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Vedic Astrology by

K. Hariharan

son of K.S. Krishnamurti

K. Hariharan is one of two sons of K.S. Krishnamurti. According to a note in Notable Persons & Krishnamurti Padhdhati, he was born February 15, 1953. In front of his name, he bears the titles, "Sothida Chakravarthy, Jyothish Sironmani Ln." He is the director of the K.P. Stellar Astrological Research Institute in Madras. Here are his books:
See also:
Books by K.S. Krishnamurti (pere), and,
Books by K. Subramaniam, (fils).

1. The businessman & his planets
2. Influence of Neptune
3. A case of incurable insanity
4. Change of employer, transfer & promotion
5. Astrological indication for cancer
6. On reading a natal chart
7. Planet rules the moment
8. Chandra Velas
9. "Saturn & its role in ascertaining the time of child birth"
10. On determining time of death
11. The wedding bell rings at long last
12. Child birth & grandmother's end
13. Direction & timing of events
14. Land purchase
15. Postmortem - necessary
16. Overseas when?
17. Promotion when?
18. Marriage when?
19. Time of transfer
20. Longevity: Problem solving through Stellar Astrology
21. Seventh house significators control the moment of marriage
22. New horizons in Krishnamurti Padhdhati
23. Utility of the Stellar System of horary astrology

Comment: A collection of articles & case studies.

Krishnamurti Publications, 214 pages.

1. Marriage - horary & horoscopy; 2. Directional method of timing of events; 3. Significance of Jupiter in the 4th house; 4. Overseas travel: how to determine; 5. Health - setback & recovery a study through Stellar Astrology;

6. The horoscope of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa; 7. Will evil house bring desirable results?; 8. Imprisonment & release - a study; 9. Disease diagnosis through Stellar Astrology; 10. Planets & precious stones;

11. On success in litigation & second marriage; 12. Astrology & accidents; 13. Fortune smiles on Indian cricket; 14. Stellar Astrology - its role & significance in Vimshottari dasa; 15. The horoscope of Swami Sivananda;

16. Astrology - superstition or neglected science?; 17. Accidental death of father; 18. Astrological indicates for diabetes; 19. Significance of aspects between lord of houses; 20. The national calendar;

21. Planets & purchases of conveyance; 22. Theft & recovery: Krishnamurti Padhdhati gives accurate clue; 23. Fortuna & the eighth house; 24. Sangeetha: A study through Stellar Astrology; 25. Fortune & misfortune;

26. Utility of ruling planets in Krishnamurti Padhdhati; 27. Role of significators in astrology; 28. Lottery & luck: successful application of Stellar Astrology; 29. Is dasa powerful (or ) bhukti; 30. Sports: principles & practice of Stellar Astrology;

31. Retrograde planets: how do they work?; 32. Will my attempt be successful in getting a big projecct?; 33. Foreign assignment; 34. Dasaporutham - contradictory; 35. What is the effect of a planet on the cusp?;

36. Dreams depress - fear denies cheer; 37. Annual horoscope; 38. Love & love affairs; 39. Am I pregnant?; 40. Longevity assessement & premature death of the child;

41. Krishnamurti Padhdhati is 100% correct; 42. Shall I pass the examination?; 43. Can I become an actor? If so, when?; 44. Work permit; 45. Will the dangerous disease release?;

46. Will the play be continued or not?; 47. Dreams & astrology; 48. Horoscopy - analysis - past & future; 49. Imprisonment & release; 50. Transfer to my original post - when?;

51. Eye trouble - surgical cure; 52. Death by fire accident; 53. Fortune's favorite

Comment: A collection of articles & case studies.

Krishnamurti Publications, 368 pages.

1. On forecasting the time of marriage
2. Reflections on Stellar Astrology
3. Son's chart gives clue to mother's end
4. Astrology & family planning
5. Astrology & accident
6. Stellar Astrology in relation with disease & cure
7. Marriage negotiation how to predict success or failure?
8. When will the wedding bells ring?
9. Discharging debts
10. Suicide - A case study through K.P.
11. The horoscope of Aurobind Ghose
12. Return of the missing person
13. Progency: Astrological factors involved in interpretation
14. Role of significators in Stellar Astrology
15. Examination: Success or failure?
16. Astrology & business prospect
17. Stellar Astrology & its role in determining time of marriage
18. Retrograde Saturn & setback in service
19. Conjoined planets & their influences
20. Suicidal attempt ended in failure - Stellar Astrology explains why?

