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Authors names beginning with T, V & W

Authors included on this page: Umang Taneja (P.K. Sarna), Mridula Trivedi, T. Prakash Trivedi, Prash Trivedi (and Vela), Varahamihira, P.K. Vasudev, Ernst Wilhelm.

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ACCURATE PREDICTIVE METHODOLOGY: Nadi Astrology - Umang Taneja, $20.00
Contents: Acknowledgements; Introduction; 1. Characteristics of planets, signs, houses; 2. Rules of Nadi astrology, Nirayana bhava chalit & how to cast it; 3. Education: houses, planets, illustrations; 4. Litigation: houses, planets, illustrations; 5. Property & vehicle, purchase of property, houses, planets, illustrations; 6. Health, house & body parts, planets, houses, illustrations; 7. Travel: houses, combinations, timing, illustrations; 8. Career & financial prospects, combinations, houses, planets, transits, illustrations; 9. Marriage, houses, combination & timing of marriage, transit, planet, illustrations; 10. Children, housess, planet, combinations, illustrations;

11. Corporate astrology, combinations, illustrations; 12. Longevity, houses, planet, transits, illustration; 13. Rectification of birthtime, ruling planets, illustration; 14. Helping sciences; 15. Muhurat; 16. Remedial measures; 17. Twin births; 18. Personalities: charts of spiritual leaders, politicians, assassinations & assassins, glamour & filmdom, poets & writers, scientists & astrologers; 19. Relations; Annexure: The signs of the zodiac, their lords, nakshatra lords & sublords; Ayanamsa from 1850 to 2020; Summary.

Comment: After the usual introductory material, the book is divided into chapters on various topics. In each chapter, the author first gives the relevant houses & planets, then combinations (eg, yogas). In some chapters (eg, the one on health), these can be extensive. Chapters conclude with numerous examples, each with lagna & nirayana bhavit chalit charts.

Self-published, 194 pages.

THE TEXTBOOK OF ASTROLOGY - Umang Taneja, $30.00
Contents: Acknowledgments; Brief extract from Paramhans Yoganand; Introduction;

Part 1: Applicable Hindu Astrology: 1. History of astronomy; 2. Astronomy; 3. Time; 4. The horoscope; 5. The ascendant; 6. Casting horoscopes; 7. Hindu dasa systems; 8. Planets; 9. Signs; 10. Houses; 11. Relationship of planets, houses & signs; 12. Transits; 13. How to predict?; 14. Uranus, Neptune, Pluto; 15. History of Hindu astrology.

Part 2: Traditional Astrology: 16. Sage Parasar on planets for all ascendants; 17. Strength of a planet; 18. Divisional charts; 19. Myths in astrology; 20. Hindu tradition.

Annexure: 1. Table of standard times; 2. Balance of Vimshottari dasa (Moon); 3. Proportional parts for dasa of planets; 4. Vimshottari & Antar dasa table; 5. Vimshottari & Pratyantar dasa tables; 6. Astottari dasa & antardasa; 7. Yogini dasa by longitude of the Moon; 8. Balance of Yogini dasa; 9. Proportional parts of Yogini dasa balance; 10. Yogini dasa of major & subperiods; 11. Beginning of lagnas, IST, January - December; 12. Nakshatras: lords, sublords, sub-sublords, their longitudes in signs;

Comment: This book in two parts. Part 1 is basic concepts & rules for computation. Part 2 is interpretation.

Self-published, 301 pages.

P.K. Sarna

Contents: Introduction; How to use the book; Alphabetical listings, A - Z.

Comment: A book of astrological rulerships, similar to that of Rex Bills. This book is limited to a single, alphabetical, master list. It dispenses with glyphs as well as capital letters. A typical entry: mentality, deeper - jupiter, 9, sagittarius (pg. 122)

Self-published, 235 pages.

ASTROLOGICAL SCIENCE FOR BEGINNERS - Rasendu Thakar & Lata Thaker, $13.00

Is astrology true?

