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Simplified Horary Astrology
by Ivy Goldstein Jacobson

Synopsis: In 1960, Ivy Goldstein-Jacobson, then 67 years old, wrote this book on horary. When she was younger she studied widely, but in this outstanding book, there seems little overt traces of William Lilly. Ivy's book is an excellent companion to Lilly.

277 pages, self-published, hardcover.Continued below.

Price: $42.35
The houses & the natural wheel: Masculine/feminine; Months when signs begin; Qualities; Elements; Decanates; Intercepted signs

The Planets, their symbols & speed: Dignity, detriment, exaltation & fall; Peregrine planets; Intercepted planets; Rulership of places, creatures, plants, liquids, metals, gems, articles, equipment, days & hours; As significator of querent & quested; As co-significators; As co-rulers of persons & matters; Mute, dissatisfied, insecure, besieged; In nodal or malefic degrees; In critical degrees, or 0, 15 or 29 degrees; Retrograde planets; In mutual reception

The Part of Fortune & its declination: Also the Parts of Misfortune, Sickness, Marriage, Surgery or cutting, Death, Danger or peril, Legalizing & weddings

To set up the horary chart
Calculation of the Planets-places

Aspects, applying & separating: The orb to allow; The opposition & its meaning; The conjunction & sextile: their meaning; The square & trine: their meaning; The parallel & its meaning; Minor aspects, especially the Quincunx; The lunation, eclipse & occultation; Confirming aspects; Aspect by mutual application; Translation & collection of light

The Moon, her speed of motion: Calculating the moon's position; The moon's standing in the signs; The moon's nodes; Where her aspects begin & end; The moon's separating aspect; Reading her first & final aspects; Unable to complete her final aspect; The moon void of course; The moon void but parallel Fortuna; The moon's preceding conjunction; An important event in the past; The moon changes enroute anywhere; As significator: description, early life; The moon as co-ruler; Places ruled by the moon & Cancer; Creatures, plants, equipment, hours ruled; The moon common & cadent; The moon in the 5th or 9th; Anatomy & pathology of the moon & Cancer; The moon in an election chart

The First House: Planets in the 1st house; Where would I be better off?; What is going to happen to me?; Am I to live long? To die soon?; When am I going to make a change?; Will I be able to stay where I am?; What else does it say about me?; Does it tell my future?; Where is the missing person?; Is he at home? Is he well? Is he dead?; Can I get in touch with him?; Will the absent one return?; What is the absent person doing?; Is this vehicle safe?

The Second House: Planets in the second house; Shall I become rich, and how?; Shall I become poor, and how?; Shall I be able to borrow?; Shall I cash the check for him?; Shall I guarantee the note?; Shall I invest (not speculate)?; Shall I make this purchase?; Shall I exchange the goods?; Shall I be paid for the goods?

The Third House: Planets in the third house; Who called in my absence?; Where is the letter I sent?; Who wrote the anonymous letter?; Who has been gossiping?; Is the report or rumor true?; What sort of trip am I going to have?; Shall I make the trip?; Should I not make the trip?; The moon's changes enroute

The Fourth House: Planets in the fourth house; Should I pay the balance on this lot?; Is the price high or low?; To buy or sell? The buyer & seller; Will the oil come in? Shall I profit?; Things lost or mislaid. Where?; Where is the missing article?; Will the article be found? When?; Where is my purse?; Where is my lost diamond ring?; Where is the yardage I bought?; Shall I inherit from my family? When?

