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How Astrology Works
a study in resonance, by David R. Roell

I mentioned to Rob Hand that I had a resonance theory of astrology & he replied that a theory like that was circulating, but said nothing more. Debbi Kempton-Smith (sorry for the name dropping) tells me John Townley had a theory like that. So I went to his website & found Toward a Physical Basis for Astrology & read it. It's pretty good.

I went about the problem in a different way. I presumed that each of the bodies in the solar system, on one level or another, fills the entire space as defined by the solar wind. That each planet was a "God" and that each god was everywhere and nowhere, was omnipresent throughout the solar system. That the "vacuum of space" is merely our inability to perceive whatever is actually out there, since, in the end, a vacuum may be defined as what cannot be perceived by any means.

I then hypothesized that the Earth's physical mass, because it is a physical mass, acts, in one fashion or another, to "step down" these rarified realities into various "vibrations," which can then act upon us & which we can sense, by one means or another. (Realize the mind itself is a sensing organ.) Astrology exists because of the Earth's ability to act as a transformer. Just like the electrical transformer down the street, which steps down very high voltage into what can be safely employed. Or a radio receiver that "steps down" invisible waves, transforming them, regardless of distance or strength, into sounds we can hear & relate to.

The geocentric planetary positions, as noted on the traditional natal chart, show us the precise locations in which we may find the essence (ie, physical bodies) of the planets themselves. It tells us where, on the Earth's various spheres, planetary beings, who are omnipresent, interact with the Earth's transformer. It is the interaction of planetary beings with the Earth-as-transformer that produces astrological energies as we know them.

I then realized the Greeks had got here first, with that classic diagram of the spheres of planetary influence, above our heads. We've seen the woodcuts a thousand times: a circle for each of the planets, Sun & Moon, with the fixed stars beyond. I realized these were not crude depictions of planetary orbits, since only the Sun & Moon have such simple orbits (from our perspective, at any rate), but were instead exactly what they appeared to be:

Resonating spheres which encase the Earth, which act to "step down" planetary energies. These spheres do not represent the cosmos beyond the Earth, but are part & parcel of the Earth itself.

What do they show us? It is as if we are inside a giant bell. And if so, then everything we know about bells & resonance & frequencies & harmonics comes instantly to play. No matter where the bell is struck, no matter where we are inside it, we hear the same sound, the same intensity. If the bell is struck in more than one place at the same time, then at stated places around the circumference, interactions between the strikes will be observed. Which was also known to the Greeks as it formed a major part of their theories on sound. Astrologers call these interactions aspects, midpoints & harmonics.

But we are not stationary inside the bell. The interplay of the resonating layers and the Earth's axial turning presumably give rise to the houses.

I have elsewhere speculated that a body, in orbit around another body, generates a zodiac as a result. In other words, the Tropical Zodiac is not based on stars at all, but rather shows the relationship of Earth to Sun. Nakshatras, or Lunar Mansions, are therefore a lunar zodiac, based on the relationship of the Moon to the Earth. I do not know what a Sidereal Zodiac may be, other than to observe that Vedic astrology makes little use of Sidereal signs, unlike the West, and there must be a reason. The traditional idea, that a zodiac shows the fixed relationship of solar system to the stars beyond it, implies there can be only one Zodiac for the entire solar system. But if a zodiac, in reality, shows relationship between bodies, then there can be as many zodiacs as there are bodies in orbit around other bodies. Each body with its own set of "spheres", each zodiac with its own, unique signs: Unique in number, unique in size, unique in meaning, etc. The Sun/Earth zodiac has 12 signs, each with 30 degrees. The Moon/Earth zodiac has 27, each 13 degrees, 20 minutes.

On a global level, astrology, as we understand it, would then be made of three distinct parts:

1. The interplay of the Earth's spheres with other members of the solar system, which gives rise to aspects, midpoints & harmonics.

2. The "friction" between the spheres & the rotating surface, which makes for houses.

3. The interplay between Earth & Sun, which produces the Zodiac, which provides an overall framework.

Dispositors & rulerships are byproducts & show interactions between the various parts. Sect (day/night) is exactly what it appears to be.