1. Astrology basics
2. Houses of the horoscope
3. Characteristics of the zodiac signs
4. Planets
5. Lagna the first house
6. Havoc of Mars
7. Seven and a half years of Saturn

Comment: The authors are a self-published husband & wife team, and, regrettably, the book shows their lack of experience with typesetting & layout. On the face of it, this is an introductory book with few suprises, but, on the other hand, page layout hinders appreciation of the book.

Future Publications, 218 pages.

T. Prakash Trivedi

Mridula Trivedi

SHANI SHAMAN (Wooing Saturn), a two volume set - Mridula Trivedi & T. Prakash Trivedi, translated by Kalpana Prasad: $45.00/set
Contents, vol. 1: About the authors; Foreword, by B.V. Raman; About the book; Preface Shani Shaman (English); Preface Shani Shaman (second Hindi edition); Preface Shani Shaman (Hindi version)(all of these in English);

1. Saturn: Multidimensional analysis; 2. Saturn's placement in the 12 houses; 3. Saturn in 12 signs or rashis & aspect of planets; 4. Saturn's period & various aspects & directions; 5. Saturn & planetary combinations; 6. Saturn: A research; 7. Sun-Saturn relationship; 8. Saturn Jupiter nexus: An exposition; 9. Saturn & neo-classical observation.

253 pages, hardcover.

Contents, vol. 2: Foreword, by B.V. Raman, About the authors; Foreword, by Daya Shanker; About the book; Translator's note; Preface Shani Shaman (English version; Preface Shani Shaman (2nd Hindi edition); Preface Shani Shaman (Hindi edition) (With the exception of the translator's note, the introductory pages of both volumes are identical.)

1. Practical Section:
Special means of propitiating - Shani Shaman, Vini yoga, Karadinyasa, Hridadiyasa, Digbadhanam, Beginning of the story, Varishtha spoke, Saturn spoke, Dashratha spoke
Shani Stavah - Viniyoga, Dashratha spoke
Mahakala Shani Mritunjaya Stotram - Parvati spoke, Lord spoke
Shanishchara Stavarja - Narada spoke
Shani Kavacha - Viniyoga, Dyana, Brahma spoke
The tested mantras of Saturn - Shani Sadhana (controlling Saturn), Shani A havana & poojan (invoking & worshiping Saturn) - pledge, viniyoga, Rishyadinyash, Karnyash, Hridayadinyash, Dyana
Tantrokta Shani mantra - Rishyadinyasah, Karnyasah, Atha Dyanam
Pouranika mantra, Shani, Shani Gayatri
Anka yantra (yantra with numbers)
Prayer of Saturn
Shri Shani Chaleesa (Doha), Chaupayee, Shani Aarati
Shiv opasana
Mrisanjeevani Kavacha
Mrityunjaya Kavacha - Bhairava spoke, Viniyoga, the beginning of recitation
Mahamrityunjaya Jaap
Dharana mantra - Pledge, Dhyana, Pran Pratistha, Avahana mantra, Bath
The Prayer - Asking forgiveness Brahmana Varanam, Prayer - method of recitation, worshipping Sun
Worshiping Lord Hanumaan
Propitiating Sadhe Saati Shani
Yantra of Saturn (Shani mandal)
The Yantraraj
Hanuman Bashuk (Chhappaya), Jhoolna, Dhanakshari, Savaiyya, Dhanakshri, Savaiyya, Dhanakshri
(24) Pashupastra - device
(25) Special worship of Saturn - Accepting the Acharya, Worshipping the 64 Goddesses, Placements of planets
Giving of offerings, Offerings for the nine planets, Offering of Goddess Durga, Offering to Kshetrapala, Giving the Poorna Patra to Brahma, Poornahuti Sankalpa
Applying the ashes
Offering of flowers
The Prayers - The ablutions, Apply the mark on forehead, Showering rice, (25) Narasimha Kavacha (protecting device), Kavacha

2. Remedial Measures in Lal Kitab:
Blind planets, artificial or substitute planets
Matching planets, friends & enemies among planets, sacrificial goat planets
Affliction of planets
Comrade planets, Pakka Ghar of planets
Saturn in Lal Kitab
Remedies for Saturn afflictions
Special features of Lal Kitab regarding remedies
Conclusion; Things pertaining to planets

177 pages, hardcover.