Comment: Another collection of case studies & independent essays on the K.P. system.

Krishnamurti Publications, 186 pages.

1. Astrology & the acquisition of immoveable property
2. Events in professional career
3. Outcome of Tamilnadu Assembly & Parliamentary elections
4. Mismatched marriage caused by malefic Mercury
5. Time of marriage
6. Will I borrow?
7. Seventh house & its significance
8. Twin births & significance of the sub
9. When will the first child be born?
10. The miracle that is K.P.
11. Education qualification & a suitable job
12. Return of missing son
13. When can I pay the balance?
14. Can I have a child?
15. Change of residence & transfer
16. Higher studies
17. Success in medical examination & voyage overseas
18. Labour problem
19. Foreign assignment

Comment: The chapters in this book seem to have been drawn from lecture transcripts and magazine articles.

Krishnamurti Publications, 144 pages.

  • 1. About medical science;
  • 2. General characteristics & pathogenic effects of planets; Pathogenic effects of the positions of different planets in different signs; Disease; On blindness; Health & heart; Various diseases which are governed by the 27 stars; Significance of each sub;
  • 3. Examining the patient.
  • 4. Disease connected with the nerves & brain; Insanity; Epilepsy; Poliomyelits & paralysis;
  • 5. Astrological diagnosis - heart disease; Tuberculosis;
  • 6. Role of Saturn in heart disease;
  • 7. The digestive system; Diabetes mellitus; Diseases in urinary system leucoria; Kidney; Astrological indications for disease concerning genital organs (female); The prostate gland;
  • 8. Astrological indications for V.D.
  • 9. Skin & bone diseases; How to pinpoint cancer & other malignant growth.

Comment: Subtitled, A Research Study. Note in particular the list of diseases by Nakshatra, in chapter 2.

Krishnamurti Publications, 208 pages.

HOW TO JUDGE LONGEVITY - K. Hariharan, $12.00
Letter to the author; An interview with K. Hariharan; Preface; About Krishnamurti Padhdhati; What is Krishnamurti Padhdhati; Longevity - assessment; Longevity; On predicting longevity of death; Mother's longevity; Longevity of mother through K.P. horary; Daughter's chart gives clue regarding mother's longevity; Longevity through K.P. horary; Premature death; Longevity - K.P. verified;

Ascendant an important factor in determining longevity; Longevity - horoscopy; Premature death of a child; Longevity assessment & premature death of the child; Grandfather's longevity & end through grandson's birth chart; The demise of my officer & K.P. horary; Longevity; Child birth & short life; Longevity of a couple; Longevity - how stellar astrology precisely predicts; Doctor gives number to know the longevity of the patient.

Comment: In the various sections, the author gives traditional Vedic rules for longevity, western rules, and the K.P. version. There is an emphasis judging longevity with horary charts. The chart starts when the client picks a number between 1 & 249. B.V. Raman did readings from picked numbers, and elsewhere K.P. astrologers have used the 1-249 series for other horary questions.

Krishnamurti Publications, 100 pages.

HOW TO JUDGE A NATIVITY - K. Hariharan, $12.00
Preface; How to judge a nativity; Love affair & K.P.; Partnership: Will it continue or break? If so, when?; Study in abroad & success; Fire fried four; Is my house a haunted one?; Cricket test match; Stellar astrology - an eye opener; Disease diagnosis through stellar astrology; Health set-back & recovery; Imprisonment & release; Transfer orders - when?; Marriage - when?; Occupation of own house; Mother's end; Shall I pass in the examination; Education of a native; Advanced stellar astrology explains failure in examination; Transfer when?

