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Vedic Astrology by

Bepin Behari

Bepin Behari is a prolific Theosophically-oriented astrologer who uses Vedic astrology as a springboard into deeper levels of philosophical & metaphysical analysis. He also has excellent English-language skills, his books are both a challenge & a pleasure to read. Behari will not teach you nuts-and-bolts astrology. He will show you how great astrological principles shape human lives & human destiny.

He is noted for three books published in the mid-1990's by Passage Press, which were reprinted in 2003 by Lotus Press. I am pleased to announce they are again available: Myths & Symbols in Vedic Astrology, Planets in Signs & Houses, and, Fundamentals of Vedic Astrology.

FUNDAMENTALS OF VEDIC ASTROLOGY, Vedic Astrology Handbook 1 - Bepin Behari, $14.95
Editor's Foreward; Preface; Introduction

Part I: Basic Information: 1. Bhavas/The Houses; Rashis/The Signs of the Zodiac; 3. Nakshatras/The Asterisms or Lunar Mansions; 4. Grahas/The Planets

Part II: Information Base: 1. The Natal Chart (includes divisionals)

Part III: Basic Concepts: 1. The Cosmic Man; 2. The Cardinal Houses; 3. The Spiritual Triangle; 4. The Triangle of Materiality; 5. The Mysterious Depth

Part IV: Predictive Guidelines: 1. Rules of Interpretation; 2. Avatar & Amsavatar Yoga.

Appendices: Casting the Horoscope; Glossary; Selected Bibliography; Index; List of charts & diagrams

Comment: There are many interesting features in this classic book. A table on pg. 128 shows the deities ruling each of the many divisions (Vargas), out to the 60th divisional. A table, on pgs 139-147, gives the planetary rulers for the Saptavargas. On pgs 116 & 118 are six different chart styles, both house & sign oriented, including square, round, diamond & Star of David. In the final section, Predictive Guidelines, are these 10 rules: 1. Planetary strength shows soul maturity; 2. Ascendant lord represents the Guardian Angel; 3. Integrated self is revealed by harmonious relationship between Sun, Moon & Ascendant; 4. Opportunities & impediments are shown by the distribution of benefics & malefics in the various houses; 5. Fruit-gathering souls & Action-oriented individuals are identified on the basis of planets being above or below the horizon; 6. The signification of a house is known by the disposition of the same house relative to it (eg, the 2nd house is known by the 2nd house from it (eg, the 3rd), the 4th by the 4th from it (eg, the 7th), etc.); 7. Lunar nodes represent karmic influences which are difficult to understand & cannot be avoided; 8. All predictions must be with regards to the ascendant, moon & sun; 9. Houses are regulated by the lord of the sign which is occupied by the lord of the house under consideration; 10. Pattern in planetary arrangement reveals important problems in life. - A very interesting book.

Lotus Press, 280 pages.

PLANETS IN THE SIGNS & HOUSES, Vedic Astrologer's Handbook II - Bepin Behari, $14.95
Contents: Editor's foreword; Preface.
  • 1. The First House: General personality assessment, energy content, opportunities & direction in life;
  • 2. The Second House: Release of potential energy, wealth, speech & social relationship;
  • 3. The Third House: Invidual prowess, valor, siblings & sacred institutions;
  • 4. The Fourth House: General prosperity, mother, property, vehicles, intelligence & travel;
  • 5. The Fifth House: The impulse of individualization, progeny, education, secret wisdom & literary work;
  • 6. The Sixth House: Karmic impediments, diseases, debts, theft, humiliation & litigation;
  • 7. The Seventh House: The field of action, marriage, sex, spirituality, trade, status & death;
  • 8. The Eighth House: The mysterious unknown, longevity, legacy, secret afflictions & the serpent fire;
  • 9. The Ninth House: Spiritual endeavor, divine wisdom, spiritual disciplines, mystic initiations & enlightenment;
  • 10. The Tenth House: Expansion of moral virtues, livelihood, renown, paranormal faculties & interaction;
  • 11. The Eleventh House: The house of gains, friendship, servitude, ornaments & social life;
  • 12. The Twelfth House: The house of dissolution, death, discharge of debts, termination of job & loss of spouse.

