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Authors included on this page: Barbara Cameron (Eric Solibakke), S.S. Chatterjee, G.V. Chaudhary, P.S. Chidambaram.

PREDICTIVE PLANETARY PERIODS, The Hindu Dasas - Barbara Cameron, $19.00
Introduction; 1. The cosmic clock; 2. The over-riding moon; 3. The next step; 4. Who's your friend; 5. Where are the hands on the clock; 6. Inside teh majors; 7. Smaller & smaller and smaller: sub periods; 8. The nodes & other oddities; 9. At last, the method; 10. Practically applied; 11. To end the refrain. Appendices: 1. Dasa derivation formulas; 2. Ayanamsa, 1900-1990 (Daw Hla Than & Raman only); 3 Indian chart styles; 4. Planetary placement strengths; 5. Recommended reading list; Glossary; Index

Comment: The author is noted for her work in Burmese astrology. (Hence the pagoda on the cover. It's actually the massive Shwe Dagon Pagoda in Rangoon.) She spent most of her life in the far east with her husband, a member of the diplomatic corps. This is an introductory book on dasas, intended for western readers. Her primary ayanamsa (Daw Hla Than) was that of her teacher in Rangoon. With many chart examples.

AFA, 145 pages.

THE MAHABOTE FAMILIES - Eric Solibakke, $20.00
Contents: Introduction;

Friends & enemies: Manyness & oneness; Personal energies (the planets); Friendships & hostilities; Four friendships & four partial friendships; Four conflicts & four partial conflicts; Neutrality.

The MaHaBote chart: The seven houses; Dynamic patterns of energy movement.

The MaHaBote families: The Seven families: The Sun family, the Moon family, the Mars family, the Mercury family, the Jupiter family, the Venus family, the Saturn family.

Major & minor periods: The 108 year cycle of major periods; The annual cycle of minor periods; Hostile combinations.

How to prepare a chart; Calendar 1801-2036; Seven year cycle of planetary placements; Major periods by birth energy; Friendships & hostilities; Hostile combinations; The cycle of energies; People referenced as examples; Book list; Index.

Comment: The MaHaBote is Burmese astrology, as explained in the books of Barbara Cameron (available from us). MaHaBote, the "little key", is a simple system built on cycles of seven. According to the author, it compliments, and is subordinate to, the larger astrological cycles based on twelve. This book is designed to supplement those of Cameron.

AFA, 139 pages.

FORTUNE & FINANCE - S.S. Chatterjee, $30.00
Contents: About the book; Foreword by M.N. Kedar; Preface;

1. Importance of money & tit bits of predictions (Influence of sub-period lord on the main period lord); 2. Yogas for brilliance, wealth & fame (Lakshimi yoga, Akhanda samrajya yoga, Vijareeth raja yoga, Amala yoga, Neech bhanga, raja yoga, Vipareeth raja yoga);

3. Upachaya bhavas (growing houses: Vasuman or vasumati yoga, Kalanidhi yoga, Evil yogas around 6th house, Benefic influence of 6th house, 3rd house, bankruptcy yoga); 4. Judging financial prospect & status (2nd/9th bhava, lord of 2 in different houses, 11th bhava, lord in different houses, Indu lagna, periods of rise in life, acquisition of property, yogas for property, unfavorable yogas for property);

5. Riches by dubious means (Aroodya lagna, Pada lagna, Upapada & sources of income, Yogas for dubious income); 6. Drowning in the ocean of poverty (Ladyluck & the 9th house, Kaal sarpa yoga, suffering for the Yogabhanga planet, aphorisms for setbacks, Papakartari yoga, Arishtha yogas, Yogas for poverty, Yogas for the destruction of wealth, Periods of setbacks in life, Pecularities of Venus-Jupiter & Jupiter-Venus dasas; Timing of events, yogas for suffering in the various stages of life, Ashtakavarga for knowing radiant part of life, old age travails);

7. Earnings through gambling, lottery & sports (examples include Mohammad Ali, Major Dhyan Chand, Prakash Padukone, Kapil Dev); 8. Ancestral inheritances & various sources of income, such as bonus, gratuity, insurance, gift, dowry, etc.; 9. Entrepreneurship (Horoscopic indications, Budhaditya yoga, consideration of houses for business, yogas for successful business, service class, the role of planets in one's vocation, trades allocation to various planets); 10 Career reversals (Concept of Deha & Jeeva Rasis, Gathis in a KCD cycle, Markata Gathi dasa, Simhavalokan gathi dasa, Importance of transit studies, loss of power yogas).

Comment: Comprehensive, detailed, with many examples, which include rasi, navamsa & Janma Kundli charts, in both north & south Indian styles.

Alpha Publication, 398 pages.

ADVANCED PREDICTIVE ASTROLOGY, in two volumes - S.S. Chatterjee, $55.00/set
Contents, Book 1: Foreword; Dedication; Preface;
1. Understanding human mind: i. Unfoding of mind, ii. Sub-conscious mind (12th house), iii. Secrets of corruption; iv. Secrets of divine power.
2. Materialistic life: 1. Mystery of divine houses, ii. Radiance of success.
3. Married life: i. Widowhood & divorce, ii. A survey of offspring.
4. On parents: i. Know your mother from your horoscope, ii. Orbits of father & son.
288 pages.

Contents, Book 2: Dedication; Foreword; Preface; 1. Gateway to name & fame; 2. Secrets of happiness in life; 3. Timing of foreign travels; 4.i. Determination of good time & bad time; 4.ii. Dasa periods of planets in mutual angles; 5. Unnatural deeath, accidents, why & when; 6 Health & diseases; 7. Research on transits; List of horoscopes. 336 pages.

Comment: In the preface to the first volume, the author writes, The author has tried his best to extract precious data from the labyrinth of thousands of astrological slokas for the benefit of mankind, and he has deftly applied them in real life. These varied and diversified informations should satisfy the curiosity of common man & make this book a beneficial factor in the field of Predictive Astrology. The astrological data provided in this book are from the research diary of the author.... With numerous chart examples.

Nishkaam Peeth Prakashan, hardcovers.

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