Comment: The conclusion in the second book sums it up:

The "Practical Section" of the present volume is in fact the very essence of "Wooing Saturn". To prevent or cure the unpleasant & calamitious situations caused by Saturn, nearly all vedic, pauranik, mantrik, yantrik and folk methods and means have been described with exact procedures to be followed. This includes such rare methods as "Shani Patala Kriya". To placate Sadhesati Saturn some proven & quick result giving "Prayogas" have been given with meticulous details.

As may be expected, while this book is in English, there are extensive sections in Hindi or Sanskrit (regret I cannot tell which), for which no translation is offered.

Niskaam Peeth Prakashan (publication division of The Times of Astrology), a two volume hardcover set.

ASTROLOGY FOR LIFE - Mridula Trivedi, T.P. Trivedi, $30.00

1. The Moon myths & facts; 2. The Moon neo classical observation; 3. Moon & muhurta - astro calculas for surgical success; 4. Muhurta electing time for marriage; 5. Match - making; 6. Mangali dosh, a marital maroon; 7. Mars in sensitive houses, a judgement; 8. Mangali dosh, when effective; 9. Martain maladies & remedies; 10. Hyms to ease marital discords;

11. Badhaka grahas; 12. Saturn & you; 13. Kaal Sarpa yoga - myths & facts; 14. Tsunami - was this holocaust predicted?; 15. Length of life; 16. Planetary focus on foreign journeys; 17. Planets & educational prospects; 18. Pointers to profession; 19. Perspectives on profession of partner; 20. A prognosis of progeny;

21. Sun - Saturn relationship; 22. Promote astrology; 23. Understanding spiritual remedies; 24. Fast, a common misnomer for Vrat; 25. Remedies through gemstones; 26. Points to ponder before selecting a marriage partner; 27. Role of transits in timing events; 28. Cardiac troubles & planets; 29. Timing events correctly; 30. Jupiter in 5th house, a maladroit for progeny;

31. Combination of peculiar marriages.

Comment: Thirty-one essays on astrology.

Nishkaam Peeth Prakashan, 334 pages.

AN INSIGHT INTO KUJA DOSHA, Marital maladies & remedies - Mridula Trivedi, with T.P. Trivedi & R. Asthana, $40.00
Contents: Preface

1. Astro-dimensions of Mars: Mars in zodiac, general results, etc.
2. Astro-dimensions of Kuja Dosha: Defined, adversities, Mars in houses 1, 2, 4, 7, 8, 12, annulment, Jupiter's role
3. Conjunction of Mars with other planets
4. Research findings on practical case studies: Koja Dosha with Mars in the ascendant, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th & 12th houses

5. Preventive measures for Kuja Dosha: Suitable Muhurt, Vishnu Pratima Vivah, Mantras, Stotras, Mangal Kavach & Mangal Yantra, Vrat, Donation, Gemstones, colors, Lal Kitab


Comment: Kuja Dosha, a badly placed Mars in the natal chart, is a major impediment to successful marriage. In chart matching, it needs special attention. In the Preface is this note:

