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Vedic Astrology books by

L.R. Chawdhri

The author is a retired Superintending Engineer who, as of a note published in 1985, had been studying the occult for 33 years, the last eight years also practicing Yantra, Tantra & Mantra. According to another note, he was born October 14, 1928 at Multan in what is now Pakistan. A third note says he has written some 17 books. Aside from astrology & mantras, he is also noted for his books on palmistry (a subject outside the scope of this website, apologies). As an engineer, it is said he has a more "scientific" (eg, accurate) view of astrology & other occult subjects. In addition to astrology & palmistry, he is also a fan of tantra, mantra & yantra.

Preface; Preface to 2nd edition;

Part 1: 1. Constituents of astrology; 2. Division of the zodiac; 3. Twelve houses of the horoscope; 4. Characteristics of the twelve signs; 5. The planets, elements & significations of; 6. Effects of planets in house; 7. Influence of planets in signs & their upayes; 8. The asterism or nakshatras; 9. Aspects of the planets;

Part 2: 10. Delineation of planets through twelve houses for each ascendant; 11. Yogas; 12. Transit of planets; 13. Planetary periods & effects; 14. Female horoscopy.

Comment: A solid, well-written book on the essentials of Vedic astrology.

Sagar, 687 pages.

CONJUNCTION OF PLANETS - L.R. Chawdhri, $12.00
Contents: Preface;
1. Combustion & retrogradation; 2. Conjunction of planets (2 planets, 3 planets, 4 planets, 5 planets, 6 planets, 7 planets, conjunction of Rahu & Ketu with other planets); 3. Favorable & unfavorable conjunctions; 4. Aspects & transit of planets; 5. Planets & houses; 6. Propitiations of planets; 7. Practical examples.

Comment: In western astrology a lot is written about simple planet-to-planet conjunctions. Chawdhri gives an in-depth look at those, as well as conjunctions involving up to seven plants. Conjunctions that vary according to the house the planets are in, vary according to aspects made by other planets elsewhere in the chart, etc. He lists the differences between western & Hindu aspects: Conjunctions are aspects in western astrology, but not Hindu. Westerns compute aspects by degree, Hindus by sign. In western astrology trines & sextiles are always easy, squares & oppositions always stressful. Hindu astrology has no such classification. In Hindu astrology, aspects of benefic planets are always good, malefic planets always bad. Whether benefic or malefic, if a planet aspects its own house, he strengthens it & does no harm. Aspects of lords of good houses (5, 9 & kendras) are good, whereas aspects from lords of evil houses (6, 8, 12) are evil.

Sagar, 182 pages.

Contents: Preface; Forword by B.V. Raman; 1. Astronomy, traits, Jupiter as significator, aspects with planets, Jupiter in combustion; 2. Effects of Jupiter for each ascendant; 3. Jupiter's influence in signs & houses; 4. Jupiter's conjunction with other planets;

5. Transit Jupiter, rules of transit, through the stars, Vedha points, transit through Ashtakavarga, aspects, transit through Moon sign & houses, Jupiter in aspect to natal planets; 6. Retrograde Jupiter; 7. Evil Jupiter & Propitiations; 8. Jupiter in Nakshatra, results of Jupiter, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Rahu & Ketu in their Nakshatras in different houses; 9. Jupiter & yogas, rare yogas not found in common books, detailed methods of calculating longevity, housewise yogas;

10. Jupiter in female horoscopes, specific role of Jupiter in women's charts, love marriage, mutual harmony, compatibility of sun sign table, matching of horoscopes of couple, Kuja dosha for all ascendants; 11. Jupiter in dasa system & modification of dasa effects; 12. Practical examples, rare & useful examples with details & hints.

Comment: This was a sequel to his book on Saturn (below). A comprehensive astrological look at the planet Jupiter.

Sagar, 422 pages.

SATURN: A Friend or Foe? - L.R. Chawdhri, $20.00
Preface to the 1st edition; Preface to the 2nd edition; Foreword; 1. Saturn's role in astrology; 2. Saturn & aspects; 3. Influence of Saturn in Zodiacal signs & houses; 4. Effect of planets for each ascendant; 5. Saturn's influence on different houses for various ascendants; 6. Saturn & conjunction of planets; 7. Saturn as signficator; 8. Saturn & transit, progression & Sadesati; 9. Rahu & Ketu; 10. Saturn & Krishnamurti Padhdhati; 11. Retrogression & Saturn; 12. Saturn & Vimshottari Dasa; 13. Saturn & yogas; 14. Married life & astrology; 15. Children & astrology; 16. Saturn & diseases; 17. Propitiation of planets; 18. Off the beat

Useful tables: 1. Ascendant tables; 2. Dasa, Bhukti, Antra periods, sub-periods, and sub-sub periods; 3. Features of rising signs, including lucky colors & lucky days; 4. Permanent chart for strength of planets in transit; 5. Conversion table of Ghatis, hours, etc.; 6. Nakshatras; 7. Shadvarga Tables; 8. Results of transit of planets in nutshell from moon sign; 9. Time of sunrise & sunset for latitudes 0 to 60 north; 9a. Correction table for sunrise & sunset; 10. Zodiacal signs & their elements; 11. Planets & their elements; 12. Hora tables; 13. Calendar to find any day of the week, between 1600-3100 AD; 14. Relation of numbers with your birth number; 15. Tithi, nakshatras & yogas; 16. Krishnamurti: Table of numbers, sign lord, star lord & sub lord. Errata.

Comment: Subtitled, An exhaustive study & new look at an old devil, who being a mark of sorrow, which, when removed, reveals the face of the initiator whose price is honesty, whose gift is truth & prosperity. Of interest are the notes on Saturn & Krishnamurti's Padhdhatis. Chapters 14 & 15, while of interest, are not otherwise related to the book. The final chapter is a non-astrological hodge-podge. The subtitle to it: What moles indicate on different body parts, Dreams, Testimony of dreams, Meanings of dreams, Omens, Twitching of different body parts & results thereof, Handwriting - judgment of character therefrom. The many useful tables in the back comprise some 58 pages.

Sagar, 338 pages.


Part 1: Mantra: A few words; 1. Mantra; 2. Practical methods; 3. Ladies vashi karan sabri mantras; 4. Miscellaneous mantras; 5. Some important points; 6. Specific mantras for birth of children.

Part 2: Tantra: 1. Tantra; 2. Tantra materials; 3. Practicals in tantra; 4. Sadhanas in tantras; 5. Rules & methods for worship of different gods & goddesses; A special request.

Sagar, 260 pages, hardcover.


Part 1: Yantras: 1. Yantra; 2. Yantras in practice; 3. Pratical yantras for daily life; 4. Charms, crystal gazing & mystic eye;

Part 2: Mantras: 5. How to worship mantras?; 6. Rosary, Beej mantra & samput; 7. Division of mantras & their use; 8. Specific mantras; 9. Articles used for Puja;

Part 3: Tantras: 10. The tantra & its divisions; 11. Yoga & tantra; 12. Practical uses of tantra; 13. Herbal plants in tantra; 14. Tantric articles & their use.

Sterling, 196 pages.

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