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K.N. Rao, page 1

From relative obscurity in 1990, K.N. Rao has become one of the leading Jyotish astrologers. He is the retired Director General of the Indian office of the Comptroller and Auditor General, with a life-long interest in astrology, which he learned from his mother. He calls astrology the super-science of the new age. He directs The Astrology School at the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, New Delhi. He is a prolific writer. He believes deeply in research that brings solid results. He is unafraid of redefining ancient Vedic scriptures for modern times. He eagerly seeks out obscure techniques, and, once he has tested them to his satisfaction, adds them to his ever-growing repertoire. He is challenging & surprising. He is also cranky & apt to tell a fool what he really thinks of him (and in print, to boot), a fault which I think we should forgive.

There are various webpages with his writing. Here is one: Journal of Astrology.

Rao is renown for his forecasts. Here is a note from one of our customers: How K.N. Rao does it: To answer a specific question, Rao examines three dasa systems: Vimshottari, Yogini & Jaimini's Chara Dasas, then relates them back to the Lord of the house (& aspects to it) that governs the question asked. Not exactly easy to learn, says our customer, but highly effective once you do. He also says the reason Rao shows charts in both northern & southern Indian styles in his books is that the square one shows houses, the diamond one shows aspects between houses.

Special note: We get email addressed to Mr. Rao from time to time. This is not Mr. Rao's web site, nor are we affiliated with him. We do not have his email address, though a simple net search should turn it up.

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ASTROLOGY, DESTINY & THE WHEEL OF TIME, Techniques & Predictions - K.N. Rao, $23.00
Synopsis: This is K.N. Rao's most popular book, though he himself prefers Yogis, Destiny & the Wheel of Time. The astrology in this book is solid, the writing style chatty & informal.


Bharatiya Prachya Evam, 256 pages.

LEARN HINDU ASTROLOGY EASILY - K.N. Rao, with Ashu Rao, $19.00

About the author
The scheme of enlarging the book
The purpose of writing this book;

Section One:
The 1st lesson
Model exercise

Section Two:
The 2nd lesson
4. Your lagna
5. Your moon sign
6. Aspects

Section Three:
Learning some basics of predictive principles
Persons whom these planets represent in daily life
The spirituality associated with houses
What is to be seen from which house

Useful information about rashis
D (Dhan yoga)
A (Arista or malefic influences)
R (Raja yogas)
E (Exchange of the lords of houses)
S (Special features)
The consolidated check-list
The moon & your psychology
Why the moon

Broad understanding
Your psychology & your moon
Significations of planets & rasis based on Uttar Kalamrita

Index - which is not an index.

Comment: This book replaced Learn Vedic Astrology Without Tears & is an improvement on it. (Without tears meant without lots of math.) Basic predictive principles, memory tables to keep the important details to mind, the importance of the moon & more. Essential for the beginner.

I chanced across Rao's birth data and set his chart: October 12, 1931, 7:54 am, Machilipatnam, India. The reason why Rao emphasizes without tears, or learning easily, the reason he has memory tables, is because he has Saturn in his third house. In the tropical zodiac, it's in Capricorn. In the sidereal, it's in Sagittarius. Opposite, he has Pluto in his 9th. He runs a school that features hard work. On the ascendant he has Mars, on the MC, Jupiter. They are in a tight square. All the remaining planets are in cadent houses, mostly in the 12th.

A quick delineation is that the heavy emphasis in cadent houses kept Sri Rao away from the public until after he retired from civil service, as Sun & Moon in cadent houses will normally hold one back. Efforts to come before the public earlier were hampered. Jupiter on the MC made him shine in public, while Mars on the Ascendant made him personally obnoxious & to be avoided. Which was pretty much my opinion when I met him briefly in Ojai, CA, around 1995. - These comments are based on his tropical zodiacal chart, which is the only one I can read.

Vani Graphics, 167 pages.

1. Dedication; 2. Acknowledgements; 3. Introduction; 4. Dr. Nagendra Singh - using divisional horoscopes; 5. Saturn-Venus & Venus periods; 6. K.C. Saxena - unsung astrological genius (includes A Quick Method of Timing Marriage); 7. Chaitanya Mahaprabhu - Krishna-consciousness; 8. Praphupad Bhakti Vedanta Swami of ISKON - world teacher; 9. Index.