The second section has been assigned to Kuja dosha & the adversities caused by it. In the chapter, Kuja dosha: defined & described is presented a vivid account of formation of Kuja dosha and from where to count it. It is a general practice to reckon Mars dosha from the position of Moon or Venus as well, in addition to the ascendant. Would it not give 18 such positions in a single horoscope liable to be labelled as Mars dosha. Such misgivings are tried to be set right. It is an important belief that if a Mangali girl is wedded to a Mangali groom, then the adverse effects of Kuja dosha are cancelled. It would not be digressing from the subject to add that 75% of Mars dosha is balanced by Saturn, Rahu & Ketu and 25% by the Sun. Planets, who are simultaneously responsible for causing ill-effects like Mars dosha, are also discussed in this chapter. In fact for matching of birth charts in respect of Kuja dosha proper weighment of dosha is essential. How can the Kuja dosha be measured numerically has been explained in this chapter. By following the same, proper suggestion for the match can be given in respect of happy married life when the intensity of Kuja dosha does not deviate more than 25 to 50%. (pg. ix)

Alpha Publication, 578 pages, hardcover.

FORETELLING WIDOWHOOD - Mridula Trivedi, T. Prakash Trivedi, $40.00



1. Planetary dimensions & zodiac
2. Essentials of astrology
3. Early widowhood: An astrological exploration
4. Timing widowhood
5. Widowhood & misconceptions about Jupiter
6. Akhanda Saubhagya yoga for females
7. Birth in Jyestha nakshatra & marital disaster
8. Determinants of death of wife
9. Remedies for martial maladies & widowhood

Comment: As I understand Indian culture, the man is to outlive his wife, and when he does, he is to become a wandering mendicant, seeking his personal salvation. This is the traditional way in which married life in India is to end.

When the man passes away before his wife, there are problems. The traditional solution was to drug the surviving wife & persuade her to leap atop her husband's funeral pyre. (What? You thought they leaped stone cold sober?) This monsterous practice has now been largely eradicated.

But the problem of destitute, widowed females, and the enormous pain of their loss, remains. In this book, the astrological analysis starts with the well-known widow-maker, the evil kuja dosa (ie, the mangali female). According to the authors, the bad news is that widowhood comes to more females than merely those with kuja dosa in their charts.

This is a comprehensive examination of a problem that will be with us always. The book ends with 38 remedial measures, which the authors say have been tested on hundreds of women whose charts showed the loss of their spouses. It starts with matching brides to grooms who will probably outlive them. Suitable wedding days are also important. While remedies for existing marriages are important, they somehow, to me, seem rather grim. Remedies are given in Sanskrit, there are no English translations. (The book is otherwise in English, aside from chapter 9, there is very little Sanskrit in it.)

Motilal Banarsidass Publishers, 481 pages.

POINTERS TO PROFESSION: An astrological exposition - Mridula Trivedi, T.P. Trivedi and R. Asthana, $45.00



1. Specific rules for the judgement of occupations
2. Placement of planets in the 10th house
3. Professions indicated by constellations
4. Role of Navamsa in profession
5. Badhaka grahas
6. Profession through second house
7. The sixth house & service
8. Profession from the 8th house
9. The moon: Myths & facts
10. Business: The best occupation
11. Profession of the prospective spouse
12. Secrets of Saturn
13. Houses & signficators of education
14. Fate & finance
15. Pointers to prosperity & poverty
16. Timing promotion in service
17. Timing occupation & results of the tenth house
18. Timing transfers & change of job
19. Disasters in profession (i.e. enquiry, termination, dismissals & resignation)


A comprehensive Vedic text on profession. Despite what you've been told, not everyone gets to have a profession, which is why the book starts with planets in the 10th (or the 10th from the moon), which not everyone has. Lacking this, there are other ways of getting a profession out of a horoscope. Many of these "make-dos" have to do with the ruler of the 10th. Here are examples:

30. If the lord of the tenth house joins the ninth house lord, in association with Ketu, one will earn through religious activities of various types. (pg. 10)

34. If the tenth lord is placed with the ninth lord, and either Jupiter or Mercury influence, one earns through writing of articles, books, script, poetry, or novels, etc. (pg. 11)

In addition, there are house-specific professions, such as journalism from the third, medicine from the sixth, etc. Planets in such houses are no guarantee. I have two planets in the third but am not a journalist, another planet in the sixth, but am not a doctor.

