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Horary Astrology, Reader 6
by K.S. Krishnamurti

Synopsis: Horary astrology, using the Krishnamurti Padhdhati system. In many cases, this involves asking the client to pick a number between 1 and 259.

Krishnamurti Publications, 323 pages. Continued below.

Price: $30.00
Section 1: 1. Introduction; 2. About the author by various people; 3. Astrology is a science; 4. History of astrology; 5. Available data incomplete; 6. Its uses & limitations; 7. Branches of astrology; 8. Horary astrology; 9. Why horary astrology is preferred.

Section 2: 10. Horary astrology (Prasna Gyana translation, Uthrakalamritha horary translation, Shatpanchasika translation, Sinendhramala extract, Padmaprabhusuris Bhubana Dipakam)

Section 3: 11. Horary astrology western system; 12. Time of erecting a horary figure; 13. What each planet signifies; 14. Signs & places; 15. Signs countries & cities; 16. Author's opinion about the system followed

Section 4: 17. Krishnamurti Padhdhati-Advanced stellar astrology; 18. Hindu unscientific - Krishnamurti Padhdhati scientific; 19. KP replaces traditional astrology; 20. Zodiac & the constellation; 21. Division of the constellation into subs; 22. Erection of the horary horoscope; 23. Table of Krishnamurti Padhdhati for ready reference. Constellation & sub; 24. Research to find out the truth; 25. Classification of the twelve signs; 26. How to judge? Physical appearance, characteristics, health, disease, finance, fortune, love affairs, partners, etc.; 27. What do the 12 houses signify?

Section 5: 28.Ruling planets (i. Telephone trunk-call, ii. Friend's arrival, iii. When will the servant arrive?, iv. Child from school - return when; v. Railway receipt received - parcel not yet, vi. Receipt of drugs, vii. Train running late. When will it reach home?, viii. The correct time of birth (2 examples), ix. The correct position of the lagna, x. Ruling planets & the correct date & time of birth); 29. Strength of planets - retrograde planets & results; 30. Eclipsed planets, matters signified by:

I House: How long will one live?; Absent person alive or dead

II House: When will I buy?; Free from financial worry; Is there a second marriage for me?

III House: Appeal successful or not? Negotiations successful or not?; Interview; Is the report true or false?; Exchanging commodities; Is journalism good for me?

IV House: Will my 3rd son construct a house?; When will I sell my property?; When can I have a vehicle?; When can I dispose of my vehicle?; Will I sit for competitive examination?; Any treasure in my building?; Will I get admission in the college?

V House: Will my love affairs materialize?; Invalid child - will it pick up health?; Can I have a partner in business?; Can I prosper as an actress or as an actor?; Any child for me? Who is sterile?; Child-birth; Any child at all?; When can I deliver?; Will my wife deliver a twin?; Am I pregnant?; When is the child-birth?; Am I to adopt?; Can I gain in the lottery?; Which relative will gain?

VI House: Overdraft facility; Will I be able to borrow?; Will I be able to clear off loans?; Recovery of money lost; Entangled money; Theft & recovery; India strike

VII House: Can I buy him?; When is the marriage?; Re-union with husband; Will my husband join me?; Business & partnership

VIII House: Can I expect dowry?; Will he be chaste?; Will I get scholarship?; Will I get donation?; Will I get money by way of will from my uncle?; Will I commit suicide?; Will I commit murder?

IX House: Whereabouts of father; Overseas - when?; Any study - overseas; Success in medical examination; Will I go overseas?; Research & success; Can I expect a transfer?

X House: Will I get some job?; Will I earn at all?; Can I become a politician?; Promotion & overseas; Prosperity of the institute; When will I be promoted?; Higher status, any, when?; Seniority in service - will I have justice?; Change in job; Reinstatement - when?; Any foreign assignment to me?; Business - change of place; Can I have a press of my own?; Will I have a satisfactory spiritual life?; Can I become a sanyasi?; Any reappointment for me?

XI House: Cure any - if so, when?; Return of missing son; Is there any imprisonment for me?; Will I be prosecuted by income-tax department?; Will there be any raid in my house?; Which gem will suit me; Will I get passport to go overseas?; Can I become the Premier?; Which time is good: a) To have a servant; b) To buy an article; c) To sell an article; d) To enter into service; e) To sign an agreement; f) To start a business; g) To release a film; h) To lay foundation; i) Will I go overseas for probation or on promotion?; Whom to pray?

Comment: Of the many questions, most turn out to be guidelines for judging questions if they are ever asked of you.

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