Comment: This is, for the most part, a book of horary chart examples, as done in the K.P. system. In the back of the book is an advertisement for K.P. astrology software, sold by a granddaughter of K.S. Krishnamurti, one Lns. Smt. Sreevidhya in Madras. An address is given, but no phone nor email. If this is of interest, get the book or search for her on the web. (We do not sell software ourselves.)

Krishnamurti Publications, 92 pages.

NEW LIGHT ON JYOTHISHA - K. Hariharan, $13.00
1. On timing events within 24 hours; 2. Rumor, false (or) true?; 3. Service or business; 4. Return of absconding boy; 5. Education - profession & overseas; 6. Prosperity of the institute; 7. Purchase of a car; 8. Predicting time of employemnt; 9. Independent business - will I do?; 10. When was my friend born?;

11. On prospects of promotion; 12. Timing of marriage; 13. Interview success (or) not. Promotion when?; 14. KP & PP; 15. Marital discord leading to violent death; 16. Acquisition of house; 17. Is there any change in service?

Comment: In chapter 14, "PP" is short for "Professional Prospects". For the most part, this is a book on rules for judging horary charts in the KP system.

Krishnamurti Publications, 93 pages.

TRANSIT OF PLANETS in Sign-Star-Sub in 2006 - K. Hariharan & Dr. E. Venkataramani, $20.00

Contents: For each day of the year, the positions of Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto. These positions include the daily sign lords, the daily star lords, the daily sub-lords, and the daily sub-sub lords. For the moon, this means an additional 6-8 daily positions. Notice also that Rahu & Ketu are given individually. They may be opposite one another, but their lords, from day to day, are entirely different. Times when planets change, from sub to sub, are given. I presume these are in GMT. This is a wonderful reference. I only wish we could get it in time.

Comparing the positions for 1 January 2006 with those given in the Betz Ephemeris confirms the longitudes are for midnight, GMT.

Click here for a sample page (PDF).

Krishnamurti Publications, 100 pages.

HANDBOOK ON ASTROLOGY (volume 1) - K. Hariharan, $11.00


A Q&A format: Questions, with answers. On page 61, a section entitled, Eclipsed Planet & Its Results

Comment: A book of typical questions, both those asked of astrologers, and those astrologers ask among themselves. I counted 18 questions or topics, some of which were follow-ups to earlier questions, which means the "answers" are more along the lines of extended analysis. (Contrast to B.V. Raman's Catechisms, with its briefer & terser responses.) Here are some of the questions asked of Hariharan:

Question: I am a good writer. Can astrology throw a clue on which subject I should write? (pg. 1)

Q. Mars, lord of 5 & 10 for Kataka lagna in the constellation of lord of 11, is said to promise satisfactory gains in speculation, etc. Is not the lord of 11 a bhadaka sthana adhipathi for Katanka lagna? How, then, can Mars' placement in the constellation of Venus bring about beneific results? Can you elcucidate? (pg. 3)

Q. How are we to judge the results of a lord of dasa, bhukti, etc? In what way does a planet's aspect affect another? (pg. 11)

Q. Can the lord of an evil house (say, 6, 8 or 12) transiting in the constellation of a benefic (e.g. lord of 1, 10 or 11) bring about desirable results? (pg. 24)

Q. Can the lord of 7 and 10, in the 12th bhava in the house of the lord of the 6th & 11th be a benefic? (pg. 30)

Krishnamurti Publications, 104 pages.

HANDBOOK ON ASTROLOGY, part II - K. Hariharan, $11.00
Contents: A Q&A format: Questions, with answers.

Comment: In Vol. 2, questions range from the elementary (what is an ephemeris?) to the advanced, such as:

Qn: What are the combinations to buy a lottery ticket?

Ans: Significators of 2nd, 3rd, 6th & 11th should be synchronized with Moon & Lagna - these are the combinations to buy a Lottery Ticket. (pg. 56)

Qn: What combination makes a person timid & coward?

Ans: The Third Sublord, being Saturn or in the star of Saturn or the Third Sublord is connected to the Eighth or Twelfth House, the person becomes timid & coward and that he will have a fear complex. (pg. 98)

Somewhat scattered. Once you get past the very elementary stuff, there is much else of use.

Krishnamurti Publications, 120 pages.

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