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October, 2013:

October 8, 2013: One banana, two banana! A preference for equal houses. Vanity. In search of an identity. Nothing about naked pictures. A certain fussiness. A father's name. Into a real life. Times known and unknown. Births in New York and Berlin.

October 1, 2013: A unknown time twin. A dead puppet and a dead princess. 39. Birds. North and northwest. Fireworks. A rear window. Trains and tunnels. A thief. Cows and actors. Vertigo. A love of rich foods. What do I do with him in the morning?

September, 2013:

September 24, 2013: Time is a structured event. Norma Desmond at the end. Ugliness. Four months older than my mother. Realistic and unrealistic. Being discovered. Sammy Davis Jr. in public. Where one's heart lies. The first decan is ruled by Mars. Being slightly modified.

September 17, 2013: The same thing from both sides. Jesus has a factor. An apology. The ghost of the past. Silly season. Gladiators and sporting contests. The 15th of September. Habits. Mars not well aspected. Only a seasonal chart.

September 10, 2013: Red lines. Turks who are split. Kingdoms by the sea. Heading off mayhem. Minor affairs. Becoming clearer as the days pass. Being truthful. A whiff of grapeshot. No number of soldiers. Outside vandals.

September 3, 2013: Calendar season opens. Target season opens. Treachery. Getting in touch with the inner warrior. Mars in Virgo, anyone? Having a dozen more. Bricks and mortar. A permanent set of values. Getting your hands dirty.

August, 2013:

August 27, 2013: House prices. Mercy. Vengeance. A forum. Not paying attention. Deeply connected with spiritual longings. Eleven hours and thirty minutes. A creative mind. Noble and petty. To be allowed to write.

August 20, 2013: James Herschel Holden. Vettius Valens. Rhetorius the Egyptian. Dorotheus of Sidon. Residents of Texon, Texas. Curses in books. Tonsils. A Royal Star. The exact time of conception. Texas Christian University. A group of astrologers in Dallas.

August 13, 2013: Miss A. Miss A Prime. Swimming to the bottom of the ocean. Girls in bikinis. Death in Cologne. Scooping me. A dangerous combination. Still earlier lives. Louie XIII and Alsace. Looking like your niece. The way that records are kept. Where thousands toiled.

August 6, 2013: That extra jolt that satisfies. Tenacity. Suspicious of birth times. Three by the first, none by the second. A precious angel. Praise them, praise them, praise them. Cleopatra. A PC. A Martian moon. Hurl yourself.

July, 2013:

July 30, 2013: The new prince arrives. An overnight success. Hands and fingers and maybe a tongue! Knowing it instinctively. Same problems, different solutions. Not knowing who he was. Do anything, try it once. The second time is a charm. Two kings, late in life.

July 23, 2013: A royal brat. Daddy had a new moon. Mommy had a full moon. Three moons and a 5th. An excess number of years. Three of the four. Screaming at myself. Imaginary children. Time aboard a ship.

July 16, 2013: 90 minutes to change your life. Carrying John around. Moons both conjunct and opposed. Sing us a song or two! Yoko displaces, Linda dies. LSD is taken orally. Power outages and the Medieval period. Gentlemen and yeomen. Is this silly? Yes it is!

July 9, 2013: Bombs over Liverpool! What time does the day begin? October 9 or October 10? July 13. Mars in Cancer. Royal news to come. Mercury as the hands on a clock. Past lives. Saturday, July 20. What were you like at the end?

July 2, 2013: Eskimo Nell. Boys named Sue. Red arrows pointing left. No interest in marriage. 95 years old. Placating outsiders. An empress. At home and in bed. The start of the legal day. Don Quixote types.

June, 2013:

June 25, 2013: Eclipses revisited. Suspicious emperors. If you happen to be in London. Isn't this what we have a military for? Blindfolds. A letter from mom. A dead cold stop. Going briefly back to France. Returning a year later.

June 18, 2013: The 1813 issue. Trapped in a hotel room. Broken legs. A surprised banker. Spinning on your heel. What is behind the trees behind your neighbor's house. That pretty girl. Her three stepsisters. Marching down the road, and, Bejesus!

June 11, 2013: Dave's method for reading solar eclipses. You can help. The best KP customer. A female warrior. A little sister. An evil aspect. Indications of pregnancy. The lord of the ascendant in good aspect.

June 4, 2013: Trying to end it all. Pouting. 39 years. April, 1995. Get a preacher. Mega-churches. His people are my people. Memories of the Roachland. Friends and Lovers. Telling lies and telling the truth. A third marriage.

May, 2013:

May 28th, 2013: Superman. A DIY guide. Buckling walls. Sauve qui peut. Alice Bailey. An oppressive king. I am agreeable. Thought police. Powerless before the mob. We will apply Saturn. Not a good medium.

May 21st, 2013: A word from our sponsors. Heat that is white. Studying at Johns Hopkins. Ministering to poor souls. Peek-a-boo! Certain shortcuts. Pulling teeth. Hot dates!

May 14th, 2013: Hopelessly addled. For those who read charts. Not knowing who your father is. Not hearing from her. Due for another dose. No planet in your house. True of all traits. Twelve different charts.

May 7th, 2013: What's a kubera, daddy? Hexagons everywhere! A short commute. Safe sex coming soon. Taxes and the king of PC's. An average appearance. Reliable Roger and don't talk fancy. Having two sisters, and, Lower Pottsylvania.

April, 2013:

April 30th, 2013: Not killing. Not murdering. Not duck season. Los Angeles is a corrupt town. The giver of life returns. Continuing into your 30's. Who you were, really. A steely plastic personality. Finding the hidden side.

April 23rd, 2013: Ding-dongs! Project Hindsight for doctors. What you want and if you will get it. Foreigners. Claiming responsibility. Getting Biblical. Cat-like. Reading an obit. Spooks I have known.

April 16th, 2013: The upcoming eclipse. A franco-anglo book. Spines and backs. Trouble through opposite sex. How to get the most from Jupiter. The sky is empty! The sky is empty! Accidentally hitting upon. Muscles, veins and arteries. An early book by an early Greek.