The resonance theory eliminates consideration of relative gravities, as it overpowers all radiation theories. Radiation theories, whether of light or radio waves, say that a planet visible in the sky above us will be more powerful than a planet in the earth below us, with its radiation obstructed by the mass of the Earth itself. Gravity theories hold that Jupiter will have one kind of effect if it is in the 11th house, but pretty much the opposite effect if it is in the 5th. In the 11th, it will pull us up. In the 5th, it will push us down. (See Sepharial's Silver Key for what the moon's gravity can do for horse racing.) Both radiation and gravity theories fail the the inverse square law, as is well known. Radio & television signals, like astrological energies, do not. Interestingly enough, all three exhibit sect, ie, day/night changes.

We may presume the Van Allen Radiation Belts to be part of these spheres. We may presume these spheres are visible near the poles, as the Northern & Southern Lights. If so, the exact nature of the displays may be defined as the interactions of all the planets & solar bodies, plus the zodiac & the houses. If this is so, then,

What are the rings of Saturn? Close examination has shown they change over time, and although nearby moons account for some of it, much of the changes are, at present, not understood. If Saturn, the concretizing planet, has concretized a part of its spheres (which is what astrological theory would expect), then these rings should respond to energies from the solar system as a whole. In memory of J.H. Nelson's pioneering work, this would be a useful test of this theory.


So you ask, What about asteroids? What about comets? What about the Transneptunians? What about Pluto's new dwarf-planet status? What about X-planets? What about the Kuiper Belt? Do each of these function in the same way as traditional planets? Does the Earth have a "sphere" for each?

My answer: Why not? Yes, there are thousands or millions of individual objects in the solar wind. What of it? Are there not millions of individual species of life on the Earth itself? Why should the cosmos be any less varied? How many rings are there around Saturn, anyway?

The next question: Are we not influenced by all of them?

Answer: Yes, but. Are we not influenced by all the many creatures that grow, creep & crawl on the Earth? Well, yes, but. Of the Earth's total abundance, we eat only a few dozen creatures. We consume only a few dozen plants. We only commune with a few dozen animals, we only gaze fondly upon a few dozen of the Earth's many plants. For the most part, we get along just fine with far less than 1% of the Earth's physical abundance. Why should the starry sky above be any different?

Yes, there are botanists & biologists, zoologists, who spend their lives with exotic plants & animals. They have a calling, they have a love. In astrology, there are those who work with asteroids & other uncommon celestial bodies.

Since I am tiding up loose ends, the question, "What about the Transneps. Why can't we find them with telescopes? Where the heck are they?"

I am of the opinion that the Transneptunians are really real, but do not possess solid physical bodies. I think of them as ghosts. I can tell you many stories of ghosts I have known, but that is for another time.

What about declination?

Since the Earth is a sphere, and since the spheres that enclose it are also spheres, declination is factor that should not be ignored. We may presume the Earth's "spheres" have a "sweet spot" - just as bells do - and that for the Earth this sweet spot extends 23 degrees above, and 23 degrees below the Earth's equator. Just as striking the sweet spot of a bell produces the loudest, clearest & most melodious tone, celestial bodies bodies in the ecliptic do the same to the Earth. And just as a bell still sounds when struck outside its sweet spot (just not as nicely), bodies above or below the ecliptic (stars & comets, for the most part) still produce resonance on the Earth, but not of the same sweet sort. If we study bells we may learn about out-of-bounds declination by analogy.

What about planets discovered around distant stars? Do the same rules apply?

No. Clairvoyant analysis of Neptune hints there are other ways of organizing solar systems. Just as each creature on Earth is in some fashion unique, we may presume that each star in the sky is also unique. Those stars whose organizing principles are more or less compatible with ours would then, logically, be those which are known to influence life on earth. There are very few such. With every passing day, I am more and more in awe of the Greeks, who knew all of this, and presumably far more.

Finally, Will this make the scientists happy?

Of course not. They made their minds up long ago. Their egos will not let them change. Astrological prejudice - astrological envy - the fear of astrology itself - is as old as astrology. Fear of what is superior, the fear of God, if you like, is part of the human condition. Regardless of the existence of "God", as long as man is a fearful creature, excuses may change, but hostility to astrology will not. But at least we can put a proper name to this affliction. We should otherwise ignore them. Astrologers & scientists each have their own work to do.


I have probably made your heads spin. Many of you will hate this.


Copyright 2007 by David R. Roell. All rights reserved.

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