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Vedic Astrology books by

P.S. Sastri

From a note in one of his books, we learn that Prof. P.S. Sastri, M.A., Ph.D., D.Litt, was born on January 22, 1920. He holds degrees in English, Sanskrit, Telugu, Philosophy, Rigveda, Aesthetics & Coleridge, and Indian Philosophy. He is the retired head (1980) of the Department of English at the University of Nagpur. He is the author of nearly 60 books on literature, philosophy, English & Telegu, as well as the author and/or translator of a number of books on astrology. It is said the natural lifespan of man is 120 years. Sastri has reached but 2/3rds of that. In Kali Yuga, he is elderly yet brimming with wisdom & experience. Most people do not live long enough, do not have good enough health in their final years, to attempt what Sastri has attained. In Prof. Sastri, we glimpse what the world could be like, if we lived just a few years more.

On pages 77-78 of Tried Techniques of Predictions & Some Memoirs of an Astrologer, K.N. Rao says, "Parasara has given 55 dashas & Jaimini 44 according to P.S. Sastri whom I rate as the best living astrologer of our decades. He was trained in the Vedas from childhood and can speak extempore in Sanskrit for four hours without notes. He is a double Ph.D. and he was the head of the department of English in Nagpur university. His English translation of Jaimini Sutras is the best I have seen. Yet, he has the modesty to say somewhere in the book that astrology has to be learnt from the right guru as he found many sutras to be too terse."

From his son, P.V. Shastri, I learn that Prof. Sastri passed away on 17 February 2006. It is a great loss.

Do not be overwhelmed by the length of the contents of some of these books. They are virtually page-by-page descriptions.

TEXT BOOK OF SCIENTIFIC HINDU ASTROLOGY, in two volumes - P.S. Sastri, $69.95/set
Synopsis: One of the finest books on Vedic astrology ever written. It is not a matter of idle praise. I am awed by the sheer brilliance of this man. Rare for Indian books, these are excellently printed & bound.

Contents, comment.

Ranjan, 2 hardcover volumes.

Maharshi Jaimini JAIMINI SUTRAM - translation & notes by P.S. Sastri, $25.00

Synopsis: Perhaps the finest of the various translations of Jaimini's Sutram. Includes some 325 birth charts & extensive, comprehensive, notes. 936 slokas, with Sanskrit originals.

Contents, comment.

Ranjan, 392 pages.

RECTIFICATION OF BIRTH TIME (An analytical approach) - P.S. Sastri, $15.00
Preface; 1. The moment of birth; 2. Traditional methods; 3. Day-constellation complex; 4. Nadi rectification; 5. Pre-natal epoch; 6. Directions: Preliminaries; 7. Directions: Limitations; 8. Directions: Some attempted equations; 9. Progression by averages; 10. Symbolic directions.

Comment: A comprehensive survey, including both Hindu & western methods. Chapter 2 surveys 7 Vedic methods, Chapter 3 contains three tables: the one from Uttara Kalamrita, the second as per Rajagopala Iyyer, the third a modification of the second. Chapter 5, on the pre-natal epoch, surveys both Vedic & Western (E.H. Bailey) methods. In chapter 6, secondary progressions are called, "secondary directions". Sastri's "primary directions" are solar arcs. He considers the dasas of solar returns. A useful & fascinating book.

Ranjan, 123 pages.

Acharya Mukunda Daivajna's SECRETS OF ASHTAKA VARGA - translation & notes by P.S. Sastri, $16.00

Synopsis: From 1942, a treatise on Ashtakavarga, written in Sanskrit. Includes original slokas. Notes apparently by the author, not the translator.

Contents, comment.

Ranjan, 202 pages.

Kalidasa's UTTARA KALAMRITA - translation & notes by P.S. Sastri, $18.00

Synopsis: A classic Sanskrit treatise, essential to the study of Vedic astrology.

Contents, comment.

Ranjan, 262 pages.

Acharya Varahamihira's Brihat Jatak - translation & notes by P.S. Sastri, $18.00

Synopsis: Along with Parasara's Hora Shastra, the Brihat Jataka is one of the core Vedic astrology texts, essential to the study. Of the various available translations, we think this the best.

Contents, comment.

Ranjan, 219 pages.

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