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Acharya Varahamihira's Brihat Jatak
translation & notes by P.S. Sastri

Synopsis: Along with Parasara's Hora Shastra, the Brihat Jataka is one of the core Vedic astrology texts, essential to the study. Of the various available translations, we think this the best.

Ranjan, 219 pages. Continued below.

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1. On signs: Explanation of technical terms, Definition of astrology, Hora, signs & organs, Ownerships, Vargas, Hora, drekkana, Exaltation & debilitation, House & signs, colors;

2. Planets: Nature of planets, Divisions, Caste & sex, Aspects, Friends, foes & neutrals, Temporary relationships, Shadbala;
3. Non-human births: Different kinds of births, Animal births, Birth of birds & plants;
4. On conception: Consummation of marriage, Mars & moon & menstruation, When conception occurs, Effect the births have, Abortion, Easy delivery, Birth of eunuchs, triplets, Sex determined, Multiple births, Duration of pregnancy;

5. Birth conditions: Indications from the time of birth, Where abouts of the father, Illegitimate births, Nature of the birth place, Forsaken child, Birth rectification, Birth chamber, Divisions of the body, Evil conjunctions;

6. Factors for early death: Early death, Combinations for early death, Importance of Jupiter, Antidotes;
7. Span of life: Number of years given by the planets, Reductions, Years given by lagna, Chakrapata Krurodaya reductions, Astangata & other reductions, Longevity of animals, Full longevity, Conflicting theories, School of Jivasarama, Satyacharya's views;

8. Ruling & sub ruling periods: Periods & subperiods, The sequence of dasas, Results of the various dasas, Naisargika dasas, The nature & results of the dasas;
9. Ashtaka Varga: Its relation to transits, Contributions of bindus, Their interpretation;

10. Nature of profession: Profession, Source of livelihood, Inherited wealth, Legacies, Various combinations, Varied means;
11. Rajayoga: Combinations for power & authority, Kingship, Political power, Weak raja yogas, Bandits;
12. Nabhas yogas: Varieties of Asraya & Akritiyogas, Sankhya yogas, Comparison with other yogas;
13. Yogas for moon: Lunar positions & conjunctions, Adhiyoga, Sunapha etc., Kemadurma, Navamsa, Upachayas;
14. Combinations of planets: Results of the conjunction of two planets, Conjunctions referring to the sun, moon & planets;
15. Renunciation: Renunciation, Various kinds of Sanyasa or asceticism, Time of renunciation;
16. Traits of asterisms: Influence of constellations, Mental & physical characteristics;
17. Moon in different signs: Effects of the moon in the various signs;
18. Planets in signs: Effects of the planets in the different signs;
19. Aspects on moon: Results of the aspects of the planets, Significance of the special aspect from various positions, Different kinds of aspects on hora, drekkana, navamsa, dwadasamsa, etc.;

20. Planets in houses: Planets in various houses, Bhava defined, Various planets in different bhavas, When do they give full or no result?;
21. Planets in Vargas: Special combinations, Results of own houses, Exaltation & debilitation, Kumbha lagna, Planets in horas, Moon in drekkanas, Navamshas in various signs, Vargottama, Dwadasamsa, Trimsamsa etc.;
22. Miscellaneous: Miscellaneous, Karaka planets, Natural aspects, Planets in the beginning, middle & end of a sign;
23. Anishta or misfortunes: Misfortunes, Prosperity of bhavas, Children & wife, Importance of bhaware lagna, Loss of children & wife, Deformity in wife, Late marriage, Adultery, Diseases, Blindness, Insanity, Slavery, Boldness, Hysteria, Imprisonment;

24. Female horoscopy: Female horoscopy, Houses 7 & 8, Trimsamsa, Adultery, Divorce, widowhood, Sex compatibility, Death before that of the husband;
25. Death: Kinds of diseases, Place of death, Unnatural death, Papakartari, Time of death, Fate of the dead body, Post & future lives;
26. Unknown horoscopes: Unknown horoscopes, How to cast them, How to fit the date & time of birth;
27. Drekkana: Decanates, Their nature;
28. Concluding chapter.

Comment: Excerpted & adapted from the Introduction by PS Sastri:

Varahamihira was born in Kapittha in the region of modern Ujjain. According to some scholars Varahamihira belonged to the first century before Christ, while others place his time in the 5th century AD. Laghu Jataka, Brihat Jataka & Brihat Samhita are his most famous works.

Varahamihira refers to texts by Maya, Yavana, Manittha, Parasara, Satyakriti, Sakipurva, Jivantha, Vishnugupta, Devaswamai & others. Satayakirti is referred to many times. He is called Bhadanta in 7.12. This is a word applied to a Buddhist monk. Manittha is an Egyptian astrologer. The Yavanas are the natives & settlers on the Greek island of Ion. The Ionians were taught astrology & astronomy by Indian scholars. In Brihat Samhita, Varahamihira calls them Mlechchhas & states that astrology was well-preserved by them. In this book, they are worshiped as Rishis.

Written in a highly cryptic style, Brihat Jataka is a difficult text, although commentary by Bhatta Utpala [included] has made these works distinct to us. In many ways Varahamihira has given a new direction to predictive astrology. He has set aside Yavana Jataka, indirectly he has at some places set aside even Parasara.

Brihat Jataka is a classic text. According to Mr. Sastri, one who does not master this book can never grasp the fundamentals of the science of Astrology.

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