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Uranian & Cosmobiology, page 1

Cosmobiology, page 2

Uranian astrology (a term which has nothing to do with the planet Uranus) was an invention of the German astrology school in the 1920's. Its chief claim to fame are a number of "Uranian/Transneptunian" points, hypothetical planets located far beyond the orbit of Pluto, which, surprisingly enough, often turn up in the foreground of charts of natural disasters. Story we heard is the transneptunians were copyrighted (yes, you heard right!) and use of them was denied to all but the select few. This has crippled understanding of Transneptunians to this day.

Reinhold Ebertin, as it turns out, was not one of the lucky. So he invented Cosmobiology, which is basically Uranian astrology without the hypotheticals. Aside from the imaginary points, both systems are a "scientific" reworking of astrological basics (we doubt western science is up to the demands of this sort of astrology, hence the quotes).

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DIAL DETECTIVE: Investigation with the 90 degree dial - Maria Kay Simms, $19.95
Contents: Introduction

1. It IS elementary, dear Watson! Symbolism of 90 degrees & the number 4; How to set up the dial; Sir Arthur Conan Doyle & The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes; Explanation of degree markings on the dial; Doyle chart on the dial, recognition of conjunctions, squares; Turning the dial, semi-squares, sesquiquadrates, 22 1/2 degree aspects; Midpoints; Solar arc directions; Changes from the first edition: Intro to Cosmobiology

2. Cosmobiology: Basic facts about the method; Advantages for studying unknown birth times; Practice case study, unknown birth time: Mike Tyson; Practice case study, accurately timed chart: The Clinton Scandal; How to figure when solar arc directions are "right on"; Dial your year ahead: personal forecasting; Objectivity? Tough, when it's YOUR year; How worried should mom & dad be about Liz's trip?

3. Uranian Astrology: The Uranian planets; Doyle chart with Uranian planets, explanation of dots on the dial; The midpoint tree - Doyle's Aries axis; Lee Harvey Oswald's Aries tree, planetary pictures; Sensitive points

4. Uranian Case Studies: A case of surgery; The prize-winning mystery; Contact! (chart comparison on the dial): A deadly relationship, Golden wedding plans; The midpoint composite chart: Meridian of the day, Deadly relationship reprise; Multiple contact charts: A senseless tragedy

5. Caution! Fate, free will & forecasting

6. Have Dial, Will Travel: Relocation charts; Choose your solar return

7. Novel Predictions - or is fiction fact? A novel mystery chart; personal point combinations for mundane work; The virgin; The third world war - August 1985; The day after
8. Dial a Past Life: Is she her own grandpa? Sums & half-sums; The chart of Edgar Cayce with "regressions"; The chart of "John Bainbridge"; Colin

9. Rectification of Unknown Birth Time: Let's rectify mom's chart; Steps in setting up your dial to scan event solar arcs; Determining the degree of the moon; Investigating for Midheaven & Ascendant; When you think you're finished.. Do you have the right chart?

A dial to cut out & use

Appendix 1: Positions of M, A & planets for charts used in the first edition
Appendix 2: Alphabetical listing of planetary pictures
Appendix 3: "Grim" planetary pictures changed to "good", ..or at least, "better!"
Appendix 4: More Uranian Tips & Terminology: Color-keyed dial, double dial, transparencies, half & double solar arcs; The 360 degree dial, as aspectarian; Antiscia or solstice points; The Uranian house system; The personal points; Dial games: Predicting the birth of a baby & running "M"
Bibliography & resources.

Comment: Back in print! The classic text on how to use a dial in a new, revised edition. Learn how the 90 degree dial is structured, how to put a chart on it, how to read it. Large format makes for large - and plentiful - illustrations. Topics include degree markings on the dial; recognition of conjunctions & squares; turning the dial; semi-squares (45), sesquiquadrates (135), 22.30 aspects; midpoints, solar arc directions; Cosmobiology; Uranian astrology; midpoint trees; planetary pictures; sensitive points; relocation & solar returns; rectification. Some of the charts included are those of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle of Sherlock Holmes fame (the book is named in his memory), Mike Tyson, Bill Clinton, Lee Harvey Oswald & Edgar Cayce, along with many other charts: Relationships, winning, travel, surgery, pop fiction, reincarnation & much more. Includes a large 90 degree dial you can photocopy & use with the book. The author taught herself the dial & for many years taught others. Her confidence, wide experience & playfulness pervade the book. Discover the many amazing things you can do with the dial.

Cosmic Muse Publications, 118 pages, oversize paper.

