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Transit, Gocharapala Nirnayam, Reader 5
by K.S. Krishnamurti

Synopsis: Accurate forecasting using transiting planets & the Krishnamurti Padhdhati, with the ascendant, sun, moon, planets & house cusps.

Krishman & Co., 363 pages. Continued below.

Price: $30.00
A. Introduction; B. Western system - transit for individual charts; C. Hindu system; D. Sun's transit; E. Moon's transit; F. Mars's transit; G. Mercury's transit; H. Jupiter's transit; I. Venus's transit; J. Saturn's transit; K. Nodes's transit;

1. Krishnamurti System; 2. Constellations & their significance; 3. What each star signified to each lagna or rasi borns; 4. Role of sub; 5. Significance of each sub; 6. Sub useful for detailed reading; 7. Behavior of planets; 8. How to judge whether a planet is a benefit or a malefic?; 9. Cusps & subs - how to judge; 10. Constellation & sub;

11. Systematic procedure to adopt K.P. method for transit rules; 12. Dasa, bhukti, anthra & transit; 13. Tables for ready reference to follow Krishnamurti Padhdhati; 14. Extract of lecture on the constellation & sub theory; 15. Transit of ascendant & ruling planets; 16. Lucky time for playing cards; 17. Lucky time for horse racing (example 1); 18. Lucky time for horse racing (example 2);

Lucky Timings:
19. To commence work to take treasure; 20. To start treatment for invalid child; 21. To prosper as an actress; 22. To submit a tender for contract work; 23. To start shooting of a cinema film; 24. To purchase a ticket for lottery; 25. To meet the bank agent to have over-draft; 26. To lottery gains (with no pains); 27. To open an account in a bank; 28. To start C.I.D. work to catch the thief; 29. To trap one, receiving the bribe; 30. To file the case in a court of law;

31. To start a strike for fair deal; 32. Initiation of Manthra for siddhi; 33. Auspicious time to commence music; 34. To demand donation; 35. To sign an agreement; 36. To win in cricket match; 37. For love affairs; 38. I love a girl, parents are not willing, what to do?; 39. To occupy a new house; 40. Life with wife, root of fruit;

41. Moon in the 8th house; 42. Is Chandra-Ashtama ever evil; 43. Chandraashtama & its truth; 44. About the author; 45. Ashtama sani & honor; 46. Sade-sati satisfactory gains; 47. Sade-sati & its truth (how to give general prediction); 48. Transit: Mars - Saturn conjunction; 49. Transit: Saturn - Rahu conjunction; 50. Transit of Saturn for one year;

51. What Saturn can generally do; 52. When does Saturn leave Aquarius? Which ayanamsa are we to follow?; 53. Traditional transit system: Meaningless.

Comment: Much of the book is given over to electional matters. According to the book, the best time to start a love affair is when the moon is transiting a constellation, the lord of which happens to be a sub of houses 1, 7, 11, or 7, 1, 5, or 1, 5, 7, 11. Missing here, as everywhere else, are rules for financial gain, though there are rules for playing the lottery & opening a bank account.

As to how subs are calculated, see the note on pg. 70: The zodiac is divided into 27 constellations & each constellation is subdivided into 9 parts. This subdivision is called, "SUB". In this textbook wherever SUB is used, it means one of the 9 divisions of the star. Whereupon the core meaning of each of the subs is given, sign by sign, from page 70 to page 110. Twenty-seven times nine (27 X 9) equals 243, at least for me. Despite that, 249 subs are given. 249 can be divided evenly only by 3 & 83 (try it). On pgs. 164 - 171, subs are listed by sign. Here are the quantities: Aries gets 22, Taurus has 19, Gemini 21, Cancer 21, Leo 22, Virgo 19, Libra 21, Scorpio 21, Sagittarius 22, Capricorn 19, Aquarius 21, Pisces 21. Fire signs get 22, Earth 19, Air & Water 21 each. It adds.

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