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Vedic Astrology by

K. Subramaniam

son of K.S. Krishnamurti

K. Subramaniam is the second son of K.S. Krishnamurti, which, strictly speaking, doesn't mean the other guy is the first. Second son's title is "Sothidamamani". He runs Krishman & Co, of Chennai. Here are Krishman & Co's books, including Subramaniam's own:
See also:
Books by K.S. Krishnamurti (pere), and,
Books by K. Hariharan, (fils).

ASTROLOGY & EDUCATION - K. Subramaniam, $20.00
Preface; Admission to school; Higher education (traditional astrology vs: Krishnamurti Padhdhati); Foreign travel & higher studies; Day of admission to college; Prediction of a competitive examination result; Education & our dynamic approach to build a new India; Rank in examination; Admission to B.Com (role of karaka planet); Venus - the planet of chemistry;

Accreditation as company secretary; KP & education; Astrology & education (sign lord, star lord, sub lord); Astrology & education; Stars show success in examination; Mercury assists to compose song & music; Astrology & art; Shall I qualify the IAS examination; Can I get admission in engineering college; Success in public service commission examination; Scholarship for higher studies; Astrology & education; Success in examination;

Insanity: effects of moon & Mercury; 9th house - higher education; Prediction of a competitive examination result; KP analysis (revaluation of university exam marks); Educational career - a theoretical approach; Will I pass my CA examination (KP explains); KP on competitive examination; Planets & educational prospects; Cuspal sub lord decides (the nature of higher education); Krishnamurti Padhdhati education; Planets & educational prospects; Level of education an astrological assessment.

Comment: The chapters appear to be extracted from magazine articles. Many are worked out horary examples, featuring the numbers chosen between 1 & 249. One of the "Astrology & Education" chapters (pgs 50-68) lists the numbers from 1 to 249 & for each, gives the sign lord, star lord & sub lord, as well as the degrees of the zodiac each covers. If I'm not mistaken, the key to the entire KP system.

Krishman & Co., 203 pages.

SUBLORD SPEAKS, a three volume set - K.M. Subramaniam, $45.00


In Volume 1, there is a Dedication & a Preface. Thereafter follows a series of articles, each entitled, Sub-Lord Speaks. The articles continue in volumes 2 & 3. They appear to have been collected from a magazine.

Volume 1: 152 pages
Volume 2: 153 pages
Volume 3: 171 pages


Three volumes of articles discussing charts using the KP System. A guess would be the articles were taken from a magazine that K. M. Subramaniam himself. This collection was first published in 2007, the articles appear to have been written in the 1980's & '90's. In both the Dedication & the Preface there is a distinction made between "K. Subramaniam", the publisher, and "Prof. K.S. Subramaniam", the author, who is deceased. I regret this is confusing.

Krishman & Co, 476 pages.

Read the book? Want to tell the world? How many stars (1-5) would you give this book?

PROFESSION - K. Subramaniam, $17.00
1. Astrology & profession; 2. Signs & profession; 3. Planets & profession; 4. Stars & profession; 5. Influence of planets in the 10th bhava; 6. Significance of each sub for profession; 7. Combinations for air pilot; 8. Administrative officer; 9. Profession connected to books & publications; 10. Computer programmer;

11. College professor; 12. Commercial artist; 13. Cine artist; 14. Combination for cinema profession; 15. Combinations for cinema profession; 16. Electronic engineer; 17. Export business; 18. Foreign assignment; 19. Film distribution; 20. Indication for medical;

21. The journalist; 22. Printing profession; 23. Legal profession; 24. Legal profession; 25. Musician; 26. Politician; 27. Profession; 28. Change in profession; 29. Profession - combination of planets; 30. Will I be in the teaching profession or will I take up business?: 31. Profession - will I stick on to the present job or will I take up another? If so when?; 32. Profession; 33. Profession - medical.

Comment: The Krishnamurti book on profession. Chapters with questions are resolved by analysis of the natal chart, with the planet ruling the day of the reading thrown in.

Krishman & Co., 202 pages.

