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Llewellyn's Astrological Wall Calendar 2009

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General Description:
In addition to the Ptolemaic aspects shown in Maynard, Llewellyn adds inconjuncts (150 degree aspects). All aspects are timed, the time used throughout is Eastern, with Eastern Daylight Savings Time used from the second Sunday in March until the first Sunday in November (the new daylight rules). As with last year, asteroids & Chiron are included in the ephemeris in the back, but aspects made by asteroids & Chiron are not shown in the main calendar pages, and there is no other mention of them in the rest of the calendar.

An odd assortment of holidays for the year. All US legal holidays are shown, as are all Jewish holidays, plus Ramadan, Halloween, All Saint's Day (only observed by Catholics) and Kwanza. Hunting & fishing days are shown. Eclipses are are now marked in the calendar itself (new this year), as you can see in the illustration to the left, of July 2009, which shows the eclipses falling on the 7th & 21st, respectively. The top half of the calendar has the art, as well as horoscopes for the month. The secondary ink color this year is brown.

As with 2008, on the back you will find the words, The Oldest and Most Trusted Astrological Calendar in the World on the back. Which, for the wall calendar, is no more true this year than for any previous year, as close examination proves.

Read the complete list of contents below.

Size (open): 12 inches horizontal, 24 inches vertical, or 31 cm horizontal, 62 cm vertical, which is the same size as the 2007 calendar. The cover illustration (above) is incomplete. The calendar, when closed, is not a rectangle, but a square.


Because of its size, the Llewellyn Wall calendar has special rates:

Domestic, ie, the 50 US states, including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, APO, FPO:
Priority Mail: $10.00. Two to four days delivery.
Media Mail: $5.00. Up to two weeks delivery.

Canada: $8.50
Mexico: $13.00
The rest of the planet: $14.00

Note to all: The shopping cart is not able to set proper shipping rates for the Llewellyn Wall Calendar. In most, if not all cases, it will overstate shipping charges. We will reduce to the rates above. (Cards are not charged "on-line", but manually, keyed by hand, by us. The shopping cart only transmits credit card information to us, which it does by very secure means.)

Before the monthly pages: Llewellyn's wall calendar starts without preamble. Lift the front cover & you find January, 2009. The other 11 months follow.

Monthly Features: Art by Echo Chernik; monthly sun-sign forecasts by Sally Cragin; best fishing & planting dates marked; major daily aspects; Moon's sign, phase & void of course dates/times, eclipses. Times are given in Eastern Standard & Daylight Savings. The dates/times when daylight begins/ends, are marked. There is an international time conversion chart in the back.

After the calendar pages:
Pgs. 24 - 30: Introduction to Astrology (includes planets, signs, houses, aspects, transits, retrogrades, void), by Kim Rogers-Gallagher
Pg. 31: Lunar Gardening (handy)
Pg. 32: Aspect keywords
Pgs. 54 - 35: Your Travel & Vacation Forecasts (annual sun-sign guides), by Bruce Scofield
Pg. 35: Lunar activity & planting guide
Pgs 36 - 38: 2009 Ephemeris Tables calculated for 12 midnight Greenwich Mean Time (eg, 0 h). These include Ceres, Pallas, Juno, Vesta & Chiron
Pg. 39: Advertising
Pg. 40 / inside back cover:
How to use your calendar, which also includes World time zones, Time zone conversion map, 2009 eclipses, 2009 retrogrades (special Mercury retro table), Planetary visibility, Table of contents, About the contributors.

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