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Vedic Recycled & Used Books, page 1

Good books for $5.00

These are not really used books, they're excess stock from two of my suppliers, though they are all several years old. As we got these for a good price, we're happy to pass it along. These are, for the most part, $5.00 each. Some we have in quantity, but for some there are only a few. Expand your library, expand your horizons, take a dare. The stranger the book, the more interesting its adventure.

Please DO NOT order by number. They are for our use with inventory management.

Please also note: Books published by Taraporevala / D.B. Taraporevala Sons, are notably crude in printing & binding.


Vedic Recycled books, page 2

K. Rajesh Chaudhary
HOW TO ANALYZE MARRIED LIFE - V.K. Choudhry, with K. Rajesh Chaudhary, $5.00
Contents: Preface; About the authors;
1. The mission of life & astrology; 2. The Systems' Approach; 3. The most malefic influence; 4. Planetary configurations for a happy married life; 5. Planetary configurations evidencing marital discord; 6. Preventative astral remedies for marital happiness;

7. Case studies (Delay & denial, Lack of progeny, Broken engagements, Inharmonious relationships, Divorce, Death of spouse, Harassment in marriage; Extra marital relations);

8. Astral remedies for various ascendants.

Comment: In the preface, the author writes, Married life is one of the important factors in human life. Its happiness provides solace to man, while unhappiness or discord in marital life causes numerous mental sufferings. Keeping this background in view, the subject has been taken for discussing (then follows a list of contents, as given above).

This is the revision from 2002. To get the greatly expanded second edition of 2009 (194 pages), click here.

Sagar, 118 pages.

(Detail of cover)
V1-9. used: TEN LESSONS IN HINDU ASTROLOGY (A book in Hindi with NO English in it) - K.K. Pathak, $5.00

Nishkaam Peeth Prakashan. 110 pages. Condition: Good. Printed: 1999. Aside from Arabic numbers here & there, and the copyright page, this book is entirely in Hindi. I've identified the author, K.K. Pathak, from his picture on the back. This book is about astrology, but does not seem to be one of his English-language books, based on the table of contents, as well as a list of 40 somethings in the back. I've included a close-up scan of the cover to help those of you who can read Hindi.

Update: An Indian customer tells me the book is in Hindu, and is entitled, Ten Lessons in Hindu Astrology.

V1-10. used: MYSTIC INDIA, vol. 1 no. 1, January 2005, $5.00

Occult Foundation, Calcutta. 160 pages. Condition: Good. Printed: 1995. The table of contents lists 32 featured articles & 19 regular features, which means that articles average two or three pages, which makes me think the target audience were train & bus commuters. Some amusing stuff.

V1-20. used: JOURNEY THROUGH THE CHAKRAS: Exercises for healing & internal balance - Klausbernd Vollmar, $5.00

Health Harmony, New Delhi. 166 pages. Condition: Good. Printed: 2002. The author was born in 1946 in Germany, is widely travelled, and now lives in Norfolk. Includes chakra exercises, which amount to yoga poses. These are illustrated with photographs. There is a copy with pgs. 41-56 printed upside down, the result of an inverted signature.




1. Introduction
2. Details of different diseases
3. Fevers, infections, insanity, impotence, insomnia, etc.
4. Mumps, measles, pregnancy, plague, etc.
5. Pox, urinary & venereal diseases, whooping cough, etc.

Comment: Brief descriptions, in alphabetical order, divided among five chapters.

After brief introductory remarks in chapter 1, chapter 2 begins a survey of the symptoms & astrological causes of diseases, in alphabetical order, starting with AIDS, which the author believes is caused by homosexuality and/or oral sex. The underlying astrological cause is an "ill fated" combination of Rahu, Venus, Mars & Saturn. The houses & lords involved are 6, 8 & 12. In this chapter he goes on to cover asthma, appendicitis, anemia, abscess, blood pressure, to eye & ear diseases. Chapter 3 continues with fevers, hydrophobia (rabies), insanity, impotence, insomnia and jaundice, ending with leprosy. Dr. Goshhajra saw a lot of lepers in his practice, as he has the most astrological details of this disease I have ever seen. Chapter four starts with mumps & includes measles, moles, pregnancy, plague, paralysis, etc. Chapter five includes pox, tetanus, ulcers, urinary & veneral diseases. Throughout the book, gem remedies are often suggested.

The book is too small to be a comprehensive guide, but it is interesting nonetheless.

