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C.C. Zain/Elbert Benjamine,
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MENTAL ALCHEMY: How Thoughts & Feelings Shape Our Lives - C.C. Zain, $22.95

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Failure & disease (serial no. 95)
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Comment: The opening words of this book show how much the world has changed since it was written in 1936:

Few people are unacquainted with someone who has been cured of a bodily complaint, who has overcome a domestic trouble, or who has rapidly remedied a financial deficiency through the application of right thinking. (pg. 5)
Or maybe not:
Yet the careful investigator looking for unprejudiced evidence of the advantages to be derived from applying these doctrines can not help being struck by the fact that that there are quite a number who claim to have followed rigorously the prescribed method who have received no benefit whatsoever. (pg. 5)
It is true that Norman Vincent Peale's Power of Positive Thinking has largely faded, replaced by Shakti Gawain's Creative Visualization & it's also true that neither of these methods ever produced much in the way of actual results.

More success has been had by evangelical fundamentalists & Jeee-sus! Short of guru-like levels of mental intensity, the real formula, as evidenced by the fundamentalists, is blind faith & the completely bombastic levels of confidence that come as a result of such faith. Add a bit of rhythm (hard driving rock is more powerful than gospel, in my opinion) and you have a force that can, indeed, move entire countries. Evidence of such is all around us.

As with Peale & Gawain & the fundamentalists, CC Zain centers his attention on the astral plane & tries to tap its enormous levels of etheric energy. Like Peale, Zain understands the astrals to have intelligence, but confuses astral intelligence with mental intelligence. The two are related, but not the same. Gawain & the fundamentalists are closer to the truth, in that they think belief, of one sort or another, to be the key. This is also not correct, but it's closer to the truth.

The simple truth about the astrals is that they are awash in emotional energies generally. A powerful emotional statement, whether of joy or cheerfulness or rage or anger, which is then moved forward in one fashion or another, is what you need to produce effects on the purely physical level. Music & rhythm are the usual means of movement, which is why all religions employ music & singing. Of course, when you're in church, or when you're in the middle of some minor magical ritual, or when you're daydreaming about that wonderful life which never seems to arrive, you can sing, or you can SING! You are of course responsible for the effects you produce, which is what frightens me so much.

Zain wants to produce through sheer mental effort. Such things can be done (David Blaine comes to mind), but this is not the easiest route. It requires strict attention to formula, which is one of the pleasures of watching Blaine. Those of lesser ability - myself included - know to set intelligence aside, use rhythmic means, and be content with different results.

For those who are interested in practical psychic work, Zain has many useful observations & comments. For example, in How to give absent treatments, Zain covers psychic attacks & what to do to protect yourself. Zain speculates 12 different, Zodiacal-based astral energies, though does not develop the idea. Aside from that, there is little astrology in this book.

Church of Light, 139 pages, oversize.

SPIRITUAL ASTROLOGY: The Origins of Astro-Mythology & Stellar Religion - C.C. Zain, $26.95
How religious myths & odd stories illuminate the twelve signs of the zodiac. Gemini, for example, is about the stories of twins who found cities or empires (Romulus & Remus at Rome) & also about the wee small bear whose porridge was just right & why mad dogs shun water. This is the newly printed smaller edition. 310 pages including study questions and index. Church of Light, paper.

ANCIENT MASONRY: The Spiritual Meaning of Masonic Degrees, Rituals & Symbols - C.C. Zain, $16.95
Contents: Entered apprentice (candidate for soul knowledge) and the planets; Entered apprentice and the signs; Numbers and opening the lodge; Initiating a member; Fellowcraft; Lodge emblems; Master Mason; Mark Master Mason; Royal Arch; Degrees of the Cross; Ineffable Degrees; Historical Degrees. Appendix: Natal charts and biographical sketches of notable personalities. 317 pages including study questions and index. Church of Light, paper.

IMPONDERABLE FORCES: The Wholesome Pathway - C.C. Zain, $16.95
Contents: How to act under adverse progressed aspects; Sympathies and antipathies; Ceremonial magic; Sorcery and witchcraft; Ritual and religion; Press, radio and billboard; The wholesome pathway; Original birthcharts from the 1945 edition; Chapter study questions. 121 pages. Church of Light, oversize paper.

LAWS OF OCCULTISM: Inner Plane Theory & the Fundamentals of Psychic Phenomena - C.C. Zain, $16.95
Contents: Occult data; Astral substance; Astral vibrations; Doctrine of nativities; Doctrine of mediumship; Spiritism; Phenomenal spiritism. Appendix: Natal charts and biographical sketches of notable personalities. 174 pages including study questions and index. Church of Light, paper.

THE NEXT LIFE: A Guide to Living Conditions on the Inner Plane - C.C. Zain, $16.95
Contents: Turning the dial to inner planes; Properties of life on the inner plane; Birth into the next life; Astrological influences in the next life; Occupations in the next life; Education and progress in the next life; Earth-bound souls and the astral hells; Domestic relations of the next life; Social contacts and amusements in the next life; Through astral and spiritual to celestial. Appendix: Natal charts and biographical sketches of notable personalities. 238 pages including study questions and index. Church of Light, paper.

OCCULTISM APPLIED: How to Increase Your Happiness, Usefulness & Spirituality - C.C. Zain, $22.95
Contents: Finding one's cosmic work; Living the completely constructive life; Diet and breathing; How to keep young; How to be attractive; How to have friends; How to get employment; How to make money; How to achieve honors; How to be successful in marriage; How to have a pleasant home; How to be happy. 191 pages. Church of Light, oversize paper.

SACRED TAROT: The Art of Card Reading & the Underlying Spiritual Science - C.C. Zain, $21.95
Contents: Doctrine of Kabalism; Foundation of the science; Scope and use of the tarot; Involution and evolution of numbers; Reading the meanings of numbers; Making an astrological chart of a name; Influence of changing the name; Reading names in detail; The color of a name; Natural talismans and artificial charms; Chronology of the tarot; The solution of ancient cycles; How to read the tarot.

The companion book to his Brotherhood of Light Tarot Deck.

433 pages including study questions and index. Church of Light, hardcover.


Doctrine of divination; Teacup & coffee cup divination; Divining rod & other divination; Instantaneous character reading; Significance of body & head; Instantaneous reading from profile; Instantaneous vocational analysis; Study questions; Horoscopes.

Comment: An interesting book. Contains not only practical instruction, but also a useful theoretical framework. With astrological notes.

Church of Light, 235 pages.

C.C. Zain, page 1

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