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Books by K.K. Pathak

K.K. Pathak is an astrological writer with some 25 books & 32 years experience (as of 2000). He is (or was) part of the Bihar Administrative Service. In 1999 he won the Sri Santhanam award. Other biographical details are sketchy.

CLASSICAL PREDICTIVE TECHNIQUES, in two volumes - K.K. Pathak, $55.00


Volume 1:

1. Role of nakshatras
2. Utility of stellar astrology
3. The badhaka - a misnomer
4. Kendradhipati dosha - a misnomer
5. Enigmatic Gemini
6. Diplomatic Capricorn
7. Enigmatic eleventh house
8. The best & worst of the 11th house
9. Astro-professional guidelines
10. Combinations for doctors
11. Planetary combinations for an astrologer - 1
12. Fortune & misfortune
13. Combination of misfortunes
14. An analysis of evil houses
15. Death & disaster
16. Death by explosion
17. Evil houses & profession
18. Saraswati yogas
19. Astrology & adhyatma yoga
20. Conjunction of planets
21. Sun-Moon conjunction
22. Chandra-mangalika yoga
23. Buddha-aditya yoga
24. Pancha maha purusha yogas
25. A re-appraisal of pancha mahapurusha yoga
26. Mahabhagya yoga
27. Maha yoga

Volume 2:

28. Neecha bhanga raja yoga
29. Vipareeta raja yoga
30. Rahu-Ketu & raja yogas
31. Parijata yoga
32. Karaka yoga
33. Is kalasarpa yoga a snake in the grass?
34. Amshavatara yoga
35. A newly discovered yoga
36. Some new planetary yogas
37. Asura yoga
38. A little known raja yoga
39. Technique of sudharsana chakra
40. Research on maja sakti, maha vigyan & maha kirti yogas
41. A special rule for kali yuga
42. Is Ketu also a benefic
43. Parasari rajayogas
44. Parasari combinations for wealth & poverty
45. Vocational role of Saturn
46. Astro remedies for economic prosperity

I. Judgement
II. Two houses, one planet & a predicament
III. Your inherent nature


These are two volumes of collected essays on a variety of topics. Many of them are topical. The author is widely read & has many years of experience (you are referred to the other books on this page), which makes these collected articles of exceptional interest. On the back cover, three subjects are given prominence: Nakshatras, Bodkha & Kendradhipati Dosha.

Alpha Publication, 728 pages in two volumes.

Read the book? Want to tell the world? How many stars (1-5) would you give this book?

Contents: 1. Introduction; 2. Basic dasha rules of Satyacharya; 3. Effects of dasha of the lord of the ascendant in various houses; 4. Effects dasha of the lord of the 2nd house in various houses; 5. Effects of the dasha of the lord of the 3rd house in various houses; 6. Effects of dasha of the lord of the 4th house; 7. Effects of dasha of the lord of the 5th house in various houses; 8. Effects of dasha of the 6th lord in various houses; 9. Effects of dasha of the 7th lord in various houses; 10. Effects of the dasha of the lord of the 8th house in various houses;

11. Effects of dasha of the 9th lord in various houses; 12. Effects of the dasha of the lord of the 10th house in various houses; 13. Effects of dasha of the 11th lord in various houses; 14. Effects of dasha of the 12th lord in various houses; 15. Some more points; 16. Remedial guidelines; 17. Yoga karaka dasha; 18. Yogaheena dasha bhukti; 19. Yogaheena dasha-chidra; 20. Yogaheena bhukti of Atmakarak; 21. Timing results of Gajakesari yoga.

Comment: Vimshottari dashas as expounded by Satyacharya in the Satya Jatakam. This book is a continuation of Pathak's two volume dasha set (see below). Pathak writes, ....I have found that Satyacharya made a through study of of Bhava-lords giving various results as per their occupation of of Bhavas in Rashi chart and Navamsha chart. Satyacharya seems to be the chief exponent of Dasha-Phala based on Bhavesh-Phala and Tara-Phala of concerned planets. Satyacharya held Kendra & Trikona lords as auspicious. He held 2nd, 3rd & 11th lords as weak auspicious lords and 6th, 8th & 12th lords as inauspicious ones.... (pg. iii). Examination of bhavas & their lords with Dashas takes up half the book.

In the remaining half, Pathak explores some finer points of Vimshottari Dashas: Transits of Jupiter, Rahu & Saturn; remedial guidelines; Yoga Karaka Dasa; Yogaheena Dasa Bhukti (extensive Sanskrit slokas, with commentary in English, from various classics), which continues into the next chapter, Yogaheena Dasa-chhidra (both chapters with many chart examples).

Alpha Publications, 246 pages.

