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NAKSHATRA - Constellation based predictions with remedial measures
by K.T. Shubhakaran

Synopsis: A unique two volume set. The orange volume interprets the 120 year Vimshottari dasas. It includes delineation for the sub-cycles and sub-sub cycles (eg, Maha dasa, Antara dasas and Pratyantara dasas). The purple volume is a comprehensive text on Nakshatras.

Sagar, a hardcover set. Continued below.

Price: $55.00
Contents of the purple volume:
1. Introduction; 2. Equivalent terminology of Nakshatras in Malayalam & Tamil; 3. Symbol, presiding deity, caste & identification marks of each Nakshatra; 4. Lord or ruler of each Nakshatra; 5. Various Gunas (merits); 6. Yoni (sex) of each Nakshatra; 7. Division of 28 Nakshatras into 3 Ganas (communities); 8. Color of each Nakshatra; 9. Parts of the human body governed by each Nakshatra; 10. Division of Nakshatras into 4 circles;

11. Essentials for the practice of mantras; 12. Remedial measures to ward off evil effects of Nakshatras & planets; 13. Some hints on Nama Karan (name calling);

Following this are chapters for each of the 27 Nakshatras. Each chapter includes zodiacal position & mythology, general results of the ascendant for both male & female births (physical features, character & general events, education, profession & income, family life, health), as well as the sun, moon, planets & nodes when placed in each of the four padhas of the nakshatra in question.

14. Acvini; 15. Bharani; 16. Krittika; 17. Rohini; 18. Mrgacirsha; 19. Ardra; 20. Punarvasu; 21. Pushya; 22. Aclesha; 23. Magha; 24. Purva-Phalguni; 25. Uttara-Phalguni; 26. Hasta; 27. Citra; 28. Svati; 29. Vicaka; 30. Anuradha;

31. Jyestha; 32. Mula; 33. Purva-Ashadha; 34. Uttara-Ashadha; 35. Abhijit; 36. Cravana; 37. Cravishtha; 38. Catabhishaj; 39. Purva-Bhadrapada; 40. Uttara-Bhadrapada; 41. Revati; 42. Miscellaneous. 359 pages.

Comment on the purple volume:
The 27 lunar mansions. Effects of the Lagna (ascendant) & planets (by Padas or quarters of a Nakshatra, including aspecting planets) in each, with specific notes on physique, character, education, family life & health. Excellent & informative.

Contents of the orange volume:
Preface; 1. Introduction (Distribution, Planets under the Vimshottari dasa system, Important points to keep in mind, Method of analyzing each house for making predictions of dasa results, Technique of judgment of various dasas & their results, Hints for analyzing the results of sub-periods of various planets, Rules for analyzing the results of sub-periods, General results during the sub-periods, Calculation of various periods under Vimshottari dasa, Method of calculating Antardasa (sub-periods), Method of calculating Pratyantara dasas (sub-sub periods), Method of calculating sooksma dasas (sub-sub-sub periods), Table showing duration of Maha dasa, Antara dasa & Pratyontara dasa of Vrioud planets);

2. Dasa of Sun; 3. Dasa of Moon; 4. Dasa of Mars; 5. Dasa of Rahu; 6. Dasa of Jupiter; 7. Dasa of Saturn; 8. Dasa of Mercury; 9. Dasa of Ketu; 10. Dasa of Venus. 308 pages.

Comment on the orange volume:
The 120 year Vimshottari Dasas in great detail: What all the periods, sub periods & sub-sub periods mean in plain English & how long they last. How dasas are affected by house placement & aspects, how to calculate & more. For each Maha dasa: General introduction, Signification of the planet, Diseases likely to be caused by the planet, Professions indicated by the planet, When the planet is generally strong, General results when the planet is placed in the various signs, General results when the planet is placed in the various houses, An overview of the main events of the maha dasa, and finally the specific Dasa - Antardasa - Pratyontara dasa delineations.

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