Jyotish Vimal, 48 pages. First edition 1989, this is the second edition from 1996. Not well printed, pages are uneven & some parts are faint.

LIFE & THE UNIVERSE, a glimpse - R.L. Vishnu, $5.00



1. The dream world
2. The world of number, the line, and the point
3. The quantum world
4. The world as here & now
5. The universal being & relations among beings

Subject index

Comment: Not astrology, but rather, a book of metaphysical essays. Here's what it says on the inside front cover:

Do you know wherefrom we come and whitherto we go, what it is that we love in our near and dear ones, what it is that we seek to have in our urges to live & lord over all? Do you know that an understanding of the "what" of the beginning & end of the universe in space & time is at once with the understanding of the great mystery of life and death; that to understand the "What" and "Why" of the urges to live, love & lord over all is to understand the wherefrom and whitherto of us living beings as also the what of the universe of matter & motion? Read this book and enjoy the great luxury of understanding the reality behind life and the Universe. Thought provoking and interest-titillating alike for scientists, mathematicians, philosophers and lovers of occult wisdom (Like Yoga, Tantra, etc.). The first ever rational resolution of the problems bearing on the ultimates of nature. A must for every seeker of truth. An hitherto unsuspected world of thought explored in its full glory.

Ranjan, 156 pages, hardcover. Printed: 1982.




Astrology made easy
The theory of longevity
Relation between man & planets
The theory of creation
The theory of creation of solar system
Sign exaltation test
The concept of enmity amongst planets
An evidence for verification
Halving radius theory of creation
Time of one solar revolution
Stages of contraction of solar cloud
Some more examples of longevity

Comment: The book is divided into two sections. From the back cover:

1. The theory of longevity: This theory is a kind of new discovery in the sphere of astrology. It outlines a new method of determining the length of life from the natal horoscope. It reveals Nature's mechanism & shows how it operates. It clearly establishes a relationship between Man & the Planets and also proves that zodiac is not an imaginary concept but it is real.

2. The theory of creation of solar system: The Rule of 10, 8, 4, 2 or we can say the Rule of house exaltation of the Ruler of the Ascendant as discovered in the Theory of Longevity has been used in constructing the Theory of Creation of Solar System. The basic principles of astrology are like axioms or postulates. The Theory of Creation of Solar System shows that the origin of these basic principles lies in the process of Creation of Solar System.

James Astro Publication, 179 pages.

ASTROLOGY IN VEDAS - J.N. Bhasin, $5.00



1. Planetary concordance
2. The astrological poetry of God
3. Vedas & the zodiac
4. Vedic names of planets
5. Relation of "symbology" to astrology
6. A prayer with clear astrological import
7. Sun: Its astrological import
8. Spiritual self & astrology
9. Role of Sun vis a vis science & astrology
10. Vedic traits of Moon
11. Vedic Moon & disease of "consumption"
12. Vedic Moon as significator of "longevity"
13. Moon's relation to the "nakshatras"
14. Vedic functions of Mars
15. Vedic Mercury: the Vishnu
16. Vedic mantra for Jupiter
17.Venus & the priciple of correspondence
18. Vedic mantra for propitiation of Saturn
19. A prayer to Rahu
20. Ketu as liberator in the Vedas
21. Astrological import of asterisms
22. Vedas & the conception of "houses"
23. Identity of the Vedic & the astrological ideal
24. Brahma, Vishnu & Mahesh in astrology


Comment: On page 3 is this note:

Publisher's Note
(1) Ther is a misconception in some quarters that the holy Vedas recognize only astronomy and not astrology. This misconception has been very ably removed by the author by references to the chapters and verses from the Vedas.

(2) For the first time in the history of the astrological literature it has been shown on the basis of the recognized principles of spirituality why a particular planet is exalted in a particular nakshatra of a specific sign of the zodiac.

(3) Maharishi Parashar - the father of Indian astrology has laid down that the 7th house of the horoscope being the 12th from the 8th denotes the negation of the traits of the 8th house. Based on this principle the 12th house becomes the house of the denial of the traits of 1st house i.e. the body - physical, emotional and intellectual. The author has shown by references to the Upanishads that this principle of Maharishi Parashar is spiritually oriented, for moksha in religion too is the denial of all body consciousness.

(4) The able author has shown the astrological significance of the names of various planets etc. and thereby established an intimate relation between the Vedas and the astrological science. A study of the book will surely add to not only your astrological but also to your spiritual knowledge.

Ranjan, 133 pages. Printed: 1984.

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