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SOLAR RETURNS - Formulas & Analyses
by Nance McCullough

Synopsis: The best of the many solar return books. Not the easiest, not the simplest, the best.

Namac Publishing, 174 pages. Continued below.

Price: $13.95
  • 1. Definitions, information & mechanics (Natal, transiting planets, and natal houses & charts will all be notated, the SR planets & houses may or may not be notated, if SR planets are notated, they will be either SR, solar return, or solar planet, sometimes the letter N will be used for natal).
  • 2. a) Birth, transiting & solar return charts are interrelated in a birthday year with the SR planet being the catalyst. b) Usage of derivative astrology in solar return chart.
  • 3. Placement of natal ascendant in SR chart greatly intensifies that solar return house where the natal ascendant is located.
  • 4. Solar return ascendant location in natal chart brings the needs of that natal house to the surface.
  • 5. Observe all concentrations of planets in the solar return chart.... dispositors of planets. a) Conjunctions are power points & need to be utilized properly. b) The concentration of planets (or any single planet) brings into the SR house the energies from the houses the concentrated planets (or single planet) are lords of in the SR chart. c) The planet in the house is tied into the lord of that house because it is disposed by the lord of the house & not necessarily otherwise.

  • 6. Cardinal signs on SR angles and/or excessive planets in cardinal signs or houses in SR chart imply eventful year & beginnings of new projects.
  • 7. Succeedent (fixed) signs on SR angles and/or excessive planets in fixed signs or houses in SR chart indicate unchanging fixity & possible establishment of goals.
  • 8. Mutable signs on SR angles and/or excessive planets in mutable signs or houses in SR chart indicate a year of restlessness.
  • 9. Look for reiteration from natal to solar return for very great significance in SR charts.
  • 10. A SR planet conjunct SR ascendant (or SR cusp) greatly energizes the power of that planet; also SR & natal cusps in close numerical value make SR charts more forceful that year.

  • 11. Natal planet conjunct ascendant or cusp of solar return adds much force to that planet. a) Natal planet conjunct SR cusp greatly intensifies power of that planet. b) Natal planet conjunct the SR ascendant brings the natal house that the natal planet is lord of into the energies of the SR ascendant.
  • 12. If planet or planets in SR house favorably aspect the lord of that house then all goes well that year with that house.
  • 13. If a planet or planets in a SR house adversely aspect the lord of that house then that house is disharmonious that year.
  • 14. SR planet conjunct the same natal planet (or natal & SR planet/planets both in same house) greatly magnifies that SR planet & natal planet (for good or bad).
  • 15. House SR sun is in shows challenges for native or where he will shine, is supposedly where greatest growth will occur.

  • 16. SR ascendant conjunct natal ascendant highlights birth promise, since many deaths occur with this aspect could lack of promise (or goals) bring death?
  • 17. The SR house that contains the lord of the SR ascendant is emphasized for the native that year.
  • 18. Transiting planets touching solar return planets heighten that SR planet. a) TR planets touching SR planets set off the SR planets but not to the extent of a retrograde planet retouching itself during that birthday interim. b) SR planet involved in retrograde action precipitates action when it retouches its SR self during that same birthday year.
  • 19. A sun conjunct moon in SR chart shows rebirth or a new beginning.
  • 20. A 29 degree in a solar return is finishing a cycle, leaving something behind, or the closing of a door.

  • 21. SR moon in SR house shows greatest changes for the year, that moon's close conjunction to another SR planet could switch greatest changes to that planet and/or the house it is lord of rather than greatest changes in the moon house.
  • 22. The natal house location of the SR ascendant ties in that natal house dramatically with the natal planet that is lord of that SR ascendant this birthday year.
  • 23. Six or more SR planets angular or in cardinal signs or houses causes too much activity & impulsiveness.
  • 24. SR planets in cadent houses can be the "self-undoing" to the angular houses following these cadent houses.
  • 25. The same SR planet & natal planet shows the needs of the two houses they are both in (SR & natal charts) and/or rule in those two charts, and how they tie in together although they may not aspect otherwise.

  • 26. When a SR planet aspects the lord of one of the solar return angles, then that former SR planet has more influence than it would otherwise.
  • 27. A solar return planet conjunct the natal ascendant greatly intensifies that planet.
  • 28. When the same two planets makes the same aspects in the two different charts (conjunctions covered in chapt. 14) then the SR significators show how the natal planets are accentuated that year (for good or bad).
  • 29. Death as seen in the solar return.
  • 30. Marriage solar returns.

  • 31. Excess retrograde planets in solar return mean a coming back, a returning.
  • 32. The solar return moon shows the need for changes established by the SR sun location & the natal moon location in the SR chart.
  • 33. Progressed solar return charts.

About the author. Appendix A: Terms (eg, glossary). Appendix B: Erecting a SR chart.

Comment: Pretty much everything you would want to know about this book is in the table of contents listing, above. If you like your astrology with meat on its bones - and who doesn't? - this is a great book. Like her book on

relationships, this is not a cookbook. It is intense, no-nonsense & to the point.

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