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by M.S. Mehta

Synopsis: A good book on Vedic astrology, with a brief, but excellent section on mundane astrology. By one of K.N. Rao's best students.

Sagar, 418 pages.

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About the book; Foreword, by K.N. Rao; Acknowledgement.

1. Introduction; 2. First House; 3. Second House; 4. Third House; 5. Fourth house; 6. Fifth house; 7. Sixth house; 8. Seventh house; 9. Eighth house; 10. Ninth House;

11. Tenth house; 12. Eleventh House; 13. Twelfth house; 14. Transit of planets & their result, Sade Sati & its significations; 15. Dashas & its scheme, Auspicious & inauspicious dashas, Dasha Chidra & adverse dashas, how to interpret dashas & antar dashas, results of dashas of planets & lord of houses; 16. Nakshatras & their signification in astrology, birth in auspicious & inauspicious nakshatras, their importance in Muhurtha; 17. Divisional charts or vargas & their signification, importance of Navamsha, Chaturthamsa, Saptsamsa, Dasamsa etc & their signification; 18 Yogas in astrology, Rajayogas their signification, Panch Mahapurush & other important yogas, Nabhaas yogas & their importance.

Part B: Mundane Astrology 19. Definition of mundane astrology - planets & their signification; 20. Twelve houses of the horoscope & their signification; 21. Ruling signs of the countries of the world including India; 22. Kurma chakra & its signification, Important charts for predicting world events & their signification, planetary cabinet, role of eclipses, comets & their signification, planetary position & earthquakes; 23. Horoscopes of independent India 15 August 1947 & Republic Day 26 January 1950, horoscope of Soli-Lunar Chaitra Shukla Pratipada. New Year 2002; 24. Transit of Venus in Gemini & Indian affairs; 25. Entry of Rahu in Rohini nakshatra & communal riots in India; 26. Rasi Sanghatta & nakshatra Sanghatta Chakras; 27. Astro meteorology & forecast of rains in India Ardra Parvesh Chakra, combinations for scanty rainfall.

Comment: For each of the 12 chapters on houses, the author describes the lord of the house in various other houses, gives specific yogas for the house, notes unique characteristics of the house. Part B, on mundane astrology, runs a mere 30 pages, but is an excellent overview of the subject, I am eager for more. (I've begged western authors for a new treatise on mundane, to no avail. Looks like the Indians will beat them - again.)

In his foreword, K.N. Rao writes, A book that should come out now with so many people knowing astrology has to be an advanced one, combining three features: yogas, dashas & transit of planets to show why what has happened or is happening had to happen. It is not an easy task even if the scheme of the book is to cover all the 12 houses of a horoscope & show it.... All this became possible because for years now Shri Mehta has been studying, writing & teaching scores of students....

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