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Gems & Gemology

We interrupt our parade of Vedic authors for several books on gems. Please note the various points of view. There are books below by Hindu authors, intended for a Hindu audience. There are books by Hindu authors intended for western readers. There are books by westerners (trained in India) intended for westerners. Get the book(s) that best suit your situation. You'll learn more, and faster, that way.

Books on gems by Howard Beckman have been moved to his own page.

GEMS & ASTROLOGY, a guide to health, happiness & prosperity - Gouri Shanker Kapoor, $8.00
1. A study of gems - Auspicious & inauspicious; 2. Description of gems - Precious & semi-precious - new discoveries; 3. Planets - Their characteristics - concerned diseases - selection of gems; 4. Gems used for planetary afflictions; 5. Mystical & divine powers of precious & semi-precious gem stones; 6. The gems & the birth-chart; 7. Medicinal use of gem stones; 8. Use of gem stones for diseases of the heart; 9. Use of gem stones for favorable yogas in a birth-chart.

Comment: Overview of gems & their uses. Gems to counteract malefic planetary energies, the effect of gems on various ascendants, mystical & divine powers of gems, gems for the heart & more.

Ranjan, 151 pages.

BOOK OF GEMSTONES, Gems in their occult & remedial powers - Bipul Pathak, $12.00
Contents: Acknowledgment; Preface

1. Introduction to gemstones; 2. Astrology & gemstones; 3. Gemstones & their semi precious substitutes; 4. Other semi precious gemstones; 5. Prescribing gemstones; 6. Wearing gemstones; 7. Gemstones for prosperity & wealth; 8. Professions & gemstones; 9. Marriage, love life & gemstones; 10. Gems & diseases; 11. Gem therapy; 12. Numerology & gemstones; 13. Case studies.

Comment: The author, like many Indian astrologers, is a qualified Mechanical engineer, so takes a pragmatic approach. He writes,

The book is intended to arouse the interest of people in the astrological efficacy of gemstones. The book provides scientific basis for those readers who are discerning and have scientific temper. The subject in the book has been dealt in a logical manner and also provides modern scientific details of gemstones like composition and other chemical properties. The book contains large number of illustrative examples, which will help readers & astrologers in understanding the use of gemstones. (from back cover)
In chapter 3, the nine stones seem to be listed by color. Gems listed in the first half of chapter 4 are by alphabet, but afterwards they are in mixed order. These are minor faults, but as the rest of the book is of exceptional interest, it does make one wish for an index.

In chapter 5, Prescribing Gemstones, the author starts with the usual stones-based-on-lagna & then quickly departs, noting that stones prescribed on this basis may produce unfortunate results if the ruling planet is weak or weakly placed. He then suggests prescribing the gemstone related to the Moon's natal nakshatra position (logical enough), which he says can give amazing results, although, again, with other astrological factors considered. He suggests wearing the stone for the operating dasa of the moment. For this, he suggests careful analysis of the affected houses as well as the various antardasas (sub-dasa) rulers & periods, and that the individual be carefully monitored as there can be both good & bad effects simultaneously.

He also gives the rules for gem prescription according to the sound of the first syllable of the first (given) name, but notes this only works if the individual was named according to his astrological chart, which anymore is unlikely. And he suggests the best of all ways to prescribe gems is by a competent Vedic astrologer/gemologist.

Chapter 6 is a detailed analysis of how to wear a gemstone, which includes a section matching gemstones to lagnas (most helpful). Chapter 8 gives practical suggestions for gemstones for judges, police (military), engineers, doctors, artists (performers), journalists, teachers, etc. In sum, one of the best books I have seen on gems.

Sagar, 170 pages.

OCCULT POWER OF GEMS - M.C. Jain, $10.00
Publisher's note; 1. Introduction; 2, Gems (alphabetical order); 3. Prescribing gems in astrology, theories of prescription & important gems suited to natives of different ascendants or the sun signs; 4. Gems & diseases discussed with charts; 5. Numerology & the use of gems.

Comment: In this book, Jain covers 89 gems & uses western names, rather than Indian ones. General information about what to do with stones, though short on specific remedy uses. Suitable & unsuitable gems for different sun & ascendant (lagna) signs, notes on gems & disease, and gems & numerology.

The revised edition is dated 1998. Here are the publisher's notes on the revision: In the second edition we have not deleted or omitted any portion of the book but have added astrological content to the subject wherever found necessary. A few new chapters have been added.... Separate chapters have been added regarding the astrological & numerological uses of gems. How they should be prescribed has been explained with the help of charts. Shri D.P. Saxena, a well known astrologer & author of many books on astrology, has done this service for us. (pg. 5)

I do not have any reason to think this is not M.C. Jain's work, except that, like Astrology in Marriage Counseling, nothing in the main part of the book sounds like a native Indian (or Jain) wrote it. On page 11 is a reference to "saints & angels", which are Christian terms. On page 12, "an old writer finds...." Hindus do not have old writers. They have ancient & venerated rishis & maharishis & gurus. On page 13 there are "days of antiquity". Hindus have the ancient Vedas. On page 68, "according to Hindu mystics". What, pray tell, is a "Hindu mystic"? There are occasional notes that are strictly Indian in nature (such as the one on pg 13 about Rahu & Ketu), but there is a striking omission of gem-remedies, the core of Indian gemology. Instead, we have pages of western-style gems-that-cure-diseases. Despite my carping, please be aware this is a quite decent book, whomever wrote it. Only good books get ripped off. (If you're going to steal, steal the best).

For more discussion on who wrote M.C. Jain's books, see the M.C. Jain page.

Ranjan, 91 pages.

HEALING POWER OF GEMSTONES in Tantra, Ayurveda & Astrology - Harish Johari, $16.95
Author's note;

Part 1: Introduction: 1. Gems & the human race; 2. Gems & astrology;

Part 2: The precious gemstones & their ruling planets: 3. Sun & its gemstone, Ruby; 4. Moon & its gemstone, Pearl; 5. Mars & its gemstone, Coral; 6. Mercury & its gemstone, Emerald; 7. Jupiter & its gemstone, Yellow Sapphire; 8. Venus & its gemstone, Diamond; 9. Saturn & its gemstone, Blue Sapphire; 10. Rahu & its gemstone, Hessonite; 11. Ketu & its gemstone, Cat's Eye; 12. Semiprecious gemstones & gems of medicinal value;

Part 3: Gem therapy: 13. Healing with gemstones;

Sources of supply; Glossary.

Comment: A comprehensive guide.

Destiny Books, 226 pages.

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