Comment: The discussion for each house starts with a general overview of the nature & properties of the house, including the traditional seven planets & nodes in each. Then, for each house, each of the twelve signs of the zodiac are considered & for each sign, interpretations are given for each of the traditional seven planets & two nodes. So every possibility of houses, signs & planets are covered.

Lotus Press, 256 pages.

Editor's foreword, by David Frawley; Preface

Part I: Astrological Mythology: 1. The meaning of astrological symbols, symbol of the cross, circle, arrow

Part II: The Planets: 1. Sun, Surya; 2. Moon, Chandraama; 3. Mercury, Budha; 4. Venus, Shukra; 5. Mars, Mangala; 6. Jupiter, Brihaspati; 7. Saturn, Sanischara; 8. Rahu; 9. Ketu

Part III: The Signs of the Zodiac: 1. Aries, Mesha; 2. Taurus, Brishabha; 3. Gemini, Mithuna; 4. Cancer, Karkata; 5. Leo, Simha; 6. Virgo, Kanya; 7. Libra, Tula; 8. Scorpio, Vrishchika; 9. Sagittarius, Dhanus; 10. Capricorn, Makara; 11. Aquarius, Kumbha; 12. Pisces, Mina

Part IV: The Nakshatras: 1. Ashwini; 2. Bharani; 3. Krittika; 4. Rohini; 5. Mrigrashira; 6. Ardra; 7. Purnavasu; 8. Pushya; 9. Ashlesha; 10. Magha; 11. Purva Phalguni; 12. Uttara Phalguni; 13. Hasta; 14. Chitra; 15. Swati; 16. Vishakha; 17. Anuradha; 18. Jyeshta; 19. Mula; 20. Purvashada; 21. Uttarashada; 22. Shravana; 23. Dhanishtha; 24. Shatabhishak; 25. Purva Bhadra; 26. Uttara Bhadra; 27. Revati

Part IV: Appendices: Glossary; The Nakshatras; Selected bibliography; Index.

Comment: The myths underlying Vedic astrology, in great detail.

Lotus Press, 278 pages.

ESOTERIC PRINCIPLES OF VEDIC ASTROLOGY, A treatise on advanced predictive techniques - Bepin Behari, $30.00
Contents: Preface;

Part 1: Astrological Counseling: 1. Scope of astrological studies; 2. Astrological counseling; 3. Astrological impulses.

Part 2: Nature of Man: 4. Basic motivation of the individual; 5. Extroversion & introversion of personality; 6. Seven channels of human development; 7. Indications of the maturity of the soul; 8. Foundation of an integrated personality.

Part 3: Planetary Impulses: 9. Combinations for popularity; 10. Planned parenthood; 11. Profession & marriage; 12. Avocation & income; 13. Marriage counseling; 14. Foreign Travel; 15. Destiny of man.

Part 4: Special Characteristics of Planets & Signs: 16. Planetary characteristics; 17. Features of zodiacal signs; 18. Sun & Pancha Mahapurusha yogas; 19. Bhadra yoga: The Mercurial greatness; 20. Mars: The active male principle; 21. Venus & artistic sensitivity; 22. Jupiter: The ruler of vital airs; 23. Saturn: The spiritualizing planet; 24. Sasa yoga: Saturn's impulse for human greatness; 25. Makara: The most mystic sign; 26. Shadow planets: Rahu & Ketu.

Part 5: Predictive Principles: 27. Patterns of horoscope; 28. Enigma of planetary exaltation; 29. Real effects of exalted planets; 30. The mystery of Bhavat Bhavam; 31. Kala Sarpa yoga: Restriction over human potential.

Glossary; Select bibliography; Index; Horoscopes presented in the book.

Comment: From the preface:

Presently, many thoughtful persons have begun questioning the purpose of life, meaning of death, the basic causes of their adverse conditions of life & other such matters. They are concerned with fundamental questions of sorrows, anomalies of life conditions, and the best-suited course for them. These are some of the questions with which astrology is, in fact, vitally related. This is a new dimension in the emerging scenario of astrological counselling. The present study aims at showing the relevance of astrology in this context. (pg. vii)

Sterling (India), 369 pages.

