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Predictive Stellar Astrology, Reader 3
K.S. Krishnamurti

Synopsis: How to use the Krishnamurti Padhdhati system to forecast specific events, using the natal chart.

Krishman & Co., 541 pages. Continued below.

Price: $40.00
Contents: About the author; Preface; Introduction;

Krishnamurti Padhdhati Theoretical: 1. Krishnamurti system; 2. Constellations & their significance; 3. What each star signifies to each Lagna or Rasi born; 4. Role of sub; 5. Significance of each sub; 6. Sub useful for detailed reading; 7. Behaviour of planets; 8. How to judge whether a planet is a benefic or a malefic; 9. Cusps & subs - how to judge?; 10. Constellation & sub.

Krishnamurti Padhdhati Practical: 1. Physical features (marks, scars & moles on the body, longevity, short, middle & long life, Bhadhakasthana, Kendrasthana, Marakasthana);

2. Mode of death (death through lion, cobra bite or septic or poisoning, End: pleasant, painful, good or bad, place of death, air accident, escape from an accident, health, disease);

3. Finance & fortune (Fortune in service, future prospects); 4 Retirement - when?; 5. Gain by lottery - luck; 6. Luck by races; 7. Finance by borrowing; 8. Free from debts; 9. Theft & recovery;

10. Brothers & sisters (Hindu traditional astrology & KP); 11. Sorrow through brothers; 12. Mother; 13. House to dwell in; 14. Conveyance; 15. Education; 16. Farm & future; 17. Shall I own a cinema?; 18. When can I clear off loan; 19. Disease; 20. On blindness;

21. Health & heart; 22. Will stammering disappear?; 23. Time of marriage; 24. Overseas; 25. Scholarship for higher studies; 26. Higher jobs & foreign country; 27. Change in job, 9th house explains; 28. Profession; 29. Business; 30. Profession: Principle;

31. Independent business; 32. Music; 33. When will I get my first salary?; 34. Reinstatement in service; 35. Photography; 36. Transfer; 37. Termination of service; 38. When will I retire?; 39. Regaining lost position & retirement; 40. Time of sanction of pension;

41. Politics; 42. Will politics suit me?; 43. Will I be selected as minister?; 44. Choice of friends; 45. Giving or receiving; 46. Accepting gifts; 47. Imprisonment; 48. Spiritual life; 49. Will he be arrogant?; 50. About dress;

51. Which gem can I use?; 52. Which houses are we to judge for the engagement or marriage?; 53. To proceed on deputation with increase in emoluments; 54. Selection of a person for a higher post?; 55. Confirmation in a post; 56. When will the C.B.I. take action?; 57. When will one person's desire be or not fulfilled in Horary?; 58. How to find out whether a man speaks truth or not?; 59. How to find out whether one will be economical or will will be a spend-thrift?; 60. Will I be bold enough to undertake this job;

61. Who is contented & who is not?; 62. When can I get rid of the present partner?; 63. When can I have a new partner in my business?; 64. Will I meet with any accident in my journey?; 65. When will my tenant vacate?; 66. When can I get a tenant to my newly built house?; 67. Am I the just person whom the other person loves?; 68. 8th & 12th houses indicate imprisonment; 70. Will I submit thesis for Ph.D.?;

71. According to you, 5th house is gain to the opponent; 72. Can I publish a book?; 73. Tap water from a well; 74. Which child will help me in my last days? With whom will I live?; 75. Will that person vote for me or vote against me?; 76. Why lagna alone is considered?; 77. Road to success; 78. Vimshottari dasa - Udu dasa; 79. Results of dasas of planets in retrogression, own sign, exaltation & friend's camp; 80. Results of dasas of planets in inimical signs; in debilitation, in eclipse & posited in 6th, 8th or 12th house;

81 Kendra Adhipathya & a few more doubts; 82. Progression; 83. Annual horoscope; 84. Ashtaka varga; 85. Horary astrology; 86. Rains & electric supply; 87. Rectification of birth time; 88. Hora & its use: Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus & Saturn; 89. Dictionary for astrological terms.

Comment: Although the contents sound like horary, it's all natal. Here's an excerpt:

When will my tenant vacate? 6th house indicates tenant. The 4th & 11th counted there from, denotes the occupation of your house. If he is to vacate, the 3rd from the 6th should operate. Hence the significator of the 8th (3rd from 6th) should be connected with the 6th, ie, the significator of 6 also. Hence, during the conjoined period of such of the significators of both 6 and 8, he must vacate. (pg. 422)

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