April 9th, 2013: A cold dead hand. 2 ounces of man's grease. A half an ounce of mummy. A midnight puzzle solved. Those who stutter. In the body of the whale. Will the man return? Weak and top-heavy plants. Signs of fire.

April 2nd, 2013: Hitting home runs. What the signs speak like. Real jobs. Old men at Home Depot. Nepotism, or the fear of your own children. Being one of four. A chart that kills your wife. Paying bills. Soaking in oppositions.

March, 2013:

March 26th, 2013: Wistful vs: ill. Not hearing you scream. Finger-pointing. Wild guesses. The 17th of July. Making piracy pay. Half-past 11, waiting for noon. The BBC World Service. Walking in your sleep.

March 19th, 2013: A pope named Francis. Head and heart. Church and medicine. Second decanates. Extracting spirits. Diet-drinks. Planets that retain interest. How much of a lung? What is discarded, and why.

March 12th, 2013: Mistaking detail for minutia. Peace officers in California. A scathing retort. Avoiding professional liability. Needing a focus. Upcoming. Autoresponders. Saturn and plans. Golden rules.

March 5th, 2013: Men named Flexner and Pritchert. DW Griffith, too. Having less to have more. Spoonfuls of sugar. People who are gooshy and mooshy. Poor schools and poor boys. Acute and critical, compared. Many different kinds.

February, 2013:

February 26, 2013: I'm back. Herbalism in America. A week in the hospital. Decumbitures for everyone. Mistaken for witches. Find a mega-church. Solar herbs. I need your help.

February 5, 2013: Maynard calendars and Raphael's ephemeris. Saturn that chills and dries. How to link mundane techniques to horary work. Pages 1 and 2, vs: templates.

January, 2013:

From June 14, 2011: How daily horoscopes are written. Carter on epilepsy. Ivy on Mars in an horary chart. Robson and Ptolemy go head to head on hurts to the body. How to distinguish a mid-degree Sagittarius rising. And a lunar eclipse. Eclipse season won't be here until April, but we can think about them now.

January 22, 2013: Duals. Once every 56 years. Civil days. James Monroe and Samuel Tilden. Giving up office. Cold and dry. Hot and dry. Opinion-making. Juvenile. Pushing on a string.

January 15, 2013: College and astrology. Naked and nude. What you saw and what you did not see. Snowballs. Mentors. Be a local star. The bird of Jove. Adding two minutes. Scoring points.

January 8, 2013: Gemini and Capricorn. Jupiter and Uranus. Kevin and Susan. Dances and Wolves. Pac Tel. Moving allowances. Green grass. Local politics. The author's wife. Practical and cautious.

New Year's Day 2013: Yellow roses. Quad bikes. New look for an old star. Tearing things apart. Cold fish. Simple formulas. Find my number. Wit's end. Members of the band. Calling their mother.


December 2012:

Christmas, 2012: Pucker up! Nine months in a hole in the ground. Lots of me in italics. A firm hold on actuality. Mariette, not Marianne. Seventh Avenue. Cafeteria food. A thrift store. Foreign soil. Merry Christmas!

December 18th: What happens after. The house of children. 394 years and three months. The house Mercury is in. Guns that smoke. Bearing down on the cusp. Where to put your house. Eleven is seven. Six is two.

December 11th: An Evel man. Grandparents. A new king. A large residential area. Capes. Money and values. Being cut off. They arrived on Saturday. A change in park rules. A drunken elixir.

December 4th: The grid. The trinity. Cell salts. Tarot. A page. Looking back. A famous wife. Inspiration. Sounding boards. Sunny Arizona. Self-confidence.

November 2012:

November 27th: The original Moon walk. Nuclear rockets! So What! Levels of support. The 4 x 3 grid. Living on Mars. More than 40 years ago. Midtown Manhattan. Exotic locales.

November 20th: A man with two birthdays. Defectors. Strange goings on in Austro-Hungary. Three new books. Reading ordinary charts. What Harry did after he was dead. Not liking yourself. Magic.

November 13th: For more years. Jupiter and Mercury. Use my ephemeris. 20-20 hindsight. 12 year cycles. Fringe groups. Not returning favors. No hesitations. Flip-flops.

October 2012:

October 30th: 18 months ago. Staring straight at me. A man of his times. Sudden planetary picture. Constructing a genius. Like John Lennon. Private letters. Impractical. Falling in love.

October 23rd: Bad forecasting. 85 days. 186 guys with signatures. Brooklyn, not New York. Oppositions and squares. Are and are not real. A great headland vs: broken bottles. Squeamish.

October 16th: Boomerangs. Love on sight - on live TV! Blood in the water. Figureheads. Insular, proud or greedy. Never static. The stroke of midnight. Infrequent kinkee sex.

October 9th: Baking live lobsters. Finely minced garlic. Cooks who know what tastes good. Calling in sick. Being crushed by your job. Romance in the widest sense. Evil to speak ill.

October 2nd: Making sausage. Delays. Bushrangers. Making sausage. No girlfriends. Tampa-St. Pete. Grudges. Men from Mars. A dutchess. Fantoms. Teaching horary teachers.

September 2012:

September 25th: A kick in the stomach. Return to the past. A punch in the chest. Wiki and Astrology. The Rev. Mr. Astrologer. A fight.

September 18th: How long will you live? Dear Debbi. Bullets. People with F for a middle initial. Are you better off? Transiting Saturn. Progressed Jupiter. Bankruptcy. How to calculate. Chosing the right Fortune.

September 11th: Getting a job. Super stores. JSTOR. Libraries. Frontal attacks. Santa Claus. Buzzing gnats. A cannon stuffed with goodies. Mysterious ways. One-half million dollars. Did I mention Santa Claus?

September 4th: Calendar season opens. Being resentful. Orbs for fixed stars. Venus in the first. 10 am. Making a last try. 84 and one-half. Thousands of jobs. Getting sticky and dirty. Dressing like a ragbag. Adjusting to city life. The more money, the better.

August 2012:

August 28th: Archie Leach. Creativity. The radio. Hurricanes. Old farmers. Arizona. Faddish science. Larger than life. Open and closed. 19 degrees of Aries. Dear Sweet Jesus.