HINDU DASHA SYSTEM: Principles of Vimshottari & Yogini Dashas with Gochara Phalas, vol. 1 - K.K. Pathak, $15.00
Contents: Foreword; Preface; Introduction to the Hindu dasha system; 1. Philosophy of Hindu dasha system (law of karma); 2. Hindu dasha system rationale-I; 3. Hindu dasha system rationale-II; 4. Hindu dasha system rationale-III - rationale of Yogini dasha; 5. Hindu dasha system rationale-IV - rationale of Gochara, the supplement; 6. Question of ayanamsha; 7. Question of days in a year (Hindu dasha system); 8. Role of ascendants (for Hindu dasha purposes); 9. Stellar position of planets (for Hindu dasha purposes); 10. Importance of navamsa & dreskana or drekkana; 11. Hindu system of timing of events-I (Vimshottari & Yogini dashas): General rules on dashaphala; Effects of strong lords of houses; Dr. B.V. Raman's guidelines on Dasha Phala; 12. Hindu system of timing events-II: Gochara Phala (transit effects); Nakshatra table; Balance of Vimshottari dasha; Dasha of planets; Vimshottari & antar dasha; Yogini dasha table.

Comment: Includes an interesting discussion of the various ayanamshas (including Lahiri, Raman & Fagan-Bradley), followed by a discussion of a 360 day year vs: a 365.25 day year & whether we calculate from the ascendant or the Moon & at what age things might shift. The various combinations might surprise you. For the general overview on dashas, in chapter 11 the author surveys Parasara, Ududaya Pradeepa, Jataka Parijata, Phala Deepika, Sarvatha Chintamani, Uttara Kalamrita, Bhavartha Ratnakar, Jataka Deshmarga, Jatakatatwa, Dasapravesha, Bhava-Prakasha, Shivajataka & Saravali, giving original slokas, translation & commentary from each. This is primarily a book of foundation concepts, not delineation.

Nishkaam Peeth Prakashan, 171 pages.

HINDU DASHA SYSTEM: Results of Vimshottari & Yogini Dashas to sub-sub periods, vol. 2 - K.K. Pathak, $25.00
Contents: Foreword; Preface; Introduction to Hindu dasha system

Section 1: Classical results of major periods in Vimshottari system: 1. Results of major period of the Sun (duration: 6 years); 2. Results of major period of the Moon (duration: 10 years); 3. Results of major period of Mars (7 years); 4. Results of major period of Rahu (18 years); 5. Results of major period of Jupiter (16 years); 6. Results of major period of Saturn (19 years); 7. Major period of Mercury (17 years); 8. Results of Ketu mahadasha (7 years); 9. Results of major period of Venus (20 years).

Section 2: Vimshottari & Yogini dasas on sub periods in major period or antardasas in maha dasas: 10. Subperiods of the Sun; 11. Subperiods of the Moon; 12. Subperiods of Mars; 13. Subperiods of Rahu; 14. Views of Chandra Bharana Jataka on subperiods of Jupiter; 15. Subperiods of Saturn; 16. Subperiods of Mercury; 17. Subperiods of Ketu; 18. Subperiods of Venus.

Section 3: Results of sub-sub periods in major period of Vimshottari system (Pratyantar dasa Phala, Phalas in each antar dasa): Sub-sub periods of Sun, Moon, Mars, Rahu, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Ketu, Venus.

Section 4: Results of Yogini maha dasa & antardasa: Results of Yogini subperiods in its major period of Mangala; Major period of Pingala; Major period of Dhanya; Major period of Bhramari; Major period of Bhadrika; Major period of Ulka; Major period of Siddha; Major period of Samkata; Remedial measures.

Tables: Balance of Vimshottari dasa; Vimshottari dasa & antar dasa; Sub-sub-sub tables for Sun, Moon, Mars, Rahu, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Ketu.

Comment: For each of the major periods & sub periods, the author surveys the classics. For the Sun dasa, they include: Parasara, Jataka Parijata, Uttara Kalamrita, Bhava Prakasha, Phala Deepika, Bhavartha Ratnakara, Jataka Bharanam & Sar Vatha Chintamani. Other periods get similar treatment.

Nishkaam Peeth Prakashan, 342 pages.

Contents: Preface; 1. Effects of Janma lagna in various signs; 2. Hora-wise effects of various signs; 3. Drekkana in various signs; 4 Navamsa; 5. Dwadasamsa; 6. Trimsamsa. Annexures of Shadvarga: Hora table, Decanate table, Navamsha table, Dwadashamsa table, Even & odd Trimsamsa tables.

Comment: Materials extracted from Vridha Yavan Jataka, Saravali, Brihat Jataka, Hora Pradeepa, Parasara Hora, Mansagari, Jatak Bharana & others, along with critical notes & comments. Includes original Sanskrit slokas. On the back cover, it says this book deals with the placement of planets in the various divisional charts, and that the book is equally useful for farmers as well as astrologers.