MEDICAL ASTROLOGY FOR ALL - K. Subramaniam, $20.00
World standard times at noon, GMT; Message about this book; Forward; Acknowledgements;
1. Principles of KP medical astrology; 2. Parts of body ruled by planets & 27 constellations; 3. The pathogenic effects of the 12 signs of the zodiac; 4. Nature of disease denoted by each sub-lord (1-249); 5. Disease of the subs; 6. Sub-sub table; 7. Mental disease; 8. Indication for epileptic fits; 9. Blindness & eye disease; 10. Combination for dumbness & deafness;

11. Indication for heart disease; 12. Astrology & asthma; 13. Combinations for cancer disease; 14. Breast cancer; 15. Combinations for tuberculosis; 16. Astrology & appendicitis; 17. KP sub lord & kidney trouble; 18. Venereal disease; 19. Combinations for diabetes; 20. Leprosy;

21. Planetary combinations for elephantiasis (filaria); 22. Paralysis; 23. Diagnosing the disease by KP horary method; 24. Zodiacal sign index.

Comment: Of note, the highly detailed lists of parts of the body ruled by each of the 249 sub lords, the parts ruled by each of the nakshatras, diseases of each of the 249 sublords, and a table of sub-sub lords. Includes numerous chart examples.

Krishman & Co., 229 pages.

PUNARPHOO: Saturn & Moon - K. Subramaniam, $15.00
Preface; 1. Punarphoo dosha; 2. Changes the marriage date; 3. Marriage problem; 4. Marriage agreement; 5. Professional problems; 6. Will marriage take place; 7. Set back in fine arts; 8. Abnormal delay in marriage; 9. Success in secret love affairs, Failure in marriage; 10. Love failure;

11. Marriage - accuracy in prediction; 12. Marriage & Punarphoo; 13. Sublord - the endoscope in KP; 14. Punarphoo & sex perversion; 15. Punarphoo dosha; 16. Professional aspects; 17. A miserable martial bliss; 18. A miserable honeymoon; 19. Unsettled life & profession; 20. Setback in life;

21. Progeny & child birth; 22. A detected director by profession; 23. Abnormal delay in marriage; 24. Negotiation broken & marriage delayed; 25. A denial of marriage.

Comment: Punarphoo is a term for Moon - Saturn aspects in the natal chart. The book defines Punarphoo as any one of these: Saturn in the star of the moon & his own sub, or moon is in the star of Saturn & in her own sub, or if Moon & Saturn are in the same sign. The condition pertains also if the moon is in the sub of Saturn & in the sub of the moon, or if the moon is the 3rd or 10th sign from Saturn, to Saturn's 3rd & 10th aspect from the moon. (pgs. 1 - 2.) (It might just be me, but these definitions sounded slightly screwy.) Punarphoo also applies to Saturn aspects to the chart generally. The table of contents (above) give a good, brief, description of its possible effects in the chart.

Krishman & Co., 141 pages.

TABLES OF HOUSES - K. Subramaniam, $35.00


Table 1: Sayana Longitude of Ascendant
Table 2: Krishnamurti Ayanamsa, 1900-2050

Tables of houses from 0 to 60 degrees.

Comment: Unique to these tables are Right Ascension on the Midheaven (RAMC). In these tables, for each degree of latitude (latitude is your geographic location N/S of equator) are given all 360 degrees for RAMC. What this means: Right ascension, for your date of birth, is the number of degrees, north or south (or left or right), of that point on the eastern horizon where the sun rises at the spring/autumn equinoxes. In northern latitudes (eg, North America, Europe, Asia), in the winter the sun rises to the south, in the summer, the sun rises to the north. RAMC is a way of keeping track just how far north or south the sun is rising on any particular day of the year. Among its other uses, RAMC is used by astrologers for the calculation of primary directions. Before modern tables of houses, RAMC was part of the necessary calculations for determining the ascendant. Am not sure what the Krishnamurti people do with RAMC. The tables produce Placidus house cusps, which are given in 360 degree notation in Tropical (not sidereal) zodiac. Convert by deducting the ayanamsa of your choice (a table of Krishnamurti ayanamsas are given, from 1900 to 2050). The Krishnamurti system of sub-lords requires great accuracy with house cusps. These tables are said to produce cusps accurate to the nearest "seconds" (sic) of arc. Myself, I'd rather use a computer, but these are impressive tables.