Of particular interest, the last chapter on disasters.

Suspension takes place during the Dasa Bhukti of adversely placed, ill disposed and afflicted planets. The 6th house indicates promotion as well as suspension. If the 6th lord is well-disposed, it gives rise to promotion & if it is afflicted and adversely placed and lends its over the 10th house or its lord, there will be suspension or reversion.

If the ascendant lord is afflicted, debilitated or placed with Rahu or Ketu, under retrograde motion & has something to do with the 10th house, the native may be suspended during its Dasa-Bhukti. If the 10th lord is adversely placed in the 6th, 8th or 12th house & is aspected by malefics like Mars, Saturn or Rahu, one may be suspended during its Dasa-Bhukti.

With all the Trivedi books, I have the impression that Mridula is the primary author, assisted by her husband, T.P. Trivedi. In this book, they were joined by Dr. Rakesh Asthana.

UBSPD, 458 pages, hardcover.

SECRETS OF SATURN - Mridula & T.P. Trivedi, $17.00



1. Saturn, myths & facts
2. Saturn's period & directions
3. Essentials of Saturn's seven and a half years (Sadhe Saati)
4. Saturn: The timer
5. Nadi principles about Saturn's transit
6. Birth in the Sun's dasa: Elevation in Saturn's dasa
7. Saturn Jupiter nexus: An exposition
8. Different positions of the mysterious Saturn

List of books written by Mridula & T.P. Trivedi


The authors sum the book up in the Preface:
The introductory first chapter presents the necessary background in terms of myths & facts related to Saturn. The chapter highlights the cosmic significance of Saturn. Saturn and the Sun are two poles of the function of cosmic evolution representing Prakriti and Purusha.

The second chapter is devoted to Saturn's period and directions where periods of Saturn in the twelve signs and their consequences and the special effects of sub-periods under the major period of Saturn as also the 12 states of Saturn, like lying, sitting, hands on eyes, etc.

The third chapter is exclusively devoted to the most dreaded curse and adverse period of seven and a half years which severely disciplines out the native and is popularly known as Saade Saati.

The fourth chapter is very well timed in the series of chapters and is titled Saturn: The Timer. It contains 12 rules in regard to predicting the exact spell of time interspersed with examples to explain the rules propounded.

The fifth chapter deals with Nadi principles about Saturn's transit. The sixth chapter focuses on birth in the Sun's dasha with especial treatment to elevation in Saturn's dasha. It is very important to understand the relationship between the Sun's constellation & Saturn's dasha prior to the analysis and interpretation of the horoscope.

The seventh chapter delves into Saturn Jupiter nexus & probes into the questions like (1) whether Jupiter in the 5th house gives daughters, (2) fifteen salient features about the relationship between Jupiter & Saturn, one of which categorically holds that the combination of Jupiter & Saturn in the 5th house will give no male child or male children will not survive.

The eighth & last chapter unravels the different stages of the mysterious Saturn. It goes without saying that a purified mind is the essential condition in developing spiritual quest, in reprogramming life by accepting right kind of values & it is here that Saturn's role as a purifying or cleansing crucible is to be understood.

The book is a sequel to our other books on Saturn viz. "Saturn: The King Maker", "Saturn: Maladies and Remedies", and "Reunderstanding Saturn". We have attempted to cover, or shall we say uncover, various characteristics, aspects and profiles of this Great Malefic, yet no less Great Benefic Planet which plays a purifying and constructive role both in the cosmic process of evolution and the individual soul's progress towards perfection or moskha. (pgs. vii-ix)

In the back is a list of books by the authors, totaling 55 titles, the majority of them in Hindi.

UBSPD, 206 pages.

Read the book? Want to tell the world? How many stars (1-5) would you give this book?