Alfred Witte
RULES FOR PLANETARY PICTURES, The Astrology of Tomorrow - Alfred Witte & Herman Lefeldt, $30.00
Contents: Preface of the editor; Delineation of structure in the planetary system; The Aquarian age; The dyads; The biological periods; The tetrads; Planets of life, time, space, power & matter; The four planets of life; The four planets of time; The four planets of space; The four planets of power & matter; A survey of the whole system

Planetary Pictures: Meridian, Aries, Sun, Ascendant, Moon, Moon's nodes, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Cupido, Hades, Zeus, Kronos, Apollon, Admetos, Vulcanus, Poseidon.

Comment: The original book of midpoint structures & analysis, including the Meridian, together with the 8 transneptunians (Cupido, Hades, Zeus, Kronos, Apollon, Admetos, Vulcanus & Poseidon). Each of the bodies listed under Planetary Pictures (above) includes all possible combinations, some 17 sections per body, each with 20 individual entries. With introductory notes. A comprehensive treatise.

Witte Verlag/Penelope Publications, 400 pages, paper. The cover's color varies, sometimes blue, sometimes white.

Contents: Foreword; A short review of astrological history; Thesis of the Witte Astrological Society in Germany; Hamburg School beginnings; The influence of astrology;

Transneptunians; Calculating the planets and reference points; Calculating the planetary degrees; Calculating the Transneptunians; Tools of the Hamburg School; The 90 degree dial; Alfred Witte's equal house system of calculating; Planetary pictures; Solar arc directions; Rectifying the horoscope; Simplify with graphics; Overview of the halfsums;

How to use the textbook in horoscope analysis; Characteristics; The prognosis & the sun arcs; Forecasting, "covering" & direct distances; Partnership; Symmetries & the radix suns; Local meridians & local ascendants of locations; Mundane astrology; 1985 annual horoscope; The progressed daily meridian; In closing.

Appendices: 1. Zodiacal sign translation; 1a. World time zones; April 1929 ephemeris page; 3. Sidereal time correction table; 4. SMA table; 5. Nomogram (to calculate planetary motion); 6. Transneptunian ephemeris for 1948; Table of planetary positions for Prince Charles (in German); 8. Charles's solar arc table; 9. Graphic ephemeris for 1984; 10. 22.5 degree midpoint sort for Charles; 11. 90 degree sort for Charles; 12 & 13. 11.25 degree sorts for Charles; 14. Lady Diana Spencer's chart, in table form, in German; 15. 22.5 degree sort for Diana; 16. Ronald Reagan's chart; 17. FJS's chart; 18. Neumond's chart; 19. Neumond's IV/85 chart; 20. Neumond's 22.5 degree sort; 21. Neumond's 90 degree sort; 22. Another 22.5 degree sort for Neumond; 23. Jahreshoroskop 1985 (chart for the year); 24. 1985 22.5 degree sort; 25. Udo Jurgens chart; 26. Jurgens's 22.5 degree sort; 27. Jurgens's midpoints; 28. Jurgens's planetary trees; 29. Jurgens's 22.5 degree sort; 30. 22.5 degree graphic ephemeris for Jurgens; 31. Jurgens's planetary positions in 360, 90 & 22.5 positions.

Comment: In the foreword, it says: The preparatory work of this book (in the German original version) was begun in the autumn of 1983.... Our purpose in writing this book was not so much to make an astrological prognosis, as it was to demonstrate techniques. As for prognostications, we are pleased to have recognized the difficult political situation facing Bonn at the time of the new Moon in April 1985. American President Ronald Reagan's visit to the military graveyard at Bitberg remains in our memory of forecasts. Also his re-election as President in November 1984 was clearly shown by us. (pg. 2)

Translated by Tracy Kohlrautz, edited by Penelope Bertucelli.

Penelope Publications, 210 pages.

ALTERED & UNFINISHED LIVES - Eleonora Kimmel, $21.95



The 90 degree circle
The 45 degree ephemeris

Chart studies:
Abduction, rape & suicide; Mary Jo Kopechne, Bruno Hauptmann, Charles Stuart, Brandon, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Robert, Ronald Goldman, John P., Jayne Mansfield, Evelyn, JFK Jr., Accidental drowning, John Ritter, Highway inferno, JonBenet Ramsey, Jimmy, Laci Peterson, Larry, Marilyn Monroe, Jet crash, Nicole Simpson, Princess Diana, Natalie, Mario Lanza, Rachel Joy Scott

Fritz Brandau's Anatomical degrees, as translated by Mary Vohryzek, with parenthetical additions from Charles Carter
. This is the same list, with the same additions from Carter, as given in Jane Ridder-Patrick's Handbook of Medical Astrology, where it is attributed to Elsbeth & Reinhold Ebertin.


The opening chapters give an overview of Cosmobiology. Then follows many case studies, mostly of people who had unexpected endings. The famous names in the list above are taken from the newspapers, the others are from the author's own files, either as clients or as contacts. For each natus the author provides their traditional natal chart (Koch houses), the 90 degree chart, midpoint trees, as well as 90 biwheel charts (natal inside, accident outside) & 45 degree graphic ephemerides of the accident/incident in question.

