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Varaha Mihira's BRIHAT JATAKA
translated by B.S. Rao

Synopsis: One of the fundamental, essential books in Vedic astrology. This translation by B.V. Raman's grandfather. First published in 1919.

Motilal Banarsidass Publishers, 639 pages. Continued below.

Price: $30.00
Preface to the 5th edition, by B.V. Raman; Foreword by B.L. Rao (B.S. Rao's son, B.V. Raman's uncle); Preface by B.S. Rao.
1. Explanation of technicalities used
2. Grahayoni Prabheda, or planetary natures, etc.
3. Viyoni Janma Adhyaya or manifold births
4. Nisheka or consummation of marriage
5. Janma Kala Lakshana or peculiarities of birth
6. Balarishta or early death
7. Ayurdaya or longevity
8. Dasantardasa - periods & sub-periods
9. Ashtaka Varga
10. Karmajeeva or profession
11. Raja yoga or combinations for royalty
12. Nabhasa yogas
13. Chandra yogadhyaya - results from lunar positions & conjunctions
14. Dwigraha yogadhyaya - results from conjunctions of two planets
15. Pravrajya yoga - renunciation of the world or sanyasa
16. Rikshasiladhyaya - influence of constellations
17. Rasisiladhyaya or lunar effects in the various signs
18. Rasisiladhyaya - the results of planets in various rasis
19. Dristi Phaladhyaya - results of planetary aspects
20. Bhavadhyaya - planets in houses
21. Asraya yogadhyaya - certain special combinations
22. Prakirnadhyaya or mixed results
23. Anishtadhyaya or misfortunes
24. Stree Jathaka Adhyaya - female horoscopy
25. Niryanadhyaya - death
26. Nasta Jataka or unknown horoscopes
27. Drekkana adhyaya; Upasamhara adhyaya or concluding chapter.

Comment: In his introduction, Rao describes this as a very liberal translation, adhering more to the spirit of Varaha Mihira, rather than the exact letter. This translation includes the famous commentary by Bhattotpala. Includes original Sanskrit slokas.

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