SATURN THE KING MAKER - Mridula & T.P. Trivedi, $17.00



1. Saturn, multidimensional analysis
2. Saturn's placement in the twelve houses
3. Saturn in twelve signs & aspects
4. Saturn the king maker
5. Conclusion


Of this book, the authors say,
The fourth chapter deals with the crux of the theme and is entitled as Saturn: The King Maker. The author duo brought out earlier the The [sic] Biography of Celebrities: An Astrological Explanation, where it was observed that Saturn has a great prominence in the birth charts of many celebrities, statesmen & industrialists. It was this insight that triggered further research. The chapter contains detailed event-by-event analysis of the lives of great personalities such as Sheikh Mujjibur Rehman, Albert Einstein, Adolf Hitler, Swami Vivekandand, etc. (from the Preface, pg. viii)

UBSPD, 230 pages.

Read the book? Want to tell the world? How many stars (1-5) would you give this book?

27 CELESTIAL PORTALS: A comprehensive treatise on the 27 constellations - Prash Trivedi, $27.99
Contents: Introduction

1. Ashvini
2. Bharani
3. Krittika
4. Rohini
5. Mrigashira
6. Ardra
7. Punarvasu
8. Pushya
9. Ashlesha
10. Magha
11. Purvaphalguni
12. Uttarphalguni
13. Hasta
14. Chitra
15. Swati
16. Vishakha
17. Anuradha
18. Jyeshta
19. Mula
20. Purvashadha
21. Uttarashadha
22. Shravana
23. Dhanishta
24. Shatabhisha
25. Purvabhadrapada
26. Uttarabhadrapada
27. Revati; Abhijit

Example charts
Sexual compatibility table
Marriage compatibility table.

Comment: Nakshatras as they appear in the natal chart. For each, Trivedi includes its position in the sky, an analysis of its name, an interpretation of its symbol, the various deities who have dignity therein, the nature & function of the nakshatra (eg, delineation), its mode of functioning, caste, gender, body parts & humour (Ayurvedic), compass direction, padas (quarters, with ruling signs & planets), professions, places, guna (essence) & tattwa (element), gana (type), orientation & disposition, lunar month & day, auspicious activities, inauspicious activities, planetary ruler, vowels & alphabets, sexual type & compatibility, esoteric meanings, gotra (celestial lineage), remedies, an example chart (compiled in the back), and miscellaneous notes. There are 15-17 pages for each Nakshatra.

Also included, full-color, full-page illustrations (by Veno) of each nakshatra, each created during a lunar transit of the nakshatra in question.

Despite the size, this is not the best book on Nakshatras. My personal favorites are by Hart deFouw & Robert Svoboda and K.T. Shubhakaran. I have also heard nice things about Komilla Sutton and Dennis Harness.

This book has erratic availability. It was first published by Sagar, in Delhi. It was then reprinted by Lotus Press of Wisconsin, and then for a time the book was unavailable. As of February, 2011, it has been reprinted by Sagar and imported by Lotus, who are distributing it through the usual channels. This will continue until the stock in Wisconsin is exhausted. If by that time Wisconsin has received a second supply, the book will continue, but if not, it will again be unavailble.

Sagar/Lotus Press, 488 pages, oversize.

SUN THE COSMIC POWERHOUSE - Prash Trivedi & Vela, $11.00


1. Introduction
2. Let's get to know our Sun: Appearance, attributes, rulership, exaltation, debilitation & moolatrikona, aspects
3. Significations
4. Motion, mode of functioning & timing
5. Sun in the elements & in different signs
6. Sun in different houses
7. Association with other planets
8. Yogas: Raja, Parivarthana, Budhaditya, Vesi, Vasi, Obhayachari, Mahabhagya, Kusuma, Gandharva, Ravi, Trilochana, Kulavardhana, Dhana, Jada, Suputra, Karakamsa, eclipses
9. Sun's major period
10. Transits: Sun's transit guides; other planets transiting over Sun's natal position
11. Asterisms: Krittika, Uttara phalguni; Uttara shadha
12. Status - judging the strength
13. Esoteric & cosmological significance
14. Numerology (1, 3, 5, 10, 12, 14, 15, 19, 21, 23, 28, 37, 50, 51, 108)
15. Propitation: Diety, Mantra, Yantra, Gems, Herbs, foods, scents, oils, Colours & clothing, The 'Red Book' remedial measures, Miscellaneous.