August 21st: Ten titles. Brainpower. A Royal Star. AstroAmerica is 19. Running away from marriage. Returning empty-handed. Fast talking, and stiffing a friend. Jupiter on the ascendant. Classified ads. Overnight success. John Cleese or religion?

August 14th: Sucking the air. Immediately hired by West Virginia. Hundreds of blue stars. Put your finger on the map. Popcorn machines. Vampires. Lurid details. Star spotting. A koffee-klatch. Much stronger on Wednesday. Calender spooking.

July 2012:

July 31st: Jerry, Jerry, Jerry! A boot camp. A prison. YOU in all caps. Digging a latrine. Eating fresh fish. Finding stars in the sky. The daily Sabian Symbol. No computers and no cells. Perry, Perry, Perry!

July 24th: Red hair. A scorpion that stings. A Pluto trine. Neptune and Uranus get the bends. The quiet type. A cameo by Kronos. Obscure places. Drawn from life. The first reports. The true role.

July 17th: What Naked Capitalists know. What was not at UAC. Dull books with gibberish. Cinnamon Red Hots! Rambling, and being rash. A lesser dog returns. Jacksonville, Florida. The German Renaissance. Not belaboring it anymore.

July 10th: T-Squares and Grand Squares. Overstock goodies. Duels. Being prudish. The actual signature. Nine heads in two rows. An immortal twin. Luckier than he realizes. During the ceremony itself.

July 3rd: How to impress a king. Where not to find an army. 30% of slaves. The psychology of maps. Planets that are shadowed. Being a prophet in your ninth house. A binary star. The most important planet. The background to the background.

June 2012:

June 26th: Celebrity Whim-Whams! The President has Mansions on the Moon. Marilyn and Joe and Henry and Jack and Hef. Being a primitive. Old and new news. Dogs, cats, rats, sheep and serpents. Too late to do any good.

June 19th: Subscribe! A new kind of link. Two serpents. Me, in 30 words or less. Mundane planets. Prussian foolishness. The master of the Moon. Venus, the sweet planet. Strange visions and hallucinations.

June 12th: Rated X. One thousand tons. Tetrahedrons. Feeling lucky. Tycho Brahe. Fond/not fond of children. North and south. Planetary standing. San Francisco and Shanghai. Diana Rosenberg has died.

June 5th: Clint Eastwood vs: Clint Eastwood. Tornadoes. Girlfriends and money. A famous prediction. Fix your heart. About two miles from here. Rosemary, saffron and sage. Careful selection. What works.

May 2012:

May 29th: The Dorothy Society. Zebra stripes. A two year span. Without a leader. Lord Curzon and Richard Nixon. Religious Propensity. The Prophetic Messenger. Being ignored wholesale.

May 22nd: Magic fingers. Greeks and Romans. Germans and French. Unsociable recluses. Flattery. Impervious to logic. The forehead of the bull. Staggering blunders. Overrun by Moors.

May 15th: NASCAR! NASA! Facades. Noxious weeds. Daytona Beach. The cure for all disease. $2 billion lost. Clueless. Patriots. General de Gaulle. Solstice points. Utter chaos.

May 8th: The Wild West! Hangings. Millionaires. Lifelines. Hosting as fast as he can. May, 2013. Decorated with balloons. A Chinese Bible. Who are the promoters?

May Day: People as transits. Pioneers. Eclectic medicine. Regal pacing. Touchy planets. Grandkids. Sugar daddies. Rumps. Venus for Mars. Clues. Hints. Being well-behaved.

April 2012:

April 24th: Plant your seed this week. Not Charles Darwin. Underfoot. The central crystal. Check your Maynard. Paralysis. The first star of Aries. How to get a foreign wife. High barometric pressure.

April 17th: Pompous titles. English painters. Dinner with Andy. Fragmentary. Pick-pockets. Hair on fire. Long distance girlfriends. Love, marriage and debt. Tall, slender, well-made and stooping.

April 10th: Spring planting. Krishnamurti returns. Three stars in place of one. A handy table. Concentration and pairs. Vatican II. Younger than his age. The year 2031. 76 + 12 + 8.

April 3rd: The Beethoven issue. One blind eye. Pink lines. Messengers. The fountain of youth. What's disgusting about Aries. Not listening. Proteges. Free agents. The patron saint of astrologers.

March 2012:

March 27th: Hellenistic Astrologers Can Save The World!!! Marilyn. Bouncing. Feng Shui. Speaking well. How far it is. How long it will take. Joan Crawford. Council flats. Extreme love nature. Chaos.

March 20th: The Enlightenment! True crime. Moveable type. A band of magicians. Facsimiles of original handwriting. Books on famous lovers. Behaving like a female. Being used as a prop. God shoots craps!

March 13th: What do I do, what do I do! Personal energy and motivation. A dated book. Obedience. Near misses. Three more books. On the down escalator. Bizarro Aquarius! Not emasculated. Various signatures.

March 6th: Snowflakes. Muddles. What you ate. Tornadoes. A quadrennial conclave. Hesitation. Daffodils. Notable Nativities. The shape you are in. Rescue.

February 2012:

February 28th: One white glove. Handmaidens. Angels. Peter Pan. A ranch. Downward slides. A proper analysis. Fetishes. Being all over. Lurking nearby. 14 years later. Finger of Fate.

February 21st: Weather. Theft in a chart. The love of mystery. Annoying a diva. The mouth of the fish. What's best for me. Saturn's nagging. Wearing lots of hats. The oldest woman in the world. A Neptunian city.

February 14th: Valentines Lady Gaga and Rick Santorum! The Aquarian Age. Elizabethan speech patterns. Being untrained. Lip syncing. The University of Kansas. Musical talent. Shout!

February 7th: Smears. The Chelsea Hotel. Virgo rising. The luckiest of the lucky. A septile. Weakly placed. Balance and coordination. An overgrown teddy bear. Being sloppy. Crude. A cog in a wheel.

January 2012:

January 31st: Clay. Gold. Groves of oaks. Bases on the Moon. Old English generals. Vacuums and things. The sky is empty (so it can't fall on you!) Things that fly, crawl and creep. Tarot. Original claims. Lots of italics. Enemies.

