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William Blake Tarot of the Creative Imagination

by Ed Buryn

William Blake Tarot of the Creative Imagination Deck & Book Set
Price: $32.00
Number of cards in deck: 78

Measurements: 3.2 x 4.75 inches; or 80 x 120 millimeters.

Back of card: Medium blue block with a simple line drawing (by Blake) of angels in formation. Easy to tell if cards are inverted.

Book included: Yes, 163 pages, 4.65 x 7.05 inches, 118 x 179 millimeters.

Publisher: Harper Collins. Printed in Great Britain.

Comments: From the inside of the book:
Trumps: The soul's journey, experiencing fall & regeneration, the cycles of eternity.
The Creative Process: Suits:
The embodiment of inner vision, giving form to spiritual light, path of sensation & spirit.
Science: The challenge of self-understanding, striving to know self & world, path of intellect & learning.
Music: The celebration of life force, feeling with heart & soul, path of love & beauty.
Poetry: The expression of eternal truth, to speak from prophetic inspiration, path of individuality & revelation.

From the book, page 161 (unnumbered), How the Deck Was Created: "All the cards in the William Blake Tarot are original works consisting of lettered & painted collages of photocopies of reproductions of William Blake's art. Five years in the process, the deck is a home-made graphic invention built from parts created two centuries ago. ... The colours of the individual cards are based upon & accurately represent Blake's own renditions of his works. However, approximately a fifth of the cards use previously uncoloured works & in these cases my colouring seeks to emulate Blake's." Buryn then goes on to mention a booklet, Artwork Notes for the Blake Tarot, which identifies all the works & quotations used in the deck. This is available directly from the author, unfortunately, no address is supplied. Interested browsers can contact us as we may be able to supply an email link.

The book describes the cards though does not illustrate them. There are various tables (tiny print) with keywords, as well as correspondences between Buryn's work & traditional tarot cards, especially the Major Arkana cards. There's also a short biography of Blake, notes on reading the cards, suggested card layouts, etc.

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