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John Addey and Harmonics

John Addey lived from 1920 to 1982. He was perhaps the most outstanding British astrologer since Charles Carter. He is best known for editing the Journal of the Astrological Foundation, and for his work in harmonics. His famous book, Harmonics in Astrology, is back in print again.

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Introduction to the new edition

Part 1: The General Theory:
1. What this book is about
2. Introducing waves
3. More about waves
4. Down to work
5. A conceptual framework for the symbolism of harmonics
6. Harmonics in the diurnal cycle
7. Harmonics in the ecliptic I
8. Harmonics in the ecliptic II
9. Harmonics in the aspect circle
10. Recapitulation

Part II: Practical Applications:
11. The Navamsa or ninth harmonic chart
12. The fifth harmonic chart
13. Other harmonic charts
14. New light on aspects
15. Harmonics and 'degree areas'
16. Harmonics in progressions, transits and other directional measures

Part III: Problems:
17. Some wave complexes
18. What determines phase?
19. Tropical v. sidereal
20. Astrology, harmonics and the genetic code
21 The relevance of other cycle studies
22. Summing up.

1. A simple working plan for the individual or small groups of researchers
2. Some points bearing on harmonic analysis


Comment: From the back of the book:

Harmonics in Astrology represents the first major attempt in history to develop a truly coherent model of astrology based on sound philosophical first principles & observational & experimental evidence. As such, this great classic is one of the most important books ever written in the field of astrology & should be read by everyone who seeks to arrive at a deeper understanding of astrological concepts & a truly reasonable basis for their study & practice. With his penetrating analysis & reconstruction of astrology's fundamental principles, Addey shows in Harmonics in Astrology that, apart from the planetary "gods" themselves, all astrological effects can be understood in terms of Number & Cycle. In so doing he reconnects astrology with its roots in the ancient teaching of Pythagoras & Plato whilst at the same time liberating astrological concepts from the tyranny of dogmatism & unquestioned traditions, providing students & researchers with a new freedom to explore the intimate bonds between heaven & earth.
May, 2009: Newly reprinted, reset text.

Eyebright books, 266 pages, paper.

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NEW STUDY IN ASTROLOGY - John Addey, $22.95


1. The problem of astrology
2. Some philosophical considerations
3. The work of Michel & Francoise Gauquelin: background
4. The work of Michel & Francoise Gauquelin: results
5. The harmonics of cosmic periods
6. Harmonics as a foundation concept in astrology
7. The concept of the spectrum of qualities
8. The fourth harmonic
9. Some metaphysical implications.

Notes on the original appendicies as planned

1. Astrology reborn (Addey's Carter memorial lecture 1971)
2. Discrimination of birth types in relation to disease
3. Observations on the basic problems of astrology by Rudolph Tomaschek.

Comment: Notes adapted from the dust cover:

This book offers a stimulating & provocative feast of previously unpublished observations & insights. John Addey was in the midst of preparing this volume when he passed away in 1982. The various completed sections & chapters which he left have been pieced together with other previously unpublished material to provide a text in line with Addey's intentions. In this book, John Addey demonstrates how harmonic theory & principles not only clarify the work of Michel & Francoise Gauquelin, but also provide a systematic set of principles on which a wider astrology can be developed.
Urania Trust, 263 pages, hardcover.
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HARMONIC ANTHOLOGY - John Addey, $21.95


Preface This book is a compilation of essays, all by John Addey, except where noted:

1. The search for a scientific starting point, part 1
2. The search for a scientific starting point, part 2
3. The discovery of the scientific starting point
4. The basis of astrology, part 1, with Peter Roberts
5. The basis of astrology, part 2, with Peter Roberts
6. Astrology and genetics: red hair
7. Seven thousand doctors
8. The nature and origin of degree areas
9. Harmonics and Hindu astrology, part 1, by Charles Harvey
10. Five-fold divisions and sub-divisions
11. The maps of deliquents: Comment
12. The unity of harmonics, by Axel Harvey (Charles was English, Axel is Canadian - Dave)
13. Michel Gauquelin strikes again, part 1
14. Michel Gauquelin strikes again, part 2
15. Sex of offspring and father's moon position


Prior to my conceptualization of the twelve signs of the zodiac as energies that radiate from the earth itself, John Addey's Harmonics was the previous, comprehensive theory of astrology and how it actually works. In Addey's case, he started in the 1950's with statistical analysis of the birth data of 970 people over 90 years of age and had a very hard time of it.

