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Vedic Astrology by

K.S. Krishnamurti

K.S. Krishnamurti carried the titles of Sothida Mannan, Jyotish Marthand. He lived from 1908 to 1972. He became famous for his invention of the Padhdhati system of rulers & sub-rulers, which (if I've understood things correctly) goes a bit like this:

For every sign there is a ruling lord, one of the five planets, plus sun & moon, Rahu & Ketu. Krishnamurti uses his own sign rulerships. Each of the signs are, in their turn, divided into 9 unequal parts, in the same proportions as the 120 year Vimshottari dasa system. Each of these parts is ruled by one of the five planets, plus sun, moon, Rahu & Ketu, in much the same fashion as the Vimshottari dasas they are based on. These small parts are collectively known as "subs", their rulers are the sub-lords, there are 249 of them. Each of the subs can in turn be further divided, again, along Vimshottari dasa lines. This is method is applied to house cusps, which, in the KP system are calculated in the Placidus system. In the two texts I consulted, there was mention of constellations & nakshatras (which are synonyms in Vedic), but the math supplied in both cases related to 30 degree signs, not asterisms.

This system of sub-lords is said to produce fabulous predictive results with transiting planets. As it is applied equally to the ascendant, Krishnamurti astrology requires very accurate birth times.

The Krishnamurti system is a family affair. Two of his children, K. Hariharan, and, K. Subramaniam, continue their father's work. Each of them publish several of their father's original books, plus several of their own. Quantities have never been great & the books are often out of stock. See also:
Books by son K. Hariharan, and,
Books by son K. Subramaniam.

The Six Readers:

CASTING THE HOROSCOPE (using ephemeris), 1st reader - K.S. Krishnamurti, $13.00
1. Preface; 2. Introduction; 3. The mother earth; 4. To locate a place on earth; 5. The heavens; 6. Different kinds of time: Standard time, Local mean time; 7. Date from which the standard time is adopted by various nations; 8. Difference between Greenwich Mean Time & standard time; 9. Conversion of the standard time to local mean time; 10. Sidereal time at the place of birth;

11. The Ephemeris; 12. Sidereal time for the time of birth; 13. Signs & houses; 14. Symbols; 15. Table of Houses; 16. To find out the position of planets; 17. Ayanamsa; 18. Ayanamsa tables from 1840 to 2001; 19. Tables for navamsa chart; 20. Vimshottari dasa;

21. Sub-division of dasa; 22. To make use of Krishnamurti ephemeris; 23. What is a year!; 24. Fortuna; 25. Tables for sunrise at various northern latitudes in local mean time; 26. Tables for sunset at various northern latitudes in local mean time; 27. Aspects & their significance; 28. Casting a horoscope using Krishnamurti ephemeris to read results as per K.P.; 29. War time or civil time; 30. Erection of horoscope; 31. Appreciation by Mrs. K.C.S. - correct birth time: K.P. gives clue.

Comment: As the title suggests, this is a book teaching how to cast a horoscope. It is quite wordy. The author offers many explanations & reasons why he does things the way he does.

The Krishnamurti system uses its own ayanamsa. For the sake of reference, that value, as of January 1, 2000, was 23 degrees, 46 minutes. It increases at a rate of 8 minutes per decade, or 83 minutes per century, or, to be absolutely precise, 50.2388475 seconds per year.

Krishman & Co., 147 pages.

FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLES OF ASTROLOGY (Hindu, Western, Stellar), 2nd reader - K.S. Krishnamurti, $30.00
1. Letters to the author; 2. An interview with the author; 3. Astrology - an occult science; 4. History of astrology; 5. Nadis; 6. Astrology - available data incomplete; 7. Qualifications of an astrologer; 8. Advice to administrator; 9. Astrology - its use & limitations; 10. Karma - inequality in life;

11. Destiny, fate inevitable;
12. Shanti to ward off evil;
13. Branches of astrology: Medical astrology, Astro-meteorology, Judicial astrology, Natal astrology, Horary astrology, Electional astrology, Kabala astrology, Kerala astrology, omens;

14. Who can learn astrology;
15. Twelve signs of the zodiac: Classification, positive & negative, northern, southern, fiery, earthy, airy, watery, movable, fixed, common, fruitful or barren, mute, violent, human, voice, bestial or four legged, dual bicorporeal or double bodied, short & long ascension;

16. What the twelve signs signify: To each sign, astronomy, physical appearance, mental tendencies, characteristic, health & disease, finance & fortune, romance & marriage, domestic environments, profession, places, direction, products, countries & cities, handwriting, lucky day, lucky number, lucky stone, etc., Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces;

17. The twelve houses & their significance;
18. To each planet: Astronomy, mythology, physical features, mental qualities, part of the body, diseases, products, places, profession, political, economic, lucky color, lucky day, lucky number, etc., Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu & Ketu, Uranus, Neptune, Fortuna.

Comment: A general introductory text to astrology.

Krishnamurti Publications, 344 pages.

PREDICTIVE STELLAR ASTROLOGY, 3rd Reader - K.S. Krishnamurti, $35.00

Synopsis: How to use the Krishnamurti Padhdhati system to forecast specific events, using the natal chart.

Contents, comment.

Krishman & Co., 541 pages.

MARRIAGE, MARRIED LIFE, 4th Reader - K.S. Krishnamurti, $20.00

Synopsis: Krishnamurti's astrological guide to marriage & married life.

Contents, comment.

Krishnamurti Publications, 280 pages.

TRANSIT - GOCHARAPALA NIRNAYAM, 5th reader - K.S. Krishnamurti, $26.00

Synopsis: Accurate forecasting using transiting planets & the Krishnamurti Padhdhati, with the ascendant, sun, moon, planets & house cusps.

Contents, comment.

Krishman & Co., 363 pages.

HORARY ASTROLOGY, 6th Reader - K.S. Krishnamurti, $26.00

Synopsis: Horary astrology, using the Krishnamurti Padhdhati system. In many cases, this involves asking the client to pick a number between 1 and 249.

Contents, comment.

Krishnamurti Publications, 323 pages.

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