Comment: The various chapters are based on articles published earlier. Dr. Singh, 1984; Saturn-Venus, 1985-6, the others not specified, but all before 1990. How to verify a horoscope using navamsha, saptamsha, dashamansha & dwadashamsha; Careful points to consider in the interpretation of Saturn-Venus & Venus-Saturn periods; A quick method of timing marriage or relationship, a technique with many other uses; A debate about the correct lagna for Chaitanya Mahaprabhu; The use of 37 separate events to establish the correct lagna for Prabhupad A.C. Bhaktivedanta. According to the author, a Bhrigu reading in 1994 predicted that an early draft of this book would be stolen & not recovered, which came to pass in November, 1995, perhaps in Jackson Heights, New York.

Vani Graphics, 181 pages.

UPS & DOWNS IN CAREER, Replicable Astrological Techniques Using Transits of Saturn & Jupiter - K.N. Rao, $18.00
Acknowledgement; About the author; Preface to the 2nd edition; Preface to the 1st edition; Introduction;

Section 1: Chapter 1. Three stages of a prediction, part 1; Chapter 2. Three stages of a prediction, part 2;

    Section 2:Case studies:
  • 1. Drama of a prediction: Justice Nandlal Untwalia;
  • 2. Pain of a prediction: Fall of Morarji Desai;
  • 3. Suspense of a prediction: Amitabh Bachchan;
  • 4. The vein of a prediction: Recovery of lost property of wife of Dr. P. Diesh;
  • 5. Three tiers of a prediction: Forcasting an event in railways;
  • 6. The putt of a prediction: Shiraz Saheed;
  • 7. The joy of a prediction: Forcasting academic distinction: Vishwas Madhav Sabnis;
  • 8. The warmth of a prediction: K.C. Pant;
  • 9. The thrill of a prediction: Margaret Alva;
  • 10. Predicting light amidst gloom: Sanjay Srivastava's selection for IAS
  • 11. What is a replicable pattern?;
  • 12. The US President Bill Clinton;
  • 13. The lost kingdom;
  • 14. Spectacular rise in career;
  • 15. The boy who ran away;
  • 16. The case of the ambassador who was kidnaped;
  • 17. The charismatic actor politician NTR;
Section 3: Chapter 3. Astrology & science - conclusions; Glossary.

Comment: Rao shows how prediction is done by focussing on the careers of various famous individuals. For Clinton, he has a Virgo rising chart, which, in Lahiri ayanamsha, is the same as the accepted Libra rising chart. Writing in 1995, he says Clinton (who has, according to Rao, a brilliant wife) would be weak in the 1996 elections, but does not say he would be defeated. He makes no forecast after that, a pity.

Vani Publications, 158 pages.

PLANETS & CHILDREN - K.N. Rao, $18.00
Section One: Transit of planets & children: 1. Timing the birth of children - replicable astrological techniques; 2. Birth of children through transit of planets-I; 3. Birth of children through planets-II; 4. Birth of children through transit-III;

Section Two: Vimshottari dasha & childbirth: 5. Timing the birth of children through vimshottari dasha;

Section Three: Childbirth: Some complex areas: 6. Entering the complex area: theoretical; 7. The complex area: practical illustrations; 8. Astro-medical approach: delayed childbirths; 9. Mishaps: miscarriages; 10. Planets & Dr. B.V. Raman's children;

Section Four: Childbirth: Some other aspects: 11. Blessings assuring the birth of children; 12. Interpretation of the codal names of the lords of the saptamsha divisions; 13. Categories of children; 14. Childlessness: astrological clues;

Section Five: 15. Final conclusions: predestination; Check-list cum questionnaires; Some puzzles to be solved; Index.

Comment: Childbirth as shown by transits & dasas; also, delayed births, miscarriages, childlessness, predestination & more with replicable techniques. Includes exchange of letters between the author & B.V. Raman & fascinating hints on the Nadi system of chart reading.

Vani Graphics, 183 pages.