January 24th: Ice. Daffodils. Record turnout. Heavily larded. Mentally deficient. Peaking. Every serious book. Seventh and last. A birthright aspect. Formation of the brow, nose, back and legs.

January 17th: Otto and Wanda. Mitt and Newt. Mercurys that talk to each other. Polls that open and close. Next Saturday. Predictions. Cheating. Adjusting value and price. Citizens united.

January 10th: Haircuts. Daffodils. Trik houses. Horses. ESE of Fresno. Close the day. Following orders. One dimensional. A thousand shades. A rustic life. Boldly Go!

January 3rd: Impatient for sex. Herds of young bodies. Drizzle. Closed doors. Black holes. French poetry. Kinkiness. Sick flowers. Mommie-love. Cary Grant. Paul Newman. Seizing Venus.


December 2011:

December 27th: Fasten your seat belts. Wanna piece of me? How Bill lost it. Dang! Tapistry. Andy. Original sin. Getting caught. Horrors. The Crown Prince of Germany. Mangled.

December 20th: Unmentionables. Stocking stuffers. Measles. Maternal feelings. A dossier. Germs. Too late. 1913 and 1919. T-squares. Love triangles. Going backwards to go forward.

December 13th: Time and time again. Cops and spamcops. Bouncing. Breeding. 400 people. The fog of war. A vending machine. Twins. Dreamy and receptive. A face.

December 6th: Magic. Beatings. Pepper. Oakland. American citizens. Backwards motion. Modern rulers. Sisyphus. Running away from home. Boil in the bag. Simple and clear-cut.

November 2011:

November 29th: Perfectionists. Paternity. Sterility. A daughter named Lisa. Medicine Men. Joy of Cooking. Substitutions. Liver. Not being satisfied. Venus tightly opposed.

November 22nd: 1:19 am. Thankfulness. Adversity. Ingratitude. The Lord of the Flies. Dharma and Greg. Maladroit. The lessers. Witless masters. Unleavened bread. Things that were not necessary. Communists.

November 15th: Cayce at the bat. Stonehenge. Leadership. Checked boxes. Sarcasm. Murders in Kansas. A college radio station. Eyes Wide Set. Sugar coatings. Falling out of chairs.

November 8th: THE THEORY OF ASTROLOGY (in case you were searching for it). Beaujolais. The number 5. How far up? Pluto and Charon. Vulcan. Lameness. Covering the Earth. Bill Clinton and the Mayflower. Decay. Gods who eat. Stupendous mass.

November 1st: Petrol heads. Lead feat. Unbreathable air. Colourful. Sappho. Vulcanus. The rub of a Scorpio Moon. Winnie the Pooh. Intense editing. Saigon to Hanoi.

October 2011:

October 25th: Like me! Friend me! The Yellows. Life drawing. Myths that are busted. Parallels. That "thing" you like. Clever with hands. Being skeptical. Rationalizing. Bold go!

October 18th: Dane Rudhyar in L.A. Stephen Colbert all over. Kris Riske writes and doesn't. Intuition and instinct. Truthiness! Good and evil. A B-movie star. Groping. A cartoon character.

October 11th: Hubris. Revolution and a retrograde Venus. True fanatics. An accomplished orator. Scatterbrained. Insomnia. Being humbly grateful. A people's man. Jumping on a bandwagon. Pulling rabbits out of hats.

October 4th: The Mystery Man! Learning the hard way. Insanity. The Empire State Building. Handlebars. Working from home. Chain smoking. Strong willed and domineering. Switched at birth.

September 2011:

September 27th: Buckets of planets. Hysteria. How to win. Fighting the last war. Stunned. Utter exhaustion. Pre-order now. Teeter-totters. See-saws. Tools you can use. Exalted knowledge.

September 20th: Mad as hatters. A new top gun. Maynard. Indigestion. Saturn and vocation. Your face in Aries. Where's the money? Old Farmers and bad weather. Casual romances.

September 13th: Special guest appearance. Space Aliens. Where the slaves were supposed to go. Paternalism gone sideways. An embarrassing oversight. Unexpectedly fertile and knowingly slovenly. Petty points.

September 6th: A famous schoolhouse. Schools of fish. Tears of the Magdalene. A hearty welcome. Curmudgeons like me (they really do!) Is there no Moon in the sky? Jackrabbits I am responsible for.

August 2011:

August 30th: Earlybird HURRICANE EDITION. Cross and double-cross. One minute after midnight. Unpleasant things in Texas. Virginia Beach. The Mason-Dixon line. The morning after. What I predicted.

August 23rd: 2, 8 and 5, guess what they are! Everything Rick Perry doesn't want you to know. A roof that flies off. A proper book. The Great Recession. Mechanical devices. Magical constellations. A county clerk on the phone.

August 16th: Down on the farm! The river of Saturn. Weight control. Imagination. The lion's heart. Take off your skin! Ways to get rich. Narrow hips, and, Serpents for their symbols.

August 9th: Orbital sanders. Crumbling cookies. Houses that suck. Falling. Aphorism no. 2. The bony ridge where your eyebrows are. The new Mythic Tarot. An old book by Martha.

August 2nd: Getting a theory right. Insurance men are tricky. Bad weather coming up. Huber returns. Windmills. Titanic. $32,756,000 as of 2009. The eighth Saturn return. Fate. The KING of them all.

July 2011:

July 26th: Essays. A beast. The Terror. Hayfever. A manger of donkeys. A very full moon. Cold-blooded and cruel. Mass resignations. The Pope. Tall, slight and good-looking!

July 19th: A used car salesman. Finding yourself. A year in France. Death charts. Bad books. Who would you vote for? Clawing at water. Jupiter for a spouse. Looking quite fierce.

July 12th: Progress! Ukrainian Greeks. Hair. Your Astrological Biography. A little bit of Sarah Palin. What's in it for me? Loonies. Door no. 2. Useful clues. Wealth. Pit bulls.

July 5th: It's Cinco de Julio! Pat Robertson and Carl Sagan, together again! The rich and powerful. A void year for a void government. Last chance to save $50. Public or private. Gout. Gratitude. Pandora. Accidents. Dogs. Those who can't hide, and those who did.

