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The True Love Tarot deck & book set

by Amy Zerner & Monte Farber

The True Love Tarot deck & book set
Price: $29.95

Number of cards in deck: 78

Measurements: 3 x 5 inches, or 76 x 127 mm.

Back of card: Pink, with darker pink linework. Crude. May be inverted.

Book included: Yes, 161 pages,5.23 x 8.23 inches, or 133 x 209 mm. Each of the major arcanas & the face cards are reproduced as a full page illustration, in color, with a full page of text. Pip cards (ace - ten) are reproduced, in color, in half page, with delineation below them.

Publisher: Thomas Dune Books, St. Martin's Press. Printed in China

Comments: Another Zerner-Farber collage deck. These two have three previous, nearly identical decks: The Enchanted Tarot, the Instant Tarot Reader, the Zerner-Farber Tarot Deck

This deck is a change from the previous three, and not necessarily for the better. In this deck, pip cards have no distinctive images at all. The Three of Roses shows three roses, the Five of Shells shows five shells, etc.

Suits: Roses are Wands. Wings are Swords. Shells are Cups. Gems are Pentacles.

The subtitle of the book is The Lover's Guide to Dating, Mating & Relating. It might just be me, but nothing much in this deck makes me think of dating or mating or true love. Here the book comes to the rescue.

At the start of each delineation is a firm Yes! or No! Let's try this out....

I am thinking of a certain female. We have exchanged glances, nothing more. Will she have me or not?

I shuffle the cards.

I draw one. (Actually, it fell on the floor.)

It is the Four of Shells. On the card it says, "Re-evaluation." The text starts with, Maybe! It continues:

It is time to re-evaluate a relationship or someone's attitude about relationships in general. Old feelings may no longer be valid or valued. A fresh start may be needed....
Of course, if I add that the female in question, as well as myself, are married, but to different parties, we may recklessly take the Maybe! as a definite Yes!

On the other hand, since the card fell on the floor I am merely presuming it fell in the upright position. So perhaps we should read the reversed definition. It starts with, No!, and continues,

Either too much or too little re-evaluation can be detrimental to your search for true love now. Try to appear consistent to someone you're interested in...
But a falling card is not a card I selected. So I shuffled & drew again: Ace of Gems, upright. Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

I should stop making eyes at married ladies. I could get in trouble.

I give this deck a C+ for art & an A for text.

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