Comment: An overview of the Sun, intended for general audiences, though with many useful details. From the back cover:

Prash Trivedi & Vela are the founding members of OSFA - Orion School and Foundation for Astrology, based in Britain. Prash & Vela have several works under publication in the west & have appeared on London Television & BBC Radio, to discuss Indian Astrology & why it should replace the prevalent Sun-Sign astrology. They also pointed out huge astronomical discrepancy inherent in the popular Sun-Sign astrology

The front cover is by Vela.

Sagar, 129 pages.

- V -

DAIVAJNA-VALLABHA - Varahamihira, translator not given, $8.00
Contents: Publisher's note; 1. Beginning of the query; 2. Good & bad resuslts; 3. Gains & losses; 4. Travel in general; 5. Invasion & retreat of enemies; 6. Queries about one who is abroad; 7. Success & defeat; 8. Recovery from illness; 9. Recovery of lost articles; 10. Answering queries regarding objects held in the mind or in the fist; 11. Predictions about rains; 12. Queries relating to marriage; 13. Birth of male or female children; 14. Miscellaneous matters; 15. Judgement from ascendant, etc.

Comment: An early treatise on horary astrology, much copied by later authors. Some 244 Sanskrit slokas (included), as well as notes & comparisons to Parasara, Prasna Marga & other classics. Ranjan does not say who did the translation, but in the unsigned Publisher's note, there is a thanks to Mr. N. Balakrishnan for his help.

Ranjan, 116 pages.

MAANSAGARI, An ancient astrological treatise in two volumes - Harji, translated with notes by P.K. Vasudev, $70.00/set
Contents, volume 1: Preface;

Chapter 1: 1. Mangalcharan; 2. Samvatsaras; 3. Results of 12 Eras (Lustrum); 4. Effects of Ayanas; 5. Effects of seasons; 6. Effects of births in lunar months, Pakshas (half months), Tithis, weekdays, day & night; 7. Effects of birth in Nakshatras, Yogas, Karmas, Gana, Yoni; 8. Effects of birth from birth ascendant, navamsa ascendant, moon ascendant; Effects of birth in various moon signs; 10. Effects of planets in the moon ascendant; 11. Longevity through signs.

Chapter 2: 12. Longitudinal position of the planets; 13. Computation of cusps of the houses; 14. Fixing of lagna for the 10th house; 15. Signification of houses; 16. Effects of planets in the 12 houses; 17. Combinations of planets (2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7); 18. Effects of twelve house lords in the 12 houses.

Chapter 3: 19. Effects of planets in debilitation, exaltation signs, Mooltrikona signs, friendly signs, inimical signs; 20. Effects of 12 signs in the 12 houses; 21. Effects of planets in the 12 signs; 22. Planetary relationship; 23. Shadvargas (six divisions); 24 Effects of Shadvargas.

572 pages.