The Fifth House: Planets in the 5th house; Fifth house questions; Shall I speculate in this gold mine?; Shall I speculate?; Shall I win or lose? (Wager, etc.); Which team will win?; Concerning a messenger; Questions about children; Concerning illegitimacy; Is this birth illegitimate?; Conception & pregnancy; Pregnant or not; Present duration of pregnancy; Time of delivery; Boy or girl; twins; Survival of the child; Why don't I have a baby?; What is my child best fitted for?; Will the missing child return?; About love-affairs

The Sixth House: Planets in the 6th house; Sixth house questions: Shall I employ this person?; Will my maid return to my employ?; Concerning tenants & lodgers; Should I have a lodger or tenant?; Will my tenant or lodger remain?; About small animals, fowls & pets; The time to buy, or not; Is the dog trustworthy & faithful?; Should I have a pet?; About missing animals; Questions about sickness; The Part of Sickness; The Angle of Distress; Gender & temperature of the planets; Anatomy & pathology of the signs; Pathology of the planets; What is the matter with me?; Should I have an operation?; Is father's illness serious?; Is it cancer?; Is the illness real or imagined?; Progress & duration of the illness; Is the disease curable?; Will the patient recover? When?; Will the patient die?

The Seventh House: Planets in the 7th house; Seventh house questions; Questions about marriage; The Part of Marriage; Will my brother marry this woman?; Shall I ever get married?; Am I going to marry this one? When?; Shall I marry more than once?; Why don't we get married?; Will there be a divorce?; Will my wife (or husband) return?; Concerning lawsuits: who wins?; The judge in the case; Shall I plead bankruptcy?; Partnership & business deals; Will this business deal go through?; The buyer & the seller; Loss by theft; Will the stolen goods be found?; Describe the thief; Is he the one I suspect?; Which way did he go?; Does the thief still have the goods?; Will the thief be caught?; The thief is under arrest; Is there more than one thief?; Will there be a war?; Will the besieged surrender?; When will World War II end?; For safe return from war; Do I have any public enemy?

The Eighth House: Planets in the 8th house; Eighth house questions; To recover a debt; Will I be repaid for my doctor bill?; Will son-in-law pay me the note?; Shall I be paid for the goods?; Shall I be reimbursed for my loss?; About wills & legacies; Is there a will?; Will the legacy be received?; Regarding surgery; The Part of Surgery or Cutting; Chart for the time of surgery; Should I have an operation?; Death in the chart; The Part of Death; Recognizing death in any chart; Will there be a death soon?; Will the patient recover?; Am I in danger? The Part of Peril

The Ninth House: Planets in the 9th house; Ninth house questions; Shall I take the bus to Arizona?; Am I going to attend the wedding?; Election chart for a trip; The moon's changes enroute; Rituals, legalizing, certifying; The Part of Legalizing; The Part of Weddings; Is my schooling adequate?; Should I go to college?; For success in publishing; Insurance, am I the beneficiary?

The Tenth House: Planets in the 10th house; 10th house questions; Trades & professions; Shall I get this job?; Should I leave this job?; For return to office or power; Conviction & execution by law; Will friend Jack be convicted?; Will these spies be executed?; Success of a petition

The Eleventh House: Planets in the 11th house; Eleventh house questions; Is my friend true or false?; Shall I become a member?; Shall I proceed with the adoption?; Will I get my wish?; How will his will turn out?; Wages: to get a raise or refund

The Twelfth House: Planets in the 12th house; Twelfth house questions; An undisclosed question (mystery); Have I a secret enemy?; Arrest & imprisonment; Freedom from prison & time of release; Danger of death in prison; Am I in danger? The Part of Peril

Reading the Horary Chart: Caution in reading the chart; House rulership of persons & matters; The house of the question; The measure of time; The distance by mileage; The direction by house & sign; Bringing the matter to perfection; The aspects that bring perfection; Translation & collection of light; The moon void but aspecting Fortuna; What denies perfection; Hindrance, frustration, impediment; Refranation, combust, under sunbeams; The via combust way; Progressing the horary planets

The Election Chart: How to set up the election chart; Malefics in the election chart; The moon in the election chart; For independent action; For any other kind of action; Election chart for a journey.

Comment: Explains fully & simply how to answer such queries as regard personal problems, family, marriage, health, business, travel, finances, children, inheritance, death, loss, etc., with 34 charts to illustrate the method; valuable to those who want an immediate, dependable answer to a serious question. It is designed to teach those who must study alone or at home, as well as those able to have tuition, so includes instruction in setting a chart. One of the great horary books of the century. Back in Print!

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