts; 13. Media charts; 14. New residence charts; 15. Partnership charts; 16. Politics and war; 17. Progressions as a counseling tool; 18. Railroad travel charts; 19. Trip charts; 20. Water travel charts; 21. World Olympiad charts; 22. The electional approach. Charts. Bibliography and references.

Comment: In this book, the author works backwards. An event happens (someone buys a car, moves into a house, gets a job, etc.). The author takes the recorded date, time & place, sets up a chart & reads it to find indications of success or failure for the enterprise in question. If the car later has an accident, or the person looses the job, that event is related back to the original chart. Interesting speculation.

AFA, 279 pages.

Horary & Electional Astrology, page 1

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