Contents, volume 2:

Chapter 4: 25. Panchmahapurusha yogas (Ruchaka, Bhadra, Hamsa, Malavya, Sasa); 26. Moon's specific yogas (Sunapha, Anapha, Durudhara, Kemadruma); 27. Sun's specific yogas (Veshi, Vashi, Ubhayachari); 28. Miscellaneous yogas (Nabhasa based); 29. Other miscellaneous yogas; 30. Raja yogas; 31. Evil at birth, yogas & antidotes; 32. Yogas concerning houses 2-12; 33. Other significant contents: Uchchabhilashi planets, planetary aspects, Vocalic & non-vocalic signs, umbilical cord; twin & dumb births; 34. Navagraha Purushakara chakras; 35. Purushakara chakras of the planets; 36. Planetary Avasthas; 37. Effects of planets in different Avasthas; 38. Miscellaneous chakras: Gaja, Ashva, Shatpada, Surya-Kalanala, Chandra Kalanala, Yuma-Drunshtra; 39. Sarvatobhadra chakra; 40. Effects based on Pancha Sawara; 41. Planetary rays (Graha Rashmis); 42. Planetary strengths (Graha Bala); 43. Sthana Bala (positional strength): Uchcha, Saptavarga, Kendra, Drekkana, Yugma-Yugma; 44. Diga Bala (directional strength); 45. Kala Bala (temporal strength): Nathonatha, Paksha, Tribhanga, Abda's, Maasa's (lords balas); Naisargika, Ayana, Graha Yudha; 46. Drik Bala (aspectual strength); 47. Chesta Bala (motional strength); 48. Bhava Bala; 49. Ashtakavarga: effects of transit of planet, Samudayashtaka varga, effects of Samudaya Rekhas, effects of Rekhas of Ashtakavargas, signification of Rekhas & Bindus; 50. Ayuradya (longevity).

Chapter 5: 51. Vimshottari dasa system; 52. Astottari dasa system; 53. Upadasha (Pratyantar dasas); 54. Sandhya dasa; 55. Pachaka dasa; 56. Dasa Vahanas (carriers); 57. Effects of Vimsottari Mahadasa & Antardasas of the planets; 58. Effects of Astottari dasas & antardasas of the planets; 59. Effects of Upadasas (Pratyantar) in Vimsottari dasa of the planets; 60. Effects of Sandhya dasas; 61. Effects of Pachaka dasas; 62. Yogini dasa system, computation; 63. Effects of Yogini dasas; 64. Effects of Yogini antardasas.

Translator's bibliography; Horoscopes of notable persons (45 for chapter 4, 31 for chapter 5).

748 pages.

Comment: Harji, the author, was the son of a head priest from Gujarat. There is no indication of the era of Harji's existence. There is no mention of the language he wrote in, but as the original slokas are given, this is not a problem.

As is typical of translations, copious notes, illustrative horoscopes, as well as the opinions of other great classics, are all given. The bibliography includes Parasara, Varaha Mihira, Kalyana Varma, Prithuyasas, Vaidyaanatha Dikshita, Mahadeva, Kalidasa, Sage Garga, Bala Bhadra, Sage Bhrigu and a dozen others.

A new book. The author's preface is dated January 14, 2006.

Sagar, hardcovers.

LIFE & THE UNIVERSE, a glimpse - R.L. Vishnu, $12.00



1. The dream world
2. The world of number, the line, and the point
3. The quantum world
4. The world as here & now
5. The universal being & relations among beings

Subject index

Comment: Not astrology, but rather, a book of metaphysical essays. Here's what it says on the inside front cover:

Do you know wherefrom we come and whitherto we go, what it is that we love in our near and dear ones, what it is that we seek to have in our urges to live & lord over all? Do you know that an understanding of the "what" of the beginning & end of the universe in space & time is at once with the understanding of the great mystery of life and death; that to understand the "What" and "Why" of the urges to live, love & lord over all is to understand the wherefrom and whitherto of us living beings as also the what of the universe of matter & motion? Read this book and enjoy the great luxury of understanding the reality behind life and the Universe. Thought provoking and interest-titillating alike for scientists, mathematicians, philosophers and lovers of occult wisdom (Like Yoga, Tantra, etc.). The first ever rational resolution of the problems bearing on the ultimates of nature. A must for every seeker of truth. An hitherto unsuspected world of thought explored in its full glory.

Ranjan, 156 pages, hardcover. Printed: 1982.

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