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Christian Astrology Book 3
An Easie and Plain Method Teaching how to Judge Upon Nativites, The Rectification of a Nativity, A brief way of judgment, The effects of Directions, Revolutions, Profections & Transits.

by William Lilly, 1602-1681. Edited by David R. Roell.

Synopsis: In 1647, William Lilly, renowned throughout England, sat down to write his famous book on astrology. He was ill, but he had foreseen that. He decided that rather than struggle with clients while sick, he would give himself a year to study, reflect, and write. But before he was quite finished with his book, plague swept through London, killing two of his servants, and forcing Lilly and family to flee to the countryside.

This is Book Three, An Easie and plaine Method Teaching How to judge upon Nativities, the conclusion of his great work, Christian Astrology. Continued below.

Price: $32.95
In this astounding book, Lilly gives not only his own hard-won knowledge of natal astrology, but also what he gleaned from close study of the greatest astrologers in history, as found in his own astrological library, one of the largest of its day. In this book you may learn:

  • How to determine the Hyleg, or Apheta, the Prorogator of Life.
  • How to determine intelligence, stature, shape and complexion of the native.
  • If the native will be rich, and, if so, whether by fair means or foul.
  • The illnesses he may suffer, if he may die a violent death.
  • Of Marriage: The number and kinds of spouses, where they may come from, if there will be children or not, and if so, an idea of their number.
  • The kind of career best suited to the native, and much more.
In the section on Directions and Forecasting, Lilly gives comprehensive interpretations for Primary Directions, Solar Returns and Profections. The book concludes with a priceless analysis of the Nativity of an English Merchant, including more than twenty years of forecasts, up to the time that Lilly judged to be the end of the manís natural life.

For the first time, unique to this edition: All the text and all the tables, completely reset. Spelling and verbs modernized. Glossary of obscure terms, including Latin words and phrases. Calculations in modern format. All 24 solar returns and all 12 profection charts in standard wheel format. Fixed star positions updated to 1 January 2005. Modern symbols for aspects (including minor aspects) used throughout. Primaries untangled, as much as possible. Set page-for-page, nearly line-for-line, to match Lilly's original.

A PDF extract on the fortune of the native.

Astrology Classics, 388 pages.

First House: Diverse ways of rectifying nativities; To erect a scheme of heaven by the tables of Regiomontanus; Things to consider before giving judgment; If the native will live long or not; The Hylech, Hyleg or Apheta; Lord of the geniture; Complexion or temperament of the body; Manners of the native; Wit; Stature; Color of face & hair; Fat or thin; Fortune or misery of native

Second House: If the native will be rich; The means by which he will find his estate; If by legal or other means; If it will endure

Third House: If will have brothers or sisters; Of their fortunes; Of their unity or concord

Fourth House: Of the mother; If the birth was difficult, if the mother survived; If the native will have his father's estate; Of the agreement of the parents; If the parents like the native; Of the fortunes to be found in mines

Of the Sixth House: Weakness of sight; Native's diseases curable or not; Of servants & cattle

Of the Seventh House: Will obtain a wife easily or no; Of the number of wives; From where will find a wife; What manner of wives, if fair or deformed; Of love between native & wife; Whether native or wife will die first; Of the marriage of women

Of the Fifth House: How many children the native will have

Of the Ninth House: Whether the native will travel; Cause of travel; Success in travel; Religion of the native; Of Dreams; If the native will have dignity or deferments, or not; What manner of preferment; If dignity or honor will continue; Of the profession of the native; Aphorisms concerning profession; Of friends; Of agreement among friends

Of the Twelfth House: What manner & quality of enemies; If the native shall overcome, or be overcome by, his enemies; Of captivity or imprisonment; Of death, whether violent or natural

Forecasting: How long a direction will last; Effects of the five hylegiacal places (ascendant, midheaven, sun, moon, Part of Fortune); Ascendant directed to Jupiter; Midheaven to promitors; Midheaven to fixed stars; Sun to promitors; Sun to fixed stars; Moon to promitors; Directions of the Part of Fortune; Measure of time in directions; Profections, their use & effects; How to judge profections; Profections to the ascendant & moon, by house; Profection of the midheaven & sun; Profectional sign of the Part of Fortune & the sign of the second house; Of Revolutions; Of the return of the planets to their own places, and to the places of the other planets in the radix; Transit of planets

The Nativity of an English Merchant Astrologically Handled:

Directions of the Five Hylegical Places: Directions, Solar returns and Profections for the English Merchant, year by year, from 1644 to 1666.

1. Charts for an English Merchant.
2. Fixed Stars, positions for 1 January 2005.
3. Useful tables from Christian Astrology book 1.
4. Glossary.


The Nativity of an English Astrologer.

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