Click here for a PDF sample.

Krishman & Co., 366 pages.

ASTRO IQ - K. Subramaniam, $10.00

1. Zodiac; 2. Which planet indicates these stars?; 3. Zodiacal signs; 4. The zodiac & the human body; 5. Identify the signs; 6. Find whether positive or negative sign for the house; 7. Western aspect - degrees; 8. Standard time is adopted by various countries & years; 9. Vimshsottari dasa; 10. Planet number;

11. Planets - day lords; 12. Identify the symbols for the planets; 13. The nodes - Rahu & Ketu; 14. To whom to pray - god & goddess; 15. Music & mind; 16. Symbols; 17. Planets - favorable & unfavorable; 18. Child birth; 19. Ruling planets; 20. Houses & their significance;

21. Aspects & ayanamsa; 22. Casting the horoscope; 23. Diseases; 24. Abbreviations; 25. Profession; 26. Prayers; 27. Domestic environments; 28. Indicate which planet signifies these gods; 29. Astrological terms; 30. L.M.T.;

31. The planets - how doe they act?; 32. Approximate level of exaltation of planets; 33. Sign & the different organs of the body; 34. Signs & lucky numbers; 35. Sign & lucky stone; 36. Lucky days; 37. Virgottama - dwadesmamsa; 38. General yogam & correct hours; 39. Balance of dasas; 40. Planets in 12 signs;

41. Identify the rasis from the pictures; 42. Answers.

Comment: This is a total of 577 exercises for sharpening your astrological skills. The level ranges from much too simple (name the planet beyond the Earth's orbit: Venus or Mars) to quite demanding: 410.v. To make contracts, agreements 3-1-11-7, yes or no?

In the Forward, K. Ganapathy writes,

The book "Astro IQ" effectively tests the user's knowledge, understanding & ability in interpreting the concepts starting from the zodiac signs & topics related to planets, stars, to importance of birth stones. It highlights the accurate nature of the K.P. Stellar Method. It will be obvious to the users that, various types of questions from their clients can be effectively countered using this method. For students I would recommend this book as it would help them hone their skills with regard to handling queries from clients in the future. (pg. viii)

Krishman & Co., 147 pages.

PROGENY & ROMANCE - edited by K. Subramaniam, $20.00


Preface, by K. Ganapathy

1. Progeny & romance
2. Romance & marriage
3. Is progeny promised?
4. Why progeny prolonged?
5. Love marriage
6. The prenatal epoch & progeny K.P.R.P.
7. Marriage & romance life
8. KP name of confidence in astrology, "love" - before & after marriage
9. Marriage punarphoo & KP
10. Love & marriage
11. When is the marriage - through KP
12. Stellar astrology & child birth
13. Marriage & married life
14. Wife pregnant or not?
15. Will my love affair materialize?
16. Issueless due to non attaining puberty
17. No issue at all
18. By what time shall I be blessed with a child?
19. Delivery before maturity time
20. Prospects of child birth - KP reveals
21. Death of all children
22. Astro-diagnosis of pregnancy
23. Krishnamurti Padhdhati confirms "delivery of female baby"
24. Child birth & the wonderful behavior of sub
25. Any child for me
26. Premature delivery
27. Ruling planets & child birth
28. "Will I get married?"
29. Can the time of child birth be assured by KP?

Comment: Another in a series of books giving KP solutions & answers to common questions. Save for the Preface, none of the articles are signed. Good luck!

Krishman & Co, 308 pages.

ASTROSECRETS & KRISHNAMURTI PADHDHATI, a 3 volume set - M.P. Shanmugham & K. Subramaniam, $50.00/set

Synopsis: The first book is M.P. Shanmugham's exposition of Krishnamurti astrology, combined with two books of essays on Krishnamurti astrology, by K.S. Krishnamurti & others, edited by K. Subramaniam, his son. The third volume is copyright 2002, we first saw it in January, 2005.