June 2011:

June 28th: Christmas in July! Goitre. Saturn. Seconds. Grandchldren. Clutter in the living room. Not retiring. A big shout out. Flash floods. A healthy world. A roomful of horary teachers.

June 21st: Spring Suns and Summer Suns. Ebenezer Sibley. Foresight. Polaris. Correspondence. Decanates. Droopy eyes. Looking for Mars. Guilty of fratricide. A very big statue. Genuinely puzzled. Secret enemies.

June 14th: How to write a daily horoscope. Mars & icky places. A flaming arrow. Signing contracts. Conjunctions. Moon & Mercury not in aspect. A little she-goat & its milk. And Astrology's Greatest Secrets Finally Revealed!

June 7th: Natalie Wood. Gloves. Wet T-shirts. Trannies. A picture almost found. Planetary power. A goldfish bowl. Dream big. Hash marks. Not being hungry. Time and Space.

May 2011:

May 31st: Californians in the news! Tornados in the news! That Old Time Religion. Egos 5 through 12. A knowing relationship with God. Epic scale! Staggering accomplishment! Sincere apologies.

May 24th: Polarities. Goethe has a helper. Newton is repressed. Readings. Updates. Egos 1 through 4. A Bull's eye. The Sun as significator. Pluto and the ascendant.

May 17th: Temper tantrums. A guru in a railway carriage. How to go from 8 to 11 to 1. Dropsy. One Pleiad. 19 degrees Scorpio. Whole cloth materialization. Cold cruel anger. An alien sign.

May 10th: A man with a solar eclipse. A woman with a lunar eclipse. An engagement ring. The UnDead. Empty pockets. The Top Lama. Temporary urges. An enterprising schemer. A weakend man.

May 3rd: I discover internal links. Pray for Kate Middleton. A Spanish dictator with diabetes. Profections. Not enough Neptune. Thumping his tail on the floor. Acts of cruelty. The Dark Moon, and, Kinky!

April 2011:

April 26th: 82 years and 82 days. Easter thanks. A centenary. Arrangements of planets. Hot-shot rectification. Mars trumps Saturn. Amiable yet baffling. Being "all right". Cherry-picked & unwittingly warped.

April 19th: Quickies. Two and a half weeks! Exhaustion. What the Sun sees. What the Moon learns. Fellini and his wife. The Ile de France. Leonard Bernstein. Young Republicans. Generally Accepted Time.

April 12th: VoidMan returns! The Man in Black. Walking the line. Twenty-five minutes to go. Chills and colds. Unable to err. The 1963 Libra ingress. Whole house aspects. A boy named Sue!

April 5th: Dead bodies downstairs. Graduating with your class. The ruler of a small Asian country. Day labor. An English poet. Actual immigrants. Beware of the dog! Fated roles and lives.

March 2011:

March 29th: Go to the show in September! April Fools approaches. A boisterous carriage. Grecian physiques. Front doors. Santa Fe. A star that's good for you. Michael Jackson & Montgomery Clift.

March 22nd: The French and wicked witches. Everything you wanted to know about Nicholas Sarkozy. Vettius Valens at 30 days. Venus and childhood. The first star of the zodiac. Cancer, Mars, Uranus or Neptune.

March 15th: Last week in Japan. This week in Washington. A bibliography. Bronchitis. How far is Mercury from your Sun? Mercury is harder than it looks. Charles II & King Alfonse of Spain. The Japanese Moon.

March 8th: The Chart of the Week! Jon Stewart is not boring! Astrologers go skeet shooting. Vettius Valens book 1. Are you a buffoon? Astro-Data. Bullies. Fighting a lackadaisical absence of ambition. Somebody tells Harvard about Pluto.

March First: Get to know Scott Walker! Boils! Boobs! Repetitive failures. Gooshy & mooshy. Big guns. High Deutsch. Looking like an iguana. Reading to the blind. Are you scared yet?

February 2011:

February 22nd: Vettius Valens approaches! Sadie Hawkins doesn't! What is a decumbiture? The first aspect the Moon makes. The Moon and Mercury. A guy who looks a lot like Arnie. Mercury in some of the signs.

February 15th: Robert Blaschke, in memoriam. Sex outlook of the signs. Character. Retrograde transits. One of the four Royal Stars. Character. Beethoven's stance.

February 8th: A commander who is fair. The Beatles! Ernest Borgnine lives! Hunchbacks! Wynn's #14 Theory. The ruler of the 6th. Travelling by instinct. Puzzled doctors.

February 1st: Terrified of revolution. Three stars in a row. Tulip mania! Appendicitis. The Sun Makes the Rules! Loss of teeth. Big dogs and small dogs. Do you have a nemesis? 1000 B-17s bomb Berlin!

January 2011:

January 25th: The Moon's orbit is not what you think. Abscesses. Eyes & ears. Squints. Arthur Treacher. The January lunation of 1910. Guy Fawkes executed, and, Stalingrad surrenders!

January 18th: Where's your 13th sign? The Aquarian Man. Planets in groups of three. What I heard in Edgewood. Eyes, eyes & more eyes. The sign of Cancer and Peter Pan. And, Presbyopia!

January 11th: Do you have a hairy body? Mars and last week's eclipse. This week with Charubel. Having too many irons in the fire. Personal distinction. Citizens get tough! Twelve thousand signatures. Tall or short.

January 4th: Northern Sweden in the news. A book that doesn't sell. The obstruction of Saturn. Often incorrectly spelt. Soldiers are excited, and you're not really afraid. Fate that was something to weep about. Pleasing the father.


December 2010:

December 28th: Earthquakes. Great difficulties in practical astrology. What to do with Firdaria. A description of Abraham Lincoln. The Venus decanate of Gemini. Lost cats!

December 21st: The chasm grows wider every year. Wanna be immortal? The Swede who invented Enron. Mangling Hellenistic astrology. The Christmas truce. Apollo 8 orbits the Moon. Women with masculine voices, and, The End of The World!

December 14th: In honor of December, more about Aries & Taurus than you ever wanted to know. How to know if your son will succeed you. Just in time for Christmas, bankruptcy & homelessness. Being at war with yourself. Stoops, strong necks, and shoulders.