PREDICTING THROUGH JAIMINI'S CHARA DASHA, An original research - K.N. Rao, $18.00

Abbreviations used
About the author
The need to write this book
Introduction & dedication

Part 1:
1. Distinctive features of Jaimini astrology
2. Karakas
3. Chara Dasha order
4. Order of sub periods
5. Aspects
6. Calculation of Jaimini Chara Dasha
7. Padas
8. Yogas

Part 2:
9. Predictive techniques

Part 3:
10. First lesson: childhood
11. Love, relationship & marriage

Part 4:
12. Marriage related problems
13. Amatyakaraka or important persons
14. Rajayogas - position givers
15. Dasha of the Atmakaraka
16. Be careful in Sagittarius dasha

Conclusion with suggestions

Jaimini Karakas in general

Comment: Rather than rely on the well-worn Vimshottari dasas from times past, Rao has taken up the use of other time cycles. When various cyclic forms (dasas) coincide, prediction is assured. Most Vedic astrology is based on the work of Parasara. This is an introduction to the work of Jaimini.

Vani Graphics, 136 pages.

About the author; Introduction to the 2nd edition; Introduction;

1. What is Karakamsha; 2. Illustrations; 3. More examples; 4. Results of Karakamsha; 5. Controversy about pada or arudha lagna; 6. Some unclear areas; 7. Jaimini's dashas; 8. Mandook dasha of Jaimini; 9. Features of Mandook dasha; 10. Applicability; 11. Dasha order; 12. Data to be prepared for predictions; 13. Dasha periods; 14. Enlarged portraits: Charan Singh, Rajiv Gandhi, K.N. Rao; 15. Summary & Conclusion.

Comment: From the back cover: The author shares with readers his findings in the practical application & uses of the Mandook dasha. More than 30 examples are given. One of them is his own chart: October 12, 1931, 7.55.22 pm, 16N13, 81E12.

Vani Graphics, 114 pages.

Acknowledgement; About the author & appreciations; Preface;
1. Gajakesari Yoga: glory or disaster; 2. An unorthodox view of Gajakesari Yoga; 3. Gajakesari Yoga of famous men; 4. Are you born with a mission? - astrological answer; 5. Jupiter-Venus & Venus-Jupiter periods; 6. Saturn-Rahu & Rahu-Saturn.

Comment: Notes extracted from the preface:

The commonest & most misapplied yoga is the Gajakesari, which appears in nearly one-third of all horoscopes. This yoga is said to increase life span & give fame & idealism not to be seen in others, but has always been interpreted loosely. Gajakesari yoga is formed if Jupiter is in a kendra from the moon, or if Jupiter is in a kendra from the lagna, so says Parasara.

Jupiter-Venus, Venus-Jupiter. Despite the expected good results, K.N. Rao notes that a family tragedy often occurs during these periods. On the other hand, Saturn-Rahu, Rahu-Saturn periods are customarily absolute disasters, but there are exceptions. Why?

Life Mission. Those who have a life mission are invariably guided to fulfill it. Those who ask, "What is my Life Mission" usually don't have one & therefore should take to the spiritual life in order to hurry their journey along.

Such are K.N. Rao's notes about this book.

Vani Graphics, 115 pages.

Part 1: Astrology & Karma: 1. Karma - what it is; 2. Myths - meaning & contents; 3. Classifications of karmas; 4. The time of birth is the first lamppost of destiny; 5. Birth moon & constellation: other lampposts of destiny; 6. Happiness of children - debt of past lives; 7. Methodology of astro-genetical study of the birth of a child - the unique case study; 7. The whirligig of time; 8. Advantages of believing in predestination; 9. Conclusions.

Part 2: Astrology & Rebirth: 1. Preface; 2. Incarnations of gods & devatas; 3. A family story about rebirth; 4. Astrological parameters in books; 5. The need for using certain data; 6. Analysis of the data; 7. Conclusion.

Comment: Rao has here done something novel. He has collected consecutive sets of birth data for the same individuals, or what was claimed to be such. He has tested the claims, and, having established the likely probability of such, has drawn further conclusions by analyzing the two charts. One of the humans in question had previously incarnated as the family cow. (Cows are sacred it India, perhaps with good reason.) One of the most fascinating books.

Note: Part 1, Astrology & Karma, is identical to the book of the same name, now out of print. Of it, I wrote,

Indian astro-metaphysics is, as we've remarked elsewhere, superior to western notions of karma based merely on nodes. There is, for example, the accumulated karmas from all previous births (Sanchita), there is the karma allotted for this particular life (Prarabdha), there is the remaining area of free will (Kriyamana). How Vedic astrology reveals karma in the chart. Rao's fame in predictions is merely an offshoot of his skill in showing appropriate karmas.

Vani Graphics, 211 pages.

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Books by students of K.N. Rao, page 2
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and, Research papers by K.N. Rao & his students

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