NEW DIMENSIONS IN VEDIC OCCULTISM (A treatise in Vedanga Jyotisha - Bepin Behari, $19.00
Preface; Symbols:
1. The language of scriptures; 2. The cosmic manifestation; 3. The Heavenly Man; 4. The inward impulse of the Heavenly Man; 5. The man on the cross; 6. The field & the knower of the field; 7. Dimensions of human life; 8. The astral fluid, force centers & the Nirvanic flame; 9. The course of social change; 10. Esoteric horoscopy; 11. The human principles; 12. Discovering one's basic ray; 13. Seven channels of human development; 15. Epilogue. References; Annexure; Index.

Comment: Subtitled, A Treatise in Vedanga Jyotisha, this is a study of pure metaphysics. Adapted from the Preface: Broadly speaking, the study is grouped into four main divisions:

Basic esoteric postulates of astrology are given in the first three chapters. They describe the basic assumption of theism which is the one universal life principle ever pulsating in the entire manifestation of which the evolution of mankind is but one ingredient.

The second group contains two chapters, namely, the Field & the knower of the field, and, Dimensions of human life, deals with occult views on certain aspects of our life. Problems like the constitution of man, the significance of birth & death, death & creativity, and such other aspects....

Chapter Seven, namely, the Astral fluid, Force centers & the Nirvanic flame explains the rational of planetary influences. The usual contention that tiny stars flickering millions & billions of light years away from us, and that also only a few of these stars & not every star thus situated, are incapable of influencing our physical conditions as well as psychological & psychic developments, is tackled in this chapter.

The last four chapters on Esoteric astrology form a group intended for those who desire to mold their life according to the occult view of life. They discuss the problems of intricate human motivation & the operation of inner forces which require special care.

The book is particularly Theosophical in outlook. Among the authors cited in the notes are H.P. Blavatsky, C.W. Leadbeater, Geoffrey Hodson, T. Subba Row, H.S. Olcott, Annie Besant, etc.

Sagar, 304 pages.

ASTROLOGICAL BIOGRAPHIES: Seventeen examples of predictive insights - Bepin Behari, $21.00
Contents: Preface to the second edition; Preface; Hints & suggestions for astrological predictions

  • 1. Arundale, Smt. Rukmini Devi
  • 2. Aurangzeb, Alamgir Ghazi
  • 3. Azad, Chandrashekar
  • 4. Bedi, Kiran
  • 5. Dalai Lama
  • 6. Desai, Morarji
  • 7. Diplomat, An European
  • 8. Gorbachev, Mikhail
  • 9. Jung, Carl Gustav
  • 10. Kapoor, Ranbir Raj
  • 11. Krishnamurti, Jiddu
  • 12. Mandela, Nelson Rolihlahla
  • 13. Nikhanja, Kapildev
  • 14. Ramanujan, Srinivasa
  • 15. Seshan, Thirunilayi Narayanaiyer
  • 16. Tata, Jehangir Ratanji Dadabhoy
  • 17. Singh, Vashishta Narayan
Glossary; Select bibiography; Index

Comment: From the back cover:

[This book] shows that the life of every individual is guided by the same set of stellar impulses and everyone, howsoever eminent he may be, has to bear his own cross. The sorrows & frustrations which invariably accompany every human being are inevitable parts of the process of growth and inner-unfoldment. The life of eminent personalities studied in this work in some degree or more represents the life of the millions who are struggling for more light and greater understanding of their own purpose existence.

In a language bereft of any astrological jargon and based on well-researched details of life, the book almost pulsates with the planetary spirit and non-physical influences almost from the very beginning. It uplifts the reader to a radically different realm where there is more of inspiration and less of sorrow.

Motilal Banarsidas, 376 pages.

ASTROLOGICICAL EXPLORATION OF THE SOUL, and other esoteric astrological essays - Bepin Behari, $9.00
Preface; 1. New age astrology; 2. Sun: A non-sacred planet; 3. Hidden language of occultism; 4. Astrological exploration of the soul.

Appendices: i. Glossary & notes; ii. Select bibliography; iii. Index.

Comment: A sophisticated, Theosophical overview of esoteric astrologery, especially as it pertains to Hindu scripture.

Sagar, 145 pages.

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