Alpha Publication, 142 pages.

Contents: Preface; 1. Mundane astrology; 2. Astrology's role in national affairs; 3. Traffic accidents: in astrological study; 4. Rail accidents: an astrological study; 5. Impact of eclipses; 6. Saturn-Jupiter nexus in mundane astrology; 7. A peep through the cyclic scope; 8. Future of New Delhi; 9. Does Saturn in Leo destroy fortresses in Delhi?; 10. Future of Kashmir; 11. Will India disintegrate?; 12. Natural zodiacal sign for India; 13. No world war in 2000 AD; 14. Astro-meteorology in folklore; 15. On earthquakes.

Comment: This is a collection of essays, in sum, an original work, rare in this field. Some interesting new techniques. One of them, the 180 year cycle, which is 15 cycles of Jupiter, 6 cycles of Saturn, and ten cycles of Rahu-Ketu. (I believe that 180 years is the minimum necessary to bring these three into one cycle.) Much of this book is a running commentary on contemporary Indian history, from the 1980's to the present. From an essay published in 1991, he considers that New Delhi may not always be the capital of India, an interesting idea. Reacting to B.V. Raman's prediction of a major world war in 2000, Pathak says that Raman is flatly wrong. For the mundane astrologer, some interesting reading.

Alpha Publications, 171 pages.

REMEDIAL ASTROLOGY: A compendium on applied astrology - K.K. Pathak, $20.00
Contents: Preface; 1. Vedanga Jyotisha: Muhurtas, Tithis; 2. Marriage matching & timing; 3. Astrological remedies; 4. Divine worship as astrological remedy; 5. Evolution of astrological remedies in India: Dasa periods & subperiods; 6. Utility of astrological gems; 7. Chiero on use of gems; 8. Music & astrology.

Comment: Well-written & a nice read, but an odd collection of things.

Nishkaam Peeth Prakashan, 151 pages, hardcover.




1. How to get relief during Sun dasha & its antardashas
2. How to get relief during Moon dasha & its antardashas
3. How to get relief during Mars dasha & its antardashas
4. How to get relief during Rahu dasha & its antardashas
5. How to get relief during Jupiter dasha & its antardashas
6. How to get relief during Saturn dasha & its antardashas
7. How to get relief during Mercury dasha & its antardashas
8. How to get relief during Ketu dasha & its antardashas
9. How to get relief during Venus dasha & its antardashas
10. Astro remedies for economic prosperity
11. Astrological remedies to professional hurdles
12. Enjoy conjugal bliss
13. Cross the hurdles in life
14. Propitiate Badhaka planets
15. Property probles & remedies thereto
16. A new outlook on fortune
17. Remedies to childlessness
18. Relief from diseases
19. Gems therapy
20. Remedial measures for special planetary configurations
21. Relief from node devouring planets
22. Do's & don'ts of Lal Kitabl remedies
23. Your lucky gems
24. Mantras & stotras


This is a book of rememdies. The definition of the various dasas are expanded to include nakshatras ruled by the planet in question, as well as when the planet rules the ascendant, or the navamsa lagna.

Suggested remedies are listed, not explained. For the Mars dasa, the list includes:

1) Perform Rudra Japa or Rudra Yagna.
2) Donate copper, red ox or red clothes to a priest.
3) Observe fasing on Tuesdays.
4) Worship of the deities Ganesh, Kartikeya, Hanuman & Narasimha for those having Mars in odd signs; worship of Goddess Durga & Mangala Gowri, for those having Mars in even signs.
5) Recite 'Om Rudraya Namah', 'Om Namah Chandikayai', 'Om Hanumathe Namah', and 'Om Skandaya Namah' as many times as possible (preferably 108 or 28 times) daily.

The above are to be followed during the antardasa of Mars in the mahadasa of Mars. (from pg. 17)

Following this are suggestions for the other antardasas of the Mars mahadasha. The other mahadasha periods are treated in similar fashion. Following these chapters are several chapters with remedies for specific complaints, as you can see in the list, above.

Chapter 24, Mantras & stotras, are given in Hindi or Sanskrit, I regret I cannot tell which.

Nishkaam Peeth Prakashan, 156 pages.

Contents: Foreword; Preface; Sun; Moon; Mars; Mercury; Jupiter; Venus; Saturn; Rahu-Ketu; Effects of first lord; Effects of 2nd lord; Effects of 3rd lord; Effects of 4th lord; Effects of 5th lord; Effects of 6th lord; Effects of 7th lord; Effects of 8th lord; Effects of 9th lord; Effects of 10th lord; Effects of 11th lord; Effects of 12th lord.

Comment: The traditional delineations, brief & simple.

Nishkaam Peeth Prakashan, 75 pages.

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