December 7th: Saturn comes again. (Must have been happy the first time.) Waking up in a dream. Delays. Jupiter & crime. Many things about Sagittarius. How to spot an Aries. Sweltering shoeboxes at 5 am. Love triangles, and running far, far away.

November 2010:

November 30th: New books. Love of nature. The Philosophy of Publishing! The Hapsburg underlip. Mozart died at birth. Sagittarians use slang. Introverts or Extroverts. The 200 book retirement plan.

November 23rd: Thanksgiving. Different kinds of astrology. A star you've never heard of. How to Use Them. Being well & truly cuckolded. Grave doubts about the whole thing. Short, squarely built, and slender.

November 16th: Maynard calendars have arrived! Carter is insane. Are you thin with a long neck & sloping shoulders? Cogs. Naked at noon. Much dentistry. NO and NOT. Niagaras and vampires.

November 9th: Head to Head! Givers vs: Lengtheners. Oriental vs: Occidental. Psychobabblists. The house of dreams. How many years has Jupiter? Born with a lucky spoon. Translation vs: Translation!

November 2nd: Do you have Magical Powers? Will you vote in the election on Tuesday? Do you have a Demented Venus? Do you know what a Hyleg is? Does your dog bite strangers? Are you a Kassandra type?

October 2010:

October 26: Do you look like this - or that? Good health. The Moon. Men are like vaudevillians. How knives are sharpened. UAC is looking for you! How to cure a hernia, and, how to know if alive or dead. Use common sense!

October 19: Venus is still retrograde. The Hunter's Moon is this Friday - what are you hunting for? More on 3-6-9 & 12. Robson on contradictions & directions. Cornell on tribes. Harry Houdini gets sucker punched. And Ivy on Venus, which is where we came in.

October 12: William Lilly introduces himself. David Anrias introduces the hyleg. Sepharial describes the decanates of Libra. Carter has intellectual abilities. Spica is a nice star. Dr. Cornell tells us about habits, good and bad.

October 5: A new delineation for the MC. Carter on inquisitiveness & insanity. Martha on Juno & the marriage partner. Debbi & Margaret on Librans. Ronald & Liz team up in Bristol. Ivy on the co-significator of the quesited.

September 2010:

September 28: Pre-order Maynard for 2011. Get Morin 26 now. You, yes, YOU can review our books! Stars that aren't fixed. Books that can't be had. How to find a marriage partner. Calvin Coolidge & good luck. The son of a satyr & a nymph.

September 21: THANK-YOU !!! Robert Corre is throwing a party. Richard Nixon's solar return. Saturn and men's fertile moons. Houses with three signs. The first degree of Libra. Derek on Ivy. Cancer and cancer, on and on.

September 14: BUY BOOKS !!! Margaret on Virgo. Julius & Ivy on Saturn. Charles on Neptune. Luna II on the Moon. Einstein finds a star. Sepharial & Vivian tell if you will be rich. Nick gives us orbs. That other Haydn, and Cherubini, Pavlov & The Lone Ranger!

September 7: Hurricanes! Personal appearance. What else does it say? Everybody has three lines. Aphorisms. Isis. The Virgo Dog. An obituary. Jack the Ripper. The Pledge of Allegiance!

August 2010:

August 31: William Lilly's Moon. Margaret Hone's much older Moon. Farmers on weather. Carter on courtesy and cowardice. Will there be a hurricane? Ivy does a Foreword. Dorothy writes an Appreciation. A lazy sleight-of-hand.

August 24: Robert Blaschke wants to tell you something. I review new books. Carter thinks Pluto is easy. Jeffrey thinks it's not. The ascendant of London, exactly. The Bristol City Museum. The debut of the Student's Corner. Trines. The Haylaj.

August 17: Nurse, wean & send your kid to school! Indications of pregnancy. French leave, also known as the Quincunx. Long Itchington has a cement works. Mae West & Davy Crockett have birthdays. Fourteen letters survive.

August 10: Bessie Leo is found! Vivian Robson is not! Ammonite workers. King Edward the 6th School. Of Sol in Leo. My dear Mavortius! Two books. Digging for gold!

August 3: Erwood vs: Owen. Besotted drunks. The seventh nakshatra. Where are you going? To serve man! Gout, part 1. Gout, part 2. More punch! Mata Hari.

July 2010:

July 27: Spring sailing in summer heat. Two donkeys. Why do astrologers do that? Acquired characteristics. The mother's natal chart. Moon & Venus in cardinal signs.

July 20: I plug books. I plug Robert Corre. Carter on evil. Robson on dog bites. Episode 69 on conception. Firmicus on the 90th degree. Planets in Libra!

July 13: The end of the month arrives early. My sister & pop singers. Pluto & Jesus Freaks. Sepharial on investing. Robson, Ivy & Lilly on marriage. Carter on insanity.

July 6th: More new books. Localized influences. Joan of Arc, convicted again. The ship Argo. The moment of birth. When to get married. Falling from the sky. Sliced Bread!

June 2010:

June 29th: A ringside seat: Bonatus vs: Coley! Bonatus vs: Robson! Hooray, hooray, Bonatus has arrived! Washington Surrenders! Earthquakes! Sweet Spots! Your Mission on Earth!

June 22nd: Holden steps from the shadows. How your chart has aged. Externalized medicine. The Will to Live! 40 days of Roman vitriol. How to stop a Haemorrhage. A Mastiff Dog. A brace of bullets!

June 15th: John 23 & Centaurs. Summer. 1968. Things that are LOUD. When to let blood. Jupiter in the Seventh House. The Moon on angles.

June 8th: Final Judgment! Ben Dykes to arrive soon. Final Judgment! The Second Coming! A man & a jug of water. Final Judgment! Final Judgment! Final Judgment! Final Judgment! and, Superman!

June 1st: The Black Plague! Hopi. The Galactic Center. Dental treatment. Advance the natal chart slightly. Gemini dogs. The Empire State Building!

May 2010:

May 25: Hey Rocky! Foucalt's pendulum. The Pleiades. Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat! Resonance. Surgical operations. Oscar Wilde. But that trick never works! Physical mass. This time for sure!