The first chapters in this book tell the story of Addey's struggle, and his use of applying and separating orbs to determine an overall wave form. Which eventually became the basis for astrological harmonics. Which is the process of dividing a specific collection of natal charts (which are circles) by different whole numbers to see what planetary positions resonate to any given division. Such was the birth of harmonics.

In his subsequent books (above), as well as the books based on his work (below, see also David Cochrane, Astrology for the 21st Century), Addey builds on his discovery. This book, uniquely, documents the struggle, and reveals the excitement of discovery and initial exploitation.

This book was first printed in 1976, but was out of print for many years. It was reprinted in 2004, but there were copyright problems and so the edition was withdrawn. These have now been fixed and I am glad to welcome back this critically important book.

AFA, 194 pages.

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THE SPIRIT OF NUMBERS: A new exploration of harmonic astrology - David Hamblin, $35.00



1. An introduction to harmonics
2. The planets
3. Oneness
4. Twoness
5. Threeness
6. Sixness
7. Fiveness
8. Sevenness
9. Introduction to the higher prime numbers
10. Elevenness
11. Thirteenness
12. Seventeenness
13. Nineteenness
14. Twenty-threeness
15. Twenty-nineness
16. Thirty-oneness
17. Progression of prime numbers
18. Interpreting the whole chart
19. Conclusion: The spirit of numbers
20. Conclusion: Astrology

Appendix 1: How to do it
Appendix 2: Table of harmonic aspects
Appendix 3: Harmonic aspects for charts given iin Chapters 3-16

Notes and references


David Hamblin, who describes himself as being in the autumn of his life, has had an ongoing love-hate relationship with astrology. Back in the 1960's he was initially attracted to the psychological aspects of astrology. He was then greatly influenced by John Addey's book on Harmonics (above) and wrote the first good follow-up to it, the out-of-print and much-missed Harmonic Charts (Aquarian Press, 1983) before deciding that perhaps astrology wasn't really real and that he shouldn't be having anything to do with it. Which he voiced in Gary Phillipson's excellent Astrology in the Year Zero, of 2000. Hamblin's problem was that he could find no rational justification for astrology. Which is the problem with a rational world, that it wants and expects explanations when so often none can be had. I myself have rectified this and will be impressing my (very rational) explanation of astrology upon the world as the years pass: Fundamental astrological energies come from the earth itself. These earth-based energies fluctuate over time in harmony with the rest of the planets. Much the same way the sheer volume of sound at a rock concert comes from speakers powered by the local power company. Not from the players themselves, who merely direct and supervise an external (to them) electrical flow. So it is with the earth and planets, but I digress.

Not content with easy or final answers, Hamblin is now back with another book, this one on astrology and number. In a pure sense, numbers are harmonics, which makes this a book on harmonic astrology. Unlike Addey (or David Cochrane), Hamblin here does not chop the natal chart up and then recombine to get something new. He has a different and I confess a somewhat vague method of determining what prime number, from 1 to 31 (or 6, a product of 2 x 3) a chart vibrates to. Hamblin gives calculation instructions in the Appendix. Those of you who have difficulty in calculating natal charts will probably have difficulty with this.

The main chapters in this book delineate the prime numbers as related to specific natal charts. Chapter 18, on interpretation, reverses the scheme. In 18, Hamblin starts with charts of British Prime Ministers and then deduces their appropriate number. I took a short cut: My chart is dominated by oppositions, the full Moon chief among them. So I went directly to Twoness, where instead of reading about love-wisdom of the metaphysicians, I read Hamblin's notes on confrontation, opposition, division and separation. Which is pretty much how I understand planetary oppositions. For each prime number there are numerous examples, each will full birth data, but none with actual charts. You can, of course, easily set up the charts for further study. For each prime number, Hamblin gives concluding remarks, where he sums up factors common to all the charts with that number in them. These are quite well done.

As a whole, the book is on the esoteric side, but is most excellent.

Wessex Astrologer, 326 pages.

Read the book? Want to tell the world? How many stars (1-5) would you give this book?

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