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Books by Chandulal Sakaralal Patel

C.S. Patel has been active since the mid 1950's. He has a special interest in odd corners of Parasara & the Deva Keralm generally. His books are useful, well-organized compilations of everything he can find about a given subject. They are quite good.

ASHTAKAVARGA - C.S. Patel & C.A. Subramania Aiyar, $19.00
Foreword; Author's note; Prologue;
1. Introducing the subject; 2. Method of computing Ashtakavarga; 3. Trikona & Ekadhipatya shodhanas; 4. Bhava & bindu phala; 5. Prastarashtakavarga & sarvachanchachakra; 6. Ashtakavarga of the sun; 7. Ashtatakavarga of the moon; 8. Ashtakavarga of Mars; 9. Ashtakavarga of Mercury; 10. Ashtakavarga of Jupiter;

11. Ashtakavarga of Venus; 12. Ashtakavarga of Saturn; 13. Miscellaneous matters; 14. Samudayashitaka varga; 15. Ayus & dasas; 16. Planetary transits (gochara); 17. Effects arising from planetary positions at birth; 18. Summary of various articles.

Appendices: 1. Ashtakavarga plate (specifications for a mechanical computing device); 2. Precession (ayanamsha, 1874-1967); 3. Names of rasis & planets (Indian/Western); 4. About rasis & planets (dignities, debilities, etc.); 5. Saptavarga divisions; 6. Nakshatras & vimshottari dasa; Bibliography.

Comment: This books consists of about 950 slokas, from various sources, primarily Parasara & other classic texts based on him. The bibliography in the back lists 40 references. Original Sanskrit slokas are given, as are numerous tables.

Sagar, 313 pages.

Part 1: 1. Introduction; 2. Navamsa - literature - terminology; 3. Vargottama navamsa; 4. Pushkara navamsa; 5. The 64th navamsa; 6. Rasi-tulya navamsa & navamsa tulya rasi; 7. Dispositors; 8. Shubha-abde-krura-abde; 9. Nidhanamsa/ashtamamsa; 10. Eventful years in one's life; 11. Navamsa-transit; 12. Cross-positions of planets in rasi & navamsa; 13. Selected verses; 14. Navamsa - dwadasamsa & navamsa spashta grahas; 15. Nadi astrology.

Part 2: 16. Results of the rising navamsas; 17. Results of the rising 108 navamsas; 18. Udit navamsa - the rising navamsa; 19. Results of navamsa positions of seven planets; 20. Miscellaneous matters.

Comment: In the preface, the author writes, I have ventured into an uncharted area of Nadi Granthas & classical texts, where the concept of "Navamsa" has been extensively & innovatingly applied to solve various techniques of predictions. I do not think it fit, to enumerate the innumerable techniques discussed in the book here, but I would like to state that many technical terms such as, Nidhanamsa, Ashtamamsa, Pushkaranavamsa, Bhava-suchaka-navamsa, the 64th Navamsa, Vikatamsa, Bhava-madhya-navamsa & many more are explained, showing their correct impart. (pg. v)

With Sanskrit slokas from the original source material, sample charts, tables, etc. An excellent book.

Sagar, 204 pages.

Preface; 1. Use of the 64th navamsa in prognostication; 2. Searchlight on navamsa; 3. Eventful years in one's life - I; 4. Eventful years in one's life - II; 5. Pushkara navamsa; 6. Navamsa & transit of planets; 7. Importance of navamsa in prediction - I; 8. Importance of navamsa in prediction - II; 9. Rasi & navamsa: interchange of identicalness; 10. Yoga-bhangas or cancellation of yogas;

11. Nadi principles behind Saturn's transit; 12. Nadi system of prediction; 13. New predictive technique based on nadi astrology; 14. Relatives from the native's chart; 15. Timing of events as per nadi texts; 16. Nadi astrology; 17. Periods of fortune & calamity; 18. Use of collective ashtakavarga in prognostication; 19. Use of Bhinnashtakavargas in prognostication; 20. Interpreting Bhinnashtakavarga;

21. Use of rekhas in prognostication; 22. On foreign residence; 23. Samudayashtakavarga; 25. Transit results from signs occupied by planets; 25. Conjunctions of planets in transit - I; 26. Conjunctions of planets - II; 27. Conjunctions of planets - III; 28. Conjunctions of planets - IV; 29. Transit - good & bad phases as per Deva Keralam; 30. Importance of deha & jeeva rasis;

31. Use of Rahu/Ketu in prognostication; 32. Vimshottari dasha; 33. Viparita raja yoga; 34. Gain & loss - determining specific years; 35. On Karataria yoga; 36. Diseases & injuries - caused by planets; 37. Lagna - Arudha; 39. Retrogression of planets.

Comment: These articles originally appeared in B.V. Raman's Astrological Magazine, and Shri R. Santhanam's Times of Astrology, from 1984 to 1999. In his customary style, Patel quotes numerous classic texts & includes original Sanskrit slokas. With many chart examples (in both north & south Indian styles), tables, diagrams, etc.

Sagar, 301 pages.

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