Part 1, the first book, is a fairly straight-forward exposition of Krishnamurti astrology. It was printed in 1995 & at the end is a note that the author would have Part 2 ready in 1996. He passed away before he could complete it. In its place, K. Subramaniam has given us a collection of magazine articles, by himself, his father & various other (attributed) collaborators. The same approach was used in Book 3. Most essays are well-done & repay study.

For example, this trick to make money at the races, from Learn KP & Earn, Part 2, pgs. 106-7: Find a book with 250 pages & open it at random. That page number is the sublord for the degree of the ascendant of your horary chart. (This is how KP does horaries generally.) Work out the rest of the chart for your longitude & today's planets. Note the position of sublord of the 5th house. If it's in the area ruled by the sub of the 6th or 11th houses, you win big. If it's in territory of the sublord of the 1st or 3rd, you win only a little. If the 5th sublord is in the sub of the 12th or 5th, you loose badly. If the 5th sublord is in the sub of houses 4 or 8, you have moderate loss. If the 5th sublord is in the sub ruling the 7th or 9th houses, your losses are slight. - If it works, it would be great.

Complete contents of all three books.

Krishman & Co.

Astro Secrets & Krishnamurti Padhdhati, part 4: RECTIFICATION OF BIRTH TIME - K. Subramaniam, publisher, $20.00



Rectification method: Birth time & its exact meaning
Rectification of birth time
Hora & its use
Recti. chart rectified by K.P.
Rectification of birth time
Easy way of rectification of birth time
Child birth
Ascendant & assessment of time of birth is very easy in K.P.
The effective method of birth time rectification
Rectification of birth chart by Krishnamurti Padhdhati
On rectification of birth time
Recti. of birth charts & role of the 7th & 11th cuspal sublords in married life
Birth rectification
Rectification of birth time
Rectification of birth time by the application of "Krishnamurti Padhdhati"
Correct time of birth
Validity of Krishnamurti Padhdhati
Rectification of birth time
Birth time & birth star rectification as per K.P. and R.P.
Stellar astrology and timing of marriage
Rectification of birth time
Rectification of birth time
Rectification of birth time


In this book, many individual case studies of chart rectification, using various Krishnamurti Padhdhati methods, from a variety of uncredited authors, perhaps including Prof. K.S. Krishnamurti himself. As not even the compiler's name is clear I have given the publisher as the "author".

This arrived as an independent book. I asked if it wasn't properly the fourth volume of the three volume set (above), but ultimately concluded that if Krishman & Co. were intent on publishing a series of volumes, then they should be priced individually, and not as a collective bunch. Which was how my supplier presented this volume to me in the first place.

The principal difficulty in using the KP system is its requirement for very exact birth times, such that every chart presented to the KP astrologer must be carefully rectified. This book, with its many examples, will assist.

Krishman & Co., 192 pages.

Read the book? Want to tell the world? How many stars (1-5) would you give this book?

ASTROLOGY FOR BEGINNERS "Encyclopedia of Astrology" 6 volume set - K. Subramaniam, $75.00/set

Contents, volume 1:
1. Total number of stars are 27; 2. The zodiac & human body; 3. Branches of astrology; 4. Vimshoddari dasa; 5. Dictionary of astrological terms; 6. The mother earth; 7. To locate a place on earth; 8. The heavens; 9. Different kinds of time; 10. Local mean time, conversion of the standard time to local; 11. The ephemeris; 12. Vimshottari dasa; 13. How dasa is calculated; 14. Need for calculation of dasa balance, how the dasa balanced is calculated; 15. Gems; 16 & 17. Astrological symbols; 18. Rahu & Ketu: The nodes. Comprises pages 1 - 120.