A useful book.

AFA, 208 pages, oversize.

Read the book? Want to tell the world? How many stars (1-5) would you give this book?

PATTERNS OF DESTINY: Suddenly interrupted lives - Eleonora & Manfred Kimmel, $21.00
Contents: Patterns of destiny; Carolyn & Marcie; Carolyn; Marcie; Harry; Peter; Princess Grace of Monaco; Pricess Stephanie; Brandon; Patricia; Jayne Mansfield; Zoltan; Zoltan involved in car accident; Natalie Wood; Evelyn; Too mature to be going that fast; Marilyn Monroe; Robert; Mountain Bell jet crash - four killed; Beverly; Not my number; An unsolved murder; Cathy; Mandy; Appendices: The 29 degree circle; Midpoints; Formulas pertaining to accidents; Bibliography.

Comment: From the introduction: "The proclamation of Destiny and Free Will is raising continuous questions of every much is Destiny and how much is Free Will? Again and again the question arises: Could this accident or this particular event have been avoided?....After an incident has occurred, retracing the correlation of the planets with the event is a simple matter, but it is a necessary step in the process of research. I have gathered authentic information surrounding these tragic moments and will now give a brief account of how accurately Cosmobiology mirrors this experience." (pg. 1)

For the many case studies, the author provides 90 degree dials, solar arc directions, midpoints, graphic ephemerides, planetary trees, etc.

AFA, 195 pages.

URANIAN ASTROLOGY GUIDE PLUS EPHEMERIS - Sylvia Sherman & Jori Frank-Manske, $17.95
Contents: Introduction; Acknowledgments;

1. A new system is born: Divine order, history, Alfred Witte, Challenging variations

2. Sensitive points: Definition, The intrinsic points, The visible planets, The Transneptunian planets

3. House systems: The Meridian horoscope, The Ascendant horoscope, The Sun horoscope, The Moon horoscope, The Earth horoscope, The 360 degree wheel

4. Planetary symmetry: Hard angles, The 90 degree wheel, Sums, Half-sums, The signs of the zodiac, Delineation of symmetry

5. Antiscia: Definition, Location, Calculation, Delineation

6. Predictability: Fiscal date, Secondary progressions, Solar arc directions

Ephemeris of Transneptunian planets, 1900-2000; Appendices: 1. Tools & methods for calculating fundamental sensitive points; 2. Wheels & graphs (large 360 degree wheel, large 90 degree wheel, graph for plotting sums & half sums). Index.

Comment: A brief, comprehensive guide to the fundamentals of the Uranian system. Easy to use & understand. Includes ephemeris of Transneptunian planets & handy wheels & graph.

American School of Astrology, 192 pages, small ring binder.

SYMPHONY OF THE PLANETS - Sylvia Sherman & Jori Frank-Manske, $22.95
Contents: Introduction; 1. Solos (keywords for sensitive points in the horoscope, eg, planets, transneps, angles, etc.); 2. Duets (keywords for simple midpoints, eg, Sun-Meridian, Jupiter-Pluto, etc.); 3. Bands (planetary pictures, a sampling only); 4. Signs & houses (keywords); 5. Wheels-jazz (brief note on the 90 degree wheel).

Comment: From the introduction: "The true subtleties of astrology are expressed through the combinations of symbolic energy. Human experience is not linear. Its basis is simplistic, but in its expression it is complex and minutely integrated.... The astrologer, like the conductor, pulls all the influences together and guides them into melodic form....The astrologer, too, must have an intimate in-depth sensitivity to and understanding of each sign, house, and fundamental sensitive point (i.e., luminaries, planets and ecliptic points) in order to create meaningful delineations."

American School of Astrology, small ring binder, 318 pages.

90 DEGREE DIAL - Penelope Publications, $12.00
If you’re serious about Cosmobiology, get this sturdy laminated dial, 6 inches/15 cm in diameter. Secure this to a pad of paper with a pin through the center & mark off planetary positions around the edge. Rotate to precisely measure separation between points. In the usual Cardinal (Aries), Fixed (Taurus), Mutable (Gemini) divisions. The classic dial with its clean, clear markings. Click here for a pdf closeup.

Penelope Publications.

360 DEGREE DIAL - Penelope Publications, $12.00
The companion to the 90 degree dial, above. Like it, this is a sturdy laminated dial, 6 inches/15 cm in diameter. Secure this to a pad of paper with a pin through the center & mark off planetary positions around the edge. Rotate to precisely measure separation between points. The classic dial with its clean, clear markings. Click here for a pdf closeup.

Penelope Publications.

Cosmobiology, page 2

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