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Profession Through Astrology
by O.P. Verma

Synopsis: A survey of traditional methods for determining profession, with many contemporary chart examples, eg, for lawyers, scientists, poets, businessmen, etc.

Ranjan Publications, 184 pages. Continued below.

Price: $12.00

1. Preliminaries: Navamsha chakra, bhava chakra, planetary aspects, stellar positions, vargas, significance of houses, friends, enemies & neutrals of each planet;

2. Planets & profession: Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu;

3: Tenth house & its significance, its indicators according to classical authors: Varahamihira, Kalyana Varma, etc., Judgment of the tenth house, Karakas of the tenth house, Significance of the 10th house in relation to other houses, Indications of the 10th house - Vaidynatha Dikshita's view, Uttara Kalamrita's view, Significance of the bhavas of 2, 6, 10 & 11 in relation to profession;

4. Methods to determine one's profession & source of income - Mihira's view, Source of income - Gargi's view;

5. Important rules regarding the 10th house from Satya Samhita: Dip in holy rivers, Performance of great sacrifices meritorious deeds, Proficiency in many shastras, Good deeds, Rules from Sarvartha Chintamani;

6. Planetary combinations & professions;

7. Influence of the signs, Professions denoted by the 12 signs;

8. Planets in the 10th house, Relations between two planets (Parasara's view), Effects of planets while placed in the 10th house, Planets in the 10th house: Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, Some combinations & their indications, Combinations told in Brihat Jataka, Effects of planets in the 10th house from Chandra lagna, Gochara results, Effects of the lords of different houses placed in the 10th house, Professions & significators;

9. Dasa-bhukti principles, Yogas claimed by Parasara;

10. Wealth: time of gains & its amounts, Planets connected with the 2nd house, Dasas of planets placed in the 10th house from lagna of moon;

11. Importance of lagna in the judgment of wealth, Sudarshana Paddhati, Examples: Defence accountant, Airforce officer, High court judge, Finance, Dhana yogas, Other yogas producing much wealth, Positions of the benefics: Mercury, Jupiter & Venus;

12. Some important yogas: Sunapha, Anapha & Durudhara yogas, Vasumadyoga, Gajakesari yoga, Karakakhy yoga, Panchamahapurusha yoga, Kahala yoga, Lakshmi yoga, Sreenatha yoga, Adhi yoga, Lagnadhi yoga, Chandradhi yoga, Mahabhagya yoga, Neecha Bhanga Raja yoga, Akhanda Samrajya yoga, Vipareetha raja yoga, Bad yogas leading to poverty: Kemadruma yoga, Sakata yoga, Bad yogas which make a man poor, General principles, Horoscope of a millionaire, An example of Adhi yoga;

13. Dasha Phala of the lord of the 10th bhava from Satya Samhita;

14. Stellar principles;

15. Illustrations: Horoscopes of businessmen, Ministers, Scientists, Poets, Great writers, Lawyers, Judges, Dewans, Kings, Film actors, Political leader cum scholar, Doctors, Professors, Astrologers, Queen Victoria, Politicians, Great men, Generals.

Comments: Based on classic books, includes many slokas in Sanskrit, from Parasara, Varaha Mihira, Saravali, Satyacharya, Vaidyanatha Dikshita, the Jataka Chandrika, and others.

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