May 18: The Eyes Are Upon You! What did you do during the retrograde? Japanese rice paper. The bull certainly, and the horse probably. Facebook & curmudgeons. Battleships!

May 11: Charles Carter vs: Adolf Hitler! Porphyry vs: Ptolemy! Algol, or the Joy of Beheading! Mercury goes direct! Red tape & formal rules. Retrograde Venus & debilitated Mars. When to vomit!

May 4: What women want in bed. Marco Polo. Hidalgo. The dog of the month. V*O*T*E! The three and a half day diet plan. The first Tuesday in Taurus.

April 2010:

April 27: Who needs the Bible? The birthday of Nam Myoho Renge Kyo. Lunar shadows & astro graphology. Capricorn is fish-like & Scorpio is an air sign. Character assassination revisited.

April 20: Big Brother is Watching Us! Wise leaders and nice people. Lunar phases and weight. A black cat with a weak leg is a fifth house Saturn in Aquarius. When to take your medicine. And a really bad stink!

April 13: Heaven is like an ant - or a cave in Turkey. A good time to see the doctor. The different things Taurus can do to the weather. Important events in the past. What the heck is a haylaj? Spring Sale, week 2.

April 6: Spring $5.00 book sale. Kiss me! The time of your life. The whale, and what's in its belly. How to get credit where it's due. The dog of the month. Sonja Henie's tutu!

March 2010:

March 30: Easy Astrology announces the Moon-Pluto opposition of the week. Good planting days! Do you have planets in the 12th? Begging a favor of the king. What sex are you? Martian occupations.

March 23: Dr. Seuss has droopy buildings. Easter is a pagan festival that bursts out all over. Ivy tells you what the fixed signs hide. Carter tells you about rushing headlong. Al Biruni is joyfully contentious. It's Spring!

March 16: Richard Idemon returns. How to ask for a favor. Wolfgang Amadeus explained at last. How to eat too much. A deep-yellow star, and, The International Astrology Day gets ignored!!

March 9: Save Astrology! Introducing the special of the week. Nick & James on hols. External healing. When to throw a party! What I wear around my neck.

March 2: Carter on King Philip. King Kong. Hebe the handmaid. When to become a Freemason. Honeymoon in Ireland. Ivy writes poetry, and mongrels, astrologically defined.

February 2010:

February 23: Tyl's book on work is back. The Duelists are Fixed. Rossini does not have a birthday this year. Sun or Moon, boys or girls - which are stronger - ? The inscrutable Lord of the Year, and, Strong Solar Aspects make for Good Jobs.

February 16: George Washington's Birthday! Skeet shooting for astrologers! Don't get married on a new moon in Gemini! Mother Teresa was Serbian! Vanna White has a birthday!

February 9: Obama grows another birthtime. Crowley returns. Cornell leaves. Ptolemy gives a list of defunct countries in Iran. Dueling Dictionaries duel over the twelfth house, and Lilly tells us about the Moon in your life.

February 2: Sports astrology. Smitten love. Dogs that bark too much. Where to find the clime of your choosing. Ready to elope, or will you enter the church first?

January 2010:

January 26: Initiation & the third date. New books. What Kepler thought was a nice aspect. Three small stars. Ballantrae returns. A Gemini man & a Taurus woman. How to know a paranoid.

January 19: A pair of high school science teachers. Sex-mad & the 5th house cusp. Twelve astrologers who haven't yet bared it all. Exactly when to launch a singing career. The right time to put in your system tray.

January 12: More on intercepted signs & reincarnation. Apprenticing a youth to trade. Fish stolen. When Moliere was born. More from the Centiloquy. When a woman will wear the breeches.

January 5: The world and everything in it. Capricorn mothers. Diana the Hunter. Old age & roller skates. Signs of Cholerick men. Searching for hidden treasure. Peering through unwieldy telescopes.


December 2009:

December 29: Four and 25 and 19 and 10 but not blackbirds. Root races. More on intercepted signs. The ruler of the horoscope. Venus in the signs. The length of life. Happy New Year!

December 22: Interceptions & reincarnation. 13 Yule Lads. One Yule Cat. How to make a will. Lilith in the ingress chart. Lots of aphorisms, and, Washington crosses the Delaware!

December 15: Retrogrades. A Tea Party. Jupiter & Neptune get hitched. Nothing on the House of the Immediate Future, but Saturn on the ascendant of the now. How to get paid back, and when not to pawn.

December 8: Maynard arrives at last! Bankruptcy for fun & profit, Christmas Books, Borrowing money, Aphorisms by Robson, Centiloquy by Ptolemy, and, finally, the French stop invading Russia!

December 1: The Mozart issue. Also: Chiron wounds & heals, What a smoky degree is worth, Charlemagne judges Leo, Mercury & yak-yak, How planets are arranged, The Barefoot Sagittarian, When to borrow money, the Dog of the Month, and lots more.

November 2009:

November 24: The Book of the Week. Two Rambles. Were your parents SLAVES??!! Mars in angular houses. Astrologers classified by group. Activities, Instincts & Morals. Happy Thanksgiving, King Tut & 1789!

November 17: This week in Astrology! The Fourth Dimension. Shall I become poor? The Astrologer of the Week returns. More on buying & selling. And, what you can trust as nothing else.

November 10: More Fun - More Money! Edwin Booth lived near here. The comprehensible bits of Ptolemy. Dorotheus on what's lost. Maynard Approches!! Things that were done on Friday the 13th!

November 3: Shorts. How to Make Money! The Dog of the Month. The Asteroid of the Month. Venus in Scorpio in Bed. The Sun & Heat. Rehersal dinners.

October 2009:

October 27: A C.E.O. Carter Festival. What Martin Luther did on Halloween. What the State of Nevada did. When to be a drudge. What you want and if you will get it. Find the word prolix.

October 20: More on a pill in the hand. An Easie and Plaine Method. Traveling & Trimorion. Which way to turn. The part you play. Chervil & centaury. Buying tools, and apparent size.

October 13: Nasa lays an egg! Jack the Ripper sends mail. New books arrive. Rules for operations. When to dine. Dave's formula for pain management.

October 6: The Brooklyn Bridge. Aleister Crowley. Chiron. Going places. Big Rapids, MI. Best times to bake a cake!