Contents, volume 2:
1. Nadis; 2. Astrology - available date incomplete; 3. Qualifications of an astrology; 4. Advice to administrator; 5. Astrology - its use & laminations; 6. Karma - inequality in life; 7. Destiny; 8. Fate - inevitable; 9. Shati to ward off evil; 10. Branches of astrology; 11. Medical astrology; 12. Astro-meteorology; 13. Judicial astrology; 14. Natal astrology; 15. Horary astrology; 16. Electional astrology, kabala astrology; Kerala astrology, omens; 18. Who can learn astrology; 19. Twelve signs of the zodiac; 20. Positive & negative signs; 21. Northern & southern signs; 22. Equinoctial signs, tropical signs; 23. Fiery, earthy, airy & watery signs; 24. The qualities: movable, fixed & common signs; 25. Fixed signs; 26. Fruitful signs, barren signs; 27. Mute signs; 28. Violent signs, human signs; 29. Voice signs, bestial signs; 30. Dual signs, bicorporeal or double-bodied signs; 31. Signs of short ascension; 32. Medical astrology; 33. Astro medical; 34. Medical chart; 35. Planet & disease. Comprises pages 121 - 240.

Contents, volume 3:
1. Astrology - is it a pseudo science?; 2. Who will be a successful astrologer?; 3. Gruha Jatakam; 4. Hora & its use; 5. Magnum opus of Sothida Mannan Jyothish Marthand Prof. K.S. Krishnamurti; 6. Fortuna; 7. A few thrills of KP system; 8. Our panchang; 9. Mundane map - Krishnamurti Padhdhati; 10. Fortuna & our fortune; 11. Zodiac - physical appearance; 12. Astrology & disease; 13. Astrology & gems; 14. Lucky day, number. Comprises pages 241 - 400.

Contents, volume 4:
1. Correct time of birth; 2. How to erect horoscope on the KP system of astrology; 3. Ayanamsa; 4. Domestic environment; 5. Kendra adhipathyam; 6. Viparitha raja yoga; 7. Ashtaka varga; 8. KP & twin births; 9. Horoscope of twin A; 10. Horoscope of twin B; 11. Horoscope of twin A (KP); 12. Horoscope of twin B (KP); 13. Horoscope of twin X; 14. Horoscope of twin Y; 15. Horoscope of twin X (KP); 16. Horoscope of twin Y (KP). Comprises pages 401 - 568.

Contents, volume 5:
1. Krishman's tables of houses; 2. Casting the KP horoscope (natal & horary): i. How to calculate the cusps for a horary number for a place situated in the south latitude?, ii. Table for ready reference to follow Krishnamurti Padhdhati 1-249 (sign, star lord, sub lords); 3. Finding KP significators; 4. Countries & cities; 5. Places; 6. How to judge the nature of results in a dasa & bhukti; 7. Astrology & human anatomy; 8. Zodiac (house) & relations; 9. Health disease; 10. Marriage poruthams: i. Dasa porutham, ii. Person born on this star then names should be taken according to this system; 11. Romance & marriage; 12. Punarphoo dasa; 13. Secret of seven; 14. Muhurtha or electional astrology: a scientific approach through Krishnamurti Padhdhati; 15. Finance & fortune; 16. Characteristics; 17. On astrodiagnosis; 18. Cusps & their functional role in KP; Errata vol. 5. Comprises pages 569 - 867.

Contents, volume 6:
1. Stellar astrology & timing of event; 2. Planetary behaviors in Aries lagna; 3. Krishnamurti Padhdhati verified; 4. Influence of moon in the 6th house; 5. Wealth from earth - KP helps in revealing; 6. Ruling planets; 7. Return of missing person; 8. Purchase of immovable property; 9. Overseas travel; 10. Sub sub table for all (249 subs); 11. Ruling planets; 12. Sub sub theory; Errata vol. 6. Comprises pages 869 - 1122.

Comment: I haven't the time for a detailed comment on all six books, so will make do with an impression. The Krishnamurti system, like the western system of midpoints, seems to be entire in itself. Aside from perfunctory dasas, there is little Vedic astrology here.

In volume 5, first chapter, "Krishman Tables of Houses": These are instructions for using the tables, not tables of houses themselves. For tables, get the Krishman volume.

Special Note: These six books are sold as a set only.

Krishman & Co.

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