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The Pagan Tarot Deck & Book Set

by Gina M. Pace, Luca Raimondo & Cristiano Spadoni

The Pagan Tarot Deck & Book Set
Price: $29.95

Or get the Pagan Tarot Deck by itself.

Number of cards in deck: 78

Measurements: 2.6 x 4.7 inches, or 66 x 120 mm.

Back of card: Derived from The World, major arcana card no. 20. Printed in a bright green on white nearly the same size as shown above, so a deck not for inversion.

Book included: Yes, 110 pages, 5.9 x 8.25 inches, or 15 x 21 cm. Illustrated, in English only. One page per card. Card descriptions make for interesting reading. As with other Lo Scarabeo/Llewellyn sets, the book is not available separately.

Also includes: Black drawstring storage bag. Embroidered on it, a red pentacle, inside two circles.

Publisher: Lo Scarabeo. Printed in Italy. Imported by Llewellyn Worldwide.

Comments: A number of the cards are disturbing. In this deck, the Lovers card has been restored to its original meaning of choice, but the choice here is between your family in the upper path in the light, and your Wiccan friends in the lower path in the dark. And who is the figure behind the Two of Swords? The hands look human, but the deep dark hood reminds me of a sculpture by Jean Jacques Pigalle in a small dark chapel in Notre Dame in Paris. A hooded figure thrusts a bony hand holding an hourglass at a terrified man. Stare - stare hard into the face of the hooded man and, at last, what do you see? A skull. He is death himself. (The most shocking art I have ever seen. Pigalle was a master.) The Fool has her eyes open, but her expression is that of a sleep-walker among the stars. If she were a sleep-walker, that would be an original (and quite good) representation. Various cards show computers. This deck is split three ways: Pagans in traditional costume, modern folks going about their business, and historical scenes.

Of the cards I didn't have space to show, the Hanged Man shows a woman being bound & blindfolded by two young female pagans, with five people with torches in the distant background (is she to be burned?). The Death card shows a young woman in a dark robe releasing a butterfly. She is either being blindfolded, or having a blindfold removed (either beginning or ending the trial of death). There are three other men, one of them hooded, two torches & much smoke. The Tower shows two naked male/female couples fornicating on a dark night. In front of them a fully-dressed woman turns away. The Stars (sic) show a clothed woman on a dark night with a nude astral visitor. Judgement shows a wiccan hypnotherapist with an wiccan client on the couch, reliving the hanging of three men, while turning her back on the burning of a fourth, a woman. The Ten of Swords shows a woman breaking swords with her feet. You may find other cards of interest.

Remember that paganism (as presented in this deck) is, essentially, female-based magic. The Catholic Church is, essentially, male-based magic. In an ideal world they might be partners, but this is not an ideal place. They are otherwise natural enemies. In the Piscean Age, the Church vanquished the Pagans, but in the Aquarian Age the Church is much weaker. Paganism is, of course, much older. It might be that its time has come again. To me, this deck does not look like the sort of fun-fun wicca that Llewellyn has been promoting all these years, but I could be mistaken.

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