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Astrosecrets & Krishnamurti Padhdhati
by M.P. Shanmugham & K. Subramaniam

Synopsis: The first book is M.P. Shanmugham's exposition of Krishnamurti astrology. It has been combined with two books of essays on Krishnamurti astrology, by K.S. Krishnamurti & others, edited by K. Subramaniam, his son. The third volume is copyright 2002, we first saw it in January, 2005.

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Contents, part (book) 1:
This book written by the late Sri M.P. Shanmugham:
Forward; About the author; Publisher's note; 1. Introduction; 2. What is astrology; 3. The planets: How do they act? I; 4. Planetary aspects - I; 5. Planetary conjunctions - I; 6. Planets in retrogression - I; 7. Planets: How do they act? II; 8. Mars dosha; 9. What are the powers of the signs?; 10. Lagna: KP explains;

11. About accident - 6 persons; 12. The native - poor & rich; 13. Planetary aspects - II; 14. Planetary conjunctions - II; 15. Planets in retrogression - II; 16. The twelve houses; 17. The twelve lagnas (Mesha to Meena); 18. Salient points: Sublord, the Supremo; 19. How to predict in the absence of a Nirayanba Bhava Chakra?; 20. Horary; 21. Method of prediction; 22. Rahu & Ketu; 23. All about lagna lord; 24. Profession - I; 25. Profession - II. 378 pages.

Contents, part (book) 2:
This volume edited by K. Subramaniam:
1. Krishnamurti Padhdhati & education; 2. Sub lord; 3. KP & astrology; 4. Sublord speaks; 5. Selection paper through Krishnamurti Padhdhati; 6. Unity amongst brothers; 7. Sub-lords who divert the dasa lords; 8. Ascendant lagna; 9. Lagna determination (from article Epileptic Fits); 10. Lagna determination (Late Shri N. Krishnamurthy);

11. A method to set a correct lagna by KP; 12. Advanced stellar astrology & the 9th cusp sublord; 13. Birth time verification; 14. The trigons; 15. Learn KP & earn; 16. Choice of friends (friend or foe); 17. Ruling planet; 18. A few words about ruling planets; 19. Bus follows KP; 20. The arrival of moon & the act of moon;

21. Sensitive point; 22. Promotion - when; 23. Who will be a successful astrologer; 24. Timing of events; 25. Timing of events; 26. Sub-sub & its usage; 27. Transit 1; 28. Transit 2; 29. The Golden Rule in KP; 30. Will I be able to clear off loans? When;

31. Horary astrology; 32. Hints for judging a horary chart; 33. Guidelines for professional astrologers; 34. How to find out the predictions made by the astrologer will prove correct?; 35. Anatomy of a prediction; 36. New horizons in Krishnamurti Padhdhati; 37. "Oh what a hatred on KP"; 38. Krishnamurti Padhdhati; 39. The horoscope of Prof. K.S. Krishnamurti; 40. The lion roars "you & your stars";

41. KP first period; 42. Indo-American - KP predictions; 43. Placidus system (semi-arc system); 44. Latitudes & longitudes; 45. Geocentric latitude; 46. Conversion of geographic latitude to geocentric latitude. 320 pages.

Contents, part (book) 3:
This volume edited by K. Subramaniam: 1. Correct time of birth; 2. The quintensence of the superior; 3. Realization of the amount lent; 4. Love marriage through horary & KP sub. lord theory; 5. Cuspal sublords & their impact on dasa effects; 6. Principle of sublords & relevant houses; 7. Astrology, traditional & KP; 8. Retrieving lands from tenant; 9. On buying a vehicle; 10. Theft articles revealed through KP;

11. Childbirth & the wonderful behavior of sub; 12. How the ruling planets work; 13. On foreign travel; 14. KP - A unique predictive method; 15. Free from debts; 16. Change in job; 17. Marriage time correctly analysed by KP; 18. KP deeper predictive system; 19. Marriage & marital life: A scientific approach through Stellar Astrology; 20. KP serves the astrologers for calculating the party arrival & reveals male or female;

21. Will sarguna help me financially?; 22. KP Theory saves from the clutches of false interpretation of 7.5 Sani; 23. When can I expand my steel furniture business?; 24. Fact or fiction? Significance of third house cusp; 25. Planet & heart disease; 26. Friend's arrival: KP gives the clue; 27. Horary astrology: Its use in predicting minor events; 28. KP explains death; 29. KP's miracle in diagnosing diseases; 30. KP birth time recitfication;

31. The business man & his planets; 32. On reading a natal chart; 33. "Oh, what a hatred on KP"; 34. Proposed business venture is not suitable for you; 35. KP & business; 36. Negotiations for accommodation; 37. Guruji's guidance; 38. Aspects! Their computation & modus operandi; 39. Cuspal sublord speaks; 40. Timings of events by ruling planets - a research study; 41. Fortune in new business; 42. Marriages are made in heaven? 272 pages.

Comment: Part 1, the first book, is a fairly straight-forward exposition of Krishnamurti astrology. It was printed in 1995 & at the end is a note that the author would have Part 2 ready in 1996. He passed away before he could complete it. In its place, K. Subramaniam has given us a collection of magazine articles, by himself, his father & various other (attributed) collaborators. The same approach was used in Book 3. Most essays are well-done & repay study.

For example, this trick to make money at the races, from Learn KP & Earn, Part 2, pgs. 106-7: Find a book with 250 pages & open it at random. That page number is the sublord for the degree of the ascendant of your horary chart. (This is how KP does horaries generally.) Work out the rest of the chart for your longitude & today's planets. Note the position of sublord of the 5th house. If it's in the area ruled by the sub of the 6th or 11th houses, you win big. If it's in territory of the sublord of the 1st or 3rd, you win only a little. If the 5th sublord is in the sub of the 12th or 5th, you loose badly. If the 5th sublord is in the sub of houses 4 or 8, you have moderate loss. If the 5th sublord is in the sub ruling the 7th or 9th houses, your losses are slight. If it works, it would be great.

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