September 2009:

September 29: Hee Haw. Fios. Placidus & Ptolemy, inscrutable. Hot Iron Bars! When to eat mutton. Apparently with a steady hand.

September 22: Welcome to Autumn! Swimming pool follies. Who is Michael Torke? Let's make a crater! Best books on progressions. Russia colonizes Alaska!

September 15: Weather. Cosmobiology. Galileo. Cannes Film Festival! How to Hire. Purges.

September 8: Dopplers go Crazy! Too many Nines! Where we get books from. North Korea has a birthday! Ivy & Bill visit the Third House on the right. And advice for nudists!

September 1: We succumb: What to do after The End of the World! Chocolate. Bobby Fisher. The Two to One Rule in romance. Ceres & your Mum. A clean dog, at last!

August 2009:

August 25: Marilyn looks really good at 200%. Birthday of the Supper Guppy. Lewis & Clark leave town. Poles Defeat Bolsheviks. Washington burns. We turn sixteen!

August 18: Bikini Waxing! Plastic Surgery! Your very own herb garden! The End of the Decade Approaches! and, Lilith & Earthquakes.

August 11: Annie Oakley has a birthday. The Mayan calendar starts. When to cut hair. When to succeed. The Beatles play Shea, and, The Death of Macbeth!!

August 4: Prehistoric Astrology Software From Greece! Obama has a birthday! Realistic & Unrealistic Urges!! Your Honeymoon! The Dog of the Month! and, last but not least, Downright Rotten Parents!!!

July 2009:

July 28: New books for August. A dime for your thoughts. Two asses & their riders. A Confederate raider & an English journalist have something in common. Funny things.
July 21: In the Three Blind Men & an Elephant Issue, Jones says it's a daughter. Charubel says an acute triangle. Sepharial says a horse. Kozminsky says a wheel. Carelli opts for half-wits, but I think that's a generalization. What is it? Whatever it is, it happens on the 21st. - and lots more!

July 14: Eine Kleine House Arrest in Copenhagen. Fat Moons. Casablanca. The Feast Day of St. Ulrich of Zell. France is another country. Lorenzo da Ponte & Leopold. Billy the Kid! - and lots more!

July 7: Saros. Atlantis. Dogs & Moonchild. The Dull Men's Club. Hunting & Budget. The Mighty First Magnitude Fixed Stars. Is there an eclipse this week? - and lots more!

June 2009:

June 30: George Washington Surrenders! Crab Nebula Explodes! Saladin Defeats the King of Jerusalem! West Point Opens! Slavery Abolished in New York! And last but not least, A Good Time to Ask for a Raise! - and lots more!

June 23: New Vedic books; Sepharial on buy low, sell high; Who lives longer, husband or wife?; Birthday of the US interstate highway system; The void of course progressed Moon; What to do with your 12th house - and lots more!

June 16: Sartre & MC Escher have birthdays - Rhetorius arrives - More on Hugh Laurie! - Whose Birth Certificate Is It, Anyway? - What to do with a Moon-Mercury aspect - and lots more

June 9: The End of The World - Bellatrix - Hugh Laurie - Basil Rathbone - Ivy on Retrogrades - Carter arrives - and lots more

June 2: Two "new" books by Charles Carter - First thoughts from the Dueling Dictionaries - Ivy goes PreNatal - Debbi Does Gemini - Stacey has a reception - and lots more

May 2009:

May 26: Timothy Geithner in the news (who's he?) - A Turn of a Lifetime - Ptolemy on vocation - Lilly seeks fish - Charles Carter tells you everything you always wanted - and lots more

May 19: TMA's book reviews - Alcyone changes signs - Cherilyn has a birthday - Clare Martin has two books - Duodecatemoria - Carter has health & death - Wilson & DeVore have transits - and lots more

May 12: Faces - Caput Algol - Astrodice - Culpeper - William Lilly has eight birthdays - Overcoming adversaries

May 5: Gardening! Boredom! Fertility! Spider webs! The Dog of the Month! Bachelorette showers!.

April 2009:

April 28: New Books. Andromeda. Second House rulers. Bugs Bunny & Willie Nelson. Chinese numbers. Ivy's Notebook on the Moon.

April 21: Dancing Lessons. Ryan Stiles. Heredity & parents. Men's marriages. Best books on solar returns. Carter on aspects.

April 14: Carter has Principles. Greeks have old houses. Both the Pope & the Cold War have birthdays. Ptolemy & Placidus duke it out. Be a Star!

April 7: Funny money. Transport in a whale's belly. E*X*T*R*E*M*E Astrology. (For the foolish!) Marilyn Monroe & Marie Antoinette. Twelfth house elections.

March 2009:

March 31: Dear Dave on aspects. Best books on medical astrology. Ivy writes to her kid sister. Apollo in the news! Everything you wanted to know about Aries & dogs.

March 24: Astrology is a banned word? What's your prenatal eclipse picture? Bangledesh has a birthday. Marguerite has karma. How to rectify in 1-2-3!

March 17: Your week in pictures. Nick & James talk about dignity. Wyatt Earp has a birthday. Lilly has wit. A Dynamic Duo Kiss Off!

March 10: Dueling Dictionaries. Star of the Week. Gems from Ivy Goldstein-Jacobson. The Astrologer of the Week.

Earlier Monthly Issues:

FeMarch! Desert Island Books. Small ads. I am working. Grant's tomb. Tabloids.
January The Inaugural Chart & President Obama. The Sun/Moon midpoint. Last chance for Maynard Calendars!

Christmas! History of Astrology. Oral Transmissions! Shameless Advertisment. Maynard Calendars for 2009!
Thanksgiving Stories of Intercepted Signs. What's a void, daddy? Maynard Calendars for 2009!
September La Rentree! You need a new ephemeris! While you weren't looking.
August Make Lotsa Money! Do-it-yourself guide to the Ages.
July Neptune. Dry. In memoriam.
June Marriage! Divorce? Crisis! Mad Magazine! Mystery Book!
April-May Aphorisms & Lot!
Easter 2008 Houses/Star of David
February-March Obamamania!
January Cusp of the Ages


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